451. The Hologram Generator
This representation is a working model of the interaction of a Being with this Universe. As with any model it is necessarily limited and serves only as a demonstration of functionality or structure.

The model is presented here not for the sake of 'knowledge' itself but in order to have a common reference for theories or techniques of repairing malfunctions. It is largely compatible with an abstraction of the model that Gotamo seem to have used as well as with most contemporary techniques and philosophies.

The Model:

A Being permeates an empty space S with a frequency pattern F that is adjusted by a generator G. Feedback occurs via a mirror-like device M that is losely coupled to the generator.

The emanations of several such installations overlap each other and create a multi-subjective 'reality'.

An 'objective' reality is possible but not observable because any observation interferes with the frequency pattern and is thus creating a 'new reality'  (cp. Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle).

It is not decideable from within this Universe whether the Beings outside are multiple, isolated meta-entities or  a hierarchically structured meta-Being.

Picture of the Hologram Generator Model

While the interference with the Universe is happening, the setup of a Being is being contaminated by a variety of conditions. The feedback is altered by those contaminations and the Being loses track of the direction of the generator. Over time, a Being can lose its self-determination over its interference with the Universe: a trapped condition has been created. The only way out of this situation requires regaining control over the generator/feedback setup.

The direction of the generator determines the place/time of the game the Being plays (if it is still playing, of course). The overall condition of generator  and feedback determines the range of interference with the Universe. The individual challenge (handicap) is the condition of generator/feedback relative to that of the other players.

The range of possible interference can be classified roughly as follows:
(a picture is in progress)

0. Generator impacts no bodies at all and feedback is uncontrolled ('sub-Hell Worlds').

1. Generator impacts only subtle bodies and feedback allows for:

2. Generator beam attaches to rigid bodies without impact and feedback is limited:
stones, and unmoving 'objects'.

3. Generator beam attaches to medium-supple bodies with limited impact and feedback is limited: plants.

4. Generator beam attaches to a combination of supple and subtle bodies with full feedback but no or extremely limited self-reflexivity (self-awareness): animals

5. all of above plus self-reflexivity: humans.

Based on this rough division, only humans can cover the full spectrum of both generator and feedback control.

This comes at a price: the self-reflexivity can create locked conditions, for example, and the higher level of control of generator and feedback can increase the contamination dramatically.

However, it also enables the Being in a  human realm to clean up his settings and functionality, and, if successful in doing that, having the choice to leave the game.

Note: The Pali names are as follows: S (Space) -> loka, M (Mirror) -> citta, B (Being) -> atta, G (Generator) -> tanha.

Copyleft 1998 by Maximilian J. Sandor, Ph.D.