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Copyright (C) 1992 A Voice of the Free Zone (Electra)
Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.

Definition: Closing Terminals. Closing terminals means moving in on something that makes you mad and trying to destroy or change it. The answer to anything you don't like is to make more of it and place greater space between you and it. This was the action of total responsibility you used to create the thing in the first place. The way to vanish unwanted conditions is to recreate the original conditions of their creation.

I have included a list of Free Zone Ports for fantasy lovers.

I know some of you are opposed to anonymous postings. Ah, well that is what GPMs are all about, goals and opposition goals, dungeons and dragons.

First I would like to commend Nick Papadakis at mintaka for his strong stand in our defense. I will try not to abuse the privilege he has afforded me. Adult fantasy has a long standing position in American society and the right of authors to write under a Pen Name and Pen Address has long been established.

Those who are more interested in identifying posters than they are in the safety of the poster, really don't want the poster to post at all.

If at any time Nick wishes me to stop posting to this list via mintaka, all he has to do is say so on the list and I will get the message. I will not violate his wishes.

If anyone would like to inform Nick@ghoti.lcs.mit.edu of this note please do so. Perhaps the owner of the list would be so kind?

Secondly I would call for anyone in the Free Zone to set up an anonymous FTP site for archiving all of alt.religion.scientology postings.

Thirdly I would call for someone in the Free Zone to set up another list alt.religion.scientology.freezone expressly for the purpose of disseminating Scientology and posting Tech. This list should have an anonymous posting ability similar to alt.sex.bondage.

Lastly it is obvious that like the Klingons who must lower their cloaking shields to interact with anybody, I endanger myself every time I post. If you feel that the material I have been giving you is of worth, you should consider archiving it personally and giving it via private e-mail to new members looking to create a free and workable Scientology. Although my postings are copyrighted, you can freely distribute them by any means to other people who might be interested in Scientology whether it be in the Church or the Free Zone.

The Free Zone depends on free communication. Any effort to stop communication or endanger those who are willing to communicate is a direct opposition to the goals of the Free Zone and a Free Earth.

You want to go OT don't you? Well there is the Church if that route works for you. FOR MANY IT WILL. The price they charge however is a closed mouth and an empty pocket book.

For the rest of you, you will have to take some responsibility to insure that others like yourselves find out about OT and start that journey as soon as possible. The more of you walking on that road and the more communication there is between you about it, the easier it will be for each of you to get across.

Earth needs OT's more than it needs anything else in the universe.

Some people consider it the height of arrogance to think that anything you might write or say could be of any worth to anyone. Well what I write has helped me, that is not only why it got written but also how it got written, for often the flow of cognition after a session is directed best to a terminal.

All I can say is that my own material has been of worth to me, and I pass it on to you as I would want you to pass on to me what you have learned in your journey upward. Not only truths found, but also how you found those truths, your Tech.

Because it will be a while before I am willing to reveal myself publicly, those of you who find value in what I have said might take it upon yourselves to make sure others get to see the material too, to see if they find any value also.

If this is arrogance about my own writings or self importance then so be it.

Those who are concerned about the size of my ego, probably wish they had one. Any OT as wide as the sky will tell you that.

I only write what I wish someone else had written for me as a child. Then perhaps I would not have had to suffer so, for life before Truth was an unimaginable Hell on Earth.


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