Self Clearing Diary

Our aim is to inspire others towards enlightenment via self clearing

1 . a sudden drop or cutting of one’s affinity, reality, or communication with someone or something.
Upsets with people or things come about because of a lessening or sundering of affinity, reality, or communication


 9  BODY
-1  HELP
-2  HOPE


  -6  EFFECT
  -7  RUIN
 -16  SHOCK
 -23  SADISM
 -26  GLEE

1 . a word from the initial letters of Afflnity, Reality, Communication, which together equate to Understanding. It is pronounced by stating its letters, A-R-C.
To Scientologists it has come to mean good feeling, love or friendliness, such as
`He was in ARC with his friend.' One does not, however, fall out of ARC, he has an ARC break. (LRH Def. Notes)

2 . ARC=Understanding and Time.
A=Space and the willingness to occupy the same space of.
R=Mass or agreement.
C=Energy or Recognition. (HCOB 27 Sept 68 II)

3 . affinity is a type of energy and can be produced at will. Reality is agreement; too much agreement under duress brings about the banishment of one’s entire consciousness. Communication, however, is far more important than affinity or reality, for it is the operation, the action by which one experiences emotion and by which one agrees. (PAB 1)

4 . the triagonal manifestation of theta each aspect affecting the other two. (SOS Gloss)

AS-IS, to view anything exactly as it is without any distortions or lies, at which moment it will vanish and cease to exist. (Scn AD)


1. the condition of immediate creation without persistence, and is the condition of existence which exists at the moment of creation and the moment of destruction and is different from other considerations in that it does not contain survival. (PXL, p 154)
2. as-is-ness would be the condition created again in the same time, in the same space, with the same energy and the same mass, the same motion and the same time continuum. (PXL, p 68)
3 . something that is just postulated or just being duplicated - no alteration taking place. As-is-ness contains no life continuum, no time continuum. (PXL, p 91)

COGNITING, as-ising aberration with a realization about life. (HCOB 26 Apr 71 I)


1. as-ising aberration with a realization about life. (HCOB 26 Apr 71 I)
2. a pc origination indicating he has `Come to realize.' It’s a `What do you know, I . . .' statement. (HCOB 14 May 69 II)
3. something a pc suddenly understands or feels. `Well, what do you know about that?'
(HCOB 25 Feb 60) Abbr. Cog.

COGNITION SURGE, a release of electrical charge. It goes along with the person having a cognition. (SH Spec 9, 6106C07)

CONDITIONS (ETHICS), in Scn the term also means the ethics conditions (confusion,* treason, enemy, doubt, liability, nonexistence, danger, emergency, normal, affluence, power change, power). The state or condition of any person, group or activity can be plotted on this scale of conditions which shows the degree of success or survival of that person, group or activity at any time. Data on the application of these conditions is contained in the ethics policies and tapes of Scn. (BTB 12 Apr 72R) [*The ethics condition of confusion came later than the date of this BTB and is added here by the editor in order that all the current ethics conditions are included.]

EP, end phenomena. (HCOB 20 Feb 70)

END PHENOMENA, those indicators in the pc and meter which show that a chain or process is ended. It shows in Dn that basic on that chain has been erased and in Scn that the pc has been released on that process being run. Any Dn auditing below power processing has four definite reactions in the pc which show the process is ended.

(1) floating needle,
(2) cognition,
(3) very good indicators, (pc happy),
(4) erasure of the final picture audited.

The 0 to IV Scn end phenomena are

(1) floating needle,
(2) cognition,
(3) very good indicators,
(4) release.

(HCOB 20 Feb 70) Abbr. EP.


1. a process is continued as long as it produces change and no longer, at which time the process is flat. (PXL p 45)
2. a process is flat when

1) there is the same lag from the moment the command is given until the time the preclear answers the command at least three times in a row,
2) a cognition occurs,
3) the tone arm action is flat,
4) a major cognition occurs,
5) an ability regained. (SH Spec 290, 6307C25)

3. a question is flat when the communication lag has been similar for three successive questions. Now, that’s a flat question. The comm lag might be five seconds, five seconds, and five seconds. We would still say with some justice that the question lag was flat. However, the process lag would not be flat until the actual normal exchange lag was present. The question would no longer influence the communication factors of the preclear when the process was flat. (Abil SW)


1. to continue a process as long as it produces change and no longer. (Scn AD)
2. flattening something means to do it until it no longer produces a reaction. (HCOB 2 Jun 71 I) See also END PHENOMENA.

