EXM - 9 ca. 1992

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A person who can move mountains has no need to either assert or prove to others that he can do these things, especially to those who don't have these abilities themselves.

He might however be coaxed into helping you confront why you don't have these powers yourself, specifically what you did with them when you once had them.

A thetan in this universe is basically a voltage source. Above that he is Responsible Cause. But down here among the spaces and times, the rocks and electrons he is basically a voltage source capable of developing, in an unaberrated state, an enormous amount of power, amperage and current. Easily on the order of lightning.

Thus it is no surprise that heavy electronic implanting has been used against him down through the ages, and that he would respond to such a thing. Lightning against lightning. Usually the thetan lost.

He is also responsible for indulging in such practices against his fellow beings himself, and it is his unconfessed regret for having done so that makes the times it was done to him stick to him so hard.

Early goals implanting was done in such an electronic fashion, by DIRECT MENTAL ATTACK on the thetan by other thetans (implanters). The use of electronic zapping eventually got the thetan in trouble with bodies as he regretted the damage it caused to them and eventually he got into punishing, controlling, protecting, owning and being bodies in an effort to make up for his clumsy electronic ways.

The electronic nature of the thetan explains not only the use of the E-meter to track down heavy moments of regret and self-hatred, but also explains the fact that the thetan can control a body at all, even from a distance, which he does by throwing gentle electronic flows of command at the body, its brain and central nervous system. In other words the thetan moves the body around with simple low level tele- kinesis.

The more resistance that a thetan gets impacted with, the less amperage he can deliver until finally he can flow nothing at all even at his full output voltage. The difference between a human and an OT is that the human is walking around in a massive mental concrete structure called his 'bank' and this provides resistance to his efforts and will and goals. He can't even throw a spark anymore.

It is the effect that this mental mass of resistance has on the physical resistance of the body that is measured by the E-meter. When the thetan gets near something in his memory that he needs to confess, the built up resistance in his mental masses begins to AS-IS and vanish and this affects momentarily the resistance of the body. This makes the needle FALL, a sign that significant charge is being approached and released.

Thus the E-meter can be used to play a game of 'hot and cold' with the thetan to help him find where he has been impacting himself, resisting himself, to lessen his abilities and thwart his own goals.

As the incident is relived possibly for the first time since it happened, cognitions start to take place, the pc starts to communicate like crazy about what happened (that's the confession), and the needle falls dial after dial denoting that all of the pent up pain and sorrow is coming off the memory. The being's resistance to knowing about it falls to zero, and eventually he becomes extroverted wondering who the hell you are to have helped him so.

These stages of release are accompanied at first by tears and then by wide smiles and finally gales of laughter.

That's called a full EP or End Phenomenon, and if you are not getting them you should get yourself a new auditor.

When the incident is fully handled the needle is left in a floating state, something you gotta behold to appreciate.

This electronic nature of the thetan and his memory banks also explains the enormous black and white light flows and electrical crackling that takes place when a pc gets to the root of a psychosomatic condition and blows it for good. It's eons of compressed energy flowing off like the stored power from a charged capacitor. You can die from this if you do it stupidly or without courage and cool.

Sceptics beware, for they have neither.

Lastly are explained the innumerous electronic dreams that pc's report, I among them, of violent electronic discharges accompanied by bright light and violent convulsions that are excruciatingly painful and center around the abdomen and spine.

I personally have also had dreams of being in grassy fields just sort of exploring around alone or with others and suddenly getting zapped by sharp electrical jolts as if some invisible force were mad at my trespassing and was throwing significant sparks my way. However the electrical jolts originate from inside my body and not from any discernable external source. Any Scientologist will recognize these incidents as 'nipping', something described by LRH in detail in 'A History of Man'.

I really never believed in nipping until I had had these dreams. Now I know what he was talking about.

Nipping someone or a body is often followed by deep regret. Those moments when thetans zap other thetans or when children try to mind nuke their parents have a lot of suppressed emotional charge on them which needs to be released and run out before the being will be willing to come up the tone scale again and recover his ability to do such things once more.

