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Disclaimer: The following material is for adult fantasy and entertainment purposes only. It is in no way meant to imply any thing real about anyone or anything whether living or imaginary. Part of being sane, apart from knowing who your friends are, is being able to know fantasy from reality.

Most of these postings were written for and posted to alt.religion.scientology, a usenet news group or 'mailing list' accessible from most of the computers in the land.

Most of Volume 1 is not worth reading as it consists mainly of flame wars between myself and various bashers that inhabit the group.

Somewhere near the end of Volume 1 I realized with great certainty that I should never respond directly to bashers. They wish to draw people into argument but have no interest themselves in the truth.

Most of them argue with you not because they think you are wrong, but because they are worried you might be right.

As one basher with more intelligence than the rest said, 'Remember all ideas are like assholes, every body has one and it all stinks, give them enough time and they all fade away.'

Except for his idea of course, which will no doubt stand forever due to its dripping veracity.

Anyhow, when someone wishes to respond to a posting made by someone else, the responder adds a bracket '>' to the beginning of every line in the original posting. Then the responder deletes everything that is not germane to their response and finally adds their own text in. The brackets denote what they are responding to.

If such a posting is responded to again by someone else, they add their own brackets in front of everything, and so lines that already have a bracket in them now have two. In this way the reader can keep track of who is saying what and how many times this posting has been bantered back and forth.

Thus you may see a conversation thread go something like this,

 >>> Person A, bash, bash, bash...                          (THEM)
 >>  Person B, well maybe if you read something...          (ME)
 >   Person A, crock, crock, crock...                       (THEM)
     Person B, Well, here's some evidence...                (ME)

You see how it goes.

The material on this disk may be copied and redistributed freely, please keep it intact and the disk free of viruses. There is an antivirus program on this disk.

Please do not edit my work, not even to correct typos. You may however add corrections or comments in double parentheses. You may also add your own material to this disk and pass it on as long as you separately attribute your own work to yourself. If they are going to hang me for what I say, I want them to make very sure I said it!

You may upload it to the net or to ftp sites at your own risk. Netters need this material if Earth is going to survive.

So if you have the confront...

Remember you can be traced if you post something to the net or ftp sites and there are many netters who are willing to sell themselves to the Church to help the Church trace you down. Anonymity is a powerful ally in the war against Corporate Criminal Terrorism. Anonymity has nothing to do with cowardice as the bashers so claim. It has much more to do with an intention to WIN, and you owe it to yourselves, your children AND TO RON to win this war.



Present day Scientology at its best works somewhat for everyone, and works completely for a few.

The labors of one man for one lifetime were not enough to solve all the problems of all the world. It would be preposterous to assert otherwise. However such a goal is in far distant sight and eventually Scientology will, over time, become a more complete science. This means becoming more workable and functional for more and more people.

I doubt that any science of the mind can ever just totally ARRIVE, a thetan's penchant for creating serious aberration will always out strip anyone's efforts to bring peace and freedom to the entire universe. It's now a big universe out there if you haven't looked recently.

The best you can do is create a roadway out for those who are able to walk it. Given the imperfections of a man, any bridge so built will not be perfect and so also not be workable for everyone. That is what 'this Bridge is not perfect' means. Not everyone can walk it.

Just because you WANT to walk the bridge to total freedom does not mean you necessarily will be able to. That will depend on the wisdom that both you and its builders bring to the matter.

The assertion by the Church of Scientology that anyone who WANTS to walk their Bridge can, is just plumb wrong, as is the implication that anyone who can't walk their Bridge is a suppressive who not only doesn't want to walk their Bridge but doesn't want anyone else to walk it either.

Thus, to them, if you TRY to walk their bridge and fail, you become FAIR GAME. This is unfair and insane.

The important question therefore, is whether Scientology has arrived for YOU, and whether it is sufficient to help you walk your own personal Bridge to Total Freedom.

If you found that present day Scientology did work for you as expected, it would still be an incredible arrogance for you to then presume that the tech which worked for you could help everyone and anyone; some people have created traps for themselves that are much darker than even you can imagine. Witness the beings on NOTS.

To then declare someone SP because they give up in disgust with your tech is really stupid as it makes them an enemy of you and your tech and you lose the benefit of their help to a higher tech.

