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Another thing, if an OT has powers, he has those powers whether or not he has proved it to anyone. This is obvious. If he has powers he CAN prove it to anyone though, but whether he chooses to do so is his own prerogative, and in no way does his refusing to prove that he has them, lessen his ability to use them.

What people THINK about your power levels does not determine your power levels.

Some people might be foolish enough to claim to have powers when they don't but why are they worth any further consideration? The implication that ALL people who claim to have powers but won't prove it are self deluded is obviously illogical.

So the question really comes down to whether people really have those powers and what should they be doing with them?

Since power was lost because of misuse of power and regret, those of you who do not yet 'have' OT powers should spend some time thinking about what you would do with those powers. What lessons have you learned over the course of history?

In the first place, everyone has got OT powers, they are just using them to oppose themselves. A build your own cage kind of thing. That's why they are human.

Even if you don't have any whole track recall, you can think about how it would be unwise to use powers in this day and age and from there you might figure out how it would be wise. Then they would start coming back.

For example, if you could get out of your body and go wandering around the city, after you were done watching people making out and indulging in having children out of season and for the wrong reason, you could go on the look out for crime. If you saw a crime taking place you could have your body call it in to the police station. That would be fun, but would it be smart in the long run? Why? Why not?

If you saw some girl being raped or some child about to be murdered would this change your mind about calling the police anonymously?

What did that girl or that child do that got them into that gallery? If nothing, do they really want you interfering with their horror show?

If you could wander around the major corporations of the world and tell what they were doing, perhaps you could buy the correct stocks and sell them at the right time moving other people's money into your own pockets. Would that be wise?

With in the game, power is a privilege, and demonstration of it certainly not a right of people who do not believe in it and hope to hell it is not true. Such people rest easy when you fail to prove yourself because that is one less thing they have to worry about coming after them. They don't figure they could have power too, and even if they did they are just sure everyone would be against them anyhow. By being powerless, they can fade into the darkness and be left alone. The final dark aloneness is the grave.

The lesson learned from our past experiences as long ago OT's, is how to NOT use power once you have it. Once you know that, you can then proceed to use it to everyone's benefit. If you fail in this, you will just end up in some auditing chair of some Church of Scientology somewhere giving up your withholds again, paying a pretty penny for the right, and you wouldn't want that to happen again now would you?


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