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The TA may go up during or after Excalibur or the SEPP and just never come down again, no matter what you try.

The reason for this may be an odd variation to the categories of the All­ Purpose Trouble­Shooter Checklist mentioned further up, namely that the charge is that of a very special sort of thetan, indeed: a Black Shadow Thetan, a "BST".

(To be precise one ought to say that the charge is one's own really, due to oneself unknowingly interacting with a thetan one hasn't spotted yet. It's always one's own protest creating one's charge, not that of another.)

A BST is a thetan shadowing you. He makes himself part of your space. He makes his theta energy field fairly exactly overlap with yours. He is not "out there". It's not a telepathic connection to some theta energy field in some other place. It's right where you are. Like hand and glove.

You can't tell that a BST is around by location and distance, not by the usual "something funny flowing in from over there". You can detect him by a change of quality only, by your space not quite having your own quality.

It's like ink in water: put one drop of ink in a glass of water and stir, and all of the water goes blue. Now where is the ink and where is the water? You can't tell. But for sure the water has taken on a different quality.

You may get this phenomenon already on Excalibur, but the more usual place is the SEPP. Because on the SEPP you are dealing with very subtle stuff, with the finest aspects of mental mest and even beyond that, with postulates. You are dealing with real thetan stuff, then.

But again, even on Excalibur you may get this very characteristic phenomenon: high TA and no means to get it down. You check for "BST?" ­ and there you go: you get a D.N. or even an R/S.

Someone is trying to stop you. Someone is trying to keep you from going free and freeing others.

That's the job of a BST.

BSTs were originally discovered by Bill Robertson during the later research stages of Excalibur in 1986. He called them "Black Static Thetans" which philosophically speaking, is a bit of a misnomer. So I changed that to "Black Shadow Thetan" which is not only an apt description of what these fellows do, but as well keeps the abbreviation alive, it having become generally used by Robertson's followers.

Robertson contrived a rather far­fetched and bizarre explanation for this BST­phenomenon. It rested on his personal insight alone and was neither logically tenable nor independently verified by anyone. That people then found in their sessions what Bill had told them they would find, doesn't so much prove the validity of his explanation but the strength of his authority (and the willingness of his followers to be impressed).

Nevertheless ­ and typical for Bill ­ he had gotten hold of something that was indeed true. That he fell for the red herring explanation graciously provided for nosy auditors by Galactic Implanting Unlimited doesn't diminish his achievement.

I must apologize for discussing this at such length, yet I cannot pretend to have discovered something when I didn't. Neither can I leave those readers puzzled who are aware of Robertson's story and hear me tell a different one.

This is what I found in the ten years (1986­1996) of working with Robertson's data, by evaluating them critically and comparing them with what others found independently of me (meaning they came up with it without me having briefed them first):

The stronghold of Xenu's empire since long before Inc. II (probably since the Middle Implant) was situated in the galaxy neighbouring ours, in Andromeda. Anything that went on over here since Inc. II was of course acutely monitored from over there. So when Ron came officially out with dianetics in 1950, it was immediately noticed (LK3/ch. 6.2). Something needed doing real fast to counter him!

Special agents were trained and sent over to shadow the leading characters of Ron's game: the BSTs.

Their training was simple: they were made to go exterior by brutal means (electric shock treatment whilst holding E­meter cans during a mock session), were forced to stay exterior and told to go off to work. No chance to ever get a body again. Condemned to stay exterior for the duration of the universe. (This somewhat compares to the way Ron trained his closer staff in the late 1940s and early 1950s: he made them go exterior and spy on the enemy. Except that his means were less brutal.)

In a way BSTs were to Xenu what the SS was to Hitler: a task force of superloyal, superdedicated, unswaying and unthinking killing machines with grey cold quicksilver in their veins instead of red blood.

Some BSTs were found to have been loyal officers from Inc. II times who were implanted and served the enemy since. Some of the actual people who worked with Ron since the 1940s were abducted after death (as thetans exterior) and taken to Andromeda for instruction by implant, to be sent back here. Senior officials of Hubbard's church were (and still are?) BSTs incarnated on Earth, or good­willed missionaires run by BSTs.

