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1 May 1992

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There has been a lot of talk by bashers on the subject of OT III and Body Thetans. They tend to post the OT III Incident 2 material in an effort to show new people to this list just how silly OT III and Scientology really are. Of course they leave out Incident 1 which doesn't do anyone's case any good, because if you are going to run these incidents out of Body Thetans, you gotta do it entirely or you could get yourself into deep trouble. Therefore, if someone wishes to complete cycle on this thing, they might oblige us all by posting Incident 1.

The Church of course doesn't want you to post anything, and Churchies below the level of OT III are not even supposed to know about the material and therefore their presence on this list is a serious breach of ethics for them. Knowing about OT III, in the Church's view, could ruin their lower Bridge auditing.

If it does, it just means they should have been auditing BT's all along anyhow. My Opinion.

It's a joke really, some Churchies find out more about their own Bridge through TV than they do through the Church! The sad thing is that the information so presented is rarely correct or complete.

The Churchies efforts to own and control this usenet group's communication line is basically an effort to keep it quiet. You will see them dramatize this in their efforts to squelch the Bashers and the Free Zoners.

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you let this group become moderated BY ANYONE FOR ANY REASON. The Church wants to moderate this group the way they want to moderate your lives, body, heart, mind and soul.

They may even covertly post their own nuisance postings (la la la la la ...) once they figure out how, in order to CREATE an excuse to have it moderated.

Their intentions are utterly transparent to anyone who can see. Their idea of a safe space and a SAFE SOLUTION TO LIFE is


Who will police the police? If you really want the TRUTH to flow on this list, anarchy and anonymity are your best bet.

Of course no one on this list wants the truth but the Free Zoners.

Someone who was a mission holder would be in a good position to see how well Scientology worked or didn't as the case may be. Many people come into Scientology and just sort of pass through, they take a course and then go on to other things in life. Very few latch on for good and become Clears and OT. But then very few people are capable of doing that anyway. Maybe 1 in 10,000.

But you gotta remember that the mission holder gets his income from his mission and must remain in good standing with the Church. In his eye, his Eternity and his own Bridge depend upon approval from a HUGE hierarchy above him. Thus although he may have a bird's eye view of the truth on how well Scientology works, he will be unable to put forth a clean and unbiased communication line on the subject, because his higher ups have a continuous policy of PRing the public and whitewashing all failures. You know, SPIN CONTROL.

Your average Scientologist also considers himself unable to find any tech for himself. He just 'wouldn't know where to start'. He considers it criminal, unethical and suppressive to even try. He KNOWS his Mind and Spirit are a Pandora's Box of magnitude, witness his Mortal Life, so he feels it best to leave his salvation up to the technical experts in the matter, no matter how much they charge or how crazy or even absent they are.

Thus if he is not GIVEN any tech, he doesn't HAVE any tech.

So you can see the state of dependency that many Scientologists subscribe to and how they must watch their relations to their superiors within the Church like a hawk.

Most of whom are crazy as a loon.

Once you have been inside the Church for a while you learn two things, one is that Scientology works as claimed, and two is that the people in the Church are in great need of it being applied and thus are rife with Corruption, Temptation and Seduction.

As a minor example, Org Executive Officers are notoriously prone to falsifying stats to their Central Orgs.

Falsifying stats makes them look good to their superiors in command, and prevents correction teams from being sent to their orgs to kick some Scientology butt, something they usually need very badly.

An E-meter will tell. Such executives HATE E-meters. E-meters to an Executive Officer with withholds are like Tribbles to a Klingon. You just bring them in the same room together and they read!

Possibly the Church of Scientology will try to sue various posters or even Usenet for the broad public dissemination of their Secret Theology. Dramatizers can sometimes be counted upon to act in a certain way.

Unfortunately their Secret Theology is an accurate description of what is in YOUR memory and the memory of others, although presently forgotten. Whether or not you have the right to know what you have forgotten is possibly better left to legal counsel, but the Church would rather copyright it and charge you for the privilege of remembering it.