He restrained it because he regretted it.

The whole track of a thetan in this universe can be roughly divided into 3 parts.

There was a time 'before bodies' when a thetan's main interaction was with other thetans. They communicated with each other directly via telepathy and co-sharing mental image pictures. The entire 'physical universe out there' is a mental image picture of magnitude projected from within each being in it, and so it is not hard to see how thetans could communicate this way.

They also got into serious electrical wars with each other called 'Glare Fights', something that people do to this day at a lower harmonic. People no longer have the ability to throw lightning around at each other, but they sure wish they could, and they still try.

Much later on the track, after thetans became involved with bodies, they would throw a bolt at someone from inside the body they were occupying. This of course would blow the body's face off. Have you ever had dreams of bodies with monstrous holes where their faces ought to be? Thetans had to decide between zapping people and staying in their bodies. You can see which route they chose.

During the second part of the whole track, thetans first came into contact with bodies. Some of these bodies were just bodies and some of them already had thetans in them decayed down into thinking they WERE bodies. Beings are of differing ages in this universe, some entered very much later than others. Thus they were entering a game that was already going on with some surprises in store for them.

These thetans still had enormous power, but they were rather dumb, self centered and clumsy. This led to many mishaps that later turned into serious regrets.

One of the first mishaps that happened is a thetan would swoop down on a body that it found to be just adorable and it would hug the hell out of it just as a little kid would hug a kitten. The body feeling itself attacked by an invisible force outside of itself would panic and die. This left the thetan holding an adorable but very dead piece of meat. The thetan would take one look at those sad eyes, and swear never to do that again.

However that was not the end of it. The body would lie there for days and rot and bugs would eat it and bones would show through and every time the thetan passed that way it got another dose of reality as to what a clutz it had been. And its adoration became a haunting regret.

Sometimes bodies would enter areas that thetans were occupying, and the thetans would just want the bodies to go away, sort of like a goat that comes and eats your flowers. So the thetans would spark the body with some voltage and the body would drop dead. This would be a big surprise to the thetan. Again the thetan had to put up with the stench of rotting flesh in their beautiful garden. The thetan did not INTEND to kill the body, just to scare it away. The result was that the thetan got the feeling that he was too strong for his own good and could not control his mighty power. Thus it was better to not have so much.

This did not happen over night, but took place over a very long span of time, covering maybe 1000's of such mishaps. Eventually however those sad eyes caught up with the thetan and he became sort of done for, by his own hand of course.

Thetans also got interested in the the fact that bodies were into SEX. Thetans at this stage had become degraded and jaded and anything new and exciting was worth a whirl. So a thetan or two would BLANKET a body, occupy the same space as the body, and take control over the body and make it have sex with another body.

Blanketing allowed the thetan to feel what the body felt.

Sex was sort of addictive to thetans, they were left with a serious kickback afterwards, they often got stuck to the body after orgasm and could not separate from it, and a craving for more sex came upon them later. This was due to early electronic implants that they had received in the first part of their whole track that they had long since forgotten about.

Thus each escapade with sex was less and less satisfying to the thetan so they would try to EXTEND the orgasm beyond the body's limits. This often resulted in the explosive demise of the body at the height of the orgasm giving the THETAN a douzy of a death engram. It started with pleasure and ended with death. Now a thetan can not die, but it can experience anything, and in experiencing the body's death it got to know death first hand.

There was also the small matter of pregnancy. All this sex caused by the thetans gave rise to babies and children that had been created outside of the normal order of things. Bodies were being made to have sex out of season and for the wrong reason. Thetans saw that these children were unwanted and not taken care of properly and feeling sad and doleful about their responsibility in the matter, they took to taking care of them themselves.

After many such incidents, the thetan eventually fell down to entering the young body's head and BEING the body for the rest of its life. In such a way they devoted themselves to the care of the body for the rest of its life for its own good.

