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 >...unknown person forging postings as Electra...

A forgery implies that I am passing myself off as someone I am not. I am merely posting anonymously under a pen name. If you want people, even of your own kind, to respect your criticisms, then you should not take pot shots that put your own position into disgrace.

You yourself have said that the Church is dangerous, so I would think that you would respect the anonymity of someone who has a bigger bone to chew with them than they do with you.

 >>     Such a person would have no
 >>understanding of the function of the
 >>E-meter, no respect for its purposes and thus no pride for his
 >>craftsmanship, let alone an ability to quality check his own work.

 >However, you have no right to suggest that I and anyone like me lack
 >pride in my work.

A thousand apologies, I never meant to imply that you have no pride in your own work, only that you would not have the pride in the building of an E-meter that a professional user would have.

A man who never depends upon a rifle for his living has little inkling as to the pride or expertise necessary to manufacture such a rifle.

People's lives are at stake here, if your life is not at stake in the building of your product, IN GENERAL your product will be shoddy compared to one produced by someone who really cared.

 >I would make damn sure that
 >it was at least as high in
 >quality as the "official" E-meters produced by Scientology.

It is unlikely that someone who has never played a violin in his entire life and knows nothing of violin music could claim to make violins as well as a true master. All the good violins of the world were made by people who could play them and appreciated the reason for playing them.

I have been using E-meters for 20 years both Solo and otherwise, and they have saved my life more times than I care to admit. I owe one to the Old Geezer, you know what I mean? Volney Mathison too.

It takes LOVE of a product and a subject to produce well in that subject.

Am I really so off the mark here?

 >>     Lastly he would not be able to check out the functioning of his
 >>E-meters because he would be unwilling or unable to
 >>Solo with the meters
 >>that crossed his hands to give them their final OK to Audit check.

 >I am sure any competent electrical


 >engineer could duplicate an E-meter,
 >to the extent that if it were under identical housing,
 >nobody could tell the difference.

I am not saying this is impossible, I am saying that it is unlikely to occur over a long production run, especially with someone who held the subject in contempt at the helm.

 >I suspect the real problem would be
 >the extreme variety of characteristics
 >in existing, "approved" meters.

Yes there is some variability due to the design and the quality of people making them.

 >The resulting meter,
 >even a one by a professional, would probably
 >be cheaper than the Scientology version.

No doubt, a good meter might cost 100 to 200 dollars at most TO PRODUCE with a good production line and comfortably paid workers. Unless of course you have to spend millions keeping the FDA off your back and other legal overhead.

Maybe you should go work for the FDA, they have a great need for E- meters. They keep stealing the Church's meters!

 >>I USE every E-meter that comes my way, I let my Eternity depend
 >>upon it.  If I don't like it, I burn it.
 >This sounds like the typical Scientology
 >attitude towards things they
 >don't like.

Well an E-meter is like an integrated circuit or a polio vaccine. If it doesn't work properly, a plane can crash or a person can die from it. Thus if there is any doubt as to its integrity, it should be destroyed or fixed. Burned is just my poetic way of describing it.

You assume that E-meters are simple mechanical toys with no useful function anyhow, therefore matters of pride, expertise and professional know how in what they are used for is unimportant.

You may also feel that Scientologists as a whole are so stupid and dumb that they would never know if they had an inferior piece of equipment in their hands in the first place.

If you are going to market any item you need to check out the potential market for that item, the nature of the people who will be paying you good money for it and their propensity to come back to you when things go wrong. People will always look for the best deal they can find, and if they find someone with more knowledge and good feelings about their subject who is selling E-meters they are more likely to go to them. Even if they have to pay a premium for the good vibes.

You can't turn a profit selling a product with one hand and giving your customer the finger with the other hand.

In any case no Scientologist in their right mind would buy an E- meter from anyone who held Scientology in contempt, and so the case is moot, because you are now quite out of business as far as E-meters are concerned.

 >I hold Scientology in contempt; I think anyone approaching
 >it from a viewpoint other than being gradually indoctrinated
 >into it by Scientologists would.

E-meters are easily available on the open market for less than $200, usually in the $100 to $150 range. I buy them and fix them and sell them all the time.

One would have to further warn Scientologists that anyone holding Scientology in contempt would probably place a hidden bug (error) in the E-meter just to give you grief as their intentions would be to discredit your longing for and ability to attain full OT.

That's Corruption, Temptation and Seduction.

I doubt they could resist the temptation.

You want to face OT III with an E-meter made by someone who would be better run out on OT III?

There are things worse on this planet than the Church of Scientology.


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