EXM - 6 ca 1992

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The following scale is the second most important scale in Scientology, the first is the Expanded Emotional Tone Scale.

Both scales are a map of the (at first) willful and then unwillful descent into the lower ranges of human experience and finally unawareness and spiritual death.

It is unclear what happens to people who go out the bottom. Some have said that they revert to the top at the Big Snooze, free to start the cycle over again when ever they want. Thus there could be no hell forever as both scales are a circle.

Others have said that spirits just continue going down forever unless they wise up, something that only a few do. This sounds like something you would say to a child to scare the hell out of him. Life is love, not death or hell forever. Life however is mischievous.

Even others have said that spirits just spend the rest of Eternity bobbing up and down in this scale, no one ever going out the bottom and no one ever going out the top.

My own view is as follows. Although the spirit is infinite he is not able to make an infinite amount of something that is finite. In other words he can make as much space as he wants as long as it is a finite amount. He can then just as easily make 10 zillion times as much space but it is still finite. Thus the spirit is infinite in that there no limit to the amount of space he can make (dream) but what space he makes is always finite.

The same goes for time. Each universe is a precreated whole, with a beginning, a middle and an end. Thus any being that enters this dream stream must perforce be ejected from it at least on the day that it all ends. Beings can come and go in the meanwhile, but no one can stay after the closing, unless they want to start it all again. There are many universes going on concurrently in the library of Source, and once a being is freed from the constraints of this one he can go wandering around in any one he wishes. Or he can create his own and solicit players.

Each universe is a statement of Divine Beauty, a beauty which has a special mystery and majesty of its own, a beauty that is not easily understood for it is willing to indulge in some very nasty detours. Detours which in the end are illusions and born of self installed ignorance and treason. The soul is a practical yankster of magnitude (prankster).

Each journey through this or any universe is a journey of self installed surprises, at first bad and ominous, testing the courage and tenacity of the soul to its sense of nobility and honor. All spirits eventually fail their own gauntlet, turning sour about goodness and anything we might value in a human being. They finally become what they feared most. If you can't beat them, join them.

During such a period of time, souls engage on a long journey of evil and horror, trying to survive by being the Meanest Son of a Bitch in the Valley, a choice they eventually come to regret. The sad eyes of their victims finally takes its toll. People are, after all, good underneath, where they wear the hats of both Joker and King.

Finally souls decide they can no longer be evil and they take to being extremely good, and forgetful. They don't want to know about it. This eventually decays into being 'mortal', if only by logic. If I have never existed before, what chance is there that I will exist again? By denying their past, they deny their future. This is the price of oblivion. So by the deceit of their own ways, they find a dark grave waiting for them at the end of their trail.

Only the good, or those trying to be good once again, whether or not they succeed, can find their way to a grave.

Life after life. It's a joke of course, the being can not die, but he sure can feel like he will.

This is the state that you will find most people in, live once, die once, had nothing to do with being here.

You know, I didn't make me, GOD made me, and if I'm not good, He will UNMAKE me. You will find this kind of stuff by the car load while running Parent and Child dichotomies, or God and Soul dichotomies. People take their prison very seriously.

Or worse you will find someone saying, 'God doesn't exist!' Raw meat.

However the world is a dream, there is no meat to be raw, there never has been and there never will be. THERE CAN'T BE. Seeing your own brains in a dream doesn't mean you ARE those brains, now does it?

Consciousness exists, meat doesn't.

It is time that everyone started waking up from their nightmare.

And what they wake up into, after they are done with their monsters and their fear, is an undreamed dream come true. The miracle of salvation, of rebirth.

Thus you will find most people swooning down near the bottom of this scale. They have to be brought up to -3 Demand for Improvement before they will start helping you with the process of waking themselves up. Until then you are just another part of their nightmare and they will fight you tooth and claw every inch of the way.

However it does not take much to get a person to finally see that the only way out is through recognition of the Humor and Class that went into the construction his own demise. For he not only chose it, he painted it and signed it too.

His damn signature is right there on his ass where everyone can see it but him.

Thus is reborn the Joker and the King, who it will turn out, much to his great relief, is one and the same being. Him.