I mean if someone discovered the cure for AIDS, which may yet destroy this planet, and then passed it on to an Organization that decided to keep it secret from everyone, allowed no independent testing or verification of its workability, and then charged millionaire rates for its dispensing, not because it cost them anything to produce it but because they wanted to line their own pockets with gold, what would you think?

Especially if the cure worked?

Well it may stretch your imagination a tad, (you do have one don't you?), but that's what happened with Ron. He solved the amnesia problem and then handed it over to an international corporation with the ethics of Exxon.

They then proceeded to copyright the material to legally prevent you from REMEMBERING IT.


I can see charging for skilled help, but once you have your memory back I can't see signing a non disclosure agreement just because they consider the data in your memory their proprietary property.

You see as long as you treat this stuff as BUNK, as their Secret Theology, as their Artistic Creation, they can use the laws of the land to copyright it and keep it a trade secret from you. But if you realize that it is YOUR MEMORIES, YOUR OVERTS, YOUR CONFESSABLE SINS that they are copyrighting, then you will see it is merely an effort to own your mind, your deeds, your soul and your Eternity.

And keep you in a tremendous state of NOT KNOW until you pay them their buck.

They are counting upon you to 'Oh POSH!' this material to let this happen. They are hoping that in your incredulity you will disown the material and along with it your own soul, to their financial gain.

The OT III and NOTS material is quite true, you have an amnesia case of magnitude, so don't let this happen to you.

No one ever said the Xenu incident happened to YOU anyhow. It happened to your BT's!. It may or may not have happened to you. Those who are strutting around claiming it never happened to them may very well be right, but those who smugly deny the existence of BT's altogether are quite wrong. A dark future lies waiting ahead for them if they continue in their self deceit, for they are BEING the very clusters of BTs that they claim are not there!

     'Are you putting nothing where there is something?'
     'Are you putting something where there is nothing?'
     'Are you putting NO ONE where there is SOME ONE?'
     'Are you putting SOME ONE where there IS NO ONE?'

Besides most of these people who deny the existence of other beings in their space are lying through their teeth. You have to be almost dead to not be aware of other beings in your spiritual vicinity. Remember nightmares and monsters as a child? Have you become so sophisticated and snot nosed that you deny the livingness and reality of those experiences as a child?

No one is asking you to believe anything without proof, you have already made that occupation your life's profession with your blind FAITH and BELIEF in death and meathood.

One is asking you to stop bashing long enough to breathe the Spirit in the air, unless of course you are bashing at the top of your lungs because you can't stand the thought that you are not alone.

Along with the bashers, the Tracers also wish a quiet communication line, or at least they would prefer a well identified line even at the expense of content. Anonymity is an anathema to them, it makes them feel destabilized and out of control. They couldn't care less that some things wouldn't get posted if it weren't for anonymity. Even grist for their own mills.

They are always yapping something about 'ethics' or 'having the courage of your own convictions', something I'm sure they have a a lot of and I don't. Anyhow, tell it to the French Resistance that honor demands they fly a red flag over their headquarters for all to see.

A Nazi said so, it must be true.

Churchies can be dangerous people, on the order of the Mafia, the KKK, or the CIA or KGB. Bashers who wish to trace anonymous posters down should get their priorities straight, or else just join the Churchies, the ethics level at that point would be about the same.

I EXPECT the Churchies to try and trace me down. If you as a basher show a propensity or an interest in doing the same, they will come to you and try to get you to help them. If you don't cooperate they will hang you. They will lie to your employer about you, they will burn your credit rating with false reports, they will phone in phony stories to the newspapers, the police, the IRS, and the government to get you investigated for crimes you did not commit.

Churchies are masters of disinformation and black PR.

Along with denial and Sweetness and Light.

Are you ready to have your home searched by the cops or be called in for a tax audit just because some good little Churchie dropped an anonymous 'tip' to the IRS?

The Church will instigate nuisance law suits against you to tie up your time and your resources, and they will do everything possible to make you wish you had never been born.

