Picture: For many years only two photos existed showing this shy and modest man whom many are used to call 'Humble Max': a secret service photo made in Cambodia, and Gunter Zielke's historic El Monte portrait. (Of course, there is also Diane Dornbusch's famous oil painting.)
Now, with sheer luck, an off-duty paparazzi saw him riding into the mysterious Haines Canyon, known as the home of many strange creatures. Thus, this picture was taken on March 28th, in the Year of the Lord 1998, right after the revelation of Prep Trap Example 2.

 17. About the Compiler

Maximilian Joachim Sandor incarnated as a male bipedal mammal in Berlin, Germany, and was called Joachim Herbert Steingrübner until he, for some obscure reasons, decided to change his name. He is holding an Engineers Diploma (E.E.) and a Ph.D. in Computer Science after having studied such diverse topics as Mathematics, Indo-European Languages, Electrical Engineering, Life, Universe, and Everything.  After roaming Europe for many years, he moved to California in the fall of 1984 where he worked as a Computer Engineer and as a Consultant. Since 1996, he is working exclusively for the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

Being interested in the questions of life and death since early childhood, he came in contact with books of Georg Grimm in early 1977.  Grimm's clear and concise presentation convinced himin a very short time that Gotamo Siddharto's teachings have a solid basis in reality, far from the many cultural distortions that are making up (sic!) the picture of today's prevailing 'Buddhist' circles.

As early as Spring 1978, Max was thinking of writing a contemporary summary of Gotamo's ideas, still seen predominantly through the filter of Grimm's perception. It should take twenty years until the time seemed right to finally start this project.

In the meantime, he has studied a variety of modern technologies of the mind, many of which are better not disclosed. Tired of pseudo-scientific attempts to forcefully bend Gotamo's teachings into the framework of contemporary 'Science' as well as the romantic glorificationand illogical myths around the 'Buddha', he rarely engages in private or public conversations about the aspects of Gotamo's teachings.

It comes therefore as quite a surprise that he has now indeed compiled more than hundred chapters for the "Little Purple Notebook On How To Escape From this Universe".

May All Beings Be Happy And Free!

Copyleft © 1998 by Maximilian J. Sandor