At this point he is out the top and he will have found great humor and artistry not only in his own suffering but also in yours. And he will love you for it, for he will know that the suffering of your life is your offering of the soul in the grand theatre of life.

Just as was his. A Masterpiece of Grand and Excalibur Design.

The problem then becomes understanding why you are suffering, finding the adorable humor to it, and laughing your way into Heaven.

This scale is the stair case that one takes on that journey.

It's a long journey. It's a hard journey. It's probably the longest, hardest most miserable journey you will ever take.

You will love every minute of it no matter how bad it gets, as long as you stay on it and as long as you make it.

A journey from human to reborn God. Only a God could understand the humor and beauty of it all.

And THAT is what Operating Thetan is really all about.

Decency, Ethics, Aesthetics, Inspiration, Agony and Amusement.

The Joker and the King. The Imp Soul and the Lord. The Creature and the Creator. The Holy and the Divine. They are all one and the same. Only you could have done this thing to you.

Confidence is confiding to yourself that you did this thing to yourself. And THAT is Sovereignty at the top of the Tone Scale.

And will you live forever? Yes of course. Anything else was just a detour into your own gauntlet.

Again I suggest you squirrel this posting away somewhere safely as the data in it is important and not fully published in the works of the Church.


                 Copyright (C) 1982 Geoffrey C. Filbert
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.

(Editor's comments and alterations in parentheses - Electra)

                                           Spiritual Levels
23  Freedom                                      |
22  Power                                        |
21  Source                                       |
20  Existence                                    |
19  Conditions                                   |
18  Realization                                  |
17  Clearing                                     |
16  Purposes                                     |
15  Ability                                      |
14  Correction                                   |
13  Result                                       |
12  Production                                   |
11  Activity                                     |
10  Prediction                                   |
9   Body                                         |
8   Adjustment                                   |
7   Energy                                       |
6   Enlightenment                                |
5   Understandings                               |
4   Orientation                                  |
3   Perception                                   |
2   Communication                                |
1   Recognition    (I've seen me before, I recognize who I am,
                    what I am doing here, and what's going on.)
                                            Human Levels
-1  Help                                         |
-2  Hope                                         |
-3  Demand for Improvement                       |
-4  Need of Change                               |
-5  Fear of Worsening                            |
-6  Being an Effect    (Other Determinism, total no responsibility)
-7  Ruin               (Life ruin, rendered unusable or not worthwhile.)
-8  Despair                                      |
-9  Suffering          (Crucifixion)
-10 Numbness           (Numbness leads to not knowing how numb you are.)
-11 Introversion       (Looking inward to find what's wrong with you.)
-12 Disaster           (Unrecoverable permanent damage.)
-13 Inactuality        (It didn't happen)
-14 Delusion                                     |
-15 Hysteria                                     |
-16 Shock              (Zombie)                  |
-17 Catatonia                                    |
-18 Oblivion           (Forgetfulness, no past lives)
-19 Detachment         (I am not involved in this)
-20 Duality            (Two kinds of beings in the world)
-21 Secrecy       (Withholds, secrets from self, the secret is a secret)
-22 Hallucination      (of Evil)                 |
-23 Sadism                                       |
-24 Masochism                                    |
-25 Elation                                      |
-26 Glee            (Glee of insanity, relief that one is no longer held
-27 Fixidity         responsible.  Same feeling as going on a vacation.)
-28 Erosion                                      |
-29 Dispersal       (Mental Dust in the Wind)    |
-30 Disassociation  (Can't associate cause and effect, can't associate
-31 Criminality      one's self with one's actions.)
-32 Uncausing                                    |
-33 Disconnection                                |
-34 Unexistence                                  |
                                         Materiality Levels
-35 Awareness of Chance                          |
-36 Awareness of Fate or Destiny                 |
-37 Awareness of Luck                            |
-38 Awareness of Fortune                         |
-39 Awareness of Love                            |
-40 Awareness of Self                            |
-41 Awareness of Ideas                           |
-42 Awareness of People                          |
-43 Awareness of Things                          |
-44 Awareness of Groups                          |
-45 Awareness of Money                           |
-46 Awareness of Survival                        |
-47 Awareness of Evil                            |
-48 Awareness of Religion                        |

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