EXM - 68
10 September 1992

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At the lower levels you are fed a lot of sweet sounding Theetie Wheetie stuff like we are all here to effect a change on Earth by evolution not by revolution. By the time you complete the first secret power levels though you are expected to realize just what is really happening here on Earth and jump on board the real Church of Scientology bandwagon.

The basic cognition is that Earth is a hell hole on its way out the tubes and it doesn't matter what you do as long as you win.

The idea is that everyone who is not a Scientologist is either actively participating in the demise of Earth or is sitting around whacking their meat letting it happen.

Therefore anyone who is honestly and actively participating in the Salvation of Earth from Ruin is immediately and totally above the law as there IS no law except that which benefits the criminals working day and night to bring in another age of darkness at your expense.

Their view is that there are only two groups of importance vying for control and dominance on this planet. The first group are the criminals and other forces of Corruption, Temptation and Seduction, be they the Government, the FDA, the IRS, the American Medical Association with their quacks or the World Health Organization with their psychotic psychiatrists.

The second group of course are the Scientologists and the other forces of light, except that to the Scientologists there ARE NO other forces of light. Sort of an ONLY ONE clause, you know?

The problem is that the Scientologists DO have a technology to free the spirit to enormous states of power, and so do have the power to take over the Earth.

Unfortunately the people who control this technology have a few screws loose in the ethics department, and many of them have not attained these states themselves except in certificate only, and so are still dramatizing the same old evil impulses in their game of saving the Earth.

Now Earth will be saved, and it will be saved by Scientology Technology and its expanding offshoots, but whether the Church or its Churchies will have anything to do with it will depend upon the clarity, lucidity and enlightenment they bring to cleaning up their own war act and their considerations on the nature of those other people around them who are not totally with them, or who have started on their own independent line of discovery.

Churchies are quick to throw people into the enemy bin. They figure everyone is against them anyhow, so a few million more people pissed off at them can't hurt. This is very glib and dangerous, especially when the enemy bin is being filled with its own members, loyal and devoted practioners of the new science and those who made the most case gain both before and after their sojourn in the Church.

They are also the ones who are improving on the tech, being free to practice and research it in their own time and at no expense, something the Church considers to be the Highest High Crime of all.

The Church tends to think that every time it throws someone away, they are being thrown into some big vast unfathomable darkness all alone for the rest of eternity.

They KNOW that alone people have no power and that they are afraid of the dark.

The Church considers there is no communication in the Free Zone amongst its many members, so they figure all those thousands of people they have thrown out into the dark and cold are all alone licking their wounds by themselves filling the void with their tears.

Sometimes it may look that way, it did for me for 8 LONG bitter years. Those were the coldest darkest years of my life, for which I will never forgive the Church, but there was always the spark of hope and tech and case gain and love for L. Ron Hubbard to keep me going.

I read Ron Hubbard and I didn't even think about the Church. The Church faded away from my mind like a bad incident on erasure.

But anyhow I read LRH alone, and I made my case again alone.

Then I found the Free Zone. And I made more case gain.

And then I found the internet.

And it became my goal to end this scarcity of communication in the Free Zone forever.

To pull out the control rods on the Free Zone.

The Church never saw the internet coming, and they probably still haven't or they wouldn't be so fast to throw away perfectly good Scientologists.

Imagine that, an entire movement made of throw away people.

Now these people, rather than ending up in the cold and sticky dark alone, end up in the Free Zone, nice and warm, in high communication among friends, taken care of properly, where they can do their Bridge quickly at their leisure for almost nothing, amongst some of the most highly trained and loyal Scientologists on the planet.

I mean the people who are still in the Church are to a great extent very new, they never knew Ron at all. They are running on a mockup from their own banks. Those in the Free Zone however were there from the 50's and 60's, they HELPED Ron build the Bridge.

Said, Bra'er Rabbit,

"Oh no, what ever you do, don't throw me in the Free Zone!"

I mean once you are out of the Church, what is to stop you from auditing yourself and your friends full time for free? You can see there would be little to stop you from attaining a very quick and thorough OT state (except for the difficulty of your own case) and you certainly wouldn't feel like you owed the Church anything as they had spent most of their time charging you for inferior services or trying to stop you outright with lies and law suits.

Improving on the Tech is considered impossible by the Church anyhow, and even if it weren't, Churchies consider doing something better than Ron Hubbard to be a capital offense.

Remember the FAIR GAME policy? Well some of them WOULD kill you if they could and get away with it. My opinion.

There are no laws for someone who is out to make a buck at someone else's expense.