They will break the law with out the slightest compunction in order to silence anyone who might wish to shine the light of day on their super secret activities.

They are professionals in every sense of the word, these are no bumbling amateurs. If they want to bug your home they will, if they want to ruin your reputation they will, if they want you assassinated it can be arranged, if they want their own operatives to kill themselves after their deed is done to cover their tracks, they will.

After all they get to come back as a Commodore's Messenger in their next lifetime.

And of course their "Holier than Thou" types will deny every word of it.

In some states the police have a policy of checking public rest room stalls for people's names and phone numbers that have been left on them, assuming that such people are whores, pimps, homosexuals or just looking for sex. The police then investigate the person so found and often show up on their door step to talk to them or search their house.

In these states the GO had a policy of going around to all the public stalls in their area and writing, along with sordid invitations to perverted sex, the names and numbers of people they didn't like including and especially bashers, Ex-Scientologists and squirrels. These people often find the police at their door in a short time.

Check it out my friends.

Are you so right everyone else in the world needs to be wrong?

So if you have the courage of your convictions, by all means continue your tracing. But in my opinion if you were smart you wouldn't want to know who the anonymous posters were, because then the Churchies couldn't dig it out of you. Unless of course you wish to help them in their cause outright, in which case go right ahead.

I suggest you charge them well for your efforts. If you are going to be a schmuck you might as well get paid for it. It's not called blood money for nothing.

But really, as a basher you probably don't want to get involved in other people's wars, especially a RELIGIOUS war for a HOLY CAUSE, unless of course you are very smug and very stupid.

You may not believe it's a holy cause, but the people you are messing around with sure do. They get to go to heaven for dying in the line of duty. That duty usually means doing someone in who is not on their side.

So if you walk into the middle of their battle field with your middle finger high up in the air, you will just earn the enmity of both sides. Your balls had better be pretty big if you are going to fight that battle.

Even trying to help one side against the other, you really end up having both sides against you. The side that you help will probably just use you and abuse you and then throw you away.

But of course some bashers are too smug to know when they are being stupid. I suppose they deserve what they get in the long run, right? My own opinion is that decency would suggest that you all leave the anonymous posters alone to their privacy, and be grateful that they are willing to risk their existence posting their material even if you don't agree with it. It just gives you more to bash, and that makes you happy right?

The true agenda of some Tracers is that they are terrified I might debunk their negative attitudes towards Scientology. They want me traced so that I will stop posting so they can continue with their lies.

And of course the Churchies are terrified I will debunk their negative attitude towards the Free Zone, in which case the Bashers and the Churchies probably WILL join together to wipe me out as their common enemy.

Then they can go back to their own game of wiping each other out.

The answer to all this is, KNOW WHO YOUR FRIENDS ARE, and don't join with the enemy just because you don't want anyone to know they might be right!

If you are going to take on both sides, it had better be YOUR religious war you are declaring, and you had better be wielding the strong Sword of Truth.

The Sword of Excalibur can only be weld by a King.

If that's you, then by all means, enter the battle field a swingin'.



Body Thetans and the Wall of Fire incident are the most secret of the Church's confidential materials because they are the most dangerous to run incorrectly and key directly into people's religious implants on the subject of demons and exorcism.

The OT levels are issued in standard HCOB's and HCOPL's just like all of the other tech in the Church, except that they are marked CONFIDENTIAL at the top, and in the left hand corner is stated who can read them.

They are issued on a strictly 'need to know' basis, which means you don't get to know them until you have completed the previous level down thoroughly, and are ready to start the next level up.

Anyone who is Clear would be very aware of this fact as material becomes confidential at the Grade V level and continues on up through Grade VI, Grade VII (Clear) and of course all the OT levels.

Anyhow, Body Thetans are thetans just like you and me, some of whom who are stuck together into clusters, which themselves can be grouped into bigger clusters, and any one of these can be stuck to the body or thetan of the pc you are auditing.

