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Let's take a look at the solo auditor's mental condition at the start of the GERD: after Solo 1­3 and Excalibur, all "old" entities are gone. The only components of the composite case left are the thetan and "his" GE.

With no further influence from BTs and Clusters the somatic banks of the GE can now be addressed without any distraction. This is done on the GERD. Put in a nutshell, the GERD is something like Book One auditing on a higher level.

It has been said before and I'd like to repeat it once again: the GE isn't "just another entity". It is the vital intelligence of the body. It's a decision­making unit in its own right. The word "genetic" doesn't refer to one genes (DNA, hardware) but to the morphogenetic field and its survival programs (software) permeating and surrounding the body. "Genetic" is derived from a Latin word meaning "to bring forth". So the Genetic Entity is that agency in the body that brings forth life.

The GE, Your Obedient Servant

The GE, to remind you, will take orders from anyone. It doesn't discriminate as to the legitimacy of an order as long as it comes from the top ­ no matter if the originator is an entity or the thetan himself, no matter if the order given is sane or insane.

The GE is always going to try to oblige. For any information package she gets from "up top" she will try finding the right somatic. An "information package" would be a postulate in combination with a picture. The GE will obligingly attempt to "orchestrate" this information package by finding suitable somatics.

Example: a man's execution; his head is about to be chopped off. Postulate: "I'm a total loser". Anytime this thetan feels frustrated in a future life, he will unknowingly activate the postulate and re­create the picture of the incident. The mocked­up picture will directly press on the person's neck area, producing a light sensation there.

Yet that's only one part of the story. The other part: the GE running his present body becomes also activated! The energy mass of the thetan's picture resonates with the energy field of the GE (the usual ARC mechanism), thus triggering the GE's endless somatic banks.

An engram containing the sort of somatic that suits the execution incident will be contacted. That somatic will be much more intense than the sensation produced by the picture mass that was mocked up by the thetan himself. He develops an acute and perhaps chronic somatic in the neck.

The same mechanism would of course apply to entities. They can only work on the body via the GE (as long as the thetan is in an unconscious and uninspected agreement with them and lets them do so!).

So it is not sufficient to get the thetan's viewpoint on a certain incident and take it to F/N. One must also get the GE's view of the matter to do a good and clean auditing job.

The thetan's views ­ and those of his entities ­ were taken into consideration right from the beginning of the bridge up to the end of Excalibur. Yet the thetan's identification with the GE was never looked at!

This identification is caused by non­confronting his overts against bodies and GEs all along his whole track.

Now ­ finally! ­ it's the GE's turn.

That she wasn't taken into consideration earlier already, is one aspect of the ARC­break a GE may have with "her" thetan. That he didn't always look after his body properly constitutes another aspect of the ARC break. And that earlier similar thetans did similar things earlier on, of course adds to the ARC break.

It's the "never trust a thetan" syndrome.

End Phenomenon Of The GERD

This situation of ARCXs between thetan and GE with subsequent engram dramatization, is addressed by the GERD. Its EP is based on two subproducts:

Subproduct one: The thetan is aware of the GE and can audit her. A workable commline has been established. The engrams and implants of the GE's bank are cleaned up through auditing (narrative style to erasure).

Subproduct two: Through auditing the GE, the thetan recognizes how much he was in the grip of the GE and dramatized the below­zero part of the tone scale ("eat", "sex", and all that). He peels these valences off and yet again becomes "more himself".

End phenomenon: A self­sufficient and independently operating GE that has been fully rehabilitated with regard to her hat of making the body survive optimally. A de­aberrated GE that permits her thetan to freely play his games, knowing that he in turn will act responsibly and not let her down by playfully hurting the body.

An efficient and loving team, co­operating successfully in terms of health, sex, and longevity (the GE's hat), and in terms of large­scale games (the thetan's hat).

When this EP has been attained, auditing engrams on the meter becomes superfluous. Ordinarily a brief dialogue with the GE should be sufficient to remedy the situation, along the lines of: "What is it? Can you fix it? Till when?" And it gets done.

I believe that these results were strived for in early dianetics when it was believed that the thetan had no bank and the only influence on him consisted of engram pictures from the somatic mind.

Yet this EP could not be attained in those days as multitudes of entities were in the way. Now, with the entities gone, it can be attained.

