EXM - 58
12 April 1992

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As with anything, you have PROBLEMS WITH and you have PROBLEMS AS.

     'What problem have you had as a Father?'
     'What problem have you had with a Father?'
     'What problem have you had as a Mother?'
     'What problem have you had with a Mother?'
     'What problem have you had as a Son?'
     'What problem have you had with a Son?'
     'What problem have you had as a Daughter?'
     'What problem have you had with a Daughter?'
     'What problem have you had as a Mortal?'
     'What problem have you had with a Mortal?'
     'What problem have you had as an Immortal?'
     'What problem have you had with an Immortal?'
     'Has something been suppressed on your Mortality?'
     'Has something been suppressed on your Immorality?'

Wording is important, if one wording does not work, try another.

     'Is there a problem between you and a Mother?'
     'Do you have a problem with a Mother?'
     'Have you had a problem with a Mother?'


If you are assessing on the meter either solo or with another and the question form does not read, try the assertive form.

     'You have a problem with a mother.'
     'There is a problem between you and a mother.'


These are not meant to be and should not be delivered as evaluations to the pc, they are statements of possible realities to see if they read. The fact that they don't read doesn't mean anything, the fact that they do read probably means there is a problem there.

The main terminals of a family are Mother, Father, Son and Daughter. You and your pc have been all 4 of them many times during your past track and have been in dire and complex relations with the other three during these periods.

As LRH says, the most stuck you can get on the track is a problem. A problem is an INTENTION opposed by a COUNTER INTENTION. You want to be, do or have something and someone else doesn't want you to be, do or have that something.

For example, you want to listen to loud music and speak your mind, and your mother wants you to be a doll in her doll house.

Sometimes a child can be a problem in that others are trying to destroy them and you are trying to keep them alive. For example, the government wants your child for its war games. Thus keeping your child alive and out of harms way becomes a big problem to you. However, your CHILD is not the problem, the GOVERNMENT is. You are on the side of your child, its the government that is on the other side trying to take your child away.

Or maybe you live in a dust bowl and you are all starving to death. In this case, your problem is with the physical universe, or your ENVIRONMENT.

A problem does not always have to be with people, but it does have to be with something on one of the 16 dynamics or higher.

Problems are a part of GPMs, Goals Problems Masses. There are no problems in the absence of GPMs. GPMs are either implanted by others down the track, or are self installed at the beginning of time. Either way they are silly, and the purpose of auditing is to run them out or at the very least rehabilitate them so the pc can get on with making a fool out of himself again.

GPM's ALWAYS have two sides. The pc won't hold onto them unless they do.

For example, from an LRH tape,


The idea of this GPM is to FORCE the pc to be a good soldier by getting him to fight NOT being a good soldier. The pc holds onto the left side so hard because he is using it to fight the right side.

This is as silly as it comes, a good soldier really could care less if others are bad soldiers or not. But he is also just as likely to take up fishing and tell you to go to hell with your wars.

If you want someone who will ALWAYS be a good soldier when ever you want him to be, then you have to implant him, but to implant him you HAVE to give him the opposite goal to fight or he won't hang onto the primary goal of being a good soldier.

But then he is wasting half of his time making sure others are good soldiers too, rather than just being a good soldier. You see how it goes. Once implanted he can be counted upon to be a good soldier, but at only 50 percent capacity because he is spending the rest of his time being a self righteous bigot.

Worse, once he indulges in the various mechanisms of GPMs, he will finally get disgusted with the left side of the GPM and flip over to the right side, and become a lousy soldier on purpose. THEN he will fight you and the government and all good soldiers as much as he fought being a bad soldier before.

So implanting and GPMs are a silly way to control others, and you set yourself up for a loss at the very hands of the people you implant because no one can stay on one side of a GPM forever. The implanters keep trying though. Something about the goal TO NEVER LEARN.

The Scientology Grades 0 through IV are set up to help a pc take these GPM's apart. There is sort of a sequence that pc's go through as they come down the tone scale, and so you sort of have to take them back up the same scale in a certain order.

That order however is not an obvious thing, and civilizations have gone to ruin for want of it.

The first thing that goes out is communication. The pc stops communicating with something directly. Instead he USES a GPM that he has gotten from another or invented himself to deal with life and his future.

This of course gets him into problems, because GPMs ARE problems in a neat laid out order that the pc can crucify himself on. I mean he pays good money for these things, they had better work as advertised.

Any problem can be vanished by confronting it, just being there with it and letting it be. This causes an AS-ISness of the GPM and it will cease to bother the pc. There is nothing wrong with being a good soldier after all, THERE IS something wrong with fighting NOT BEING A GOOD SOLDIER!

If the pc just confronts his problem with others NOT being good soldiers, his concern for the matter will as-is along with the GPM he bought.