My friend Frank

If you think you've got problems - spare a thought for Frank whom I met about 10 years ago outside of Scientology.

As a kid Frank got his head squashed against a wall by a truck. Haven't you noticed my funny shaped head and how my eyes stick out, he asks. I say no, ignoring the Marty Feldman images my mind helpfully produces. We discuss philosopy over chess, cards, countless coffees and cigarettes. His wife says Ron Hubbard is the antichrist so I don't mention LRH or the word Scientology but we have some profound discussions over the years.

At some point Frank injures his back and despite my protests complies with doctors' recommendations and undergoes a spinal fusion. Of course this makes his back worse and he is frequently unable to walk or work. Frank explains he has to be on medication for schizophrenia and he is manic depressive and has had ECT. This doesn't explain why he always beats me at chess. I somehow manage to get Frank onto a Communications Course. His wife never forgives me and eventually I stop visiting.

That was a few years ago. Two weeks ago I phone Frank and say I want to start him on the Pilot's Self Clearing book. He is not impressed. In fact he doesn't know who I am because his psychiatrist has over-medicated him. I leave my number and decide I won't call him again.

He calls me after a week - okay, what's this stuff you want me to do.

He comes over on the Tuesday (10/11/98). I expect study problems as he was born and raised in Hungary. But he reads aloud the first twenty pages of the Self Clearing book (with three cigarette breaks, I'm a chain smoker, he says) and there's only one misunderstood word (hubris, which I'd like the Pilot to remove!). God and spirit are mentioned and Frank starts explaining God's purpose, the Garden of Eden, etc. I ask is there anything about Catholicism, religion, etc you DON'T understand?. The answer is no, so I say the introduction is only the Pilot's opinion and it's not necessary to agree with it, which he accepts. I tell him I don't know anyone who could read those 20 pages as well as he did.

Frank reads past the first process so I get him to re-read where it says now you do the process. He does the process, spotting things in the room then looks at me expectantly. I read out what could be expected from the process and he says that's what I got, I realised it when you said it. Frank is impressed. This is exactly what he needs to counter the effects of drugs and/or tiredness while doing his night work, etc. It's late but he is keen and we agree on Thursday.

On Thursday Frank begins with the first process again to a good point. Then he reads and does the eyes shut version. He describes in detail what he is seeing and I ask if he is looking at a memory. He says yes and I remind him the process is to perceive things in the room directly, if he can. Yes, he can, and he describes what he sees. This goes well so we go on to Applying the Attention Process to the Body.

Frank uses a finger touching various points along his arms, legs, back etc. per the process. I say it's okay to acknowledge oneself each time. After two minutes he says well, the pain in my back is gone and only the chiropractor has been able to do that. We are both pleased. I show him our Self Clearing Diary on the computer and he agrees to do a write-up for it.

To be continued...

Subject: ivy-X:: SUPERSCIO Excerpt from Pilot Post
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 1999 19:44:50 +0200
From: Antony Phillips <>
The following message is relayed to you by ivy-x.**
(I found this interesting, and it will no doubt be interesting to others who have "attacked" the church OT 3 and or NOTs levels, and perhaps read the Pilots Cosmic History. It was posted on act, with the title Excerpt from Pilot Post by (ID32) (I could not see where he got it from)
I had often wondered why the philosophy which early on began to emphasisthat the final responsibility for ones condition was oneself, should come to such an about turn to where certain people got to the extreme state of being afraid to contact non-Scientologists in case body thetans(disembodied spirits) jumped off from the non "OTs" onto themselves -admittedly I have only heard of one case so extreme, but I have come across fear of Body Thetans in people who have run qute a few (supposedly).. All the best, Ant)*************************
I found this interesting: ID32----------
....And Ron knew better. He even has a handling for start of time and beginning of track type stuff back in 1963. Just move the pc to a month before start of time. Aha! And he'd even run pcs through magic track,see the neat descriptions in the 1MACC tape "Principle incidents on the whole track".So why didn't he look a trifle before incident 1 and see magic universe,and why did he tell others not to look? The big charge on incident 1 is not being pushed into it, it is on pushing others into it. He probably got a glimpse of that. And this is when he had slipped into that "only one" and "I am the single source" type dramatization that he seems to develope in the 1965-7 time period. Just guessing now, but I can imagine him getting a glimpse of pushing somebody else into incident 1 and saying to himself, "Oh my god, I'm the guy who pushed everybody into incident 1 and got us all stuck here" and flinching at that. And then he didn't want to look and he didn't want others to look because it would miss his withhold. Except that he wasn't the only one. We all pushed each other into incident 1 endlessly. The thing does not stick or hold you here unless you have pushed somebody else into it with the intentions of trapping them. Early on we come out pretty fast and then try and get even by pushing others in. It is about as common as little kids dunking each other underwater in a swimming pool. It's not even a question of did you do it or not, its just "how many times?"So its no big deal. But when I first got a glimpse without real confront or seeing this in context from the other side, it was this shuddering horror of, "oh mygod, did I do this to others?" And I wasn't being an only one, so I was only considering that I might have been one of the guys who did this rather than the source point. And even so it was tough to face up to. So if Ron was looking at it that way, I don't blame him for backing off even though it was the wrong thing to do.........Best,The Pilot

