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One important feature of the bridge I'm suggesting here is the recognition of one's hat and the decision to wear it.

Which of course puts one immediately into a condition of danger. As long as one was confused, in treason, in enemy or doubt regarding one's hat, one was as well non­productive on it. In a word: one was below non­existence.

Now that one woke up to one's duties one has become a pain in the neck of one's enemies. And so one becomes a target (for them). One is in danger.

Moreover one finds oneself connecting up with new and old team mates and colleagues. The various parties on the playing field (friends and foes) become clearer and better defined.

Particularly during and after Excalibur the solo auditor will discover "
that he is", namely that he is a player who people count on. I'm not referring to one's social definition on planet Earth only, but also to higher planes.

One's connecting up with new and old team mates occurs on various theta wave bands simultaneously.

For example: one may have been crew on a space craft or is an emissary of some far­away planet, and people out there are anxious to find out how and why one got lost. They wait for one's debrief and expect one to resume one's duties.

On a plane above that one finds disembodied thetans exerting their influence on various game aspects within this mest universe, and one finds oneself interacting with them.

Above that one enters the echelon of senior management bodies of other, parallel universes, and encounters rather high and lofty thetans looking in on this universe.

Above that reside the Twelve, the rulers and arbiters of games and universes (LK3/ch. 4.1).

And above that is the realm of pure thought, of unmanifested, non­energized thought, of postulates ­ the 8th dynamic. Any pure thought, of anyone, will support or weaken one or the other of the various games vectors which on the level of the 8th dynamic exist as concepts (postulates) and from the 7th dynamic on down, as mest (mental, physical, organic).

To the extent that a being is able to create, detect and influence 7th dynamic vibrations, he has power on that dynamic. Yet when he is able to create, detect and influence conceptual thought (postulates), he has even more power. He has 8th dynamic power.

Bearing this in mind the solo auditor in his gradual expansion of awareness, should be wary of what particular "management echelon" he is extending his attention to, and ask himself: how does my hat fit in with the goals, purposes and ideal scenes of that particular level? What am I expected to be, do or have "up there"?

When he doesn't do that, he'll be in a condition of treason on that particular management echelon.

So always find out
where you are, that you are and who you are as you progressively expand your awareness. Your expansion of ARC (space) must be paralleled with an expansion of KRC (competence). One slight lessening of your ethics presence, and your space will collapse.

A few weeks ago someone asked me what I had gotten out of all the solo auditing I had done. What was my win? This is it: I know where I am, that I am and who I am on the levels of awareness open to me.

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