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More Than A Cult?

From Crusade To Rip-Off.

The Principles Unveiled.

© 1991 by L. Kin
© 1991 by Edition ScienTerra
ISBN 3-922367-26-7,Verkehrs-Nr. 16645 (BAG)



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"Scientology is one of the great irritating words of our time.

The conflict between the saturatedness of industrialized nations and a globally threatening apocalypse results in man's growing desire for inner certainty and harmony, for new bearings in a mental disorientedness.

This need is being catered for worldwide by the cunning management of the Church of Scientology with a flood of publications, to establish their pretentious claim to truth and supremacy. Is this all a fantasy? Will it blow over soon? Or is there perhaps a core of universal truth and practical applicability to this forty years old movement?

This present book reports the historical development of scientology from an independent viewpoint, strips facist ideologies and artifically created myths away from it, and portrays its philosophy which deals with the fundamentals of man's existence."




  • Publisher's Foreword
  • PART ONE: From Crusade to Rip-Off
    • Preface
    • Dianetics - The Book that Sparked it Off
      • Dianetic Therapy
      • PRE-CLEAR and "CLEAR"
    • Hubbard's Mission
    • The Beginning of Scientology
    • A New View of Man
      • The whole track
      • The E-meter
      • Man, Soul or Thetans?
      • Outside the Body
      • Who makes those pictures?
      • Genetic Memories
      • Games at the Dawn of time
      • Summary
    • A Fateful Church
      • Escape to England
      • Star Wars
      • Off to the High Seas
      • Star Wars Expanded
      • Operating Thetans
      • Standard Tech
      • Bank on land
    • Religious Salesmanship
      • Masters and minions
      • A Church eating its children
      • Hubbard's comments
    • Sectarianism
      • A monolith crumbles
      • The pragmatic view
    • A Cleared Planet
  • PART TWO: The Principles Unveiled.
    • The Technologies of Scientology
    • The Laws and Mechanisms of Charge
      • A Frustration Scale
      • Reach and Withdraw
      • Game Theory
      • The Emotional Tone Scale
      • The ARC Triangle
      • Affinity
      • Reality
      • Communication
      • Confronting
      • Postulates and Considerations
      • The Cycle of Action
      • Goals Problems Masses (GPM's)
      • Mental Matter, Energy, Space and Time
      • Mental Universes
      • Restimulation
      • Havingness
    • The Key Terms of Auditing
      • Engrams, implants and GPMs
      • Unconsciousness
      • Secondaries and locks
      • Valences
      • Analytical Mind - Reactive Mind
      • Key-in and Key-Out
      • End Phenomena
      • The Composite Case
    • The Rudiments of Life
      • The rudiments
      • Motivators and Service Facsimiles
      • Conclusions
    • Ethics and the Dynamics of Life
      • The dynamics
      • Ethics and Morals
      • Competence
    • Gradients of Clearing
      • A Theory of the Bridge
      • Clear and OT, seen historically
      • Contemporary definitions
      • Future Projects
      • Scientology and Magic - a digression
      • The Bridge in Practice
      • More than one Bridge
      • Beyond all Bridges.
  • Bibliography
  • HCO Policy Letter of 25 June AD 13 (1963)
  • Index