Jay Gibson, e-mail address and whereabouts unknown, presented in the following article an expanded summary of 'Exteriorization Processes'.


Jay Gibson - FEBRUARY 1996

Exteriorization or the act of moving out of the body with or without perceptions is an area rife with misconceptions.

It is not a simple procedure of orienting someone to be three feet behind his head and moving on from there -- nooo, nothing in this area would be that simple.

If you look back a long time ago, you'll see that beings were creating universes and relationships with other beings and were generally capable of experiencing all sides or aspects of a situation.

There was no "inside" or "outside." There was though an operating definition and awareness of who you are.

This was oftentimes the being, game, or situation you were focused on. You weren't worried about being "yourself," mainly because you were so much yourself that very little effected this awareness.

It was only after an enormous quantity of experiences that a being began looking at a universe as something that he could be "in."

There are inversions upon inversions that go on from there, down to where you can find beings interiorized into tiny parts of the body hoping that no one will find them or wake them up.

Wow! So you think that asking someone to be three feet behind his head will work??


These are the basic steps although they may be added to. To date, a number of individuals have been run on these steps with uniform results. There are sections where a person may have to do drills out of session for days to stabilize the results. The end result is worth the work.

The long hoped for dream of actually being able to move through the universe and experience the energy and phenomena going on is achievable. Knowing the difference between actually being there and just re-experiencing a piece of your mind becomes a certainty.

PROCESS #1: "Recall a time in the past when you exteriorized"

Clear this as any time he/she moved out of the body - including at the time of death, while on drugs, etc. If the person has trouble recalling times have him imagine times when he would have moved out of the body.

On each incident that you get run the following questions:

A)  Describe how you perceive yourself exteriorizing.

 Actually look and describe how you see yourself leaving the body. Were you unconscious? Did it happen all at once? Did it happen slowly? - like that.

B)  Notice something about the incident. Obviously the person has been doing this but you want him to perceive as much as possible.

C)  Notice a feeling that you had at that time. Tell me about it.

D)  Were there any decisions that you made at that time? Tell me about them. Ask him to repeat each decision until it no longer reads and then ask him to tell you why someone would make a decision like that.

Then "Recall another time when you exteriorized" Continue with A through D on each recall until the person has an extroverting series of perceptions and is feeling very good.

PROCESS #2: "Recall a past location where you exteriorized." Run this just as you did the first process. If the person feels that he have already run this on the first process try and coax him to run it. Some of the same incidents may come up, but the perception of location needs to be run out.

PROCESS #3: "Recall a past beingness that you have exteriorized from." Run as above. This one is hard to overrun. I have run it over several sessions with each session ending in a greater sense of freedom and relief.

PROCESS #4: (a personal favorite) "As a being, notice something that you are not." Take whatever the persons attention goes to as an answer. Repetitive to EP.

PROCESS #5 "Recall or notice a location where you feel/felt safe." Getting the person to notice the location in present time is far superior. Run repetitively to good indicators.

PROCESS #6 "Tell me something about yourself that you trust." Run repetitively to very good indicators.


The next group of processes involves a concept that is familiar to most, although it needs to be addressed.

Beings orient themselves in interesting ways. People have rituals that they go through to get up in the morning. And if it works, it becomes a habit. Beings enjoy BEING ---- obvious - and as such they may appear at times to be lazy, although I don't believe this to be the case.

"Well, yes, if that rent check didn't have to be met I could easily plop myself on a beach and immerse myself in a glorious sunset/sunrise/sunset/sunrise for a long time." This is a long way of saying that we form habits and get conditioned to operating in a certain manner. We ORIENT ourselves. How do we do this?

We orient ourselves by sensations, feelings, locations, beingnesses, etc. So I made up a list of processes that should be run - each to good indicators.

PROCESS #7: Recall a time that you or someone else oriented themselves via_______.
(Run each category separately to cognitions and very good indicators.)

A)  a sensation
B) a game
C)  a favorite location
D)  a powerful beingness
E)  a feeling
F)  a significance
G)  a wavelength
H)  an environment
I)  an existence
J)  an awareness of who you are
K)  via matter, energy, space, and time as one thing

Between sessions the person should be encouraged to observe and see how others
orient themselves.

PROCESS #8: "Locate the source of your own universe"

Let the person do this. It usually takes a second. Once they let you know that they have the command, ask them to tell you about what they have seen. You could also ask, "Who is aware of all of this? It accentuates the realization. This is not a repetitive process.

PROCESS #9: This process should be run for a number of days. The commands should not be changed on this process. Each day major changes will occur for the person.

Ask the person to "Create the sensation of being in_______,Ó for example "the back yard." Then have him tell you the perceptic that he/she gets from doing this. There will always be an obvious one.

Start with an area close by and work your way out. As mentioned earlier, a person gets conditioned to perceiving through various locations or perceptions, so don't worry about overdoing it. I use things like "the kitchen," "the bedroom," "the grass in the front," "the pool," "the tree" - - then gradually move out to the freeway, the moon. the North Pole, etc. (leave Santa alone) - - do many, many commands around the solar system before moving further out.

Also do commands such as "Create the sensation of looking at the Earth on or through the sun, from the center of the solar system, from the center of the Milky Way.

"Create the sensation of being in empty space" (between galaxies), a uniquely bizarre sensation.

 If the person gets confused or disoriented, back up to a comfortable area. Have him walk around and touch things with his body if he gets really disoriented.

A common sensation is to feel like you are being sucked out of your head or space. This may happen abruptly. The being and the body are held together, at least in one sense, like a positive and negative. The body (+) is full of experiences and doesn't want anymore. The being (-) never has enough experiences and so usually craves more. The positive and negative tend to cause an attraction through conditioning. So when the being sometimes suddenly separates, it can be a little scary at first. If you are aware of this phenomenon, it can easily be dealt with.

The Cause and Effect

To most individuals going exterior is something that happens to then as a result of a session, a drug, a shock as in a car accident, during a near death experience, during anaesthesia, etc. It happens and ends as mysteriously as it started. It occurs AT EFFECT. It is a received EFFECT. There is very little causation in it. As these drills are run, the individual slowly gains the ability and understanding of causitively assuming viewpoints, of assuming one or more perceptions at a time. They cease to rely only on perceiving through the body and begin to feel comfortable withdrawing their perceptions from the body and moving around as they wish.

A perception is basically an extension of the awareness of who you are. There are actually an infinite number of them. We've become fixated on a very few.

The ultimate exteriorization is a deepening awareness of who you really are - - which has no boundaries or location in space or time.