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Note: It is recommended that this course be studied with the personal guidance of an experienced course supervisor who has successfully completed Solo 3 or perhaps even Excalibur!


Solo 2 consists of auditing the Clearing Course implants and then the OT 2 implants. So for those who never ran the Clearing Course materials before, auditing them would be the first step on Solo 2. (There'll be a demo to explain the reason for this action.) The second step on Solo 2, the actual "OT 2" implants, can only be run successfully if the Clearing Course materials have been drained of all charge beforehand.
1. Read the course materials provided by the course supervisor.
2. Study them thoroughly (using study tech).

Solo 2 Theory

1. Demo the "spotting of a thetan". ("Light/spot thetan" would mean: where is the light from the viewpoint of the thetan? Or: where is the thetan with reference to the light?)
2. Checkout: What is the purpose of the light? (Hint: it attracts attention.)
3. Checkout: Explain why one should only reveal one line of the platens at a time.
4. Demo:
a. How a GPM is implanted.
b. The state of the thetan as a result of this with the GPM dormant.
c. Show what happens when the GPM is restimulated.
5. Theory: What's the mark of a successful implant?
6. Clay demo: Show how the CC implant leads to a composite case. This clay demo is done as a moving model in the following stages:
a. Put the structure of the CC implant on the clay table. It consists of 5 sections in sequence. (It's sufficient to do this in a crude and sketchy way.)
b. Move a dozen clay thetans through the implants as if on a conveyor belt, and then send them back to the beginning ­ 10 times over. Show how when they come off after the 10th time, they are all clumped together. They all have the same experience now and to that extent, much as they are still individuals, they are tied up with each other.
c. Make a long strip of clay and put it on the clay table to symbolize the time span between 1 1/2 quadrillion years and 75 million years ago. Put the same CC structure at 75 million years ago as at 1 1/2 quad.
d. Now show how at this repetition of the CC, whole clusters of "thetans" receive the implant. Move a dozen clusters of thetans 10 times through the 5 sections of the CC, and then 10 times through the sections of the OT 2 implant. See what happens as they come out the other end. (This demo may be hard to confront! The supervisor's help may be required.)
7. Demo: The EP of Solo 2, showing that if each individual thetan is given the chance to run his own incident, the "clumped­up" mass of them will break up and separate.
8. Admin drill: Demo the admin procedures required for running the CC and OT 2 platens (using "green apple" GPMs) to show that one can follow the procedures.
9. Read the C/S earlier in this book and go in session.

When running the process, do not run items as your own unless it feels like the correct action. It is best to run the items as "anyone's" (including your own if that feels the right thing to do). Bear in mind that you are running and cracking yourself out of a composite case.

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