             ((My comments in double parentheses - Homer))
                         JUSTIFICATION SANDWICH
                                EXM - 46
                              3 March 1992
         Copyright (C) 1992 A Voice of the Free Zone (Electra)
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
     There is another smaller sandwich inside the No Sympathy Sandwich
called the Justification Sandwich.  It goes as follows.
     A person commits an overt act (No Sympathy) and regrets it.  This
leads to pulling in some overwhelm or chronic condition with which he
justifies or explains away the seriousness of his earlier overt act.
But now he has this strange chronic disability that he can't easily
explain, so he needs to justify THAT.  This allows him to continue to
commit more overt acts along the same lines.
                       The Justification Sandwich
     There is a BEFORE justification and and AFTER justification.  The
CONDITION is sandwiched between the two.
     For example, let's say one day you are driving down the road in
Vietnam during the war and you see a little Vietnamese boy in the middle
of the road.  Rather than slow down you decide it would be fun to scare
the hell out of the child so you hit the gas and go after him.  The
child however gets confused and doesn't know which way to run and ends
up running right into your front tires, getting crushed beyond repair.
You get out of the jeep and try to comfort him.  But his back is broken
and he screams for half an hour and dies looking at you with terror in
his eyes.
     You never MEANT to kill the child, you just wanted to have some
(cruel) fun.  Now you feel sorry.  The last look of those sad eyes is
YOUR memory forever.  What's that cute Nurse you been dating back at the
camp going to think?  You going to take his crushed body to her?  You
wish to hell you had some justification to explain why you did not see
the child in the road or were unable to avoid hitting him.  Having bad
eye sight fits the bill.  Suddenly your eyes are not feeling so hot and
your vision is a little blurry.  You go to the doctor and he gives you a
prescription for eye glasses.  Your Nurse friend gives you sympathy, she
'understands what you have been through.'
     So there is the OVERT (killing the child), the false JUSTIFICATION
(couldn't see well) and the CHRONIC OVERWHELM CONDITION (bad eyes).  But
then one day you cross paths with one of your old buddies who remarks
about your new eye glasses and how you used to have the eyes of an
eagle.  Suddenly you feel horrible inside because he is missing your
withhold that you killed a child in fun.
     So you explain to him how your father had bad eyes, and how it's
genetic in origin and runs in your family.  This is the AFTER
JUSTIFICATION of the condition, a condition which you are using to make
yourself feel less responsible for having killed the child.  Claiming
that bad eyes is genetic makes it OK to have bad eyes and wear glasses.
It allows you to survive with this condition and keeps others off your
case about the anomaly.
     However once you have claimed that wearing eye glasses is right and
not your fault, the door is now open for you to start a business
manufacturing and selling eye glasses to others and making your living
from it.  Thus you become involved in continuous present time overt acts
born of your earlier before and after justifications.
     OVERT                - Killed Child.
     BEFORE JUSTIFICATION - Couldn't see well
     CHRONIC CONDITION    - Bad eyes and wearing glasses.
     AFTER JUSTIFICATION  - Bad eyes are genetic not engramic.
     OVERT                - Making a living selling eye glasses
                            rather than pulling people's withholds.
     That is the Justification Sandwich which you are trying to run off
a case.
     Now any person will have possibly many of these things, but there
will be a central one, a first one, a biggest and worst one on his case.
You know, the one that is HIM.  It makes him who he is in his eyes, the
screw ball who...
     It is his ruin in life, and may even be his ruin in all of
     THAT is the one you want to find.
     One way to handle this is as follows.  First you get the person to
state and recognize what the central condition is on their case.  A
condition is any disability or illness or chronic unwanted condition.
The word unwanted must be understood thoroughly, because your pc may be
