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  "L. Kin lived and worked in the Sea Org at St.Hill, U.K. from 1976 to 1983. He left when the Church of Scientology management didn´t appear to represent LRH anymore and got together with Captain Bill Robertson at the first Free Zone OT conventions in Spain (Marbella and Alicante) and then joined up with Robertson in Frankfurt, Germany, to co-audit NOTs.

The NOTs tech however, was considered unworkable by Robertson. Further study of the materials to unearth the underlying intentions LRH must have had at the time he devised that particular piece of tech (which was then written up by David Mayo, then Senior C/S Int.) ultimately lead to the formulation of the Excalibur materials.

Auditing on this level resulted in face to face contacts with spaceship crew and implant operators on other planets. (For further details see "The Pied Pipers".)

L.Kin practices as an auditor under his real name. He keeps his pseudonym in order to be safe from harassments from the Church of Scientology."