If you are not one of them, unquestioningly taking orders from their high command, they will wish you didn't exist. They don't want you to BE anything, they don't want you to DO anything, they don't want you to HAVE anything, they don't want you to KNOW anything, lest you take them to court with it, and they don't want you to SAY anything, THINK anything, or CREATE anything.

They just don't want you around.

It totally escapes them that you are part of the production cycle of the planet and that getting rid of you would harm them. If you were to remove every single person from Earth who had been, is or will be opposed to Scientology, the number of people remaining on Earth would be so small that the entirety of Civilization would vanish from the face of the Earth over night, and Scientology would disappear for good.

Somebody's got to farm the land and bring the food to market even if they hate Scientology, worship the Devil and loath L. Ron Hubbard.

Someone has to do the practical work while the spiritual elite are saving souls and converting people.

Anyhow, when all of the most powerful OT's on the planet, the true Scientologists who are actually trying to bring Scientology to the planet and not just make a buck, are standing off on the side lines watching the fledgling Church throw bullying fits and temper tantrums because it can't solve problems that it itself created, you can be sure that the Church has no hope of winning its war with the rest of the world.

And you had better hope it doesn't, because in my opinion they will get around to executing everyone in sight with the slightest free thought in their head or a better auditing process.

The term squirrel will become the most pejorative term in history, WAY beyond Nigger, Jew, or even Collaborateur. Prisons will fill with devotees condemned for their religious practice of Free Scientology or any other religion for that matter. Religious intolerance will reach an all time high not only on this planet but in this universe.

Planet Earth will become the pinnacle of what is wrong with this universe, all in the hands of the Standard Scientologists. The conquest and enslavement of the universe will emanate, originate, and be coordinated from Earth rather than the Salvation of all.

No method of spiritual advancement or mental healing will be tolerated unless it is sanctioned by the Church and the proper fees are paid to the Church for the right to use it. Anyone caught practicing Free Scientology or any betterment procedure at all out side of the purview of the Church will be rounded up and imprisoned, tortured, gang banged (security checked) or shot.

What about the constitution you say? There won't be any more constitution as separation between Church and State will be gone.

Now look, if all this scares the hell out of you, and well it might, especially those of you who understand the tech and have felt its power, you ought to consider that the problem is not with Scientology but with the Church and the people who are trying to own and be the sole proprietors of Scientology.



It's just like atomic energy and lasers and computers and space travel. All these things are good and are in fact necessary for the salvation of the society, but in the wrong hands, and there are a lot of wrong hands vying to be the wrongest ones around, they are all deadly and can themselves cause the downfall of civilization.

Any item of power in the wrong hands can be used to enslave or destroy a civilization. It is this very fact that the police state criminals use to take that power out of the hands of normal people such as you and I 'who would use it to no good', and put it into their own hands where THEY can use it to no good.

Free Scientology is such an advance, the E-meter possibly rates in importance with fire and the wheel, it just hasn't happened in the accepted scientific, psychological or religious circles. So the established scientific crowd, being unable to swallow their pride or their chagrin, are trying to make nothing of it. They are just playing the game of 'It wasn't invented here, so its no good, and it takes money out of my pocket, so it ought to be illegal (where do I get one?)'

Then you find Galvanic Skin Response Meters popping up everywhere in the psychotherapy scene, although they dare not call them E-meters because that would be giving credit where credit is due, and the term is trademarked anyhow by the RTC to make SURE that credit is NOT given where credit is due.

Without Scientology Technology the Earth is doomed. And this doesn't just affect us here on this planet, but also affects billions of people all over the Galaxy. The civilizations we all came from are dying for want of this Technology, their fate is Obsidian and Concrete if we don't win and succeed here.

But don't let the bad guys pull you into their army just because things are dire. Everyone elects a leader when things get scary and desperate, but they often get lead to their own slaughter and not to the freedom they hoped for.

When such a crusade of light gets started, every criminal there is comes out of their hiding place to take over positions of power and influence in the crusading army's hierarchy, and they pass the most horrendous and suppressive laws imaginable solely designed to strengthen their own position at the top, all the while proclaiming that they do it all for the public good and to protect us from the enemy from without AND FROM WITHIN.

They have not the slightest idea about or care for the public good nor for the good of the cause. Their middle name is treason and their first and last names are darkness and deceit.

And if you fall for it, your name is just dumb dead mud.

Do not turn against the tech just because its name is brought low by others.

Fare ye well my friends, I await you ALL on the other side.

Electra Magdelena

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