very glad he has glasses on the surface but just under the surface his
eye problem is a very unwanted condition and just earlier is a VERY
unwanted regret.
     The condition you are looking for is NOT the original overt act he
committed, it is NOT the justification he used.  It is the condition
that he pulled in engramically to provide the justification for the
overt act.  The condition will exist on all 4 planes of existence,
physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
     Physical conditions will be illnesses or aches and pains or
disabilities or compulsions or inhibitions in the functioning of his
physical body and his relationship to the external physical universe.
     Emotional conditions will be unwanted feelings, or inabilities to
feel things.
     Mental disabilities will be things like not being able to think or
remember, hallucinations, no mockups, etc.
     Spiritual disabilities will manifest themselves as a total
inability to take responsibility for or exercise responsibility over
some sphere of being, doing or having in the lower 3 planes.
     The condition may be some thing he has in relation to other people,
such as BEING UNWANTED or it may be something he has alone such as BEING
FORGETFUL.  These are just examples.
     The condition may be very poetic like the following:
     "Well, I'm sort of a bottom of the barrel, marked down, last one on
sale with no buyers, kind of girl."
     That's a condition, don't you see?
     The condition that you are looking for will have all 4 planes
represented in it's disability.
     One way to find this is to audit on an E-meter the following
question until you find a blow down item with relief, humor and VGI's,
     'What is the central condition on your case?'
     'What is NOT the central condition on your case?'
     For example, let's say he finally says 'there is something too ugly
to look at!'  So that's a chronic condition, every time he makes a
mockup, IF he manages to get one to appear, it immediately turns into
some ultimate horror show of hideousness and he wonders where all the
ugliness comes from.  He is worried he might DIE if he manages to look
at it too long.
     He is also just sure that no one in their right mind could ever
MAKE such a thing, so his responsibility on the subject is quite low.
     So it effects him physically because 'he might die' if he looks at
it too long.  It effects him emotionally because it's hideous.  It
effects him mentally because he can't understand it, it's just totally
alien to him.  And it effects him spiritually because he feels he could
not, would not, should not have created it.
     So once you have his central condition, or a condition he is
interested in running you then can run alternately in any order,
     1.) 'How have you justified having this condition?'
     2.) 'What have you used this condition to justify?'
     1.) 'What justifies this condition?'
     2.) 'What does this condition justify?'
     You see, the first question asks for the AFTER justification, and
the second question asks for the BEFORE justification.
     This should go a long ways to breaking up his Justification
Sandwich.  Eventually you should find some regret and the earlier overt
he has been 'solving' by being deaf, dumb, blind, fat and stupid.
     If during this or after a win, your pc wishes to go deeper and find
a new more central condition to his case, by all means run it as above.
     Conditions can be things like, being mortal, can't remember, don't
dare look, can't work, I'm too ugly/beautiful, drug addiction, I'm too
poor/rich, etc.
     If you are having trouble getting your pc to state a condition that
he considers central to his self respect, get him to run the following.
Have him consider that some great being is coming to earth to look
everyone over, and they are able to see everything there is about
anyone, and they are looking at your pc, very intelligently,
dispassionately, objectively as an observer.  Get your pc to list what
this person would think about him, or see or observe if he could see
all.  If your pc's name is Susan, you might use as your auditing
     'What is it about Susan?'
     Run it as long as it makes the TA go up and down, don't stop at the
first win, or chuckle.  What you will get is a long list of valences,
beingnesses in a condition.  Eventually you will get nearer to your pc's
central condition.