Prerequisites To The GERD

It obviously makes no sense putting someone on the GERD who is still in a games condition with entities or his body. You want someone who is free of entities and takes care of his health.

Coffee and cigarettes
are drugs. Without a question. So is sugar (sweets, cakes, jams etc.). The auditee, after having done his Purification Rundown ten times over, is supposed to have gotten rid of all of his street and pharma drugs ­ yet at the same time he fills himself up with coffee, sugar and cigarettes! And his only form of "physical" exercise are computer games. What nonsense!

So don't fall for the "Purification Rundown myth". Look at your solo auditor as he lives

Handling the somatics of such a person by auditing is fairly pointless unless you manage to get the auditee's ethics in on his body. Of course, erasing some of the engrams his attention is on, will help to get him started on an upward swing ­ but as long as he doesn't actually discipline himself to make this upward swing persist (better food, no drugs, plenty of exercises), more engrams are going to get restimulated.

It's like trying to audit a man whose foot is caught between the jaws of a pitbull terrier: as long as the dog doesn't let go the pain won't end, no matter how intensively one may audit the man.

Auditing is also hopeless as long as the aberrative commands of entities or the thetan himself affect the GE. You audit a dozen engrams and the somatics are still there! That's because the postulates backing up the engrams haven't been found yet. They keep triggering more engrams.

So there is no point auditing engrams unless you go for the postulate in the incident! If you don't, you might as well leave it. The postulates of thetans and entities act as permanent commands to the GE.

The thetan is the boss. When he is aberrated he isn't much of a boss because he dramatizes his own GPMs as well as those of acquired valences and entities. Unbeknownst to the thetan and due to his non­confront and identification, these postulates keep certain commands in place. It's like the thetan was telling the GE: "Please produce a somatic that fits the bill!" And the GE most obligingly does so. (This, by the way, is the mechanism behind Service Facsimiles.)

You have to get at the source, not work on the effect side. The source of engrams in restimulation is the thetan and his entities, and the postulates of both.

People with lots of somatics will naturally need dianetics to start with (for example by means of Postulate Auditing). Yet this may not be sufficient to handle their somatics for good. They may have to go through the Solo 1­3 band to handle the entities contributing to their somatics, they may need Excalibur to get rid of SP entities ­ until finally they are ready to address the GE as such. And then, on the GERD, the as yet undetected engrams on the case can be dealt with.

To get there may take some two hundred or three hundred hours all in all (duo and solo). Which somehow fits in with the sort of prognosis Ron did on some of the early tapes: "This case will take six hundred hours to clear." Sure thing. It does take a lot of work.

Anyway: don't get anyone started on the GERD who is busy fighting entities and keeps messing up his body! You'll clock up loads of hours without a real result.

The Thetan's Responsibility

That a thetan got entities at all is his own fault. Anything going wrong with the body is ultimately the thetan's fault. Don't blame it on the GE. The GE is only trying to orchestrate somatically what she perceives as coming from higher up. You might say she speaks to the thetan through her engrams. It's her way of acknowledging the thetan. When the thetan doesn't listen, the engrams turn on worse.

Example: thetan angry, frustrated, overworked, stressed. Lots of tension affecting the GE and thereby the body. The GE cannot win. All her energy supplies are being drained empty. And he never stops, keeps fighting, keeps being frustrated and stressed. Result: stomach somatic.

Why the stomach? Because that's the power point of the GE. It's the third chakra: physical power.

The GE is organized as 7 chakras (energy node points), and she will "talk through them" to the thetan. (The 7th chakra is
above the head indicating thetan exterior, witness certain Buddha statues.)

Depending on the situation at hand, any chakra that's irritated will create ridges or dispersals where there should be flows. This in turn affects the organs in the vicinity of the chakra.

A headache equals too much thinking equals 6th chakra. Thyroid hyperactivity means something wrong with communication, that's the 5th chakra. Emotional trouble, losses etc. affect the heart, that's the 4th chakra (often resulting in breast cancer). The stomach chakra is the central command post (power through food), that's chakra number three. Sexual power: 2nd chakra. Basic survival functions during comatose state before body death: first chakra.

Chakras 2 and 3 are the most powerful as body maintainance and procreation are the major drives of the GE.

One's Personal Org Board

To summarize: in one's personal org board the command line runs thetan/entities ­ GE ­ body. As a general rule the body is ill because the GE has engrams in restimulation. Illness isn't caused on a direct line from thetan to body since the GE is in between.