They can be stuck ON the body, IN the body and AROUND the body.

The most dangerous ones are the ones you are BEING and WITHHOLDING, clustering them in your own efforts to hide them and make them not be.

     'Are you withholding a cluster?'
     'Are you withholding a Body Thetan?'
     'Are you withholding another being?'

Such body thetans and clusters basically want to die and can't, and have chosen to go to sleep and take you with them instead.


Ron has been saying all along that you can never go free unless you walk up the training side of the Bridge too, and now you know why. You have to audit these Body Thetans just like you were audited. Sometimes you have to put an entire Bridge in on them before they will blow. Especially very SP Body Thetans.

So, if you can't audit your worst enemies, they will stick to you like glue. This all has to do with very early pictures of impacts between thetans on the whole track. The impact didn't last long, but the picture did, and once brought back into permanent restimulation via the usual overt/withhold/justification/restraint route, they can create the illusion that impacts are permanent, and other thetans who are not doing too well sort of get confused by those pictures and get stuck to you or each other.

For example, during an impact they might have with you, they see an old picture of a thetan impacted to you which you are holding in permanent restimulation from the past, and they confuse the other thetan in the picture with themselves, so they figure they are just stuck. Where ever heavy impacts of any kind have occurred, either between thetans and thetans, or thetans and bodies, or bodies and bodies, you will find these Body Thetans stuck to you at that area of impact. It is this confusion they have with your pictures and themselves that causes the phenomenon, and points in the direction of how to audit them out.

You either audit them on their confusion between themselves and your pictures you are holding in restimulation, or you audit yourself on why you are holding those pictures in restimulation in the first place. (See OVERWHELM, JUSTIFICATION AND RESTRAINT in this Vol. 3).

     'Are you trying to make nothing of someone?'
     'Are you trying to make someone of nothing?'

You audit Body Thetans by direct telepathy. You tell them to go to the beginning of the incident and tell you when they're there, and they do. If you are up to this level you can see them do it, and you can receive their communications back to you. It will work even if you are still blocking out direct perception of other beings. They are.

The purpose of OT II is to increase the pre-OT's ability to see other beings directly.

OT II is a long series of implants that are run ON THE BT'S, that gets both you and the BT's up to being able to perceive each other directly.

Being able to see other beings directly is much more important than exteriorization, which itself can only become complete when you CAN see other beings directly.

Part of what keeps people interiorized or exteriorized but still locked to a body, is the fear of exteriorizing into the great unknown. The great unknown consists mainly of other beings who are out there but not in bodies. If you are unwilling or unable to see the beings that are IN the MEST universe, you will not be able to see the MEST universe itself all that well except with your body's eyes. Since most people can't see even themselves in their own heads ('Spirit, what's a Spirit?') its pretty rough expecting them to be able to see others.

They longingly look into each other's eyes and they see retinas.

Of course once they do get up to seeing other beings, the first ones they will see are the Body Thetan clusters they are being, withholding and residing in the middle of, some of whom are pretty mean.

This is covered pretty well in 'A History of Man', although at that time LRH was playing down the importance of entities as he called them then.

The reason Body Thetans are kept a secret in the Church is because a case that is not ready for them can be severely over restimulated if he does not know how to audit them.

You audit them basically by asking yourself what the hell you are doing to them.

How do you audit an inaccessible SP who wants to murder you and everyone else?

He is your pc, he is right there 'in the room' with you, you had better know how to audit him or you're done for. Keeping your TR's in on such a being, and getting and keep HIM in session with you is a Master's job.

When was the last time you knew a murderous SP who was interested in his own case and willing to talk to the auditor?

If you can't put him IN SESSION by smoothing over his ARC Breaks with you, not to mention your ARC Breaks with him, he is going to put you in the grave.

People's SAFE SOLUTION to all this has been, to date, TO NOT BE ABLE TO SEE BEINGS DIRECTLY. Being limited to only seeing beings via their bodies, limits you to only seeing beings who HAVE bodies! That's called having your head in the cosmic sands.

