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Don't expect people to handle on the Solo Levels what ought to have been handled on their Life Repair. The Solo Levels do not replace handling by ordinary means (basic tools) the auditee's attention on his life and his body.

As long as the auditee can specify an area of concern and as long as that area has charge on it, it can be handled by ordinary means ­ be it duo or solo.

Don't ever put anyone on Solo 1­3 as a life remedy. "Your case is so special, there surely is some upper level charge involved". Oh no! His life is remedied before Clear and during Clear on the Solo Practicals. Certainly, upper level charge quite definitely and severely monitors people's lives, yet the point is: they won't be successful on the rather subtle upper level stuff as long as their attention is fixated on rather gross, commonplace items.

The grossness of these commonplace items subdues the subtle commlines to the world of BTs, entities in general, disincarnate thetans, etc.

Very frustrating for a solo auditor to have done Solo 1­3 with no results. Don't do it! Very bad PR.

Do a good job from the bottom upwards. It may take years. But they are years well invested. Quickie solutions never made anyone happy.

When you hit problems on a certain level, there are three possible explanations: one, not the right action at this point in time. The person's interest is elsewhere. Two, not properly introduced to the peculiarities of the level he is on. Three, general auditing skills are lacking.

It's always one of those three.

Clears And OTs As Newcomers

When "old" Clears and OTs come on lines I treat them like any newcomer. I do a full interview (as per LK2), I ask them at what point they attested Clear, how it felt running OT3, how their perceptions were, how skilled they are as auditors. I have them do demos of auditing techniques with me as a dummy auditee.

After all, if I am to take responsibility for them ­ in particular on a long­ distance comm line ­ I must know who I am dealing with!

Some "Clears" were told to attest over a private cup of coffee and without a single hour of auditing, by "C/Ses" who "just knew the guy is a Clear"!

Some people attested to OT 3 without ever having contacted a single BT or Cluster!

So I do the usual interview analysis and work out a program and then I sit them down and audit them as I would audit anyone else. And when they are indeed up to the level they attested to they will demonstrate it by handling the charge that showed in the interview in the fashion typical for that level.

Someone on Solo 3 may certainly have charge on various aspects of life, but when audited on it he will immediately spot entities and assign correct ownership of charge. And then of course he should continue solo.

On the other hand, people who can't do that get audited like anyone else. This handles the personal charge that should have been handled a lot earlier already. After that they may have to do their Solo 3 or Excalibur a second time all over again. That did actually happen! It's as if the first time through they hadn't really been there. It was an automaticity auditing the case, not a thetan. Doesn't work.

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