The thetan works on the GE, so do his entities. The GE works on the body. The body is what it's all taken out on.

Outside factors such as infection, radiation, poison, pollution, bad food and water do play a role, of course. Ilnesses stemming from that wouldn't usually be called psychosomatic because "it's the environment doing it". However, on closer inspection it does have to do with he thetan, too, in this case with his lack of awareness of what his GE is going through and his subsequent lack of GE control. Or with his agreements with the mest universe.

If the thetan had good control he would tell his GE not to worry, and so damage due to outside factors could be kept within limits. This may sound utopic and like some advanced paranormal ability but in fact everybody does it. If they didn't, everybody would get ill at the same time whenever a flu is about. And feats like walking through fire wouldn't be possible.

People often mix up body and GE. They say things like: "But I do sports and exercises regularly! And I'm on a macrobiotic diet! And I only drink imported spring water straight from Nepal."

Fair enough. But that's not looking after the GE, that's looking after the body! The body is the hardware, the GE the software, you see?

Provided you are in good communication with your GE, you should be able to survive well on drinking London council water, eating hamburgers, and having no more exercise than taking your dog for a walk. Because ultimately, one survives through tapping the cosmic ether streams (prana, chi) rather than by eating food. As long as the thetan doesn't cut his GE off from this endless power supply, his body is bound to live forever. (Sounds really good, but I'm still waiting for someone to demonstrate it.)

It is amply demonstrated in hypnosis that the GE can be made to dramatize all sorts of physical phenomena at the hypnotist's behest. As soon as the thetan has handed his authority over to the hypnotist, the GE is under the hypnotist's control.

Now if it is true that thetans can control GEs it follows that the GE be better controlled by the proper owner of that body instead of another, and that this owner ought to build up the necessary ARC/KRC to do so.

The Steps Of The GERD

The steps of the GERD are briefly:
1. Do an interview on the solo auditor's relationship with his GE and body.
2. Handle the out­rud situation between thetan and GE (and vice versa).
3. Handle all engrams in restimulation.
4. Run out all the postulates accrued so far by repeater technique.
5. Run the Clearing Course implants from the viewpoint of the GE.
6. Run out your own involvement with bodies, GEs and the whole Yatruscan game.

Step two and three may have to be done in reverse sequence, depending on the situation. Too much attention on the body due to unwanted sensations and pains: do step three before step two (engrams before ruds). Reversely, when the body feels alright but it isn't quite the ideal scene yet: do step two and then three (first ruds, then engrams).

The following sections expand on these steps with added hints and suggestions.

One: The Interview

One way of bridging over into the GERD from Excalibur may be by finding a stack wording for the non­optimum situation the auditee sees himself in with regard to his body.

This could be considered a central situation, a stack. Have him find a wording for the beingness he is dramatizing in this particular games condition with his body. After solo­auditing all entities connected with this situation he will eventually find himself talking directly to the GE.

So you do an interview and analyze it as usual. Yet this time the questions don't focus on the thetan as a player of thetan games but on him as a team­mate of his GE.

Ask the auditee what he would imagine the ideal scene of the body to be, find out how far the existing scene is off the mark. Get him to tell you what his life is like on the 2nd and 5th dynamic (sex, family, children, health, body condition). Ask specifically: "Do you feel you have the right body at all? Too large, too small, wrong sex?" As well 2WC the GE­related parts of the tone scale from 0.0. to ­8.0, i.e. from "being a body" at death to "hiding". Does this pertain to the auditee's life? You will get plenty of reads. (For further notes on the tone scale see appendix.)

The answers you are getting may sound like the thetan was talking, but in fact it will be the GE talking "through" the thetan. The GE will talk through the thetan as long as the thetan is identified with it. Same mechanism as earlier on, on Excalibur, regarding the relationship between thetan and entities.

To say: "I'm hungry" is a GE­statement, really. A thetan isn't hungry! It's the GE talking through the thetan. The thetan usually doesn't notice this, such is his degree of identification. The correct statement, taking all hats on the org board into consideration, would be: "My GE is reporting that this body needs feeding."

The trouble with the thetan/GE relationship is that you are talking to two overlapping energy fields both of which are wrapped around the body. The GE is the "inner lining" as it were, the thetan the "outer lining". He may of course stop being the outer lining, for example when he is exterior, but the normal working relationship is: two fields wrapping up the body.

