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I have never claimed to personally have, own or control OT powers. I have never stated and never will state where I am on the Scientology Bridge, what states I have attained, or what abilities I do or do not have either supernatural or otherwise.

Any efforts to FORCE, threaten or otherwise harass or harm me or my loved ones into making such statements or proving such abilities will be met with criminal prosecution.

For the record I make the following claims. These may or may not arise out of my own personal observation or may rest solely on circumstantial evidence, or worse delusions of grandeur.

They are not made to prove any thing to anyone, or make, force or cajole anyone into believing anything about anything. At best they are for your information concerning material you might wish to pursue further. At worst they are for your amusement only. Adults only please.

We are spiritual beings, our basis is CONSCIOUSNESS not physical matter. Indeed the physical universe does not exist at all but is a mind projection created by SOURCE.

As such, our heritage as Divine Spiritual Beings is all the power and abilities attendant upon willingness and ability to exercise that Source to its fullest. This includes feats of mental and physical prowess that would be considered supernatural by some and impossible by others.

These OT powers as they are called in the Church of Scientology are potentially available in everyone, as not only does everyone have a soul, everyone IS a soul and an Immortal Soul to boot.

I further state that there are always beings on this planet who have these powers, and that these powers have been attained by others who have traveled out the top of the Standard Scientology Bridge. It is possible that the presently offered Bridge in the Church does not go as high as it might, but in the Free Zone the Bridge goes as high as beings have been able to make it go with the potential of going higher.

With competition comes quality and affordability.

I might also state that L. Ron Hubbard and many of his early preclears travelled this Bridge in its entirety and thus had many of the powers that they have described in their writings to one degree or another. There is quite a range from being able to lift a brick off the ground to being able to snuff our stars. It is all a gradient scale which each being can walk along to greater personal freedom and ability.

Most people do not need to snuff out stars, it would be nice if there were only peace on Earth. However any OT worth his salt, any FULL OT WHICH I AM NOT, should be able to move out of his body at will, move his body and other objects of a reasonable size by direct mental attention, read minds of other people by looking directly at their mental image pictures and even leave this universe entirely and wander around the next one out.

The main problem with this theory is that when people take a good look at it, they run square into the middle of their OT III Wall of Fire which ends them up in an Overwhelm of magnitude. However not only does LRH discuss the idea that the external universe is a mental mockup, if this is indeed true, it should be easy to prove to yourself with a little thought and courage.

As LRH has said, 'there may be such a thing as courage, but there is no such thing as sanity totally opposed'.

It is true that if you believe in the existence of the physical universe, then it would be nigh impossible to explain how a meat body could have any OT powers. Such powers would be very hard to explain needing an almost unfathomably complex and ridiculous physical theory to explain it. Further since the existence of these powers are not needed to explain any presently known physical universe phenomenon, Occam's Razor would ask that you not bring them into the equation in the first place.

Conversely the existence of such powers would immediately throw doubt on the existence of the external physical universe, and one might find a better theory by starting off with CONSCIOUSNESS and CONSCIOUS BEINGS as the fundamental building blocks of existence rather than cold and uncaring matter, energy, space and time.

In the presence of OT powers, Occam's Razor would request that you look at the possibility that Life is a Hologram of Source.

In this case the mind and soul are not made of the light picture we call a body, and so do not depend on its existence to live. This immediately leads to the conclusion that personality, memory, consciousness and anything else associated with your true beingness are not contained in the functionality of the body, but are resident in YOU and you take them with you when you leave the body at death.

There remains the question that if all this is true, how come we don't remember any of our past lives? I leave the answer up to the reader to solve for himself.

That these views outrage the sensibilities of the 'made of meat crowd', does not change the fact that they are just views presented for your amusement or enlightenment depending on your own proclivities.

 >...but unless
 >at least circumstantial evidence exists, I don't think a court
 >would allow that it (OT powers) exists.

The incontrovertible fact remains that it is totally impossible to prove that OT powers do not exist, just as it is impossible to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you really disappear forever when you die. However one simple demonstration of OT power would conclusively prove that OT powers did exist and one simple memory of a between lives event would prove to you that you had lived before.

You can never prove that something does not exist, any more than you can prove that Unicorns do not exist.

Further there is no absolute proof that the external physical universe exists as actual matter, energy, space and time. All of your evidence about its existence comes through your consciousness, and there is no way to prove that it is not being projected from within. I am sure that such statements make the more unstable of us murderously mad as they can not confront the ramifications of such a preposterous theory.

However there is no proof that the world is not a dream, and if the world IS a dream, then it is clearly an OT power just to be in the dream sharing it with others and 'not having any OT powers at all'. And in fact that would then be the route back to OT. Once you were able to CREATE your present state of NOT having OT powers, you would be RE OPERATING your OT powers, and you could then willingly cease to use them to oppose yourself, and start using them to HAVE OT powers.

