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>On a related subject, there has been much reference, by the Independent
>Scientologists and others, to the Churches' hidden agenda of "one
>world, one way."  I have been in the Church for over twenty years and
>have never seen or heard any references to this as being a Church

This is preposterous. The Church from the beginning has a bulletin called KEEPING SCIENTOLOGY WORKING which explicitly states that all Scientologists should do everything in their power to stamp out incorrect technology and incorrect application of technology.

That of course refers to anything that is not Scientology Standard Technology.

You will NEVER hear the praises of EST, or Transactional Analysis, or Primal Scream in Scientology, the last two being critical to my still being alive.

It is inconceivable that anyone in the Church would ever admit that any work ever done by anyone outside the Church was of any use and should not be DISCOURAGED. In fact one of the strongest principles there is in Scientology is NOT TO MIX PRACTICES. The implication is that any practice at all that is not strict Standard Scientology is squirrel and SUPPRESSIVE, born of evil intentions.

Further the thought that any independent group might be allowed to actually test Scientology Technology in their own laboratories or experiment with it to see if it can be improved is an anathema to them and is preempted by the iron fisted hold the RTC has on the copyrights of Scientology which includes forbidding anyone to use it out side of the Church. Just as the medical profession and the psychiatric profession refuse to allow anyone to practice medicine (chronic drug addiction) or psychiatry (chronic drug addiction) with out a license, the Church too refuses and has the legal right to prohibit anyone from practicing Scientology Technology out side of the Church.

The Church as spent MILLIONS to legally harass and stop others from practicing Scientology out side of the Church, let alone start their own groups and offshoots.

Now its fine to agree with all this, and maybe even it is true that it should be this way, but then to come out and state that this is not a 'ONE WAY' religion is complete balderdash and discredits the hell out of you as an OT.

I was forbidden under threat of expulsion to continue with any practice, mental or otherwise, that I might have still wanted to practice from my earlier religions.

In fact I was forbidden to even practice SCIENTOLOGY in the absence of strict control from my Case Supervisor and Auditor both of whom were spiritual Neanderthals who were more interested in their stats than they were in actually making me better. STATS and MONEY were important to the org, not customer satisfaction.

They can all go to hell and stay there forever until I personally come and dig them out of their deceits.


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