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How come everything good any Scientologist says about Scientology is the result of total mindless Brainwashing, and everything bad any anti Scientologist says about Scientology is the result of long years of expert professional study.

It is amazing to me how people who have never been in the Church, who have not spent 20 years studying what the Old Man said, who have never tried to use any of it, are none the less the world's greatest experts on the subject.

There was never a moment's brainwashing when I was in the Church, subtle or otherwise. There was tremendous pressure to produce, to not mix practices and to not self audit or solo. Their main concern was production, they said screwing around with your own case could end you up so sick you couldn't be on post. For me that post was being an Auditor.

At worst my org could be charged with a sense of duty similar to what might be found in the military during a time of war, and perhaps they can be charged with having started a few wars of their own. However considering the mentality of the FDA and the Nixon government at the time, I would say they were probably beset by wave after wave of enemy assholes, and were probably justified in their feeling that they were in a war for their lives.

As to routine and practice drills, I can't believe how much horseshit is passed on this list concerning the training of Scientologists. This might as well be called Alt.Enquirer.Crap.

There are lots and lots and lots and lots of repetitive drills for the training of auditors, it is a skill that no one has yet mastered in the Church and no one ever will. The military hasn't the foggiest notion about repetitive training drills when it comes to comparing them to Scientology, in fact the head organization of Scientology is the Sea Org, practically a navy in its own right.

So look, take all this bullshit about brainwashing and repetitive drills being used to mindlessly indoctrinate pc's into weird mythologies, and stick it where it belongs.

The TRAINING of auditors is so rigorous that these patticake pansies who have nothing good to say about Scientology would not last a day, and if they did they would be just as incompetent when they left as when they entered.

And lastly, lets get one thing straight, from someone who has been involved in Scientology for YEARS and who has had the courage to tell the Church to go fuck itself, auditing itself has nothing at all to do with repetitive drills or brainwashing although there are many PROCESSES that use repetitive commands to get the being to finally answer the question or gain control over his own god damn asshole.

The implication that understanding is somehow drilled or indoctrinated into the preclear is pure hogwash and those who repeat this nonsense endlessly are hoping to indoctrinate YOU into believing their horseradish about Scientology.

No one can know more about Scientology than a Veteran Scientologist. To imply that everything they say is false because they are all brainwashed is unsubstantiated ad hominem. There is no one on the face of this Earth who is less brainwashed than Scientologists, even Churchies as they are Scientologists too.

If you want to find out about Scientology or its training drills for Auditors or the process of auditing itself, ASK A FUCKING SCIENTOLOGIST, don't ask some puke bellied mortal made of meat peon who makes a buck selling horror and sensationalism to a Zomboid Public snoring in their one life, one death, I am going to Heaven forever afterward stupor.

The process of taking a person up through the Scientology Grades is one of raising them up the Awareness Characteristic Chart level by level, from Hope and Help up through Clearing and Source.

This is a very long journey and is not easily understood at first especially by those snoozing down around CRIMINALITY, DISCONNECTION and UNEXISTENCE, people who can't conceive that someone might actually know more ABOUT THEM than themselves, and who tremble at the thought it might be so.

So please when you read all this brainwashing stuff about Scientologists, ask yourself who is the more brainwashed, the American Public or the staff of the Enquirer?

Electra, hopping mad at the CRAP that passes for wisdom on this planet.

All flames, C.O.D. please.


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