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by J. Dunn, Natural Health Practitioner and Auditor

This section deals with the biochemical and nutritional factors which prevent or which promote effective auditing. The suppressive and the stimulative effects of drugs, vitamins and nutri tional supplements are reviewed. In particular, the section deals with the effects of over­use, by auditors and solo auditors, of caffeine, nicotine and refined sugars.

My experience in the clinic and in the auditing room indicates that socially­ accepted stimulants such as caffeine, nicotine, and refined sugars can have a negative influence upon auditing gains. This influence is due to their drug effects. Those people auditing over those effects may not expect to get the results predicted. My experience also indicates that those results are obtainable when auditing is done effectively and without the influence of stimulants.

Ron Hubbards bulletins regarding the negative effects of drugs on auditing gains have been ignored by many. Those people under the influence of such substances tend not to confront the effects upon themselves or upon others. The phenomena of drug effects from socially­accepted stimulants are clear to the trained observer. In one particular year, I saw eighteen people in my clinic with panic attacks, extreme nervousness, and, irritability followed by weepiness. Seventeen of those people were heavily dependent upon coffee. Six of those were also hooked on cigarettes, one was a chocoholic. When weaned off the drugs and refined sugars, and put on to balanced nutrition, their symptoms vanished and their lives returned to normal. I have seen similar misemotional disturbances in auditors and so]o auditors who drank a lot of coffee and smoked heavily. In one year, I saw six people who were having problems with their solo auditing. Heavily dependent upon coffee and cigarettes, they were found to have nutritional deficiencies. When their caffeine and nicotine intake was eliminated, and their nutrition was balanced, those people began to audit successfully.

Lack of effectiveness of solo auditing is found to be one result of auditing over stimulants. The result can be self­auditing. Here, the malnourished or drug­restimulated case audits itself. This happens when the spiritual being is out of control and different valences take command. The meter still reads well. Prolonged fasting, and any kind of poisoning by malnutrition or drugs, restimulates engrams in the genetic entity. The spiritual being dramatises this as psychosis or schizophrenia.


Caffeine is a drug. It is the main addictive factor in coffee, tea and chocolate. Acting mainly upon the central nervous system, it stimulates cerebral and cardiac activity. In excess, it produces nervousness and hallucinations. My experience is that caffeine makes some people paranoid. In this state they constantly look for enemies. They take up them­and­us viewpoints.

Caffeine is also a diuretic. Its over­use can result in dehydration. This creates thirst which induces the coffee­user to take more. One effect of dehydration is a hangover. The coffee, tea or cho­ colate user often reaches for more of the drug to cure that.


Nicotine is very poisonous. Even if not inhaled, nicotine from cigarettes and cigars enters the bloodstream through the tissues under the tongue. The tongue becomes numb in smokers because nicotine is an anaesthetic too. It numbs deep tissues of the body thereby blocking fluid and energy flows. When absorbed through the mouth and lungs, nicotine creates a very rapid drug effect. It raises both the metabolic rate and the heart rate. This increases oxygen demand. In turn, the production of toxic wastes is increased. More metabolites are required to handle that.

Carbon Monoxide

The carbon monoxide produced by smoking reduces oxygen availability. Carbon monoxide starves the blood and eventually the brain of oxygen. It kills brain cetls. Hubbard said that oxygen starvation pulls in mental masses. (HCO Bulletin, 27 Dec 1965). In chronic cases, carbon monoxide shuts down the circulation so much that gangrene can set in.


When one sees a solo auditor having difficulty in handling masses, having a short attention span and needing frequent breaks, one should consider nicotine or caffeine dependence as a possible cause. Some very able people have been found to grind to a halt with their auditing because this factor was not spotted and handled.

A solo auditor was having difficulties in session and was getting progressively fewer gains. Unable to confront his next level, he was found to be hooked on chocolate and strong coffee. After being weaned off the drugs with supplements and a balanced nutritional programme, he reported feeling as energetic as he had been as a child. He became enthusiastic for life and for his next level.

Successful Auditing

Successful auditing particularly Upper Level auditing is accomplished with fine control of that which one is auditing. Novice solo auditors often do not realise that the attention beam is like a searchlight, waking up items in their space. Such auditors are seen to cast their attention too wide and to become easily overwhelmed by too may things coming in on them at once. They cannot confront all that they stir up and leave much of that incomplete.

