Aberration - a sub-optimum or other-determined condition or consideration which a person is unable to change at will.

Ability - proficiency, competence, to be able.

Activity - liveliness, agility, physical motion or exercise of force.

Adjustment - functional and often transitory alteration, adaptation.

Affinity - is a consideration of distance.

Ally - a person from whom sympathy came when the preclear was ill or injured.

Alter-is-ness - the consideration which introduces change, and therefore time and persistence into an As-is-ness to obtain persistency.

Analytical mind - that part of a person's thinking machinery and memories over which he has relatively full control.

Analytical Mind - that portion of the mind which receives and retains experience data to compose and resolve problems and direct the organism along the 8 dynamics. It has differential ability and can think in similarities. It solves problems not by facsimiles in total, but by present time perception also.

Anchor point - anything from which to view or perceive, and also defines spaces, masses and particles.

Altitude - the trust and confidence a preclear has in his auditor, and also to the degree that he respects the
auditor and his judgement and is willing to follow directions of the auditor.

ARC break - the assignment of responsibility for a sudden drop in affinity, reality or communication.

As-is-ness - the condition of immediate creation without persistence and is the condition of existence which exists at the moment of creation and the moment of destruction and is different from other considerations in that it does not contain survival.

Assessment - an inventory, an examination, a calculation or evaluation of a pre-clear.

Automaticity - anything that the thetan perceives or not, and is not under his direct control.

Axiom - a statement of a self-evident truth; an established principle which is universally received.

Barrier - a consideration or idea that limits other considerations or ideas. This, of course, includes emotional and physical universe barriers.

Blame - the assignment of responsibility with the consideration of wrongness.

Blanketing - this is an incident consisting of throwing oneself as a thetan (spirit) over another thetan or over a MEST (matter, energy, space and time) body. Blanketing is done to obtain an emotional impact or even to kill. It is strongest in sexual incidents where the thetan throws two MEST bodies together in the sexual act in order to experience their emotions. This sexual lust comes from the Halver. (The Halver was an incident of being split in half supposedly.). The fullest effect - MEST itself.

Body - the physical organism

Catatonia - negativism, muticim, catalepsy, underlying thinking disorder, accompanied by hallucinations and delusions of omnipotence and occasioned by a state of violence. Awareness of negatives only, no sensation, false all-power and rare violence striking back.

Cause - origin or source; can also be a source-point.

CDEI scale - (Curious-Desire-Enforce-Inhibit) a scale upon which life exists and proceeds.

Chain - a series of similar engrams, similar locks, similar secondaries or anything going backwards or forward in time filed in the mind.

Chance - awareness that mathematical probabilities determine events.

Chaos - all points in motion, no points fixed.

Charge - energy being held in present time in relation to an incident or chain of incidents.

Circuit - a pseudo-personality out of a facsimile strong enough to dictate to the individual and to become identified with the individual.

Clearing - a qualitative return of confidence in self, not a quantitative erasure or handling of bank (reactive mind).

Clearing - the process or activity of raising the self-determinism of the individual by removing his confusions,

Communication - the consideration and action of impelling an impulse or particle from a source-point across a distance to a receipt- point, with the intention of bringing into being at the receipt point a duplication of that which emanated from the source point.

Communication (redefinition) - the movement of a particle from a source point to a receipt point with the other beings and MEST.

Communication (redefinition) - the movement of a particle from a source point to a receipt point with the intention of the communication being duplicated at the receipt point.

Communication Bridge - an application of two-way communication to minimise the potential effect of a change of process, command or location during an auditing session.

Communication Lag (Comm.-Lag) - the time intervening between the posing of a question or a command and the exact answer to that question or the exact execution of that command.

Communication Terminal - any terminal that is used for communication purposes.

Confusion - an unpredicted mass of particles; many points in motion and only a few points fixed.

Consideration - a continuing postulate, not necessarily ones own.

