EXM - 54
6 April 1992

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     'What is your Mother refusing?'
     'What are you refusing as a Child?'
     'What were you refusing as a Mother?' (in a past life).

Audit the following on Parent and Child, Mother/Father, and Son/Daughter Spirit and Body, Mortal and Immortal.

Withheld means

     1.) trying not to do something or
     2.) not telling someone that you did do it or that you want to do

One runs this TO a Mother and AS a Mother, etc.


     1.)  Refused Error and Withheld Error
     2.)  Refused Apology and Withheld Apology.
     3.)  Refused Confession and Withheld Confession.
     4.)  Refused Repentance and Withheld Repentance.
     5.)  Refused Forgiveness and Withheld Forgiveness.
     6.)  Refused Sorrow and Withheld Sorrow.

Refused and withheld mean approximately the same thing. Run both or which ever works best for you.

Refused Error means refusing to admit you were wrong.

Refused Apology means refusing to apologize for something you know was wrong.

Refused Confession means refusing to confess something you know was wrong.

Refused Repentance means refusing to repent from doing something you know was wrong.

Refused Forgiveness means refusing to accept forgiveness from another for something you know was wrong.

Refused Sorrow means refusing to feel, or show sorrow when you know it was right to do so.

People can try to force you to admit you were wrong when you weren't, in the same way they can try to force you to apologize for, confess and repent of things that you believe in all honesty were not wrong. This too can lead to refused error, apology, confession, repentance and sorrow. But this is not the source of your case, this is the source of THEIR case.

Run this stuff as you will, but what you want here are the things you KNEW were wrong, and you pretended they were right. You still are, thus you have a case and are not OT.

Not only can you refuse to give an apology but you can also refuse to accept another's apology. It's another way of making other's wrong when they aren't. They are saying they are sorry after all. One reason that people won't accept your apology is that they have one to give too, and they are refusing to give their own apology, so they refuse to accept yours.

You have done the same.

Thus you can and have refused to admit another was wrong when they were, refused to accept their apology and confession, refused to admit they had repented when they had, and made them wrong for feeling love's sorrow when it was genuine.

Thus when running refused apology for example, you should run both refused to GIVE an apology and refused to RECEIVE an apology, etc.

The basic flows between mother and child are as usual.

Again, refused means refused to give and/or refused to receive.

     'What apology did you refuse as a mother?'      1. DED
     'What apology is a mother refusing to you?'     2. DEDEX
     'What apology was refused to you as a mother?'  3. MOTIVATOR
     'What apology are you refusing to a mother?'    4. OVERT

The apology you are trying to get from your mother as a child in this life, is the apology you owe your child as a mother in a past life.

The apology you tried to get from your child as a mother in a past life, is the apology you owe your mother as a child in this life.

Is this stuff really so hard that it has to be protected and copyrighted by the RTC?

Are the rules of decency the intellectual property of a few?

Doesn't speak well of Earth.

Run all flows on

     'What are you refusing to admit?'
     'What are you refusing to admit was wrong?'
     'What have you done that you are refusing to admit was wrong.'
     'What are you refusing to acknowledge?'
     'What don't you want to know about?'
     'What don't you want others to know about?'
 'What have you done as a mother and justified?          1. DED
 'What has a mother done to you and justified?           2. DEDEX
 'What has been done to you as a mother and justified?'  3. MOTIVATOR
 'What have you done to a mother and justified?          4. OVERT

You know, if you do something wrong, and you KNOW it is wrong, and your refuse to admit EVEN TO YOURSELF THAT IT WAS WRONG, then you deserve what you get, right?

If you hide the truth from yourself, then what truth can there be for you?

Is it possible that all your suffering, all your ignorance, all your fear and pain is the result of a single refusal of truth a few life times back, echoed over and over again in the cascade of lives you call your track?

Are there people in between lives helping you to forget WHAT YOU WANT TO FORGET ANYHOW?

How could you?

How could you abandon yourself to your own not know?

The result is 'you live once and die once' and there will never again be time enough for love.

There will be no God, just demons in the night.

There will be no happiness, just separation and demise.

Until you admit what you would not admit.

Until you admit you were wrong and get right.

It is wrong that you were right.

It is right that you were wrong.

There is no way around it, to get right, you must admit you were wrong.

But then you would be right again, and then you could be happy again, and you could breathe easy again.

It's ok to be wrong, just as long as you are right about being wrong.

The alternative is to remain human, right into the grave.


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