23 April 1992

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In the absence of GPMS there can be no suppression. A GPM is the receptor site by which you let suppressives latch onto you and suppress yourself from your goals.

A GPM is the pattern by which you allow others to suppress you and by which you ultimately suppress yourself.

Suppression is Opposition.

Opposition is Suppression.

Where Suppression and Opposition have taken place there comes to exist a MASS, and that is the Mass in Goals Problems Mass.

There are two primary kinds of GPMs.

1.) Implanted GPMs which you received from others under extreme electronic or telekinetic duress, and which you yourself have inflicted upon others either before or after.

2.) Your own personal GPMs which you mocked up for yourself in order to have a game in the time stream. Personal GPMs are your BASIC PURPOSE in this universe and were created long before you received implanted ones, and in fact part of your personal GPMs WERE to give and receive implanted GPMs.

The purpose of implanted GPMs is to confuse you and take you off your primary personal GPMs.

GPMs are a game pattern, as such they involve GOALS and COUNTER GOALS, just like any game of tag, or hide and go seek, or football. They imply two opposing teams, with two opposing goals, and the idea is to win by causing the other side to lose.

Through the mechanisms of overts and withholds you eventually end up trying to win by opposing yourself, and this is at the core of insanity, globally on this planet, and locally in your own soul.

Thus the resolution of your own case, that is what's keeping you from being an OT, lies in clearing up your confusions between your implanted GPMs and your personal GPMs. Then one proceeds to clean the slate on all Service Fac computations, ARC Breaks, Overts, Withholds, Missed Withholds, Problems, No Communications, and Communications that you have had in the pursuit of your personal GPMs.

This would return your GPMs to a 'like new' state and you would be free to decide to continue playing them out in the time stream, perhaps a little wiser this time, but surely not for long. Or you could design new GPMs that might not be so easy to audit you out of the next time, or you might not get involved in GPMs at all for a while, and remain a free OT committed to no game.

The purpose of auditing is to clean up enough charge so that your pc can confront and run out the implanted GPMs and then confront and run out his own personal GPMs, or at least get him to a place where he is self determined about them again and can do with them as he will.

Most people do not know they have GPMs. They think the world is real. Actually it is held from above by the person's own programming and the programming he did to others and was done to him.

Thus the more you know about GPMs the better off you will be.

They have a very definite structure, but within that structure there can be variation. And of course the specific items to be found in the goals of each GPM can be as varied as you want.

All GPMS consist of goals in opposition.


Each GPM may or may not have more than one goal.


Each goal of a GPM is called an ITEM, or RELIABLE ITEM, or just LINE ITEM for short. Its called a RELIABLE ITEM because once you find one it will read every time you call it off on a meter.

If you don't have an E-meter, get one.

So for example the above GPM has two reliable items opposed by two opposite reliable items.

A LINE PLOT is the lay out of the GPM such as the example given above.

Each goal of the GPM has a TERMINAL IDENTITY that is implicitly associated with it. For example, TO CATCH CATFISH might be the goal of a FISHERMAN. TO NOT CATCH CATFISH might be the goal of the catfish!

Thus fisherman and catfish are opposed in this game, and one wins by causing the other to lose.

GPMS can have many lines or just a few. There are many GPMS that have 9 rows of goals and opposing goals, or 18 line items all told. Part of the R6 Bank has a GPM of this nature with 9 rows of opposing goals.

By the way there is some confusion as to what is meant by the R6 Bank. Long ago it was considered the final bank that people ran out to go clear. That bank is now run out on the Clearing Course and is called the CC Bank. The R6 Bank then became a lesser bank run out on Grade VI, hence its name which stands for Routine 6.

However the bank which is run run on Grade VI bears little resemblance to the Bank on the Clearing Course, either in the Church or in the Field, so things have diverged somewhat from the original conception. Originally Grade VI was designed to catch and run out just the end words of the R6 bank, and then whole bank itself was to be run out on the Clearing Course, Grade VII.

End Words are still found and run on Grade VI, but they bear little resemblance to the CC Bank that is given you to run on the Clearing Course.

Out of habit I have continued to call the final bank, the Big One, the R6 bank even though in truth it is handled on Grade VII and not Grade VI! It also turns out that the OT III implants continued R6 Clearing Course GPMS in them, apparently the people who designed and carried out the OT III implant were aware of the R6 bank and were probably dramatizing it to boot!

In any case all banks are made of implanted GPMs which you either got directly or stole from another. Whether anyone has ever really run out the final final biggest bank of all is open to question, they are still arguing about which bank it is!

Of course once you have run out all of your implanted bank GPMS, you can then get to work cleaning up your own actual personal GPMS.

Anyhow, the goals of a GPM can have one, two or three parts.

They are called

     1.) THE ROOT WORD
     2.) THE END WORD

For example take the GPM,


TO CREATE is the ROOT WORD, it is the VERB and is always in the INFINITIVE form. Most GPMs have root words.