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Thu May 28 09:13:10 EDT 1998
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Responsible for (willing to control)
Contribute to
Waste substitute
Must be confronted
Must be contributed to


-26 GLEE

MARCAB CONFEDERACY, various planets united into a very vast civilizationwhich has come forward up through the last 200,000 years, is formed out of the fragments of earlier civilizations. In the last 10,000 years they have gone on with a sort of a decadent kicked-in-the-head civilization that contains automobiles, business suits, fedora hats, telephones, spaceships. A civilization which looks almost exact duplicate but is worse off than the current U.S. civilization. (SHSpec 291, 6308C06)


1. a coined word, meaning matter, energy, space and time, the physical universe. All physical phenomena may be considered as energy operating in space and time. The movement of matter or energy in time is the measure of space. All things are mest except theta.
2 . the symbol for the physical universe in use hereafter is mest, from the first letters of the words matter, energy, space and time, or the Greek letter phi (ø).
3 . simply a composite of energies and particles and spaces which are agreed upon and which are looked at.
4 . a solid object, and the space and energy and so forth which comprise such solid objects.
5 . any or all arrangements of energy, of whatever kind, whether in fluid or object form, in space or spaces.


1. the physical body. The organism in all the mest aspects.
2 . the mest body should not be thought of as a harbor or vessel for the theta being. A better example would be a sliver inserted unwantedly in the thumb where the thumb would be the theta being, the mest body the sliver. Mest bodies are good identification tags, they generate exciting emotions, they are fun to operate at times, but they are no end of existence.


1. that agreed-upon reality of matter, energy, space and time which we use as anchor points and through which we communicate.
2. a mutual system of barriers on which we have agreed so we can have a game.
3. is a two-terminal universe.

Failed Havingness
Failed Interest
Failed Communication
Failed Control
Failed Help
Failed Overts
Failed Witholds
Failed Importance
Failed Leave
Failed Protect
Failed to Abandon
Failed to Endure
Inverted Help
Inverted Control
Inverted Communication
Inverted Interest
Obsessive Can’t Have
No Effect


1. was a formula. It said: the attainment of infinity, that is the first eight is achieved by the reduction of the physical universe from infinity, that is the second eight, to zero, which is the first zero and the building of one’s own universe from zero to an infinity of one’s own universe and by that one achieves the attainment of infinity. (9ACC 14,5412CM24)

2. the roadmap of a process. And it says, the attainment of infinity by the reduction of the apparency of the mest universe is infinity to zero and the increase of one’s own apparent zero to an infinity of his own universe. (PDC 31)

3. the original definition of Scientology 8-8008 was the attainment of infinity by the reduction of the apparent infinity and power of the mest universe to a zero for himself, and the increase of the apparent zero of one’s own universe to an infinity for oneself.

Infinity (oo) stood upright makes the number eight. (Scn 8-8008, p. 31)


1. these are called “service facsimiles.” “Service” because they serve him. “Facsimiles” because they are in mental image picture form. They explain his disabilities as well. The facsimile part is actually a self-installed disability that “explains” how he is not responsible for being able to cope. So he is not wrong for not coping. Part of the “package” is to be right by making wrong. The service facsimile is therefore a picture containing an explanation of self condition and also a fixed method of making others wrong. (HCOB 15 Feb 74)

2 . this is actually part of a chain of incidents which the individual uses to invite sympathy or cooperation on the part of the environment. One uses engrams to handle himself and others and the environment after one has himself conceived that he has failed to handle himself, others and the general environment. (AP&A, p. 7)

3 . it is simply a time when you tried to do something and were hurt or failed and got sympathy for it. Then afterwards when you were hurt or failed and wanted an explanation, you used it. And if you didn’t succeed in getting sympathy for it, you used it so hard it became a psychosomatic illness. (HFP, p. 89)

4 . every time you fail, you pick up this facsimile and become sick or sadly noble. It’s your explanation to yourself and the world as to how and why you failed. It once got you sympathy. (HFP, p. 89)

5 . that facsimile which the preclear uses to apologize for his failures. In other words, it is used to make others wrong and procure their cooperation in the survival of the preclear. If the preclear well cannot achieve survival, he attempts an illness or disability as a survival computation. The workability and necessity of the service facsimile is only superficially useful. The service facsimile is an action method of withdrawing from a state of beingness to a state of not beingness and is intended to persuade others to coax the individual back into a state of beingness. (AP&A, p. 43)