In session the auditee (or solo auditor) may mistake the GE's track for his own. He may think that he is giving you his own answers or pictures when in fact he is voicing those of the GE. He will become convinced that he still has a huge dianetic case complete with atrocious sex overts and motivators, and that this had been left untapped all along the bridge. Just when he thought he was approaching case completion!

To avoid confusion and frustration it is therefore vital to discriminate correctly between the authorship of the pictures coming in. It always is. But here, on the GERD, it's perhaps more difficult than before, because the images don't seem to come from out there, like in the case of entities, but from within!

Two: Rudiments

Whether one starts the GERD with ruds or engrams, in either case one would have to create a comm line to the GE as the first thing. One may proceed as follows (referring to an auditor grooving his auditee in):

2a. Feel the space inside and around your body. Where would you locate the GE?" (Some people will immediately focus on the solar plexus, others will have the impression of being wrapped up in an energy field, others again will experience the GE as hundreds of busy little dwarves and gnomes working away on their different tasks, with one of them, usually located around the navel area, being their representative. In either case it feels entirely different from the Xenu­type entities one got used to on Excalibur.

2b. Some further help to get in touch with the GE: Have the auditee recall a pleasure moment in sports, sex, or any other physical activity. At such times a thetan is usually exterior and, as an auditee, can recall viewing his body from outside. Then run this command bracket repetitively until the auditee feels confident about his perception: a. "From where could you communicate to your GE?" ­ b. "From where could your GE communicate to you?" (Should end with an F/N.)

2c. Have the auditee concentrate on the space of the GE and address the GE Have him run this bracket repetitively: a. "Look at me, who am I?" ­ The GE answers; usually it's something not very complementary (like: "You are the guy who wrecks this body by drinking and smoking"). ­ b. So you say: "O.k., I'm Joe, the thetan operating this body. Is it alright that I audit you?" Run until the GE has blown off enough steam (due to pent­ up anger) and agrees to be audited.

2d. 2WC between auditee and GE. Have the GE establish what she feels responsible for and what the thetan should be responsible for. In short, have her define the hat of each. Get her to state the ideal state of co­ operation from her viewpoint. Big read with perhaps an F/N even.

2e. The auditee asks his GE: a. "What have I done to you?" ­ b. "What have you done to me?" ­ Repeat a and b to flat or F/N. This handles for the GE motivators it has received from the thetan and overts it paid back to him. For example the GE may have made the body fall ill in order to stop the thetan's high­risk games! This doesn't seem to conform with the theory of "the thetan is the boss", yet from the auditee's subjective viewpoint ­ and as long as there is a games condition between him and the GE ­ it does look as if the GE had committed overts against him.

2f. Optional: when not too many overts spoil the scene you may invite the auditee to ask his GE if the scene between the two ever actually matched the ideal, and if so, have
her rehabilitate it and find out what went wrong. What accident, injury, poisoning etc. occurred that keyed engrams in and put the two on a less optimum course? Either here or on the next step, solo­auditing becomes possible. From 2a through 2e it takes an auditor to monitor the process, but as from step 2f communication and willingness have been established sufficiently to continue solo.

2g. You can now run rudiments on the GE. Addressing the GE, the solo auditor asks: "Do you have a (rud) with me?" They usually do, due to having been mishandled from before birth. This may go back E/S a long way (or it's ruds of long duration) having to do with thetans in general mistreating GEs in general. Do make sure to filter the key postulates out of the basic on your rud chain! Because repeating those postulates on step 4 will get you down to the really gory and nasty stuff. (This is how the data on Yatrus were found out, by the way.)

Three: Engrams

This is where you handle engrams. Always get the postulate in the incident and put it on your list for later use!

What follows now isn't a strict sequence of C/S instructions but rather a loose set of suggestions.

3a. In case of an immediate painful somatic, perhaps accompanied by a high TA, one may ask the famous Book One question: "What engram would resolve this case?" On the level of awareness the auditee has now, this actually works like magic. Try it also on chronic somatics.

3b. In case of a rather complex pattern of somatics one might ask: "What traumatic situation in the life of an organism would create that sort of feeling?" Take any utterance, any sensation or somatic, any "weird idea" occurring instantly after the question, as an answer. So don't split it up into AESPs! Quite often it's a single incident in full­blown restimulation that creates the whole pattern.

