EXM - 12
ca. 1992

Copyright (C) 1992 A Voice of the Free Zone (Electra)
Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.

In the first place no one in their right mind would ever buy an E-meter from a non Scientologist, let alone someone who held the subject in contempt.

Such a person would have no understanding of the function of the E-meter, no respect for its purposes and thus no pride for his craftsmanship, let alone an ability to quality check his own work.

Further his intentions would be opposed to having a well working E-meter in the environment because someone might come along and ask him to pick up the cans.

Lastly he would not be able to check out the functioning of his E-meters because he would be unwilling or unable to Solo with the meters that crossed his hands to give them their final OK to Audit check.

By definition, if he could use them on himself to see if they worked properly by producing reads and proper TA action, he would be a Scientologist by choice.

I USE every E-meter that comes my way, I let my Eternity depend upon it. If I don't like it, I burn it.

Mock the Church. Please do not mock Scientology.


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