Roy  Ash <> is the founder of Implant Goals Tecnologies (IGT) and is pioneering research in the area of implants with special consideration of 'In-Between-Lives-Implants'.  (His website will be linked to once it's up.)

The Game

1. .  Before the beginning was the Need and the entire purpose of the
Need was to pay homage to a Being who was considered to be greater than

2.  In the beginning  and continuing was the necessity to represent this
Supreme Being in a form that could be seen through human eyes or
conceived of through the human mind.

3.  The first action of this representation was to assume a viewpoint of
what the Supreme Being was, or what would please the Supreme Being.

4.  The second action was to have others admire the representation so
that a group of like people would be created to reinforce the original

5.  Thus there is synergism created, for the definition of synergism is
that the action of two or more organisms will achieve an effect greater
than the sum of their individual effects.  This has been narrowed to the
doctrine that individual salvation is effected by a combination of human
will and divine grace.

6.  The resultant effect of this synergism is reaching and withdrawing
between the desire to please the Supreme Being which the group is
creating and the persons own needs and desires.

7.  And from the person to the group there is different ideas.  Thus new
concepts are created.  Thus there is discord.

8.  And thus there are contraries or opposites.

9.  And thus there are GPM’s created.

10.  And thus there are problems, for the definition of a problem is one
thing in opposition to another thing.

11.  But there are other groups and these groups put forward their own
concepts and ideas.  And there comes about an interchange amongst these
groups; but the interchange is never otherwise than in terms of their
concepts and never about the original need which was inherent in mankind
at that time.

12.  The leaders of the groups can be influenced by their members, for
the people, in addition to having creative ability possess independent
action and can leave the group and move to other groups.  Thus the
leaders may change their dogma from time to time to keep their
respective groups beliefs alive.

13.  The groups are each and every one, whether large or small, SOLID.
And they are solid solely because the groups believe that they are the
only ones who know they are right.

14.  The principle game of the various groups is the promotion of their
ideas, for this is the way to obtain certainty from others that their
way is the only way and that they are right.  And the synergism of the
group negates the vital necessity to look into their own awareness.
Thus comes about ‘group think’ and Stupidity as defined in Axiom 38.
Thus there is mutual admiration within the various groups and this alone
gains persistence.

15.  Thus the differences between the groups becomes important and
itself creates the society in which we live.  And the people in the
society dwell on these differences, and the media delights in them, so
that the people become interiorised into their own side and are
delighted when the opposing side loses.  Society is divided down the
middle to bring about our dual terminal universe.

16.  In this way we have Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Israelites and
the rest.  We have those who believe that the Brain, the DNA, the Genes
and the rest is all there is. There was Socrates and Aristotle, There
was Arian and Athanasius whose differences created the Christian
religion in its present form and the list goes on.  The fundamentals
have long since been submerged by the arguments between opposing groups,
which is exactly as the powers that control our universe wants it to be.

17.  And so we exist in a great mass of problems for we know that two
things of comparable magnitude opposed to each other are a problem.  We
live in a problem universe.  We also know that any problem which
persists contains a lie.  This situation will not go away by creating
consensus or by going to the ‘negotiating table’ for this has been tried
for a very long time without success.

18.  It is the intention of those forces which control our universe to
have it this way, for this creates stability in their view.  We only
have to read about the Tower of Babel in the Bible to understand this.

19.  There are many ways to handle problems, but the best known one is
to go down the chain to the basic incident.  Of course, this is the way
of Dianetics also.
Find anyone with an engram in restimulation, someone with a huge problem
or find someone who is being suppressed and it will be very difficult to
get any sense out of them.  This is the situation that is facing us and
our world..  If something is not done about it, the world will continue
it’s way to rule by the masses as Socrates predicted.

20.  At the present stage there are many quite simple problems which
have been around for a very long while and which trained auditors could
solve amongst the great mass of problems which cover up the fundamentals
of life as outlined in the first sentence of this article..  These
solutions will not be found by reading the opinions of others, for this
has been tried ever since writing began without any real success.

And by the nature of beings as outlined in the above articles, people
and groups of people prefer to fight and argue with each other rather
than trying to solve the fundamental issue.  This has long been the
situation and will continue to be the situation until the hidden goals
which have been implanted into people are found and erased.

21.  “What happens to us when our body dies?”  The Genius or Guardian
Spirit who has been with us since birth escorts us to a place, sometimes
known as Heaven, where we are given an implant to forget our past
existence.  After a short period of time we are returned to Earth and
enter a new body at its birth.  This was known by Socrates in 400 BC and
nothing has disproved it since.

22.  “Is there a Spiritual Universe around us as the indigenous races
and the Eastern people know?’  Certainly, without question.  There is no
time or space in it.  We have been implanted to be unaware of it but it
certainly is there.

23.  There are as many universes as there are people and the spiritual
entities which are around us.

24.  And the viewpoints of these universes are never seen.  And the
viewpoints become more and more fixed and consider that it is dangerous
to have opinions different from the group.  This is because they
consider that they must “huddle together for warmth” and it is very
dangerous to stand alone.

25.  Thus comes spiritual death.

26.  The manifestations of wisdom, thinking, ability and behaviour stem
directly from these things.

27.  The LIE in all this situation is the 28 goals which everyone in
this universe has been implanted with several times and which force us
all to accept this dual terminal universe with one side pitted against

28.  The resolution of these problems only comes with the erasure of
these 28 goals.

29.  In the opinion of a person anything that he or she now has is
valuable and cannot be discarded.  They should keep their physical
possessions but discard those fixed opinions that are not helpful for
them  If you have had them for a very long time, why retain them, for if
they had worked they would have done so long ago.

30.  These things which are written here you can experience and know.
And some may care to teach these things and some may care to help those
who have been in trouble for a very long time and didn’t know why.