Counter-effort - the force which counters ones own survival. Counter effort is an effort for which you do not accept responsibility.

Criminality - the act or state of being seriously offensive and guilty of a crime. Awareness of continued violations of known laws.

Culture - the pattern (if any) of life in the society. All factors of the etc., whether economic, society, social, educational, creative or destructive. The culture might be said to be the theta body of the society.

Cycle of action, actual - create, create-create-create, create-counter create, no creation, nothingness.

DED - an act done to any dynamic and considered harmful with no justification for the act.

DEDEX - an act done to any dynamic and considered harmful with the justification for the act attempted to be placed after the act.

Demand for Improvement - an insistence or firm declaration for betterment, gain or increase. Awareness of a  reach for betterment.

Delusion - misleading of the mind, abnormal mental state, false belief, or persistent error in perception. Awareness of the misinterpretation of beliefs.

Delusion - things not of ones own creation or of the MEST universe which locate one in time and/or space.

Despair - to lose hope utterly, to give up expectation, domination by feelings of hopelessness. Awareness of being without hope.

Destiny - awareness that sub-awareness agreements control individuals and events.

Detachment - separatism, unworldliness. Awareness of portions from a larger mass or whole and being separate from them.

Dichotomy - a pair of opposites such as black-white, good- evil, love- hate. Consideration - the highest capability of life, taking rank over the mechanics of space, energy and time.

Dimension point - anything which defines dimensions.

Dimension points - the first action of beingness is to extend from the viewpoint points to view, which are dimension points.

Dirty Needle - that erratic agitation of the needle on an E-meter which covers less that 1 inch of an E-meter dial and tends to be persistent.

Disassociation - to detach or terminate association. Awareness of detachment from close proximity.

Disaster - calamity, catastrophe, cataclysm. Awareness of a sudden unwanted happening caused by an other- determinism.

Disconnection - the act of severing the connection between, detaching. Awareness of severing the connection of or between something.

Dispersal - the result of going different ways. Being scattered. Awareness of being scattered in random directions all at the same time.

Duality - doubleness, being dual, made up of two elements. Awareness of the condition of two-ness (no gradient here).

Dynamic - the central drive of an individual.

Effect - receipt-point.

Effect - receipt, other-determined, uncontrolled, the person being a result of his environment. Awareness of a being that something else has brought it about.

Effort - the physical force manifestation of motion.

Effort - force with direction. A physical effort in the MEST universe.

Elation - self-exaltation, vain glory. Awareness of being picked up or lifted up by other-determinism.

Emotional Curve - any drop on the Tone Scale from above 2.5 to apathy and can occur within seconds, minutes or hours; also, a sudden rise of that magnitude.

Energy - postulated particles in space.

Energy - postulated particles in space, condensed space.

Energy - the imaginative or effective force (effective in work), vitality.

Engram - an energy recording of a finite period of time, containing pain and unconsciousness, with a real or imaginary threat to survival, and containing command value, and containing a compulsory exteriorization.

Enlightenment - the state of being in harmony with the laws of the universe, the realisation of ultimate universal truth.

Enmest - MEST that has been enturbulated by entheta or crushed too hard into theta and thus rendered less usable.

Entheta - theta which is enturbulated with MEST in an inharmonious combination.

Environment - the surroundings of a person from moment to moment, in particular or general; anything he perceives or believes he perceives.

Environment, objective - the environment everybody agrees is there.

Environment, subjective - the environment the individual himself believes is there and not necessarily agreed upon.

Environment, subjective - the environment the individual himself believes is there and it is not necessarily agreed upon.

Erosion - disintegration or destruction of the surface substance. Awareness of destruction by slow degrees.

Ethics - rationality towards the highest level of survival of the dynamics.

Evaluation - any attempt by the auditor to impose his stable datum or another stable datum upon the preclear. It is also an attempt to locate another in space and time.

Evaluation of data - a datum is as understood as it can be related to other data.

Evil - as an awareness level, awareness of destruction only.

