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 >... as far as I know, there is no proved connection from
 >the CoS to the Mob. Get SOME evidence on this, or drop it.

You as dumb as you sound?

If I had evidence on the matter, you think I would let anyone know I had that evidence?

The GOVERNMENT deals with the mob, you think maybe the Church of Scientology is less inclined?

 >If you COULD
 >prove such a thing, you could get the FBI to smash the CoS under the
 >RICO act so fast it would NOT BE FUNNY.

I do not wish the FBI to smash the Church. I wish the ACME pest control to come and spray the place for cockroaches.

I love the Church and would defend it to the death against Scientology bashers.

However, it needs some reform and the Scientology bashers inside the Church need a bath.

 >Let's try to develop a list of specific charges for the scientology
 >bashers. As I *still* understand matters, the charges boil down to
 >1) Dianetics is a pseudoscience based on plagiarized theories,
 >which works no better (if not worse) than conventional psychology and
 >has worse side effects from it's method of application (IE: The CoS).

This is quite incorrect. Dianetics is a valid science that any one can try out for themselves. You will not run into engrams and know them as such until you start to contact some of the sorrow, anger and regret of your life. If you are a live once, die once, can't await the grave type you will have a lot of sorrow to cry before your engrams hit you square in the face.

At that point you will know for sure that engrams are real and that you have been using them all your life to build excuses into your body for not being able to cope.

Such engrams are called the Service Facsimile Chain and are a series of Motivators and Overts that you use to make others wrong, to make others succumb and to escape domination from others.

The are used to make others guilty, to say 'Look I am already hurt injured and mostly dead, leave me alone.'

Most people can not make Dianetics work because they would have to give up their fabricated illnesses and disabilities and pet ways of getting noble sympathy from others, and stand on their own two feet. This counter intention to getting better keeps them from being able to contact the charge they have pumped into their engrams.

Most people are also very busy believing their own lies, their own facades, their own excuses they have used to keep people at bay. 'That's not an engram, those are my eye glasses, it runs in the family!'

The only thing that runs in their family is diarrhea and THAT is why they need eye glasses. Run out the slave camp called early childhood, and the glasses go out the door along with the rest of their bull manure.

 >2) Dianetics hides a lack of meaning with vast amounts of Jargon.

This too is quite incorrect. Dianetics and Scientology encode more meaning that you dare to admit in a jargon that is absolutely necessary plus or minus some propensity for extremes.

The terms, lock, secondary, engram, remember, return, relive, key out, erasure, release, clear, motivator, overt, withhold, ARC Break, Present Time Problem, Service Facsimile and charge, are all absolutely necessary to this science and if you don't know what they mean then don't enter the cockpit.

By the way Dianetics as described in Dianetics, the Modern Science of Mental Health, is probably one of the biggest waste of times you will ever read. Hubbard says so himself on a number of tapes. If you are really interested in Dianetics or the Drug Rundown, you should get a hold of Dianetics Today. It is a thorough address to running 4 flow locks, secondaries and engrams on those who can contact the material.

You should also get a hold of Primal Scream and The Feeling Child, by Arthur Janov, for comparison.

 >3) The Church of Scientology ("CoS") is a corrupt racket for
 >pulling in money, which has had numerous members put in jail on
 >charges (from high up, too), and has engaged in various scare tactics
 >to try to destroy any significant opposition, no matter the form.

The Church of Scientology is an 8 cylinder engine running on 7 cylinders. It is a sprawling hierarchy of people studying everything from Dianetics up through the secret OT levels.

Most of the people in the Church are people who are honestly interested in their Eternal Futures, even yours although I can't imagine why they would waste their time with you, and most of them are engaged in an orderly progress up through the Bridge which they trust implicitly.

However the Bridge has been corrupted by those interested in their own personal fortunes, including possibly LRH himself, and also by external forces outside of the control of everyone ranging from multi million dollar corporations and governments to the illegal underworld and space aliens. No such thing? Right. Get a consciousness.

There are those in the Church who have intentions opposed to the intentions of TRUTH and DECENCY, and who have managed to purge from the Church a very large number of very able OT's who have continued in the Free Zone to research and deliver the correct technology without the mindless encumbrances of the policies and evil intentions of the few in the Church of Scientology who would see it turned from its true course.

 >Let's try to get this put together a little better than the typical
 >shouting match.

Then you should consider keeping your mouth shut on the matter as you clearly haven't the foggiest notion what you are talking about, and haven't taken the time to investigate thoroughly the claims of the Church or of Scientology, and you certainly have no business or claim as a Devil's Advocate on this list.

Would it be too much to ask that you stop referring to anonymous postings as FORGED with the attendant implication that I am doing something unethical by remaining anonymous which I am clearly not?


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