6 . that computation generated by the preclear (not the bank) to make self right and others wrong, to dominate or escape domination and enhance own survival and injure that of others. (HCOB 1 Sept 63)


1. what will cause the problem to dissipate and disappear. (PXL, p182)
2. something which s o l v e s the problem. Thus the as-isness is the problem is the solution for it would vanish the problem. (COHA, p109)


A novel, motion icture, radio or television play, or comic strip usually of a stock type featuring interplanetary travel, beings of outer space often in conflict with the people of earth and other similar science fiction themes. (Websters 3rd International Dictionary)


1. he operates in a totally psychotic way while being totally serene. The valence is all the way up at tone 40 and the pc is all the way down at minus eight. (SH Spec 2, 6105C12)

2 . a “sweetness and light” case at the extreme top of the graph who will go to graph bottom before the case starts up again as though the profile were a cylinder which when it goes off the top, then appears on the bottom when people are in “serene” valences (meaning they are wholly overwhelmed as a thetan). (HCOB 5 Jun 61)

3 . is high on the OCA/APA yet makes no progress. This is because such cases believe you ought to know what they are thinking about, so every moment around them you are missing withholds. (BTB 12 Jul 62)

Vesuvius -(Italian, Vesuvio, from Oscan word fesf, "smoke") - volcano in southern Italy, near the shore of the Bay of Naples and the city of Naples. It is the only active volcano on the European mainland. A solitary mountain rising from the plain of Campania, it has a base about 48 km (30 mi) in circumference and is surmounted by two summits, of which the higher is the cone known as Vesuvius proper. On August 24, AD 79, a great eruption of Vesuvius began; the top of the mountain was blown off by an explosion, and the cities of Herculaneum, Pompeii, and Stabiae were overwhelmed by a rain of ashes and mud. About 2,000 people were killed. No lava was ejected in this or any subsequent eruption until 1066.Victims of Mount Vesuvius -When Mount Vesuvius erupted, those who could not escape were overcome by poisonous gases and were quickly covered in ash. Their bodies decayed, but by pouring liquid concrete into the resulting cavity, archaeologists have preserved the exact shapes of the bodies at the moment of death. "Vesuvius," Microsoft(R) Encarta(R) 99 Encyclopedia. (c) 1993-1998 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


Intending to do something and doing it or intending not to do something and not doing it.

                          TONE SCALE IN FULL


Serenity of Beingness             40.0           Know
Postulates 		                   30.0           Not Know
Games                             22.0           Know About
Action                            20.0           Look
Exhilaration                       8.0           Plus Emotion
Aesthetic                          6.0
Enthusiasm                         4.0
Cheerfulness                       3.5
Strong Interest                    3.3
Conservatism                       3.0
Mild Interest                      2.9
Contented                          2.8
Disinterested                      2.6
Boredom                            2.5
Monotony                           2.4
Antagonism                         2.0           Minus Emotion
Hostility                          1.9
Pain                               1.8
Anger                              1.5
Hate                               1.4
Resentment                         1.3
No Sympathy                        1.2
Unexpressed Resentment             1.15
Covert Hostility                   1.1
Anxiety                            1.02
Fear                               1.0
Despair                             .98
Terror                              .96
Numb                                .94
Sympathy                            .9
Propitiation -(higher toned
-selectively gives)                 .8
Grief                               .5
Making Amends -(propitiation
-can’t w/h anything)                .375
Undeserving                         .3
Self-abasement                      .2
Victim                              .1
Hopeless                            .07
Apathy                              .05
Useless                             .03
Dying                               .01
Body Death                         0.0
Failure                           -0.01
Pity                              -0.1
Shame (being other bodies)        -0.2
Accountable                       -0.7
Blame-(punishing other bodies)    -1.0
Regret-(responsibility as blame)  -1.3
Controlling Bodies                -1.5           Effort
Protecting Bodies                 -2.2
Owning Bodies                     -3.0           Think
Approval from Bodies              -3.5
Needing Bodies                    -4.0           Symbols
Worshipping Bodies                -5.0           Eat
Sacrifice                         -6.0           Sex
Hiding                            -8.0           Mystery
Being Objects                    -10.0           Wait
Being Nothing                    -20.0           Unconscious
Can’t Hide                       -30.0
Total Failure                    -40.0

end references