There are SP's, a very few of them are actually walking around in the world. Most of them are sound asleep in people's bodies as NOT's beings or joined from the beginning of time with the thetan you are trying to audit.

Declare them as you will, but even they will one day be knocking on your door for auditing. Probably sooner than you think.

Do you know how to audit a snoring zombie with a gun in one hand and a gang of thugs in the other?

The RTC does not have a standardly workable Tech, and if it did it would not apply it. There is much more money in planned obsolescence, a tech that offers endless hope but never final relief.

You must also look at the dollars per division of TA aspect of the thing. Who is making all the money collected on their Toll Bridge to Total Freedom?

Whose total freedom are we working for anyhow, theirs or ours?

One last point, the RTC is always making such a big deal about how if it weren't for Ron, the Church of Scientology and the RTC you would never have been able to receive Scientology services or auditing in the first place.

Their implication is that Ron spent thousands and thousands of years researching the mind and the way to your personal freedom TOTALLY ALONE AND WITH OUT YOUR HELP! What is this one way flow here? You owe Ron everything and Ron owes you nothing? That idea serves someone's pocket book and it isn't yours.

The fact is that the discovery of the tech was an accomplishment across many beings and many lifetimes, Ron learned the tech and was helped by thousands and thousands of beings along the way. Others have researched the tech long before Ron ever dreamed there was an answer, others who have long since departed to that OT play ground in the sky.

Earth itself is only one of some 30 odd planets in our local group, of which Earth is a prison planet, a prison planet with no guards or asylum doctors, except perhaps those who are asylum inmates themselves.

Quite a few of those other planets have Scientology projects going along on them, and some of them are doing quite a bit better than we are. They each have their own founders and their own way of doing things. Ron's statement that 'in the whole wide universe we are the only hope for mankind' must be understood in it's correct light.

'We' doesn't refer to just us Scientologists here on Earth, but to Scientologists of many different independent tracks of development on many different planets at this time.

The Scientologists on THOSE planets would probably prefer that we Scientologists here on Earth would just blow ourselves up for the mess we are making of it.

Scientology, good workable Scientology, is very wide spread in the local group, although a majority of these planets are still barbarisms or near barbarisms like Earth.

The survival of Scientology is not guaranteed here on Earth yet, as it is on some of these other planets, and the present day schism between the Church and the Free Zone is a clear sign that things are not going well here.

The present day management of the Church of Scientology is clearly much more interested in money than they are in divisions of TA. They claim it is all done in your best interests, they need the money to keep the Church alive and provide you with a route to total freedom.

If carried to its logical extreme though you can see that the best way to keep the Church alive forever is to keep people here and suffering FOREVER so that they will continue to need the Church FOREVER and therefore support it in its suppressive activities with their hard earned money.

People will pay everything they own in the name of HOPE, and they will blame themselves if their route is slow. Their route does not need to be slow, but there is less money in a fast Toll Free Bridge, so it is designed to be slow and expensive and possibly even asymptotically endless, GOING THERE but never GETTING THERE.

Without money who will feed the Keepers of the Tech?

Thus some people manage to put THE GOAL TO HAVE A CHURCH and THE GOAL TO GO FREE in total opposition to each other.

Having and dramatizing such a GPM is in fact a prerequisite for becoming upper management in the Church of Scientology. They purge everyone else.

In present time the goal to have a church is winning.

In the field the goal TO HAVE WORKABLE TECH is winning.

However it may not be Ron's tech, chemistry today is not Lavoisier's chemistry of 200 years ago. However Lavoisier is probably still around in his present incarnation doing his best to make chemistry better.

By the way the French Revolution lopped off Lavoisier's head for discovering oxygen. 'We don't need no intellectuals in this here new society' they told him.

Anyhow, if you really want to give the RTC the shivers, just consider that when Ron does comes back he will probably start off his new Scientology career as a Free Zoner, using the complete conglomeration of his already existing tech and all the new tech found in the field, producing more new tech of his own until the day he feels strong enough to come back in and take over his damn Church again.

And I assure you that day will be rolling thunder.

No doubt Ron will copyright all the new stuff he learns in the Free Zone under his own name, but what the hell...

If you want to avoid the flame wars, you might want to to skip EXM-8 through EXM-26. Serious Tech starts at the end of EXM-28, and continues from there on out.

Electra Xavier Magdelena

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