Explosion - particles going away from a common centre.

Exteriorize - the act of moving the thetan outside the body Time - a postulate that space and particles will persist, however, a better definition is; a consistency of viewpoint of the interaction of dimension points.

Facsimile - an energy recording of a finite period of time which can contain all perceptions; a mental image picture.

Fate - awareness that sub-awareness agreements control the outcome of random events.

Fear of Worsening - the attempt to go, the distress, dread, anticipation of decline, degradation, reduction.  Awareness that more things (quantity) could get worse.

Figure-figure-figure - after a thetan (spirit) has been unable to separate himself from a group or object for a considerable length of time he begins to believe that whatever it is, it is something which he must have. He will then figure-figure-figure a reason why he has this object. A person who is firmly convinced that he is a body and is therefore being a body always has to have a reason for a significance. Hence, we get figure-figure-figure. Given a fact, there must be other facts. And in this wise, we get somethingness added to greater somethingness.

Five-way bracket - you for yourself; you for another; another for himself; another for you; others for others.

Fixidity - the state of being fixed. Awareness of being fastened.

Fortune - awareness that favourable conditions and events occur on a predetermined or encoded or accidental pattern or fashion.

Freedom - ability to create and position energy and/or matter in time and space.

Future - on the time track, that area later than present time; perception of the future is postulated as a possibility. The creation of future realities through imagination is a recognised function.

Game - a game consists of freedoms, barriers and purposes. Life can be viewed as a game. It may contain a player or players, a playing field and a weenie, that is, an object to be obtained.

Glee - high-spirited joy accompanied by exuberant outward display over others' misfortunes or failures. Awareness of uncontrolled joy.

Gradient scale - scale of differences from zero to infinite

Gradient scale - a scale of differences between zero and infinity.

Grouper - words or phrases in an engram or lock which collapse the time track bringing similar incidents together.

Groups - as an awareness level, the only awareness is of that of a group.

Habit - a stimulus-response mechanism similar to the training pattern but set up by the reactive mind out of the content of engrams. It cannot be changed at will by the analytical mind.

Hallucination - perceptions of objects with no reality. A state of completely unfounded and mistaken impressions or motions. Awareness of misinterpretation of the senses.

Happiness - the overcoming of known or not unknown obstacles towards a known goal and also the contemplation or indulgence in pleasure.

Happiness - could be defined as the overcoming of obstacles towards a desirable goal.

Havingness - the ability to accept, reject and permit to remain masses, spaces and particles.

Havingness - the ability to duplicate which can be and is decreased by a person having withholds. Also, it is the concept of being able to reach. One does engage in action in order to have (futurity, time oriented).

Help - assistance, aid, the furthering of survival for an entity or entities. To give support to. Remedy, cure, relieve, save, extricate, benefit, promote, mend, prevent. Awareness of a responsible action that promotes survival.

Hope - to cherish or desire with expectations, to place confidence or trust in, desire, trust, reliance. Awareness of an expectation of a better future.

Hysteria - conduct exhibiting unmanageable fear or emotional distress. Awareness of rapid evacuation
of the body.

"I" - the thetan, the centre of awareness, that part of the total organism that is fundamental cause.

Ideas - awareness only of ideas.

Illusion - any idea, space, energy, object or time concept which one creates himself.

Implosion - particles going towards a common centre.

Inactuality - unactual, unfactual, or unreal. Awareness of misinterpretation of what is.

Insanity - an unknowing games condition. (Games condition is defined as a game where there are winners and losers. )

Intelligence - the ability to perceive, pose and resolve problems, and to create solutions.

Introversion - continually looking in instead of looking out Awareness of things or happenings applying only to oneself.

Invalidation - All thought, emotion or effort or action which overcomes the freedom of choice of the individual.

Invalidation - a word or action that casts doubt on or denies the truth of a person's thoughts, actions  or perceptions.

