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Please be careful not to confuse Scientology and the Church of Scientology or even 'Scientologists'. The mentality that you find in the followers or even founders of any particular religion or path to enlightenment is not necessarily representative of the mentality espoused by that same path.

The point is, the PATH exists independent of the pushers of the path.

The question of what will the Church do with all those for whom Scientology does not work is one of the best questions you can ask if you wish to avoid the world slave state currently advocated by the Church management.

Their idea of a Clear World is a Clear flow of money into their coffers at everyone else's expense.

But if we ignore the Church for a moment, we are still left with the problem of what happens if Scientology 'does not work'?

Well you are talking to someone for whom this was true, until I made it work, and what I found was not that Scientology was wrong but that all the people who were pushing it were way WAY below being able to apply it in any useful way.

The dead can not help the dead.

I was dead, and so were they. Most of them still are.

I am now quite alive and can attest to the workability of this spiritual technology that I have come to call Scientology.

A couple of points.

The first is that the tech I have is similar to but not identical to stuff written in the works of Hubbard. It evolved as I made case gain. I cognited much of my own tech.

This brings up the point that Scientology is not the existing tech as laid out by L. Ron Hubbard which is only a poorly organized subset of the over all subject.

The implication is that as new ways and means of helping people are found or cognited, they will be added to the bin of knowledge called Scientology. It won't be the copyrighted pile of cow pie that LRH tried to push off on all of us, but it will enhance that pile and make it better.

When Lavoisier died, did all of Chemistry cease to grow? No of course not, new things are discovered everyday in the field of Chemistry and they are all added to the bin called Chemistry.

Exactly so with Scientology.

Lastly before you go asking what about all those other ways to help people, you ought to consider that Scientology is itself a conglomeration of all the wisdom about helping people that has ever been known to man. Thus Scientology IS the best of all those other ways, it is not something different.

It is neither new nor original, although some of it surely is, just as what I have come to know is original with me. Others may have discovered it before me, but I did not know about it until I found it again. That's the only originality anyone could claim.

Now the Church would claim that any process discovered in session by someone other than LRH should not be used, and should not be added to the bin called Scientology.

I on the other hand am very happy to add what I have discovered to 'Scientology', because that is the public domain name of this field of the mind, even though it is also presently the copyrighted property of the RTC. That's because the Copyright Courts are ignorant of the nature of this universe and are unable to remember their own whole track. Otherwise they would have laughed the whole proposition out of court.

David Mayo is in the center of this whole legal swirl by the way, and it is coming to a head very soon, so if you would like to help him out you might consider how to best push Scientology with out pushing the Church.

And now we come to the last point. If you have a car and it is not working and you take it to a mechanic and he pulls out the manual and fixes a valve or something and it starts working right, you would think this was fine would you not?

If someone came along and said, well your car got better because the mechanic talked to it right, or held its steering column, or the car had faith in the mechanic you would think this person had little grip on reality.

The fact is, if a car is not working right, there is always something specific wrong with it. It follows that only fixing that specific thing will fix the car. There is no mumbo jumbo, there is only accurate technical expertise.

It is the same with the Human Spirit and Mind, although people do not recognize this to be the case. There are so many ways to make the human mind run better without fixing it, that people have long ago given up on the idea of fixing it for real. In fact they find it a bit insulting, because they don't want to admit its broke. It's their mind after all.

Be that as it may, the anatomy of the human mind, especially of what's WRONG WITH IT, is the same from person to person. It's a rather complex affair, and people can be zonked into what's wrong with it in many different ways, but the sum total knowledge of how to clean up what's wrong with a person could and should be classified under some subject heading. The Psychiatric Zombie Lords would have you call it psychology. But their vision is limited, they have yet to admit to the existence of a free independent being who can leave the body and feel sick about dying or believe it is mortal when it isn't.

Thus what Ron Hubbard has done is take up where everyone else was floundering around and gave it a fresh start and a new name, a name by the way that goes back to the beginning of the universe. It's NOT LRH'S NAME and it don't have his copyright on it. It has OUR copyright on it. Get it?

It's right there for all to see.

            Copyright (C) Beginning of Time, by the HIGH US.
                      All Rights Reserved Forever.

So it is true that present day available Scientology Technicians are not able to help everyone, and it is true that many of them in their barbaric rightness, would burn those they could not help as inferior or suppressive or squirrels or anything rather than admit they don't know what the hell they are doing.

But once they do find out how to do it, the new knowledge would just be classified under what ever name you prefer, be it psychology, Scientology or Transactional Analysis.

The processes in Scientology are geared to quickly raise a being's awareness up to higher levels of consciousness, those involved with communication, problems, withholds, upsets and fixed conditions. Once he is there he finds out that his entire spiritual journey has been controlled and hindered by a heretofore only vaguely glimpsed mechanical entity called the Reactive Mind, or R6 Bank for short. (R6 stands for Routine 6, the first auditing process used to run it out. It is now run out on the Clearing Course.)

People have gotten very high in past religions, Buddha did among others. But once up there they just wandered around the R6 Bank getting very overwhelmed. Possibly some figured out how to erase it, but others eventually came crashing back down. I did.

Although many people have tried to discover a way to handle the R6 Bank on others, LRH is the first to have found a way that works for many many people. NOT EVERYONE YET. It's mainly a matter of getting up to that level in the first place.

It's also a matter of time and money. Maybe the tech would work with everyone, if they had 5000 years and the accumulated income to pay for it. But that's not desirable. Any workable tech should be WORKABLY expensive and take a workably long amount of time to complete. That means the being should be able to walk the Bridge and not be hindered because the toll is too high, or die of old age before he gets across.

That's not workable, don't you see?

Once they are up there, to the level of the R6 Bank, it is doubtful that anyone could fail to successfully use extant Scientology Technology to complete the process for going Clear. However getting up to that stage is a bitch, and herein lies most of the failures of present day Scientology Tech.

The answer for such people is to learn as much as they can about all fields in psychotherapy, including Transactional Analysis, Primal Scream and Scientology among others. Also get an E-meter.

Don't fail to get an E-meter.

Then work towards an improvement in the field of Scientology like everyone else is doing.

I think you will find that Scientology Technology is miles ahead of everything else on the planet. However you will also find that all of the principles found in TA and Primal Scream and others are also found in Scientology although couched in different terms, and different policies, some a lot saner than those found in Scientology.

This does not make these other technologies wrong, only possibly incomplete, and a subset of sorts of what you will find in Scientology.

Scientology is itself not complete, all natter from the Church to the contrary, and we would love to have on board anyone with a true desire to solve the problem of the human condition and widen the path towards Godhood for all humans who wish to walk it.

If you wish to copyright any technology that you discover on your own under the name of Wombatism, that is fine as long as it works, and as long as it is available in the Free Zone at Free Market prices.


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