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L.Kin, Volume 4
From the Bottom to the Top (The Way Out)

© 1996 by L. Kin
© 1996 by Edition ScienTerra
ISBN 3-922367-29-1,Verkehrs-Nr. 16645 (BAG)




Chapter One: Some General Considerations
The Anatomy of a Thetan
Auditing and Other Practices

Chapter Two: Getting Started
Step One: The Interview
Step Two: The Program
Step Three: Postulate Auditing

Chapter Three: Moving Upwards
Ruds, Grades, Repair Lists, Rundowns, etc.
The Auditor's Three­Drawer Toolbox
Three Types of Bridges
Meter Reads and Truth
Session Control

Chapter Four: Going Solo
How Clear is a Clear?
Each His Own Bridge
The Solo Practical

Chapter Five: The Solo Levels
General Description
Solo 1
Solo 2
Solo 3
The GE Rundown (GERD)
Auditing MEST
An All­Purpose Trouble­Shooter Checklist
The Self­Exploration and Perfection Program (SEPP)
Warning: Black Shadow Thetans (BSTs)
Higher Echelon Hats


A. A Homage to Ron
B. The Parabolic Tonescale
C. Auditing Essentials
D. Notes on Supervising
E. Theory Course for Auditors (Checksheet)
F. Practical Course for Auditors (Checksheet)
G. The Solo 2 Checksheet
H. The Solo 3 Checksheet
I. The Excalibur Checksheet
J.Auditing and Nutrition

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