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You can judge the sanity of a parent by his attitude towards help, especially help towards his children and help FROM his children.

Once a parent understands that auditing is helping people back to their own personal form of helping others, then he should be pretty enthusiastic about it.

If he is willing to have his children audited then he is pretty sane as a parent and his children will be happy.

Once you start auditing his children, one of the first things you will want to do is teach the child how to audit his parent. Children who can audit their parents turn out to be really big beings in good shape by the time they are 18 or 20 years old.

Any child of 5 can ask a parent,

     "What is overwhelming you?"
     "What does it justify?"
     "What does it restrain?"

One of the biggest ARC Breaks children have with their parents is that the parent is chronically out of session with the child. They are not interested in their own case and they're not willing to talk to the auditor, the child.

The child can run on the parent,

     "Why shouldn't I audit you?"
     "Why should I audit you?"

until the parent cognites his way out of his considerations about being audited by the child.

Of course the parent will have to come up to being able to tell the truth to the child, which can be an awful long haul for some people.

But if you are a child, you have a pc in your parent whether you want one or not and the earlier you get started on cleaning up their case the better.

The worst they can do is torture you to death.

Is your life and comfort so precious to you, you can't do the right thing?

The problem of course is that it is very hard to help someone who has been harming you. In this case the pc (parents) has been using and abusing the auditor (the child) from day one, wishing him dead, imprisoning him, enslaving him, killing him slowly and generally being cruel to their own agreements of decency.

If they hadn't been, there would be nothing to audit.

Thus it is a superhuman effort to get your parents to 'pick up the cans' and start talking about help and THEIR parents. But then that is what being an OT is all about. If you act like an OT you will become an OT. If you act like a sniveling coward, you will become a sniveling coward.

We all live in an Electronic Soup, sort of a conscious hologram gone haywire. Every where you turn people are adding to the chaos and confusion by emanating their aberrations into the space and time around them.

Even if you are clear and have provided a clean space for yourself to occupy, you still have to deal with the aberrations and emanations of others.

If everyone you worked with during the day were clear, your wife, your children, your friends, your boss, the landlord, the grocer or whoever, you would have just that many more clear spaces you could wander in to and still feel at home.

If enough people were clear, you could make a network of clear spaces in the Electronic Soup that you only rarely had to leave to 'go outside'.

Therefore it's never a waste of time to audit an accessible person, no matter who they are or how 'low' their station in life.

Even if they are your parents.

Auditing only the rich or the famous, those who would reward you well, yet who are themselves totally inaccessible except for the vain glory of it all, is an overt act of magnitude better left to the Church.

Which would you rather do, live well in the Electronic Soup, or starve in a Clear Space?

Everyone faces this choice. In the short run the Electronic Soup seems to be the answer, but in the long run the Clear Space will provide the abundance you deserve.

So when it comes to your parents, teach them well, and audit them with ferocity and personal integrity, and they will repay you a thousand fold in a next life if not in this.

Remember, when you are the auditor, you're the boss. It doesn't matter how old you are or who you are auditing.

And that's being an OT.


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