"Those of us who were basically interested in Dianetics and Scientology for ourselves and others, today must be informed and must understand that whatever vagaries in our career of research and investigation, whatever organizational upsets we may have had, have never at any time been capable of swerving us from our basic goals and our determination to make it this time. We are making it this time. Whatever you wanted out of Dianetics and Scientology is yours today. It is only necessary for you now to reach out your hand in order to achieve it.

     "May I ask you to extend that hand?"

L.Ron Hubbard
Ability- Issue 45

Ken Ogger - "The Pilot"
is lovingly remembered by 
the many people whose

lives he touched for the
better. He is greatly missed.

May - 2007



A handbook for self enlightenment


By Ken Ogger

(AKA "The Pilot")

NewNew "David Mayo Lectures"
Library of Audio Recordings @ the AAC

NewThe Prometheus Reports -- Advanced auditing.

NewClearbird's Solo Course is now available for download.

NewMike Goldstein has done a write-up of his experience in the church during the '80s when things began to go south. His experiences are a must read! It is planned to be 25 parts, the new ones will be posted as they are written.

NewDennis Stephens recollections of Ron Hubbard
on Windows Media Audio.     Part 1     Part2

NewFZ Convention at Birega Haus, 9-11 May 2008

New Multi Genius Technologies

New"Idenics: An Alternative to Therapy" by Mike Goldstein

NewDavid Mayo - Non-Metered Clearing - Full-Screen-Able Videos - Now Available ! - January 2011

Clearbird's newest stuff! Starting with The Road to Clear, A User's Manual in Standard Clearing Technology, Level 0-5. This is the full manual in how to audit somebody to the state of Clear. All theory, drills, processes and checksheets needed for co-audit or setting up a professional academy course. Plus Study Course, Meter Course, Ethics, TRs and a guided tour. If you haven't seen this yet you need to check it out.

Ken Urquhart first published in International Viewpoints magazine several articles about the book written by John Atak called A Piece of Blue Sky. These articles are very informative with interesting info about Ron. The first of these articles can be found here.
IVy, the international magazine about the philosophy and technology developed by Ron Hubbard, has been very gracious to FreeZone Earth and allowed us to put up an internet edition of IVy 24 .

The Resolution of Mind now available in PDF Format. See our Downloads page. Thanks to David Stone!

Excalibur Revisited by Geoffrey C. Filbert now available in PDF Format. See our Downloads page.

FZAOINT offers Standard Tech. Check them out at our links page!
Two PDF files done by supporters of The Pilot. You can now get SuperScio in a PDF format and you can get a PDF file of Self Clearing translated into Castilian Spanish! See our Downloads page.

Two Courses on the Downloads page! They are a Communications Workshop and a GSR Meter Course by Peter Shepard.

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Some info on the folks who are doing an excellent job of moving people up the bridge can be found in our section on ICAUSE.

Holy Cows of Scientology explored.

Electropsychometer ("e-meter") history and general data here.

FreeZone Only Upper Levels:

Advanced Level 9: Deals with the Universe of Others. Telepathy.
Advanced Level 10: Addresses the subject of Postulates.
Advanced Level 11: Deals with Remote Viewing.
Advanced Level 12: Understanding about the Physical Universe, matter, energy, space, and time.
Advanced Level 13: Knowledge.
Advanced Level 14: Ability.
Advanced Level 15: Freedom.

The purpose of FreeZone Earth is to give those who have left the Church of Scientology or who are thinking of leaving a view of what the FreeZone is all about and to help you as you continue your journey.    Here you will find clearing materials to help you up your bridge.    FreeZone Scientology and FreeZone auditing can be found here. You can connect with auditors and case supervisors who can assist you with your auditing and training, find an affordable meter, talk with others who feel as you do and many other things.   All of this and a safe space too!

Feel free to explore FreeZone Earth as you begin, or re-begin, the greatest adventure ever.

Beginners Guide To Ron Hubbard Pt 1 (Humorous/Informational) Beginners Guide To Ron Hubbard Pt 2 (Humorous/Informational)

Beginners Guide To Ron Hubbard Pt 3 (Humorous/Informational) Beginners Guide To Ron Hubbard Pt 4 (Humorous/Informational)

Beginners Guide To Ron Hubbard Pt 5 (Humorous/Informational) Beginners Guide To Ron Hubbard Pt 6 (Humorous/Informational)

David Mayo - A talk on disillusionment - Part 1 David Mayo - A talk on disillusionment - Part 2

David Mayo - A talk on disillusionment - Part 3 David Mayo - A talk on disillusionment - Part 4

Jason Beghe, OT, Testifies on dangers he witnessed.


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