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 >One of the main aspects of being a brainwashed person is that if the
 >brainwashing is done correctly, you have no clue that you were

One of the main aspects of being a fucking asshole is that if the fucking asshole process is done correctly you have no clue that you are a fucking asshole.

 >See above for "Why Brainwashed Persons Don't Know They've Been

See above for 'Why Fucking Assholes Don't Know They are Fucking Assholes.'

 >Actually, I believe in reincarnation, it makes so much more sense than
 >eternal Afterlife.

You mean ala Christianity? Well so what part do you not believe in Scientology? If you exist from life to life, then clearly you are not a body but a conscious unit that can exist independent of the body. All we are claiming is that you have a Divine Source and have a heritage that is far greater than you have been allowed to admit.

Further we claim that the reason you have lost that heritage of spiritual freedom and power is due to your own overts and withholds and involvement in some very nasty spiritual wars a long time ago, OF YOUR OWN CHOOSING, that we all lost, and that with this tech of confession you can get back to your original pristine state and get off the Wheel of Birth and Death. In Scientology double think techno talk that's called a CLEARED THETA CLEAR. A Theta Clear is just someone who can stay out of his body even while it is hurt.

A Cleared Theta Clear is someone who is cleared all the way up and down his track and is miles above a Theta Clear.

Its just words, what don't you believe?

There is a process in Scientology used to produce early Clears. It was 'Invent a Lie.' It worked because all of the crap the non clear was stuck in was a lie he had invented to have a game and then refused to take responsibility for. By having the being invent lies until he could out invent the mess he was in, LRH was able to spring some early beings from their bodies and produce fast clears.

 >...they should cease this mindless bickering about "all other
 >being worthless by comparison," and submit to tests of their methods
 >non-Scientologist people like myself, who have no particular bias
 >psychological methods, just against annoying supporters of those

This is fine but you are asking to muck around in an Atomic Bomb factory, and the people who produce the bombs are a bit skeptical about letting a futz like you into the area to muck around doing your own experimentation when you don't know what you are doing. Perhaps they should let you in and let you kill yourself with demons from hell, or electronics that will burn your spine up, perhaps they should just kick you out and never talk to you again for your own good.

THEY DON'T OWE YOU A DEMONSTRATION. Some people are able to know that others have the truth even though there is no demonstration. They go in and they study and they practice the tech, and on a gradient scale they produce all the demonstrations that they need.

Just what is it you wish demonstrated or proved? How could it be proved to you?

 >In other words, I'm not as Suppressive as I appear to be...

Yeah but you might turn down the stupidity a bit if you wish to be given an audience with people who can blow you up from the inside out.

Look, Scientology is very simple. You are a being who can generate tremendous electrical power, on the order of Atom Bombs. You can make stars, you can snuff them out.

If you get into wars with other beings like yourself, you will develop bad memories of throwing all this power at each other in things called 'GLARE FIGHTS'. You know, two beings trying to stare each other down, burning up gigawatts of power doing it, lighting up the night sky for parsecs around.

Given enough time and regrets you eventually start to glare YOURSELF down into a safe state, which over a longer period of time ended you up as an Earthling with out any power at all except the ability to move a body around. How do you think you do that? That is direct mind over matter. You are pushing your brain around with simple direct telekinetic power.

A full OT can just pick his body up wholesale and drag it around with him, or even fly it through the air. Ever have flying dreams? Ever crash land?

So where did all that power go? It went nowhere, it went into opposing yourself. Thus all of your OT power is ON in present time keeping you an Earthling. Every time you stand up and try to spread your wings, you get pounded down by your own 40 gigawatt power plant.

The problem is, it is all very delicately balanced, and if you go mucking around in the structure of the cage you have built for yourself, you may trigger a release of pent up OT power that will bust your spine in two. You have 2 trillion years of charged capacitors, BIG capacitors, keeping you human, and if you touch something the wrong way you can die. DEAD.

Now all Scientology is, is a way to get a being to confront, remember and confess what he regrets about having used and abused his natural power to injure either accidentally or on purpose. When he gets to a point where he feels safe having this power again he will get it back.

It's just a tad dangerous to muck around with a caged GOD, when you don't know what you are doing. Especially when that god is raging mad from having been a human for so long.

Yeah we are talking about YOU.

In fact if you go inside the Church you will find all this wonderful stuff written down in the technical bulletins, just wonderfully magic technology that would free anybody. But no body in the Church ever reads the stuff, and there is even less correct application of it. Thus a sprawling monster of religious fanatics is born composed of very dumb and ugly people, every reject ever to walk the land.

Look, you yourself said, everyone in the Church is an asshole, right? Now imagine giving THEM the run of the Atomic Bomb factory? Thank God no one in the Church can read, imagine what they would do with the material if they understood it!

So YOU gotta go in and read what LRH said, and YOU gotta apply it until YOU can burn the town down, and then you will be free again because you will be the meanest son of a bitch in the valley and demons from hell will be kissing your feet begging to work for you. And if you pay them faithfully, they will be very loyal to you.


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