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So far on this bridge we were dealing with a person's 1st dynamic (before Clear), his 3rd and 4th dynamic (Solo 3 and Excalibur), and his 2nd and 5th dynamic (GERD). As auditing is a 7th dynamic activity in that it deals with various configurations of mental mest, this dynamic was considered all along, and gradually put in order.

What's missing on the list is the 6th and the 8th dynamic. The 8th will be sorted out with the SEPP. The 6th is what we'll be taking up now, in this section.

When I talk about auditing mest I mean addressing the theta quanta one has embedded in the mest universe since the beginning of one's sojourn in it. I don't mean as­ising the cup in front of you, I only mean as­ising that part of the cup that's yours.

There is no real rundown for this. It very much depends on the solo auditor's interest and level of awareness whether he gets into mest auditing or doesn't.

Usually one's progress towards higher levels of awareness and havingness is monitored by what the bank offers. One is actually "pulled up the bridge" as layers upon layers of charge peel off and offer themselves for inspection.

One basically goes along taking opportunities. Not that one could do much about it anyway. After all one cannot audit
against the bank!

It's like the bank was a magnet and one's attention was iron nails getting irresistibly pulled towards that magnet.

Most people move from one solo level to the next in a sliding way, phasing out of one and phasing into the next. (Takes good C/Sing to catch this whilst it's happening so as to avoid overruns!) However, some enjoy actual rest points between solo levels where they can take the chance to investigate areas that seem promising and arouse their curiosity.

So either one feels drawn towards auditing mest by one of those "bank magnets" at some point or the other, or one looks at mest as soon as such a rest point comes up. For most this happens at the tail end of Excalibur or after completion of the GERD.

Do take the opportunity when it offers itself!

It feels like suddenly the mest universe in its totality was talking to one. Not as a gigantic generality called "physical universe", no, it's the cups and saucers in front of you, the table you are sitting at, the walls of the room.

Many people have experienced this as a result of prolonged objective processes on the lower bridge. Yet at the advanced level of awareness and havingness we are talking about here, this perception of mest doesn't come as a sudden insight but as a prolonged experience, as an actual state of awareness and havingness. During it, communication and all mechanics of ARC and KRC are applicable.

How to trigger this process off? Hard to say. It seems to come when a person is ready for it. It may not be a needed thing for everybody.

To get it started you need two prerequisites: interest and a rest point between major actions on the bridge. Or you may do it after the SEPP when all bank magnets are gone and you are free to pick and choose your areas of investigation.

Now supposing someone was at a rest point and really wanted to use his time talking to mest, finding out about the origins of mest, make mest quanta return to him and thereby lighten the density of things if only by the tiniest degree, well then, here is a possible C/S:

1. Do a 2WC on each tone of the bottom end of the tone scale (­8 to ­40) and find out relevant AESPs. They may appear to be your "own", but in fact may be your mest­embedded theta quanta talking through you.

2. Extract well­reading items, handle by Postulate Auditing.

When you get something going on this apppraoch it will show as an inflow. Let them flow inwards, to you, not outwards as in the case of an entity blowing.

When you block that flow by unawareness, you TA will be stuck good and high.

The TA goes up on your blocking the inflow of your own theta quanta wishing to be as­ised through you by "going" through you. Like you were the chimney of an open fire place and the sparks where getting sucked up below and thrown out at the top. They go free by going through the chimney. You try stopping that and you'll be getting a lot of smoke: high TA.

How to handle? Expand your TR­0 full scale and let them pass through. "Full scale" would include the table in front of you as well as the outer reaches of the mest universe. Let your attention permeate these vast spaces. Contact your forgotten theta quanta. Call them back home.

It's a group process: "Each of you go to your own moment of creation, each of you recall their own creation postulate, and then return to static through me". Repeat to F/N.

This may last for days. Once you get this going you may find your TA being up for some days because of your blocking the inflow through non­attention, and it coming down on this R­Factor the moment you are in session. As well out of session. Just give the R­Factor and let them all pass through you. (Use "Excalibur Short Form" in LK3/appx.)

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