Much to their surprise and endless sorrow the bodies would grow old and die anyhow. This formed the basic on the chain of trying to stay young and never grow old. The death of the body from old age became confused with the deaths caused by the orgasmic experiences earlier, deaths that the thetan was damn well responsible for, and growing old became the lament of the sad and doleful. Thetans felt if they could just make the body stay young and live forever they could make up for all the deaths they had caused in their earlier days.

It never worked, however much forgetfulness of the past and of the future came out of these efforts, as the thetan decided that if he just didn't think about death or remember anything about it, it wouldn't happen. Thus soon they NEVER thought about death. Thetans became intensely identified with their bodies during this stage, they WERE the body as far as they were concerned.

This led to the consideration that when the body died, the being died, which led to hysterically careful efforts to take care of the body and extend its life. Usually the body died sooner from worry about living forever. It also developed strange and inexplicable diseases and cripplings, psychosomatic conditions, as the thetan tried to elicit sympathy from those around him. His basic intent was to get others to live life for him, to sacrifice their lives for his, to take the risks and give him the rewards because he was such a 'poor dear creature' who suffered for 'no known reason'.

Sometimes a thetan would come along and try to blanket a body that already had a thetan in it taking 'good care' of it. The external thetan looking for sexual kicks would not know that there was another decayed thetan inside the head as the inner thetan just wasn't putting out enough power to be detected with out a careful look. However when the inner thetan was suddenly surrounded and controlled by the external thetan he turned up his juices full force to ward of the external thetan. This would surprise the hell out of the external thetan who would then fight back with all his might. The body of course would blow up and both thetans would be left with engrams of magnitude wondering what the hell happened.

A long time later you will find on the track whole societies of embodied thetans mixing freely with free thetans. Sometimes the free thetans would be the ruling class or governmental agents. Sometimes the free thetans would be at war with the embodied thetans. In this case it became a game of the embodied thetans to embody the free thetans, as a free thetan was a real danger to have around.

Thus started the body-thetan wars that lasted for eons and resulted finally in the society you see around you today where there is not a free thetan in sight. The embodied thetans won many times over much to everyone's demise. No one knew how to undo the mess they had made. No one knew how to get out of a body anymore.

Sometimes other waves of free thetans would enter an area that had already enslaved itself into the ground in bodies, and they would take over that area and start to use it for their own purposes. These were the invader forces referred to so often by Hubbard.

Thetans did leave their bodies at death but being so overwhelmed by their implants and charge stored in their memory banks they would immediately seek a new body and reenter the slave society no matter how bad it was. The implanters would often grab such thetans right after death, implant them with more things of their own devising and then send them to go pick up a new body. This came to be known as the in between lives area, something most people have zero memory on and less desire to know about.

They can remember being Napoleon, but they can't remember who made them think so. Most implanting has to do with false and violent goals often of a political or religious nature.

'You will be a Churchie, You will be a Churchie, (turn up the juice Joe!), you will do what you are told, there is only one source...' etc.

Earth was itself partly under the control of what LRH calls the 4th and 5th invader forces often working unknowingly in conflict with each other until recently. They were cleaned out by a band of OT's and presently Earth is a safe space for spiritual progress.

Thus the last part of the track consists mostly of body games, thetans in bodies dealing with thetans in bodies. The first part of the track was mainly thetan-thetan games, the second part of the track was mainly thetan-body games and this last one then was and still is body- body games.

Undoing all of this is mainly a matter of getting off all the overts and withholds and finding the goals and opposition goals, the terminals and opposition terminals (identities) that make up the various Goals Problems Masses the being is stuck in, and then rehabilitating the thetan's willingness to indulge in these goals and be a free thetan again.

He's gotta stop opposing himself. That makes for a lot of mental concrete, forgetfulness and deadness.

The thetan feels really safe being a know nothing in Hell. You know, going to school, getting a job from 9 to 5, picking cotton all day long, that's real safe stuff to a thetan who 'doesn't want to know about it'. He doesn't want to know about what happened, about what HE DID, and he is afraid of what might happen if he does. Hell he's got a wife and kids to support. They might all starve to death if he ever went crazy. It's better to be a robot and go to work 9 to 5 and die of an ulcer. At least the insurance will take care of the kids!