Further, other BTs who are accessible but asleep, can be woken up prematurely and they can start to free fall through their own Incident 2 which had a duration of at least 36 days of implanting plus an earlier beginning, and it has been claimed that this can cause the human who has the Body Thetan or Cluster to get very sick and even die of no sleep.

People who need to take many sleeping pills to get to sleep every night are possibly hooked into this incident.

The Body Thetan is fixated on the middle to the end of the incident, so of course it never erases and everyone involved gets sick and unhappy. The answer is to direct the Body Thetan to the WAY BEGINNING of the incident long before the implanting, when he was first captured up through the volcano bit, and run out only this first part, at which time the rest of it blows and the Body Thetan is free to leave.

Part of the secret is realizing that you have indulged in such implanting techniques yourself, things like Incident 1 and 2, and that is part of why you are holding on to these poor Body Thetans so hard. Running the Overt side of WHAT YOU DID to them AND WHAT THEY DID to others like them will usually cool off any restimulation caused by running or thinking about what all these Body Thetans are doing to you, or what others did to them, namely Incident 1 and Incident 2.

By the way, what you are doing to them and what they are doing to themselves is one hell of a lot worse than what they are doing to you. What some of them would LIKE to do to you, however...

In any case, running off the BEGINNING of the incident lets the rest of it fall away like it never happened.

In general, your average person walking around in the street is so low on the tone scale that he needs to have an entire Lower Bridge put in on him before he can even find Body Thetans let alone confront them and audit them out.

The Lower Bridge and its End Phenomenon are:

 1.  Life Repair
     Awareness of Truth and the Way to Personal Freedom.
 2.  Drug Rundown
     Freedom from the harmful effects of drugs, alcohol and medicine,
     and free from the need to take them.
 3.  ARC Straightwire  (Locks on Affinity, Reality and Communication)
     Knows he or she won't get worse.
 4.  Dianetics (Secondaries and Engrams)
     A well and happy human being.
 5.  Grade 0, Communications Release
     Willingness to communicate with anyone on any subject.
     Grade 1, Problems Release
     Ability to recognize the source of problems and make them vanish.
     Grade 2, Relief Release, Overts and Withholds
     Relief from hostilities and sufferings of life.
     Grade 3, Freedom Release, ARC breaks
     Freedom from the upsets of life and ability to face the future.
     Grade 4, Ability Release, Service Facsimiles
     Moving out of fixed conditions and gaining abilities to do new
 6.  Expanded Dianetics (Evil purposes)
     Freedom from cruel impulses and chronic unwanted conditions.
     Able to act without restraint.
 7.  Grade V (Power, the last engram)
     The ability to handle Power.  Freedom from detested parts of
     the track.  Freedom from Corruption, Temptation and Seduction.
 8.  Grade VA (Power Plus)
     Recovery of Knowledge.
 9.  Grade VI (GPMs and Lock End Words),
     Return of powers to act on own determinism.  Freedom from
 10. Grade VII  (CLEAR, the R6 Bank)
     Ability to be at cause over MENTAL matter, energy, space and time
     as regards survival for self on the first dynamic.
     Freedom from the inability to identify self in relation to
     others, and the physical universe.  They have regained the
     ability to be extroverted, and attained the awareness of
     one self as a thetan in relation to others and the physical
 12. OT II (CONFIDENTIAL) Ability to confront the whole track
     with immaculate perception and recall.  Ability to see other beings

This is a massive amount of auditing that a person must go through just to come up to a reality on the existence of Body Thetans, let alone be able to handle them with equanimity.

Then you gotta get trained, because you gotta be able to audit like a pro to audit Body Thetans.

Thus OT III is not a minor accomplishment and is probably the make break point of whether a being gets out of this universe or not in this cycle. He will have to go OT III someday. If it's not on Earth now, it will be a while before the material will be known again.

It has been reported that many pre-OT's take one look at the OT III materials and immediately try to attest to their completion because they don't want to have to run it.

