EXM - 20 ca. 1992

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If you had the ability to move objects by looking at them, and I don't mean in your mind, I mean do it for real for all to see, and I don't mean a mass hallucination, but actually DO it, and if you had the ability to see other people's mental image pictures so that you could know what they were thinking about, and if you could go wandering around anywhere you wished undetected by anyone except others at the same power level, what would you do with those powers?

Would you demonstrate them to everyone in sight to show that salvation was at hand? Would you want others to know you had them? Let's say you could defend off maybe 10 to 100 people coming at you with guns and tanks, but you were not able to defend off an army or an entire police state coming after you.

What would you do when various forces started to go after your loved ones in order to make you destroy yourself or not use your powers? What would you do then?

Before any OT would demonstrate to you any power he might have, he would have to answer certain questions to himself. How many other people would you tell and what they would do? Would the OT lose his job if people thought he could move things, or if YOU went around saying he could and everyone thought the both of you were nuts?

Now the fact is that an OT would only want to demonstrate power to a person who was responsible enough to deal with the revelation. Are you such a person? How could you prove to THEM that they should prove to YOU that they can kill someone at a distance?

You know if they can move a pencil, they can move your central nervous system too!

Part of the secrecy in the Church is to protect people from the overwhelming data that pertains to why we lost these powers in the first place. I can attest to the fact that the OT levels are deadly if not done right.

The other reason the Church keeps this stuff secret is that it is part of their Ethical code that no OT should ever demonstrate or prove himself to anyone else that is not already an OT of the same level.

This is to prevent a mass hysteria from occurring in the world markets.

Now you might claim that this would not happen, but its a judgement call, and since they are the ones with the power, they get to make the call.

The idea that they should never have stated that they had such powers unless they were willing to PROVE it is the viewpoint of someone without power. Others who do not need proof from someone else's arsenal, are very grateful to know that powers have been reattained and are available for them to reattain too.

Some people might CLAIM that OT's refuse to prove themselves because they really can't do anything. If say this long enough and loudly enough you might provoke and OT into anger, and he might demonstrate some power for you. But I would not want to be around the day he did.

Or maybe people scream for proof because they don't believe it can be done. If proof were to be forthcoming, would they regret the day they were born for having been so stupid as to open Pandora's Box?

If all this nonsense is true about Scientology and OT, how would you have anyone prove it to you?

You will be judged carefully by the OT's on this list as to whether you are worthy of proof or any further consideration at all.

But sticking your tongue out at OT's daring them to boot you one will be met with dead silence and you will conclude that they really have nothing and really can do nothing, and YOUR LIFE will finish some day in a very smug self satisfied grave.

And you will probably be a real snot nosed asshole in your next life in kindergarten wishing to HELL you had some OT powers to kick your teacher's butt. But NOOOOOO, smug snot nosed asshole won't have a thing because he wasted all his time thumbing his nose at real OT's in his previous life, and wouldn't take the time to word clear the Expanded Emotional Tone Scale and the Awareness Characteristic Chart to see if it would open his mind a crack to the OT levels and give him some of that proof he couldn't STAND HAVING ANYHOW!

There is justice in the world, and ain't it sweet!


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