3c. Equally you might ask: "How many engrams are in restimulation on this (somatic)?" ­ Catch the figure that flashes through your mind (for example "25"), catch the read on the meter, acknowledge by indicating to the GE: "Regarding this somatic, 25 engrams are in restimulation!" ­ Then: "Which one is the worst and ought to be run now?" ­ Get the picture, run it out by narrative style. Run it to erasure and F/N and find the postulate.

Don't go earlier similar! That will surely get you into trouble. One set of somatics, one incident accounting for it, erasure. Somatic doesn't fully disappear? Same procedure again: "How many engrams in restimulation
now?" And carry on as above. This way you'll always catch top priority items. Until the somatic is gone and the GE feels confident that this area is under control.

GE has to feel confident! Not just the thetan. This is a GE­Rundown. You are the boss, up on the 15th floor. They are the work crew on ground level. The company won't run just because you personally, as the boss, feel confident! Unless they feel confident, too, nothing in the shop will move.

"They" (the GE) have to be willing and trusting in order to work reliably. Which requires understanding and competence from the side of the boss (you). Emotional understanding, clear orders. Positive leadership. And no hidden command lines either in the form of old standing orders (counter­postulates) or 3rd party coming from entities.

To get a good and clean erasure, always run all available viewpoints (LK2/p. 58). That's a general rule.

On the GERD you must specifically address the
body parts that were affected by the accident or injury. That's where the impact was received and recorded, that's the actual engram. Although it happened way in the past, to a different body (not even your own), it feels like the impact was still sitting right there at the same spot in your own body. (That's why some new age type healers believe that pictures are stored "in the muscles".)

You must address the actual cells that received the impact, no matter if you are working on a this­life incident or a past­life incident. This way you get the GE talking. It talks through somatics, mind you! The GE is likely to respond not with pictures but with the somatic strip turning on (see DMSMH). So when you aren't getting any somatics, you are probably running too broad and shallow.

You must focus your attention on the actual cells to break through to an engram.

To audit chronic somatics you may have to study anatomical and physiological charts so as to understand the optimum functioning of the system. Only then ­ by "inner viewing" ­ may you be able to assess where things go wrong and why.

You can audit as far down as the level of viruses. It has been done.

When you are through an engram (a true engram, as above) and have reduced its charge, don't ask for "postulate?", although this is what you are looking for. The GE doesn't respond well to this question. "Postulate" seems a word more fit for the thetan.

Better ask: "What was the lesson learnt?" or some such thing.

You'll get answers like: "Heat means burns", or: "Great heights mean death", etc.

These are the typical survival lessons learnt by the GE. Although their future application is meant to preserve life, it only results in the famous A=A=A. Everything in the present becomes identified with everything in the past.

As the thetan feels stopped by his body malfunctioning, he feels misunderstood and counter­acted by the GE, and vice versa. So GE and thetan are at loggerheads with each other. This is dramatized as psychosomatics.

Occasionally you may bump into heavy GE implants with the GE refusing to confront them. Mind you, these are implants on the GE proper, not on the thetan/GE/body composite! As in all cases of resistiveness and unresponsiveness, power processes 4 to 6 (done on the GE) will help.

Four: Repeater Tech on

This is the standard Postulate Auditing step after extracting the postulate from an incident. It's run by repeater to as­isness. Applied to the GERD this means that you run all the postulates you have found and put on your list by repeater technique. Handle each incident that comes up to erasure. Carry on this way until the postulate itself F/Ns (un­creation, as­isness).

Five: The C.C. Again

To complete the GERD the solo auditor runs through the C.C. implant once again, but this time from the viewpoint of the GE! Remember, she was there, too, when it happened. Run each single C.C. implant command to F/N (which is very different from what one did on Solo 2!). You will get the actual story of the C.C. as described in the "Pied Pipers" (LK3/ch. 4.3).

Six: Yatrus Connections

6a. 6 ruds "on Yatrus", check ownership as needed. Go through all ruds repeatedly until each one F/Ns on call.

6b. Straight recall: "To what extent was I involved with Yatrus' games and if so, how come I became involved?" Run the incident to F/N, extract the postulate!

The EP, to remind you: thetan exterior to the GE. He can operate independently of the body, knowing the body to be in good hands. The GE in turn feels well looked after by her considerate boss, the thetan.

