4821. The Holy Book of True Veight (HBTV)
Note from the compiler:

This document stems from the Virago-2000 collection, which in many aspects can be seen as a template for the dreaded Volumes of Pnohteftu. It has purportedly been an addendum to the 'Logs of JD Flora'. The latter assertion, however, could never be confirmed with certainty.

In any case, the Holy Book Of Veight (HBV) appeared about three centuries from now for the first time in several major time lines. It has been outlawed for at least three and a half centuries during the Enginist Regime.

Until then, the Victorinfinists violently prosecuted what they called infringements on their Holy Rights.

At this point everywhere in time, the so-called Time Police is still investigating in how exactly the relics now widely known as the "Holy Veight Can" and the "Chevrolet V8 2.6L Engine Service Manual" could possibly
survive the cleansings during the Great Culture Revolution of the years 2164-2173.

It is in the future interest of the reader and all his or her loved ones, that the reader is taking a vow first.

Therefore, prior to viewing the Holy Book of True Veight, the following solemn pledge and the promise to not misuse this information in any way is required in front of two (2) witnesses:

(The page containing this sensitive data will not be shown unless ALL THREE buttons (reader and two witnesses) have been pushed.)


Before proceeding to view the Holy Book of True Veight (HBTV), I solemnly swear that:

So Be It. Amen!

  Finally, before clicking the buttons, both witnesses and the pledging party must speak together the Holy Prayer of the Veight Can THREE (3) times:

   "Your Daily Values
    May Be Higher or Lower
    Depending On
    Your Calorie Needs.

[Note: ALL buttons have to be pushed at the same time in order to be able to view the Sacred Document. You may need the new ParaJava Version 21.05 with PassiveZ to do this.]


Copyleft © 1998 by Maximilian J. Sandor, Ph.D.