Small wonder, since they aren't informed of Body Thetans until the day they are supposed to run it.

Anyhow, this faking of OT III happens on a gradient scale.

There are those who claim at the start of OT III that they have no Body Thetans and so attest to OT III leaving it completely unrun.

There are those who run a few of the less troublesome Body Thetan's and then declare there are no more and so attest to completion.

Then there are those who claim that Body Thetans are all just pictures which they ran out on Dianetics, and they try to bypass the grade altogether.

Entire Orgs and sections of Scientology and the Free Zone have been doing this for years!

Once they manage to falsely attest to OT III, they go on to OT IV where they fall flat on their faces, and often blow auditing for Rolfing or Channeling or some such thing.

They can't talk to their own BTs so they want someone else to do it for them!

Thus there are a lot of "OT IV's" out there who are really OT II's just pretending to be OT IV's, who never did OT III correctly or completely.

If you feel that you are one of these people, I strongly suggest you get your ass back into the Church for a complete handling, or if you are in the field, find someone with some reality on the matter and get it cleaned up.

OT III, done properly, will produce gains beyond your wildest dreams.

So the material is dangerous, it is dangerous to know about, it is dangerous to not know about, it is dangerous to run incorrectly, it is dangerous to not run.

If a person on the street who had never had any auditing were to find and locate a real Body Thetan he might stumble on one of his more suppressive ones, and then proceed to go running down the street screaming at the top of his lungs 'HEEEEEEEELP!'

Childhood nightmares have, as their basic, SP Body Thetans.

Sometime when you are asleep and dreaming, and you know you are dreaming, go find a mirror in the dream and take a good long look in it.

If you can audit the Devil, you can audit OT III. Most Body Thetans however, are friendly but sleepy, and of course somewhat grouped. A big happy Slumber Party was their solution to Incident 2.

Some of them will be very sad to leave you, as you and them have been good friends for eons and you will have to resolve that ARC Break and secondary engram with them before they leave.

The bashers often claim that people in the Church are gullible, and they point to a 'belief' in Body Thetans as evidence for this. They will offer up that the reason an entire Bridge must be put in on someone before they can audit Body Thetans is because people have to be told often enough for long enough that Body Thetans exist before they will believe in them. They say that it takes that much indoctrination and brainwashing to get anyone to believe in something so stupid and 'obviously incorrect'.

The implication is that people who enter the Church believe what they are told. This only means that bashers believe what they are told, not that Churchies do.

Anyhow, this indoctrination stuff could not be further from the truth. The Church treats Body Thetans and the OT III materials with a secrecy that borders on the insane. NO ONE is informed of this material until they have attained and attested to OT II, and in fact you can be kicked out of the Church forever for talking about it or breaking security on these materials to a case that is OT II or below.

That means most of you guys.

I guess that means I am out of the Church forever. Gee, what a loss.

Thus the Church is filled with people who have done the higher levels who have this HUGE SECRET from everyone else one inch below them on the Bridge. One can expect Clear Harmony, Accord, and Co- Communication to be low in such an environment.

In fact, you can be sitting there as a 'lower level' pc, talking to your OT VII Case Supervisor or your OT III Ethics Officer and telling them directly about these here beings who all want to die, and are scaring the hell out of you, and no matter how much you need to be directed to audit those beings, no matter how close you are to the real answer to your case, they will just deny it all, tell you you are PTS Type 3 or some such thing, and tell you to go off and destimulate somewhere where there's a calm rock, or kick you out as too psychotic.

You know, '...pc is Type 3, sees imaginary beings around him'.

They just outright forbid you to get off the damn withhold which is that you have been a walking BT grave yard for ages.

This is my present grump with the Church, they failed to handle me and they failed to let me handle myself. And they charged me for the privilege.

Well they can audit their own Devils, mine work for me now.

If I have hurt any of you with this posting, I am sincerely sorry, I suggest you get some serious confessional auditing as soon as possible, we need true OT's like nobody's business.


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