Running The GERD On E.T.s.

Extraterrestrials aren't quite as well­off and capable as the movies have them. Often they are mere biological robots. If sentient, they actually suffer from their condition. In particular lizard people, much as they need terrestrial GEs to feed on, aren't particularly happy about that fact ­ them having been humans a while back, and turned into mutants.

When you get an alien entity (with a thetan running it) desirous of changing its biological status, you can help by either auditing him on the GERD or educating him how to do it, or both.

This desire for change usually sets in after you have handled the thetan's hostile intent, usually through Excalibur procedure.

Their main trouble is finding a commline to their own GE. Usually some "soft implanting" was done to make their GEs inaccessible to them. By "soft implanting" I mean the sort of indoctrination one gets from watching world news or science features on TV and believing it. Makes you go soft in the head. That's the sort of treatment they used to get at the time their GEs were programmed.

So this is what you do:

1. Have them find a commline to their GE by whatever means. Use basic tools and be inventive. Have them establish a trusting relationship to their GE. (Goes a lot faster than with Earth dwelling thetans as those up there have no R6 bank.)

2. Have them find out from their GE what the original design for their type of body was and what ideal scene it was programmed to maintain.

3. Find major departures from that ideal scene and trace them to their point of origin. Take the biggest reading one first, as usual. The source for the mutation is not a DNA change but somebody's postulate and intention that this mutation should occur. First thought, then function, then structure, as usual. (The DNA is structure.) Find out who was behind that change, enforcing it. Get the beginning of the incident, narrative style, repeatedly through to postulate and erasure. The usual procedure.

The GE knows! It has recorded it all. (Rough seas ahead: you may run into GE implants here.)

After auditing one of the aliens, say the space ship commander, to a win, they will be eager to get training and make this tech widely available. Training occurs by downloading concepts. Those guys out there are really fast on the telepathic pick­up. The moment you have mocked up the concept of how to do something it goes swoosh! and they have it. (I once stayed in touch with a lizard ship for some weeks checking up on their progress, and they did fine. This progress was also noticed by other solo auditors. See appendix J.)

High TA

On the GERD, a high TA at session start usually means "engram in restimulation". You may have handled something to F/N one day, yet the next day your TA is high: the next item in line has boiled up overnight. Just find out: "What engram is in restimulation
now?" and audit to erasure.

After the end of the GERD, when thetan and GE are in smooth co­operation, a high TA may not be caused by an old engram in restimulation but by the GE attempting to shield the body against evil influences from the outside (spaceships beaming down information via microwave, general radiation, hostile intentions, telepathic attacks, etc.).

Usually the GE is more aware of such factors than the thetan. This is because the thetan tends to focus his attention on the game at hand, at the exclusion of a great part of his sense perceptions, whereas the ever­watchful GE keeps her attention span wide and sweeping.

The GE's attempts to defend her home (the body) drive the TA up ­ as long as the thetan hasn't noticed. Yet as soon as the boss has noticed that the red lights of his early warning system are flashing and takes action (first on the meter, then in real life), the TA will go down.

If this is not caught in time it may turn into psychosomatic complaints. When the GE sees no other way of getting through to the thetan, she will use somatics.

Auditing Yatruscans

Auditing Yatruscans is like trying to catch the soap whilst sitting in a bath: slippery stuff.

When they come as flesh­and­blood auditees, one quite often wonders why they want auditing in the first place. Do they really desire any change? Are they willing to take responsibility in life and support the insights gained through auditing by discipline and rigour?

When one contacts Yatruscans telepathically it's even worse. All one has is a thin comm line which they usually withdraw as soon as you come too close to the truth and they start feeling uncomfortable.

They don't really put up a fight. And they have absolutely no overt consciousness. Anything they do is sort of alright and sort of happens and one thing sort of leads to the next and everything is sort of vague, really, and does anything matter at all, except how one happens to feel from moment to moment?

Telepathic contacts can be audited by Excalibur procedure concerning the hat that thetan wears. Usually Yatruscans are chatty, yet after a while you'll realize that chatting is their way of
not responding to your question! So the old rule applies: when a terminal is unresponsive, use power processes!

This works alright as long as the comm line isn't withdrawn ­ in which case you can't do much but wait till the terminal re­appears at a later time. Simply pick up the action where you left off.