Incomplete handling leaves bypassed charge on the case. When this is not spotted, it can leave incomplete levels and unattained states. One coffee­ dependent solo auditor was found routinely not to be completing items. Out of session, he described the resulting feeling as a lot of bees buzzing around my head.

In auditing, one of the two people in the session must be above the problem so that the other can discharge to him. It is the flow between the auditor and the auditee which creates the effect of discharge. The auditee ridges against a drugged­up auditor. The auditor is not being there. Then formula Auditor plus Auditee is greater than the Bank, is violated. This is also true in solo auditing where the spiritual being (auditor), is supposed to be auditing the case. The more the body is stimulated by drugs, the more its casey flows impinge upon the auditor and impede the session. Two solo auditors have been seen who are only able to audit after several cups of strong, sweet coffee. A person under the influence of caffeine or nicotine has a tendency to self­audit and those two auditors were found to spend many hours in review.

One solo auditor reported achieving a state of great serenity where she could have or not have anything. She tapped the secrets of the universe while doing relatively simple processes, going out for cigarettes and coffee in the breaks. She later went on to achieve sixty cigarettes a day and very high levels of awareness. Claiming to be caseless, she also developed very heavy body problems. I have seen other people who claim caselessness, exhibiting very strange behaviour. A truly caseless person can be on stimulants and still be in control. Drugged­up cases believe theyre caseless but do not have the perception to see that they are not.


The restimulation of case is only one detrimental effect of the use of drugs. Giving them up is only the beginning. Less obvious effects are the biochemical deficiencies which drugs create. Ron Hubbard said: Only when we have accomplished the biochemical handling can we then go onto the next step, the biophysical handling (the relationship of the being to the body, the environment or universe), and then onto mental and spiritual processing. When you try to move these around and put them out of sequence you get losses. (HCO Bulletin of 6 February, 1978 RA).

Auditing over malnutrition does not work. Taking a lot of vitamins does not, on its own, solve the problem of malnutrition. The body chemistry is often in such poor state that it cannot metabo­ lise these vitamins effectively. Drugs burn out vitamins and stress the system. There was a solo auditor who did not make progress in auditing. He was constantly upset. He was considered to be a very difficult case, and was in despair. Then he was found to have been a street­drug taker, a heavy smoker, and an alcoholic. He had never done a detoxification programme. Taken off auditing lines, he was given a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, blood sugar stabilisers, enzymes and trace elements. He stabilised quickly. Eating healthily, he became creatively productive.


Stress can cause malnutrition as much as stimulants or toxins, or lack of vital elements in the diet. In mechanical terms, stress occurs when a force is applied to a material and the material resists the change which the force tries to induce. Stress in people is the effect of resistance to change. In the conflict, the body burns more than normal amounts of energy and metabolites. Keyed­in people are usually highly stressed. The body becomes rigid.

A person completely free of case is strong yet can be compliant. He can have or not have anything. He burns relatively little energy in accomplishing what he wants to.

Refined Sugars

Sugars in various forms provide the energy source of the body. But the body evolved on fruit sugar (Fructose), and those sugars derived from starches. Refined sugars are poisonous to the system not designed to handle them.

Refined sugars destroy the energy­control systems of the body quite inexorably over a long period of time. When eaten, they create a rapid rise in the blood sugar level. High blood sugar levels induce a high metabolic rate. Then comes the wipe out as the system tries to redress the balance and usually overcompensates particularly in the chronic user. This leaves a low blood sugar level. Masses are pulled in.

Hallucinations can be caused by low blood sugar level. Nightmares and vivid dreams result from it. There is a tendency toward depression. To get out of this, the person reaches for more sugar and for stimulants. The result is the blood sugar roller coaster hyperactivity followed by lethargy and depression.

The solo auditor on refined sugars starts the session energetically and then runs out of energy. He finds masses hard to blow and wonders why the session bogs down. He might try to force his attention on to the subject but that only demands more energy. He might give up, go out for a sugar or stimulant fix and thereby start the blood sugar roller coaster again. One solo auditor on upper levels told me, I have to have a couple of cups of coffee or something sweet to give me the courage to audit, otherwise I cant confront the horrible things I find.


Minerals are vital to metabolic balance. Calcium and magnesium are an essential prerequisite if a person is to audit successfully for several hours at a stretch. In the absence of magnesium, the body has cramps and becomes fidgety.

Magnesium is as important as calcium in that it is essential for the formation of hormones which facilitate the absorption of calcium.

