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Solo 1 ­ 3 deal specifically with the Earth case, the sort of case that's typical for down here. Because it is planet Earth that took the brunt of Incident II, 75 million years ago. So anyone walking about on this planet is liable to get spiritually contaminated without his knowing, something that wouldn't happen to him quite to that extent on any of the 76 other planets involved.

When you audit people originating from places like Aldebaran, Sirius or Arcturus you get an idea of what life on planet Earth might have been like before it got hit, and what it will be like once it's been restored to normal operation. Although Incident II involved 76 planets around 21 stars, it seems that life in those places wasn't quite as severely affected as down here. Of course, they do suffer from the particular aspects of Inc. II indigenous to their planets (and of the cross­restimulation they receive from their Earth­trapped ridges), but that's nothing compared to here. Also they have bodies and GE aberrations, and then they have their Incident I which every thetan in this particular universe has in one form or another.

For most thetans Inc. I served as an entry ticket to Xenu's game (for the fun of it); whereas for a few it was a serious issue and their reason for coming to this universe in the first place (referring to the more involved pro­Xenu and contra­Xenu guys).

Having a body, a GE and a Xenu connection through Inc. I, are features shared by all beings who physically live on planets.

Those that never incarnated but stayed aloft, still have an Inc. I problem. They are extremely easy to audit, though. Occasionally one bumps into one of them as one follows up a particular line of interest on the meter. All they need is receiving an R­Factor on the matter ("Xenu's game over" etc.) and being asked a few questions pertaining to their personal first involvement with Xenu, and ­ whoosh! ­ there blow the connecting theta quanta.

They just never thought about the matter in terms of having become other­ determined. It never bothered them sufficiently as to notice it.

Freeing beings in this fashion is of extreme importance not only for their personal well­being but even more so in terms of universal politics (which is one step up from galactic politics). Because anyone who has recognized his Xenu­connection is not in Xenu's valence any longer and can make decisions which are not part of Xenu's scheme, i.e. decisions which won't contribute to further condensing theta quanta by gravitational pull, eventually turning everything into solid rock. Anyone not in Xenu's valence will evaluate things differently. In fact, strictly speaking he isn't even part of this universe any more! He will be in touch with other universes existing parallel to this one. All of which would help getting this one sorted out.

The experiment has lasted long enough, after all.

Hubbard A Fruitcake?

It has been said that the materials of OT 1­3 reflected Ron Hubbard's own case, were a dramatization of his personal past, were sloppily researched, and so on. Be that as it may. As a C/S I don't expect anyone to "believe" these data. I dont want people to believe them! I just want these data to be duplicated, understood, and used in session. With all due skepticism.

Each time I put someone on Solo 1­3 I can't believe that he gets reads, pictures and all the rest of it! It's a surprise each and every time.

So do they get their reads on a fantasy movie they have mocked up in their mind? Perhaps they do. But even then it would be well worth flattening the button that was hit, because somehow it resolves real charge and very positive changes result from it, "true" or not.

Any reading item must be taken to an F/N, irrespective of all possible interpretations. That's the long and short of auditing. So whether you consider Solo 1­3 fact or fiction, there is no way around running it when it reads on you.

Mystical Traditions

Anyone who understands traditional esoterics will immediately see that OT 2 and 3 are an initiation of the highest calibre. To sell these levels on the front counter at throw­away prices doesn't do them justice.

Look for example at Mozart's opera "The Magic Flute". It contains an exact description of a top notch Freemason initiation. And with that it relates back to the ancient Isis cult. In either case it is expected of a person that he should be courageous enough to expose himself to terrifying scenes play­acted especially for him by prior arrangement, such as being alone inside a tomb with skulls rattling about, that he (more importantly) should be able to stand up to the pictures thereby restimulated in his mind, and that he (most importantly) should come out with the recognition of the spirit being stronger than mest and of spiritual survival being tied up with sticking to one's guns and not violate one's honour and integrity.

And what does one find in the "Magic Flute" if not the very archetypes all initiations deal with, namely Xenu and Yatrus! Mozart represents them as the Queen of the Night (Xenu) who has to surrender her realm and power to Sarastro (Yatrus). It's almost like Mozart had read "The Pied Pipers" before composing his opera! (The Freemasons of his day didn't particularly like Mozart's revelations. Too close to the truth. Mozart was killed soon after the "Magic Flute" was put on stage in 1791.)

To evaluate Hubbard's work fairly, it has to be understood in this context. His OT levels are an initiation to the most hidden compartments of the mind of Earth­dwelling homo sapiens with the intention to produce a full­blown restimulation of his reactive bank.

And as it goes with all initiations: the person who isn't ready for them won't get anything out of them. One doesn't even have to keep them a secret! Reading a datum with one's eyes is one thing, yet being prepared to receive it into one's mind, quite another. (Which makes it alright to write about it.)

Bill Robertson's Contribution.

After this brief glance over the philosophical, political and historical ramifications of the matter (extensively covered in LK3), let us turn to the practical side of things and look at the peculiarities of each of these Solo Levels from the bottom to the top.

Please bear in mind that this is the way I do it and perhaps not the way it's done in other places. But doing it this way, I can assure you, will give you results.

I did my OT 1­3 at St. Hill U.K. in the late seventies, and it was a very unenlightening experience. The subject was so hushed up that not even the supervisor would answer questions! I didn't understand anything. And did it all wrong, needless to say. (Quite by accident I had a win, though. Probably wasn't intended.)

Things started brightening up for me when I met William Brenton Robertson ("Captain Bill") at the beginning stages of his Excalibur research. Robertson introduced me to the way he had done his OT 1­3 on the Flagship sometime in the late sixties, as C/Sed by Ron Hubbard, and that opened the door to a new and fruitful understanding of the matter.

Bill died in 1991, but amongst us OT folks that doesn't really matter. So thanks, Bill! Good job you did there.

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