Usually however, HE CHOOSES TO NOT CONFRONT THE PROBLEM DIRECTLY and instead takes to dramatizing against the oppterms, opposition terminals, dictated by the GPM. Rather than just going about being a good soldier, he patriotically goes out and beats up on beatniks. Thus he commits overts, gets regrets, withholds, and finally justifications which poke him into continued overts.

Because he becomes a mass of withholds, many of them get missed by others, and so he starts to develop heavy ARC Breaks with others and reality around him. All ARC Breaks stem from missed withholds. LRH says you should burn that one in stone, perhaps you might consider doing so.

You know what a missed withhold is, don't you? Its when you don't know if someone else knows what you did that you don't want them to know. Its WHAT THEY DID that made you think they might know, along with YOUR WONDER for the rest of time if you were found out or even if others suspect.

As the being begins to ARC Break with everything around him, he starts to make others wrong and himself right as his last ditch effort to survive. He will make others wrong by opposing his own primary goals! He will develop pains, arthritis, disabilities, discomforts, and terminal illnesses all calculated to get others to nobly admire him for the rest of time.


This is the Service Facsimile computation, which of course is part and parcel of the original GPM that he bought and paid for. 'The way to be a good soldier is to be a sick, dead and dying bad soldier.' So he will be a drunk, brawl with his superior officers, sleep with their wives, deal drugs, shoot kids, rape and burn enemy women, you name it. And all of this will be his final way of being a good soldier when he couldn't confront the things he had done that were wrong AS a good soldier.

At the end of this road he will become a beatnik.

So the grades are arranged this way.

     0. Communication
     1. Problems
     2. Overts, Withholds and Missed Withholds
     3. ARC Breaks
     4. Service Fac computations.

It is usually a big misunderstood that because Grade 0 is numbered lower than the others and is audited first that it is somehow a lower state than the others. In other words, someone who has audited Grade I or II is somehow higher than someone who has only audited Grade 0.

This could not be further from the truth because the FIRST thing that went out was COMMUNICATION. Hubbard decided that the track was so balled up, that you could never audit someone out of this mess unless you took him all the way back to his god damn OTdom and got him over the very first choice he made which got him into this mess in the first place.

That first choice was to NOT COMMUNICATE with something he was perfectly able to communicate with.

However because of the misunderstood about Grade 0 being a lower state, you will find many people who ran it only to a mild release and then walked gaily up the rest of the Grades. Thus you will find Grade IV's, who although they won't make you wrong, have nothing to say either.

Once a person has REALLY attained Grade 0, all the rest of the Grades are really just cleaning up the mess that came afterwards. The person is already as high as he is going to get, the remaining grades merely clean up the channels of power. Its like getting at the basic on the engram chain, and then coming FORWARD in time and erasing quickly and easily all the later incidents that would not erase until basic was reached.

So this confusion has existed in Scientology for a long time. Often a pc can't reach basic on a chain until the later charge is unburdened, but then the later charge won't completely erase until the basic is gone. Thus one has to audit from later to early to find basic, and then one has to audit from early back towards present time to clean up the rest of the chain.

Well auditing Grade 0 properly is going for BASIC and all the 'higher' grades are really auditing all the foolish LOWER stuff the pc did AFTER his communication went out.

In fact the whole Bridge is upside down in this fashion, auditing the highest stuff first and the lowest and latest stuff last.

In fact the End Phenomenon of Life Repair, which is the lowest and most first thing you audit on anyone, is Awareness of Truth and the way to Personal Freedom. Awareness, Truth and Freedom are three dynamics way at the top of the tone scale!

From that foundation at the top of the tone scale, you can then clean up the rest of the mess that came after. Thus in some sense, one does not go OT at the end of the Bridge but at the beginning.

That is if Life Repair is done properly.

This same upside down relation holds true for the State of Clear and the OT I through OT VII levels.

The OT levels are 'higher' on the Bridge, but before the OT levels can be run the pc has to erase his R6 bank. Well you have had the R6 bank for millions of times longer than you have had all those damn BT's that the bashers are so upset about. So going Clear is much more important than going OT. In fact you can't GO OT unless you DO go Clear, because you will just start dancing around with your BT's doing the R6 tango rather than audit them out of THEIR mess.

Going Clear is getting at Basic Basic back in the quadrillions of years ago. OT III is very late on the chain being only 76 million years ago, and sometimes didn't even happen to the preclear himself!

You notice the bashers never comment on the R6 bank, they are too busy dramatizing it, all the while poking fun at Xenu. You know, something like the R6 goals TO CREATE NOT TRUTH or TO DESTROY PRESENT AWARENESS.

Well Xenu they can confront, he is VERY late on the chain and one of the LAST things of significance to happen to us all. The R6 Bank on the other hand is so old as to defy description and is so all pervasive even the Gods have it!. THAT is why the Xenu stuff happened in the first place, they were dramatizing the R6 Bank when they thought up the whole plan. The goal TO CREATE ALTERED IDENTITIES or TO DESTROY PERFECT INDIVIDUALITY or some such thing.

