EXM - 7 ca. 1992

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A person is the soul. If they feel they have a soul, that is probably the body talking. If they want to argue about it, it is definitely the mind that is talking. Until a person is processed above the cycle, they will continue on this silly treadmill of growing up a little body, rattling their little rattle in their little cage, going to school, learning to read, and so forth. With (Scientology) processing, a person can rise above the cycle, to where they can occupy any body they want at will. If they want to occupy President Johnson and decide not to run again, or President Nixon and take us off the Gold Standard, or a Russian technician and blow up a Siberian Nuclear Complex, then they can do that. Then they can come back and be "themselves" in their "normal" body.

Until a person is processed up to that particular state they are either going to play see-the-movies (between lives implants) or go straight to the hospital, get a new meat body, go through the whole experience of being raised, and pick up more engrams. They do this over, and over, and over. It is a very wild order of experience. Its bizarre, in fact, but the folks don't know any other way to live. Personally, it remains personally unbelievable that people do that, but they do. They do, do that, everyone of them. The evidence is beyond refutation.

The Soul has come a long way.

Geoffrey C. Filbert

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