This article, written by Zero from and for the Telesis Foundation,
 ( ) depicts a distilled model of
 the Evil Vs Good battle that can be observed throughout the
 sequence of Universes that is leading to 'our' current one.

 Its _structure_ (not its wording!!) can be traced in about every
 major religion and even in many philosophical paradigms that do not
 call themselves a 'religion' and it could therefore be seen as a
 'common thread' that is shared by otherwise opposing schools of thought.



Chaos is the unborn, uncreated, unshaped and unconditioned Source and basis of all things. The Garden of Infinity is the reality of the living Chaosmos.

Long ago, a disturbance arose within Chaos. This disturbance disrupted the flow of Chaos and resulted in a rupture within the Continuum of Being. A fragment of Being assumed a condition of separation from the Continuum. This entity is called the Akitu. For many thousands of years, the Akitu has been spiralling into a progressively pathological state. We call this "History".

The Akitu produces a spiritual toxin called shama. Shama creates conditions in which the Akitu can spread, grow and thrive. Shama causes the fluid energies of the Chaosmos to cease their flow, become stagnant and condense toward solidity. Density and solidity are the work of shama. If the energies of the world can be compared to flowing water, then shama can be compared to ice. Concentrations of shama cause separation and division by blocking the flow of energies. This replicates the conditions under which the Akitu came into being and in which it thrives. Flowing energies which are blocked by condensations of shama either pool and stagnate or are deflected, sometimes quite violently. Individual condensations of shama and the distorted energies produced by shama blockage are called qlipha.

The "body" of the Akitu in the world is the Empire. The Empire is a structure composed of accumulated, concentrated and calcified shama. It devours energy and excretes qlipha. The Empire is the codification and institution of pathology. It is sick and imposes its sickness on us by coercion, both subtle and violent. Components of the Empire include religion, government, military, police, institutional media and educational systems. Servants of the Empire and members of the populace that are saturated with shama and indoctrinated with the Akituís viral code serve as living "hosts" for the Akitu, which is parasitical.

As part of its life cycle, the Akitu produces qlipha as a waste product. Qlipha are debilitating to the Will, making one vulnerable to the Akituís influence. The purpose of the Akitu is to parasitically feed on human attention and energy, which it uses to manifest the reality-programs within its viral code and remake the world in its own image. The reality of the Akitu is called the Desert or the Prison. The Garden is still there, but people move through it like sleepwalkers, dreaming the world of the Akitu.

In the Desert and within the Prison are individuals who work on behalf of Chaos and seek to return to the Garden. They are called Vira. The Vira work within a network of gotras. Each gotra is part tribe, part coven and part resistance cell.

Through a combination of art, science and magick, the Vira channel and direct a force called Fa. Fa is flow to the solidity of shama. Fa dissolves encrustations of shama, which revert to neutral energy that can be converted into Fa. The Vira also tamper with the viral code of the Akitu.

Without shama to prepare the way and with the integrity of its viral code compromised, the Akitu can not reproduce itself. The goals of the Vira are to dissolve shama, erase the viral code of the Akitu, reintegrate the Continuum and return to the Garden.

The Vira pour water on the sands of the Desert so that the seeds of the Garden may grow and bloom. Vira gotras are known for their wild, ecstatic rites in which they affirm their Unity and generate Fa. Vira adepts undergo a process of rites and practices to cultivate Fa and to purge themselves of shama and Akitu influence. They aim for clarity of body, mind and spirit- a state called Wu. When they become Wu, they enter the Garden of Infinity. These adepts are one with Chaos and vow to help others to return to the Garden.

When the Vira achieve a victory, the world of the Akitu flickers and the Garden is briefly visible. Those who see and remember join the Vira. Usually the Empire deploys its troops and the Vira are forced underground.

Now the Empire is stronger than ever before. The Vira are also stronger than ever before and are gathering force. It is the end of "History". Between the Akitu and Chaos are the hearts and minds of humankind.