The whole point was to mock, thwart and distort the efforts of Ron to get the antidote to the R6 bank into the hands of Earth people.

One way of getting this done, apart from shadowing Hubbard's key personnel by specially trained thetans, was attaching false time tracks to them.

Attaching a false time track to a thetan misleads him regarding his own past and future, and makes him go for false goals and ideals. A well set­up distraction indeed!

In practice this means that apart from getting the story of that BST's "education by implant", the solo auditor may as well get pictures of future incidents, of pleasures as well as brutal incidents and painful deaths (accompanied by a full set of somatics).

The solo auditor may unknowingly be hung up in several of such "false futures". Some may appear to be his own. Others may be the future accidents or implants of people he knows or has heard about.

The mechanism is this (and I'm not saying that the following wasn't bizarre beyond words): over in Andromeda there is some sort of giant computer producing virtual realities for specific people considered dangerous by the management of Andromeda (Xenu's staff). The past track of the target person here on Earth is scanned telepathically, copied and stored. It is then linked up with comparable past tracks and potential futures of
other people, and fed back to the target person. This way a virtual reality for that person is created.

Target persons may come to believe themselves to have entirely different identities to their real ones. They may experience other people's somatics which they (the others) are extrapolated to have at some point in
their virtual future. They may see other people's past incidents with a false time label stuck to them, putting these incidents decades or even centuries into the future. Extremely confusing!

Making a "mind copy" of a person is typical for the sort of implants the Marcabians used to do, particularly on Coltus. The implantee is tortured by electric shocks administered to the brain (unless it's done without a body on an exteriorized thetan), certain buttons are pressed in him, he creates a mental energy mock­up of his past, the people he knows, his general knowledge or the mission he is on. A copy of this mock­up (or picture) is made and stored away for later use, for example when he doesn't behave according to plan. Most of this works through computerized feedback loops and doesn't take a lot of attention by actual operatives.

To cross­relate the mind copies of individuals and put false time labels on them, makes it nearly impossible to get time and ownership right and so form a major obstacle in as­ising something.

This then is Xenu's Virtual Universe Computer Game which in combination with BSTs, served to hold Hubbard's movement down. And it did. Of course the back of this has been cracked along with the rest of Xenu's game, and

Andromeda isn't any longer what it used to be (to my knowledge that computer has been switched off) ­ but the damage has been done, and the dynamics of that game are still strong. Just because the leaders went home doesn't mean that their troops wouldn't continue executing their orders. Andromeda stopped operating but they couldn't be bothered calling their troops back. So you are still likely to encounter the occasional BST here and there.

BSTs are usually very unwilling to give data or get involved in any sort of two­way communication. Due to the implanting they received they hate the sight of an E­meter. The only way to get them into session is by power processes 4 to 6. After cracking their "education implant" on power 6 you switch over to narrative style and reduce or even erase the incident. Then you get them to run their Inc. II, Inc. I, their personal first incident of agreeing with Xenu, their earlier universes, etc., if need be by Excalibur procedure.

The idea is to a) handle their implant, b) generally disconnect them from Xenu's game, and c) get them to carry on with something more positive.

Virtual Universe Computer scenarios are detected by making a list (in session) of such stories that don't quite "feel right". One must assign correct ownership to them (for example by checking for "BST?" or "false time track?" and indicating the charge with good TR­2).

Mind you, we are not talking about single incidents but whole time track portions extending into the past or future. It's decidly not related to being out of valence to BTs, entities or the people one knew in one's childhood.

If this recognition of ownership doesn't key the false track out, one must run the other person's future or past incidents to erasure. Or the BST's "educational implant".

(Note: In context with these data it may be useful to read the "Montauk" series by Preston Nichols and Peter Moon, published by Sky Books in New York since 1992. The "Montauk" series makes Xenu's Virtual Universe Computer less far­fetched than it may appear at first glance.)

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