The end result was clustered beings, beings who could not tell each other apart and didn't know who they were, and thought they were someone else and many of them came together and thought they were one being.

It was a safe solution.

OT III is so overwhelming because it is so late on the chain, hell we were almost dead anyhow when that happened to us. The R6 Bank on the other hand is a different story, one that more attention should be given to.

OT III by the way is filled with THERE'S NOTHING HERE, NOTHING HAPPENED, THIS DIDN'T OCCUR, THIS ISN'T, THIS COULDN'T BE, NO ONE COULD BELIEVE THIS etc. So when you hear the bashers yap about how silly OT III is recognize their exact phrases are IN the incident, and let them run it out.

Only clusters bash.

So the secret to all this is, that the thetan has come down the tone scale BY CHOICE using the mechanisms of GPMs that he either created for himself, or had others hand to him in the form of great injustice, force and duress. You know, 'Here's 5 bucks, bang me up so I can't remember who I am, I want to be a good soldier!', etc.

The first thing the thetan did was CHOOSE to not communicate with things as they are.

The second thing he did was choose to take on a GPM with its ladder of goals, opposition goals, terminals, opposition terminals, and PROBLEMS. He did this by IDENTIFYING himself with the terminals in the GPM and other people or things with the opposition terminals.


That got him into the horrid mess you see him in today.

A God become meat dweller.

The basic on the chain of unconfrontable problems was a problem that he CHOSE TO NOT CONFRONT EVEN THOUGH IT WAS CONFRONTABLE.

That's a relief, isn't it?

Unconfrontability came afterwards and can be run out just by going earlier.

If you audit some poor pc on 'What problem was unconfrontable?' or 'Tell me something unconfrontable', you will just drive him into a dark hole late on the chain of unconfrontabilities and he will never get out of it. Nothing will erase, and his problems will just get worse. Try it sometime on someone you don't like.

On the other hand if you audit 'What problem did you choose to not confront that you could have confronted?' you will produce some spectacular case gain and a friend for life. Not to mention a pending OT to boot.

So if your bank is throwing unconfrontable monstrosities at you, find out what you CHOSE to not confront earlier and why. If you choose to not confront something, that will create enough electrical charge to kick back in your face at a later time in a very unconfrontable fashion. The way to erase it is to duplicate the action of not confronting with close attention to the 'CHOOSE TO' in the center of it, and why.

So a full battery of questions about problems might go as follows.

     'What problem have you had as a Mother with a Son?'
     'What problem have you had as a Mother with a Daughter?'
     'What problem have you had as a Mother with a Father?'
     'What problem have you had as a Mother with yourself?'
     'What problem have you had as a Father with a Son?'
     'What problem have you had as a Father with a Daughter?'
     'What problem have you had as a Father with a Mother?'
     'What problem have you had as a Father with yourself?'
     'What problem have you had as a Son with a Mother?'
     'What problem have you had as a Son with a Father?
     'What problem have you had as a Son with a Sister?'
     'What problem have you had as a Son with a Brother?'
     'What problem have you had as a Son with yourself?'
     'What problem have you had as a Daughter with a Mother?'
     'What problem have you had as a Daughter with a Father?
     'What problem have you had as a Daughter with a Sister?'
     'What problem have you had as a Daughter with a Brother?'
     'What problem have you had as a Daughter with yourself?'

Other terminal pairs are also important.

     'What problem have you had as an Immortal with an Immortal?'
     'What problem have you had as an Immortal with a Mortal?'
     'What problem have you had as a Mortal with an Immortal?'
     'What problem have you had as a Mortal with a Mortal?'
     'What problem have you had as a Thetan with a Thetan?'
     'What problem have you had as a Thetan with a Body?'
     'What problem have you had as a Body with a Thetan?'
     'What problem have you had as a Body with a Body?'
     'What problem have you had as a Scientologist with a Scientologist?
     'What problem have you had as a Scientologist with a Basher?'
     'What problem have you had as a Basher with a Scientologist?'
     'What problem have you had as a Basher with a Basher?'
     'What problem have you had as a Free Zoner with a Free Zoner?
     'What problem have you had as a Free Zoner with a Churchie?'
     'What problem have you had as a Churchie with a Free Zoner?'
     'What problem have you had as a Churchie with a Churchie?'

You see how it goes? ANYTHING you have problems with, you have been both sides or something like it many times.

Atheists in this life were religious fanatics in past lives. They got sick of their own religion and making a living by telling lies. They figured death might be a nice relief. It's right there in their GPM, 'The way to survive is to die'.

So run both sides to free it up, and get back to the original CONFRONTABLE but NOT confronted problem at the beginning of the chain. Find out what the goals were, what the identities and terminals were, and why you chose to indulge in this cosmic silliness in the first place.

I don't mean to put this down, or make light of the situation.

The end result of choosing to not confront a problem is eventually some problem confronts you. An unconfrontable problem.

Try dying on a cross sometime.

That's the Basher's ultimate game, crucifying people for what they know.


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