Very inconsistent, very unpredictable. But there you go: that's Yatruscans for you.

Yatruscans as auditees, i.e. as flesh­and­blood people in front of you, perform not very differently from telepathic terminals. Either of them get TAA and F/Ns, and anytime you think that they ought to be having the cognition of a lifetime, they invalidate the whole action. Or they appear to have that sort of cognition, yet in their next session it is as if that cognition had never happened. Or out in life they behave like they never ever had had a session.

Try this: 2WC "Do you actually have a problem?" Try to make them pinpoint a specific problem. Not a difficulty, not a misemotion, no, a real problem: an area of life where the intention of the thetan is outweighed by a counter­ intention, leading to inactivity.

This presupposes a fighting mentality which most Yatruscans do not have. So when they actually come up with a real problem, you know you are getting someplace!

Here is a question to test how seriously they take that particular problem: "What would happen if that problem was resolved? What ideal scene would suddenly be attainable? And would you actually go out of your way towards attaining it?"

And then, when a real problem combined with an intention to solve it have been defined, it's green lights all the way. Use Postulate Auditing.

This is a good one, too: 2WC: "Any time in your life when you were doing things just to find out far you could go with it, and for no other reason?" ­ Get some examples. If it reads well: "What would you call that sort of attitude?" ­ Get a well­reading wording. And then Postulate Auditing.

Supportive measures

Keep an eye on the body: food, sleep, exercises, no drugs, etc. Goes without saying.

In order to stay in touch with the GE and learn to feel and use its lambda forces, I can only recommend eastern exercises such as Aikido or Tai­chi. Both teach you to stay aware of your body energies at all times and use them harmoniously so as to ensure health and longevity.

Thetans tend to run away in their mind, leaving the body behind. It's like an engine with too many horsepowers shooting out of the bonnet and leaving the car behind in a heap. Aikido and Tai­Chi teach you how to expand as a thetan and yet stay in step with the body.

Morehei Uyeshiba, the founder of Aikido in 1913, was a genius in that he found a fighting technique that exactly duplicates the Yatruscan principle of winning by not putting up a fight ­ except that he used this principle to create harmony between the contestants. No tricks involved, no treachery. The exact opposite to Yatruscan methods.

Uyeshiba's system is based on finding the optimum solution. "Aikido" means creating harmony (ai) between the all­pervading cosmic ether force (ki) and one's own activities (do). It's like TR­4 transposed into physical action. It's a "both win"­system, not a "one wins, one loses"­system. It's fighting Yatrus with his own principles but different intent.

GERD, Possible Dangers

In the course of the GERD one becomes very sensitive to the GE ­ not only one's own, but the GE in general. One may tune in to the criss­cross chit­chat between GEs, no matter if they happen to run human, plant or animal bodies. One may become so susceptible to this that the GERD turns into a never­ending rundown! Anytime one sits down with the meter one finds oneself having picked up yet another, new and different commline to some close­by or far­ away GE that unloads its somatics upon one. Quite uncomfortable, really!

The reason for this is the same as that for an endless Excalibur: no decent program to work from. The solo auditor who only occasionally goes in session without a proper C/S, "just to have a look around", will
of course find all sorts of things he could possibly latch on to or has already latched on to ­ and there you go! Endless.

Rather than being a tech problem, this is an ethics and admin problem. Obviously your personal organisation (consisting of thetan, GE and body) is wide open for unsolicited incoming communications. So if you cannot simply command your GE to stop accepting and opening any "mail" coming her way and concerning herself with its contents, and if you yourself, as a thetan, can't help being overly curious ­ well then, word the beingness you are dramatizing to BD/FN and find out who or what is connected with it (Excalibur style). You may encounter some rather interesting terminals that way ­ not entities (that's over since Excalibur) but GEs and thetans acting as GE­controllers.

When you run out of terminals
connected with you through that particular
beingness ­ why then, fly ruds on it and see if that takes you down your
timetrack. Because after all, in order to have that composite beingness you must
have mocked up the core of it yourself to start with.

In the course of this one may encounter Yatrus face to face ­ or what one considers him to be. Have another look at the section "One Xenu Each" at the end of the chapter on Excalibur. It applies equally to Yatrus, except that Yatrus works through the GE and a thetan's identification with it, whereas Xenu worked through theta quanta.

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