And he is STILL having kids out of season and for the wrong reason.

Thus the process of clearing the planet is fraught with well meaning resistance every inch of the way. A thetan would rather think he was going to die than face up to all the eternal hells he has built and left behind for himself and others to fall into along the way.

Including the Hell of Boredom.

You see no hell is forever, but the thetan built traps for others that he could not undo. No one could undo them. Once someone fell in them, no one could get them out. Thus as far as he was concerned they were forever. HE didn't know what to do about them even though HE built them. In this way he helped others become electronic basket cases.

Eventually he fell into other people's traps and THEY didn't know how to undo them either. So figuring that he deserved what he got he has parked himself in probably over a 100 different eternal hells of varying magnitude for the rest of time.

One of which is called living once, dying once, over and over again.

How many graves have you occupied? How many tombstones have YOUR name on them? What were those names? You wish to continue doing this? Yes? No Problem...

Do you wish to be a male or a female next lifetime?

Now as an auditor it is your job to understand these hells, to know what no one else has known before, that the way to happiness is a true confession, and then go in and undo all these hells these poor blokes have gotten themselves into and are holding onto so hard.

Their primary error was they didn't tell anyone about it. He bopped a body long ago, and when others asked him how it died he said 'I don't know, I didn't do it. Orgasm? What's an orgasm?' That buried him in a zero responsibility because everyone around him thought he hadn't done it when he had. Further he had to lessen his telepathy so that no one around him would find out that he HAD done it. He was unwilling to have others come over and look at his pictures, and he was unwilling to go over and look at theirs lest they see his. So he separated off and withdrew from his group, the HIGH US.

Thus being unwilling to let others read his mind, he became unable to read other's mind. And then he spent the rest of eternity wondering if they knew!

He would then proceed on a campaign to prevent others from doing what he had done by doing it to them first!

He would be sitting there nursing his regret about killing a body with its orgasm, and he would see some other thetan entering a body for sexual kicks, and he would zap that body dead then and there to teach that thetan a lesson about not hurting bodies!

The other thetan may never have figured out what happened, but he sure as hell avoided bodies like the plague after that.

So such tactics worked up to a point, but the regret kept building up.

There are a few laughs to be had at the bottom of all this.

So as you help a thetan, you are going to run into this electricity thing. A thetan, as he gets better, can generate a significant amount of voltage, enough to kill his own body or give it a heart attack or a case of the monster terrors like it has never seen.

And when he gets really better, he can kill others from a distance. He just microwaves them from the inside out. Or if he is really high, he can just want it. That's Sovereignty. But full OT's do not go around hurting others, they have learned their lesson by now. They spent their whole track trying to keep others good by being as bad as can be, and look where it got them, kindergarten, over and over again, how many times in a row now?

The time has come to find a new way to deal with the war mongers and the death dealers. You should be able to kill people with your mind, you probably will want to, but you can use that power to better ends. As an OT you will need to find a better solution than the ones you used along the whole track, because they did not work and just got you into the prison you call your present life.

You will never stay an OT and probably won't even make it back to OT if you just revert back to your old ways of doing harm to others to prevent them from doing harm themselves.

This is what LRH meant by KEEPING YOUR ETHICS IN. There is a reasonable way to handle unreasonable men but it ain't what you have been up to for the past 100,000 years.

One last thing. NO ONE with any kind of power at all will ever stoop to proving to you that he has it. In fact he won't even let anyone know he does.

He might however, if you ask him properly and are of sufficient worth to him as an individual, help you recover your own personal power and Sovereignty. But if he thinks you are just going to go out and make a buck with it at other's expense, or screw up the Divine Plan with crass displays of OT prowess, he may just let you stew for a while longer. Which of your Hell's is your favorite? The flames on that one can always be turned up.

In any case if you are accepted for auditing, you might consider bringing him some food while he is helping you, because he can't push hamburgers at McDonalds and spend all day with you and your skeletons at the same time.

And it is beyond crass to fabricate hamburgers out of thin air, and besides you might not be able to stomach his doing so.

The rest of the world certainly can't.


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