Is-ness - an apparency of existence brought about by the continuous alteration of an As-is-ness. This is called, when agreed upon, Reality.

Lambda - symbol for the living organism.

Lie - a second postulate, statement or condition designed to mask a primary postulate which is permitted to remain.

Lock - an incident of greater or lesser enturbulance of theta which approximates the perceptics of an engram
or chain of engrams, and therefore becomes trapped due to the physical pain recorded in the engram and remains an encystment of theta.

Love - although there are probably eighteen different definitions because the Greeks had eighteen words for this, as an awareness level, it is an awareness level of identification affinity, harmonics of recognition, harmonics of co-existence and mutual beingness as a substitute for comprehension in many instances, particularly, if it's a chronic awareness level.

Luck - awareness that random mathematical probabilities, regarding matter, energy, space and time blended with sub-awareness agreements determine events.

Masochism - awareness of the direction of aggressive, destructive tendencies towards oneself. Gratification
 through identification (self-caused pain). Awareness of pleasure in being abused by oneself or others.

Man - thetan, genetic entity (that spirit which runs the body), the somatic mind (that mind which runs the body), the analytical mind and the reactive mind.

Matter - grouped particles in space,

Matter - grouped particles of energy located in a relatively stable relationship to one another.

MEST - matter, energy, space and time

Missed withhold - an undisclosed contra-survival act which has been restimulated by another and/but not disclosed.

Money - awareness of symbolic measurements of effort and/ or criminality from past havingness.

Necessity Level - this is a person's ability to key out his Service Facsimiles and to cease using the reactive bank for short periods of time when there is an immediate and ominous threat to his survival or the survival of others around him.

Need of Change - the necessity and obligation of alteration, modification, conversion, or transformation.  Awareness of a desire for a difference.

Not-is-ness - the effort to handle Is-ness by reducing its condition through the use of force. It is an apparency and cannot entirely vanquish an Is-ness.

Numbness - reduced sensibility to touch, perception, or emotion. A stupor. Awareness of emotion or sensation being taken away.

Oblivion - an act of forgetting, forgetfulness, being forgotten. Awareness of something being in the way of awareness.

Occlusion - the part of the person's memories that are hidden on the track and are at the moment unknown to
him but have previously been known.

Organism - a physical manifestation of Life; a material form organised and controlled by theta

Orientation - the act of determining ones bearings or setting ones sense of direction. Familiarisation, awareness of the existing situation which reference to time, place, form and event and identity of persons.

Para-Scientology - that branch of Scientology which exceeds the reality of the individual, in most instances, and that branch which contains the uncertainties of Scientology.

Parts of man - Body, Mind and Soul.

People - as an awareness level, awareness only of people. Things - as an awareness level, awareness only of things.

Perception - any means of communication below the level of knowingness.

Perception - the act of taking possession, power of apprehension, direct or intuitive recognition, appreciation, insight, that upon which a being engages with other beings and MEST.

Perfect Duplication - an additional creation of an object, its energy and space, in its own time, using its own energy.

Pleasure - action towards obtaining the procurement of survival,

Postulate - a decision regarding a state of beingness.

Postulate - a conclusion, decision or resolution made by the individual himself, on his own self-determinism on data of the past or present, known or unknown. It is made upon the evaluation of data and/or perception of the individual or an impulse without data or perception. It is a conclusion, decision or resolution deciding on problems, solutions or observations in the present or past or sets a pattern for the future.

Power - the ability to compel obedience, to be able, a position of ascendancy, capable of acting and producing an effect.

Prediction - forecast, prophecy.

Present Time (PT) - a response to the continuous rhythm of the physical universe resulting in a hereness and a nowness.

Present Time - the agreed upon position of particles that form the MEST universe at any given instant for that instant.

Problem - two or more purposes in opposition

Production - the creation of utility, to cause to have existence or to happen; making, yielding.

Psychotic - a person completely out of present time and out of agreement with his environment and those around him.