Vitamin Deficits

Some auditors try to cure their problems by taking large doses of some vitamins. This in itself can cause imbalance. Certain groups of vitamins work synergistically. That is, each depends upon the others for its optimum function and effect. By overdosing one vitamin, one can create deficiencies in others.

Vitamin C

Smoking is known to create deficiencies in vitamin C. This vitamin degrades quickly. We need a constant supply. When we do not get enough to keep all systems going optimally, energy levels begin to dive and vital functions run down.

The B Vitamins

The B vitamins are arguably the most important ones for mental stability and psychological balance. They are essential in producing brain energy. Their absorption is blocked by nicotine. Serious imbalance of B3 can produce psychosis, schizophrenia and paranoia.

I have found that people who begin to show unreality, to switch personalities and to exhibit psychotic and destructive tendencies, often suffer from a lack of B vitamins. The states which we routinely see switching on and off during the handling of a case are very similar to those described in severe B vitamin deficiency.

A solo auditor was becoming progressively more psychotic with his auditing. He switched valences rapidly. There was no coffee, nicotine or chocolate involvement. He ate healthily and well. Then he was seen to get angry after drinking half a glass of wine. This was enough to indicate a B vitamin deficiency. He was put on to moderately large doses of B3 and B6 with a good backup of B Complex, C and E. The change was dramatic. He became sociable, and cheerful. His earlier auditing gains resurged. He began to have great cognitions. So one thing we have to be aware of here is vitamin deficiencies caused by auditing.

Auditing requires more brain energy than in normal operation. Even if a person, auditing intensively, took a good B Complex supplement each day, the B1 requirement of the brain might still exceed that. Ron Hubbard recommended supplementing B1 when auditing. However, the problem with supplementing parts of the B Complex such as Bl on its own is that this runs us into deficiencies of the other B vitarnins. The body extracts the components which it needs and then excretes the remainder, leaving a deficit in other components. Taking unbalanced amounts of B1 can create a deficit in B3 which in turn can produce valence shifting and paranoia, particularly in the person on stimulants.

Continual key­ins with their consequent stress, or long hours of arduous auditing, burn out metabolic factors rapidly. The irony is that, in attempting to make the person more sane by intensive auditing, we can produce the very phenomena which we are trying to resolve. When solo auditors use stimulants to raise their energy or confront, the metabolites run out faster. The case keys in harder.

The solo auditor who drank several cups of strong coffee before a session, was observed to come out of session looking drained. He was later found to have left numerous incomplete cycles. To prevent this, keep off the stimulants. Take a good range of vitamins including B Complex. Supplement with Bl, B3 and B6 while auditing, and increase the B Complex according to the amount of B1, B3 and B6 taken. When not auditing, drop back to B Complex only. Do not take B1 or B3 in isolation.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E handles the toxins which result from taking drugs. Another action of this vitamin is to assist in oxygenating the blood. This will help in inhibiting the pulling­in of mental masses due to oxygen starvation.

Smoking tobacco creates a heavy drain on vitamin E. Also, a speeded­up metabolism, due to taking a stimulant such as coffee, can wipe out vitamin E fast and leaves the person stressed and keyed in.

Vitamin D

This vitamin is essential for the absorption of calcium and for maintaining calcium/magnesium balance. Vitamins A and D work synergistically. I recommend that they always be taken in combination. Vitamins A, D and E are fat­soluble and should only be taken in the oils in which they occur naturally. Tablets of any of these vitamins are relatively ineffective.


To resolve the problems arising from the over­use of drugs, and refined sugars:
1. Eradicate drug residues on a carefully­run detoxification programme. 2. With expert guidance, take well­balanced, high quality vitamin supplements together with a wide spectrum of amino acids, enzymes and trace elements, for several weeks.
3. Review those areas of the Bridge which were trodden under the influence of drugs to check completeness of levels. (Auditing on over incomplete levels is believed to have caused many people to crash, or to blow from the subject).
4. Avoid all auditors and case supervisors who cannot function without coffee and or nicotine.
5. While on an auditing programme, eat no refined­sugar products. Eat only pure fruit sugar (Fructose), combined with unsweetened yoghourt as a main energy source. (Fructose does not disturb the blood sugar balance, particularly when taken with a first­class protein such as natural yoghourt. The yoghourt slows down the absorption of the sugar which then provides a steady and sustained energy take­up). Add whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables for balance. Drink plenty of unadulterated water.
6. Consult a qualified medical practitioner on everything concerning the health, before doing anything at all.

Good luck.

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