AFFINITY is an END WORD, it is the subject of the root word. Not all GPMS have end words, some have only root words. Most have end words too, although some have an actual EXPERIENCE in place of the end word as described below.

PRESENT is the modifier. Not all GPMs have modifiers, some do.

The left hand goal is always opposed in some sense by the right hand goal.

     TO BE NOBODY                  TO BE EVERYBODY
     TO BE NOWHERE                 TO BE EVERYWHERE

But sometimes the sense of that opposition may not be that of a strict opposite but more in the vein of what's on the other side of the game.

     TO BE MATTER                  TO BE SPACE
     TO BE A DOCTOR                TO BE A PATIENT

Sometimes the opposition comes because the ROOT WORD verb has been opposed. This can happen either by using an opposite root word,


or by using a 'not' to oppose the primary root word.

     TO SEEK DEATH                 TO NOT SEEK DEATH
     TO SEEK DEATH                 NOT TO SEEK DEATH

Sometimes the opposition comes because the END WORD has been negated.


Sometimes there is no end word at all.

     TO OPERATE                    TO CRUSH

A terminal identity that could go with the goal TO OPERATE, might be AN OPERATOR.

Sometimes the end word is an EXPERIENCE. That experience can be either painful or pleasurable, it can be electronic or natural, it can be anything the being wants to set up a goal about: fear, falling, electric shock etc.

     TO CREATE (experience)       TO DESTROY (experience)

This means that during the implant, the being got the actual experience after the 'TO CREATE' part rather than another idea or the name of the experience as in most GPMS.

If you ever have electric shock dreams at night, you are probably into one of these. You can see what the Psychiatric Zombie Lords are dramatizing with their electro shock therapy, and the government with their electrocutions.

As LRH is so fond of saying, 'one wonders, one wonders...' See A History of Man.

Anyhow, one way to run this is as follows.

Run it as Mother and Son, Father and Daughter, and any other combination you can think of. Just keep running it around and around, when you come to the last question, start over with the first question.

For some people this will go a long ways towards releasing some of those somatics they have been walking around with in their face, throats, spine and back.

     1.) Get the idea of opposing a goal as a mother in a son in a past
life.  (DED)
     2.) Get the idea of a mother opposing a goal in you as a son in
this life.  (DEDEX)
     3.) Get the idea of a son opposing a goal in you as a mother in a a
past life.  (MOTIVATOR)
     4.) Get the idea of opposing a goal as a son in a mother in this
life.  (OVERT)
     5.) Get the idea of opposing a goal as a son in yourself in this
     6.) Get the idea of a mother opposing a goal in herself in this
     7.) Get the idea of opposing a goal as a mother in yourself in a
past life.
     8.) Get the idea of a son opposing a goal in himself in a past

You can interchange the words OPPOSE and SUPPRESS.

Eventually you will want to get some concrete answers.

 1.) What goal did you suppress as a mother in a son in a past life?


By the way if you are a man in this life, runing what GOALS you had AS A MOTHER or a WOMAN in a past life and how they were opposed or suppressed and by whom can do wonders for you. Of course these are the motivators of that life, you also need to run the deds and motivated overts.

Since almost all action is the result of GPMs which are an effort by one being to oppose another, all of the overts and withholds that a being develops he does in the line of opposing things and others.

Thus you can replace DONE with OPPOSED in the standard Overt/Withhold questions.

     'What have you opposed?'
     'What have you withheld?'


     'What are you opposing?'
     'What are you withholding?'


     'What have you opposed in a Mother?'
     'What have you opposed as a Mother?'
     'What have you withheld from a Mother?'
     'What have you withheld as a Mother?'
     'What have you opposed in a Child?'
     'What have you opposed as a Child?'
     'What have you withheld from a Child?'
     'What have you withheld as a Child?'

This is real good stuff to run on BT's AS AN AUDITOR as they are deeply involved in opposing things and withholding things.

People think that the main conflict is between the pc and his BT's and clusters. But really once the pc decides to be an auditor of BT's, he is no longer opposing them, and if he audits out their ARC Breaks with him and gets them interested in their own cases and willing to talk to him as an auditor, they will no longer be opposing him either. Then you will find that they are knee deep in oppositions of all kinds, with each other, with those that did them in, with THOSE THEY DID IN EITHER BEFORE OR AFTER, and with themselves.

You audit them just like you audit any other pc, you get them to tell you about it, and pull their withholds and oppositions. The only difference is you as an auditor have a whole room full of pc's, almost like a group audit. All BT's in a particular cluster are stuck in the same cluster-making incident, so you just audit them all at the same time to break up the cluster.

Get them to tell you about the cluster making incident.

You gotta get them to go to the VERY BEGINNING of it if you want it to erase, and of course any earlier similar incidents they might have in common or individually.

The cluster making incident is their DEDEX or MOTIVATOR.

Then find out who or what they are opposing, what they did, and what they are withholding. Run the entire No Sympathy Sandwich on them with concentration on DECISION ABOUT INDECISION.

These are the DEDS and the OVERTS followed by bewildered regrets.


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