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Supposing you had a high TA and a sticky needle at session start or during a session (this is from Solo 3 upwards) and it doesn't change through applying the processes you happen to be on, what would you do?

I'd suggest you go through the following checklist: "What's causing this high TA? A BT/a Cluster? Some other entity? Genetic Entity? Engram in restimulation? A thetan? Somebody protesting? An overrun? My own charge?"

Handle what gets the needle moving. For each category of charge there is a slightly different approach.

BTs, Clusters, entities: Find what it is, where it is, find the incident when they were formed, run narrative to erasure. If any difficulty in this direct approach, if any fine points need getting into: use Excalibur procedure.

Thetans: Find the specific games hat they wear with respect to you (second question of Excalibur) and run Excalibur procedure to get them to the point when they agreed to wear that hat.

When you're encountering someone as light and easy as a curious thetan looking in from some strange part of the universe: find the protest that's driving his TA up. It may be simply on your not having noticed him. When it's down, fly six ruds: "Between you and me, is there (rud)?" and determine whose charge it is (yours or his). Now that his curiosity is satisfied, he will happily leave.

GE: How many engrams in restimulation? Which one specifically?

Own charge: Solo 2WC, get the needle moving, get the TA moving, detect what it is and handle with the usual basic tools. It's bound to be some protest or O/R.

More than one terminal or incident in restimulation at the same time?" When you add this, the list is complete. That's actually all that can go wrong in a session. In any session! Be it solo or duo.

Behind the multitude of possible and impossible incidents there stands only one
reason for charge: protest. ("GPM", "engram in restimulation" and "overrun" are subdivisions of protest).

sources of charge number only four: self, thetans, entities, the GE. (In theory it comes down to "self" since having a case is one's own fault. In the practice of auditing knowing this doesn't really help, because confronting the totality of one's case would require the havingness of a saint. It would require having already attained what one is only striving to attain.)

There is is one specific subdivision to "own charge" that might drive the TA up (as covered in the section on auditing mest): it's theta quanta wishing to return to one, the theta quanta one has parked oneself inside the mest universe in the course of the trillenia.

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