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The equation PV = ID^X is very simple. It implies that there is a worth of an individual to the 8 dynamics around him. A Potential Value. I am not sure how you would measure this worth or value, but like any investment, its a matter of return. How much do you consume and how much do you produce? Quality of production and consumption should also be taken into account here, but of course there is a lot of value judgement in this. What is of worth to one (drugs, death, schooling) is an anathema to another.

There is an implication that in the long run there are only a limited number of things that are really good for the game and its continued existence, and lots and lots of things that are bad for it that lead to its total annihilation. The three P's come to mind, population, pollution and petroleum.

In any case let's assume that what a person considers valuable and worthwhile is a personal judgement call and that he will work from this premise. Then LRH's point is that you should help those who are the most worthy of help which is a matter of how much it will take (consume of your time and energy) to help them, and also a matter of how much they will help you or others afterwards (their production born of your investment in them.)

The implication is that intelligence, (I in the equation) is an important factor in determining worth. LRH defines intelligence as the ability to pose and resolve problems, which if they are the same problems that are besetting you, then such intelligence would certainly be worth while to you. LRH also says that lack of intelligence is mainly a matter of how much bank a person has caved in on himself via his secrets, withholds and service facsimile computations. Thus once cleared, people soar up to a very high level of intelligence IN THEIR OWN FIELD OF ENDEAVOR.

The dynamic thrust (D in the equation) of an individual is how much free theta he has to work with once cleared. This allotment differs from being to being by a factor of 1 to 100 million. That means there are people who are many times 'bigger' than others and will tend to take on games of a larger scope with bigger consequences. This allotment is chosen at the beginning of the game and can be changed by a being once he gets high enough to take full responsibility for having allotted it to himself and others in the first place.

It is also true that because high endowment thetans often take on tremendous games and so incur even bigger regrets, they can be the most caved in and aberrated people around. If you yourself do not have an endowment equal to or greater than the being you are trying to help, you can sometimes be swamped by the enormity of charge, pain, and ruin in their lives. Don't let that stop you however. Once clear they will be the best friend you ever had.

The equation then states simply that a person's relative value is a function of his clear intelligence times his clear dynamic thrust. The non linear factor in the D part means that a person who has twice the dynamic of another may be more than twice the value of the other. For example if the equation is

PV = ID^2

then a person with twice the dynamic thrust of another would be 4 times as valuable. The X value presumably is left up to the reader to determine.

From the behavior or LRH himself, it might even be less than 1.

The purpose of this equation is NOT to determine that some people are worthless and so should be put in the ovens, for EVERYONE is necessary in the scheme of things. If you got rid of just one person the whole universe would collapse. People chose to come here and people chose to let them in. You can't then just go on an extermination campaign, it is denying responsibility for who opened the door in the first place.

The purpose of the equation is to help you determine who you should help and who you should let go, because you have only a finite amount of fuel to work with and a very definitely limited amount of time before the bad guys blow up the place or take you and yours into slavery.

And for Heaven's sake don't audit people just because they have tons and tons of money, because once they confess and repent, 90 percent of them won't. They will give it all back.

People have a very hard time with the ideas of worth and worthlessness. They have been opposed by their parents and the societies built by their parents for so long that the only way they know how to be of value is to be crippled. Thus a society of glasses, headaches, cancer, drug addicts, stupidity, ugliness and Churchies.

These things are held in place by the Service Facsimile Computation which can be hunted down by asking yourself (or another)

'How does it serve my goals to oppose my goals?'

Thus you will find how a being is surviving by succumbing, living by dying, winning by losing, being free by restraining himself, etc.

Fully 50 percent of the charge on a case can be blown by finding, and running out the Service Fac Computation on a being. It is held in place mainly to make others wrong, to make others succumb, to dominate others (get them to do things they ought to have been doing in the first place), or to make others guilty. Its a way to gain sympathy from others who won't give it, and to refuse sympathy to others who are trying to get it from you.

It is an action method of withdrawing into a state of non beingness in order to get others to coax you back into a state of beingness. Its an effort to continue to be by not being. Living forever by being mortal.

Thinking its smart to be stupid.

These computations are intimately connected to a person's goals for this life (and the whole track) and the conflict and collision these goals suffer when the being runs into his parents who are dramatizing THEIR service fac computations full out. There is nothing more pathetic than a parent trying to get sympathy from a child all the while stopping the child from being, doing and having what he wants and NEEDS.

Helping a person is mainly a matter of getting him to spot and reevaluate his decisions to serve his goals by opposing them (in himself and others). Then run out the lifetimes when he did to his children as a parent what his parents did to him as a child in this life. You also want the lifetimes when his children did to him as a parent, what he did to his parents as a child in this life.

Who me, live before? Nah!


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