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The following is a short list of addresses that will gain you direct access to the Free Zone. I would reiterate that the entire Bridge exists in the field, not only because Churchies inside the Church are constantly leaking anything they can find to the field but also because all the true Research Techies are in the field anyhow reinventing it and improving it.

There is a story about one guy who went OT VIII in the Church and decided this stuff was so good that it had to be made widely available, so he delivered the material to the Free Zone.

Clear evidence that OT VIII's are being made in the Church.

So don't fret about the Free Zone, it is much bigger than the Church, much more powerful, and much more diffuse so that it can not as easily be attacked.

We welcome you aboard if you should so chose to join us, and you are welcome at any time to go back to the Church. And not just to dismantle it but to help it survive on the path to wisdom.

One word of warning, try to keep straight who your friends are. I know personally of one person who left the Church for the Free Zone and then decided to go back to the Church. While with the Church for the second time she turned in everyone she had had communication with in the Free Zone. THEN she left the Church again and wanted to come back to the Free Zone. Last I heard she went OT IV in the Free Zone. We are forgiving and follow the spirit of the Tech as well as the letter of the Tech, but come on guys, let's not strain the friendship.

If you have any interest in the Church, JOIN IT FIRST. THEN come to the Free Zone if you find the Church is not for you. No body likes a traitor, but they really don't like a YO-YO!

The first address is for Bob Ross who is an old time Scientologist who worked under Ron in the early years. He is an OT looking for serious people to help clear the planet. He is the American distributor for IVY, a world wide Free Zone publication where many OT's post their articles and many groups advertise their services. $1.00 will get you a free copy of IVY and the subscription is $25 a year. If you write him and give him your phone number he will probably be happy to call you back. He is real OLD, so don't wear him down with silliness. He is also a Tech researcher and has his own books and technical bulletins.

The address listed is not where he lives, this is to place some separation between him and the RTC, SP Division. He visits this mailbox twice a month, so there may be a small delay in him contacting you. Write him an intelligent letter explaining your entire situation and he will get back to you.

Bob Ross, PO 1413, Riverside CA 92502

The other distributors for IVY are as follows.

Antony A Phillips, Postbox 78, DK-2800 Lyngby, Denmark Anne Donaldson, 8 Huxley Drive, Bramhall, Stockport, Cheshire SK72PH, GB-England Tibor Poortenaar, Galhoeke 2, NL-9211 RG Kortehemmen, Holland Manuela Spittel, Hauptstrasse 70, D-1000 Berlin 41, Germany Editor of IVY, Henrik Dragsdahl, Postbox 78, DK-2800 Lyngby, Denmark.

They are looking for submissions and help.

The next address is for Free Spirit magazine. Again this is filled with OT postings and postings from ex members of the Church who know what really happened during the days of the purge.

Free Spirit, PO 6772, Santa Rosa, CA 95406

The next address is for Sarge Gerbode's group in California. He has been working with David Mayo to produce a new form of the Tech more acceptable to college students without all the Scientology Jargon. They are very well organized and very well backed with a number of centers world wide. They would love to hear from you.

Metapsychology Center, Gerald French, 431 Burgess Drive, Menlo Park, CA 94025

If you need to contact David Mayo, he can be reached through this address. He is very tied up at the moment fighting the Church in a court battle which will decide the fate of this planet for the next 1000 years.

The HERETIC is a high Tech mag funded by the people who put it out. 'The Heretic is back in business after a 2 year hiatus. If we have lost you from our mailing list contact us at,

The Heretic, 191 Harder Road, Suite 94, Hayward, CA 94544'

Remember each address is an opening port to the Free Zone. From there you will find many more addresses and communication lines.

The NON EXISTENCE formula is

     1.) Find a communication line.
     2.) Make yourself known.
     3.) Discover what is needed or wanted.
     4.) Do, produce and/or present it.

Do it.


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