EXM - 49
14 March 1992

Copyright (C) 1992 A Voice of the Free Zone (Electra)
Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.


Your pc's chronic condition is buried under his experience with his parent's chronic conditions. When he was born his parents already had a number of justification sandwiches in full swing many of which were highly detrimental to your pc's survival.

This is because they prevented his parents from CO OPERATING with him in a way that was necessary for him to reach his full potential.

Thus you will probably have to run the justification sandwiches that your pc's parents used on him, before you will be able to locate and erase the ones your pc is using.

You find them on his parents the same way you find them on your pc.

     'What is mother's central condition?' or
     'What is it about mother?'
     'What is father's central condition?' or
     'What is it about father?'

Once you have a condition that the pc is interested in,

     1.) 'What is your mother using this condition to explain?'
     2.) 'What is your mother using to explain this condition?'

You should use 'explain, handle, make ok, justify, deal with, make right and solve'. Of course you should also use any other words that make sense to your pc.

Another example,

     1.) 'What is your mother using this condition for?'
     2.) 'What is your mother using for this condition?'


     1.)  'What problem is your mother using this condition to solve?'
     2.)  'What is your mother using to solve this problem condition?'

You will find that chronic unwanted conditions are problems that solve earlier problems, which were themselves conditions that solved even earlier problems until you get to basic.

Theoretically, at the end of this your pc will have attained the End Phenomena of Grade I which is 'Ability to recognize the source of problems and make them vanish.'

You see, as long as your pc is solving problems, guilts and regrets by creating other problems and chronic unwanted conditions, and then solving THOSE with even more, they are just piling bank up upon bank until they can no longer carry a human body.

Witness a bum on the street. That's a SOLUTION to him, don't you see? It's a central condition that justifies an earlier mishap or problem. He would rather have the problem of starving to death or finding his next drink or warm spot, than have to deal with whatever was bugging him before he became a bum.

Go out and audit a bum someday on the Justification Sandwich, and on the Justification Sandwiches of those who brought him up. You will be amazed at the story they have to tell, not only as a Mortal, but also as an Immortal before their sojourn in bodies and even this universe. You will find they are still protecting and taking care of people they loved in their long ago, even if some of them are now their worst enemies.

If you audit them well, they might even recover and pay you a bottle of wine for your trouble.


It is bonkers, but the person won't give it up until he SEES that it is bonkers, for it is his human heart you are dealing with and his love for others that transpans all of time.

He and his loved ones are safe because he is a bum, you are not going to just rip this away from him, get it? It takes auditing and caring about the pc's personal confidence in solving his own problems and those of the people he loves. Approaching this with derision and contempt will not work no matter how disgusting your pc has become.


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