Psychotic, computing - one who is running on a circuit.

Psychotic, dramatising - one who dramatises one type of engram or facsimile and continually plays one engram or facsimile.

Purposes - an end or aim to be kept in view, resolution, determination.

Randomity - the ratio of unpredicted motion to predicted motion.

Reactive Mind - that portion of the mind which files and retains physical pain and painful emotin, and counter-emotion, counter - effort and counter-thought, and seeks to direct the organism solely on a stimulus-response basis by using the above types of facsimiles to survive with and to align data. It thinks only in identities; it has no differential ability.

Reality - the agreed upon apparency of existence.

Realisation - -to become real, the process of changing from imaginary to actual, the regaining of a
previous awareness.

Recall - the re-experiencing of the perceptions of past incidents.

Recognition - knowing or feeling that a certain object has been seen before. To perceive something previously known, to acknowledge.

Religion - as an awareness level, awareness of belief, other determinism and severe overwhelm, banding together out of fear and escapism in the individual's final attempt to maintain stability after unduplicatible impacts or losses.

Responsibility - willingness to be cause and willingness to confront.

Result - to proceed, spring or arise as a consequence, effect, or a conclusion. terminate, end or effect.

Review - to look over with the intention of improvement.

Ridge - a mass of particles held in suspension and is caused by two opposing forces.

Ruin - falling down, decay, collapse. Awareness of having fallen down.

Sadism - the infliction of pain upon a love object as a means of obtaining sexual release. Delight in physical or mental cruelty. Obtaining pleasure through the observation of the suffering of another. Awareness of pleasure in others abuse.

Scientology - the science of how to change conditions, The science of knowing how to know answers.

Secondary - a lock of such magnitude that it must be run as an engram; a lock of great magnitude and entheta, but not an engram.

Secrecy - mystery, the habit of keeping secrets, seclusion. Awareness of the state of being hidden.

Self - awareness of only oneself.

Service Facsimile - a non-survival situation contained in a facsimile which is called into action by the individual to explain his failures; the non-survival action is considered by the individual to be the optimum way to survive; it is the pattern which is the chronic psychosomatic or mental illness of the individual; it is complete with all perceptions.

Shock - a state of profound depression of the vital processes, mental dullness. Awareness of too much impact,

Space - a viewpoint of dimension.

Stable datum - a datum, not necessarily factual, which an individual uses to align a confusion.

Straightwire - the action of creating a straight line of communication between the individual and his past, and the environment and people around him in present time.

Stupidity - the unknowness of consideration.

Suffering - submission to affliction, pain, loss, distress, or hardship. Awareness of bearing up or being forced to endure. Awareness of pain in the past and the future.

Survival - awareness of conflict, death probabilities and inescapability. A non-awareness of non-games conditions and an excessive awareness of persistency's in a game containing a high degree of persistency's.

Symbol - anything having mass, meaning and mobility.

The Past - on the time track, everything earlier than present time.

Theta - the only known static (Life). (There may be more than one.)

Thetan - awareness of awareness unit and/or energy production unit.

Thinkingness - the potential of considering.

Time - a postulate that space and particles will persist.

Tone - a person's ability to handle his Reactive Mind.

Tone Scale - a gradient scale of survival.

Truth - an exact consideration.

Truth, ultimate - a static.

Uncausing - simply not causing. Awareness of nothing brings about anything.

Understanding - Affinity, Reality, Communication; a gradient means by which theta survives in MEST.

Unexistence - absence, non-existence, not-ising is-ness. Awareness that there is no awareness of anything existing.

Valence Shifter - any phrase received during a moment of unconsciousness that causes the individual to shift into an identity not his own.

Viewpoint - a point from which to view, The first consideration of a thetan in creation is the assumption  of a viewpoint from which to view that created

Withhold - an undisclosed contra-survival act,

Work - activity with purpose.

Work - activity with a purpose.

Worry - contradictory engram commands which cannot be computed,

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