This is called in Scientology, taking responsibility for your condition. It means to own up to having created the powerless condition you were in, in the first place, as creating THAT mess was an OT power of magnitude. Only a God can limit himself. And it takes true God power to do so. If this begins to freak you out, remember OT III and the Wall of Fire. Be cool and let it go.

As the Bible says, 'Remember the Battle and do no more.'

 >And thus, why should I not go looking for a
 >straightjacket for your birthday?

Because you do not really know for sure who is right or wrong, and America was based on the foundations of freedom of thought and personal rights to religious belief, and if my religion says we are all spirits, and that the world is a co dream and that all spirits can walk the road to Godhood, then who are you to lock me up?

You could never prove the theory wrong even if it were wrong, and yet if the theory were right it could be demonstrated with ease if anyone had the guts or ability to do so.

I hope others on this list are taking a very good look at you, as you have finally shown your true colors.

You have switched over from using the word BRAINWASHING to STRAIGHT JACKETS.

Those who wish to put people in straight jackets for their religious or scientific BELIEFS were themselves put in a straight jacket long ago and are still in one.

 >I would stipulate that done at random, it would cause
 >people to freak out big time; pillars of fire floating in the
 >night tend to freak out the masses.
 >However, if you were to contact a physics department and told
 >them that you were going to take a chunk of concrete and hold
 >it telekinetically 1.5 meters above the floor... they would
 >probably be happy to let you do a simple demonstration, and
 >then go investigate it once you did. Most scientists are willing
 >to accept someone coming up with something new... however odd.

This is your opinion. I stipulate that most scientists, unless they had a VERY spiritual background, would drop their smocks, go screaming out the doors and become very very unstable for the rest of their lives. The OT III Wall of Fire is the source of all your childhood nightmares, it is an incident of such magnitude that no one is WILLING to be an OT anymore. It would be highly destructive to ANYONE not well braced or trained in OTdom to demonstrate any inkling of the kind of power I am talking about.

This is my opinion. If I had such powers, which I do not claim, I would have to make the final decision in such matters and the consequences would rest on my shoulders if my actions should come to great damage to even one human being.

 >It is possible
 >and consistent with some religions for not EVERYONE to have a soul.

Yes and no doubt you are one such person.

 >Nor have I
 >seen evidence that spirits exist, or that if spirits exist, humans
 >are lucky enough to have them.

This is more a statement about your own contact with your own consciousness and the nature of that consciousness than it has any bearing on scientific fact. When you look in the mirror, do you see a meatball or a conscious unit?

 >You're still jumping to conclusions. Have you ever
 >considered that your soul might NOT be immortal?

The question is does the external physical universe exist, and is consciousness and the soul merely a conglomeration of atoms and electrons whirring around? Or is consciousness something different than the physical brain? Does the brain even exist or is it all just a picture in consciousness? If you are going to insist on the existence of external rock, then surely my whole viewpoint is bunk as your consciousness is raw meat and will die when the body dies.

That's not a Mortal Soul, thats incipient carrion.

Now even if I am right, your soul might still be mortal, I merely state for your amusement that it is not, and you will find this out on OT IV.

I am not sure anyone has ever done OT IV properly, but if they had, that's the EP of it.

 >As for doing something to me, I
 >believe Scientology says that Thetans are indestructible; thus,
 >if he HAS the truth and fries this lump of flesh, "I" still
 >exist, and in not much worse shape. No loss. If he chooses
 >a less destructive demo, all's well, and I learn something.
 >SO NO MATTER WHAT, I'm no worse off for asking for the proof.

Quite true. Notice however the word ASK.

So far you have been DEMANDING with self righteous indignation.

 >Plus, it gives me a chance to find out whether this individual
 >is indeed in dire need of a very long sleeved white jacket.

So now who is the loon? Or is violent religious bigot more to the point? How about fanatical Inquisitor and Secret Soul Police of the One True No Way?

Am I the only one who thinks threatening me for my beliefs is a little out of line and in fact demonstrates your own personal unfitness for life in American Society?

 >>     Look, why apriori should he put up or shut up.
 >He should demonstrate this, so that we have reason not to
 >call for the nice men in the white coats, with the very long
 >sleeved white jacket.

What I see you doing is trying to FORCE him to prove his position by threatening his personal sovereignty. This is exactly why OT's never talk about their OT powers except in certain company because it sets into motion a whole very dangerous chain reaction of disbelievers trying to destroy them. For their own good of course and to protect society from those silly false beliefs.

The FACT is that even if an OT DID prove he had such powers, previous disbelievers would STILL try to put him away in an insane asylum, because the one thing they fear more than someone who falsely claims to have powers, is someone who really does have power.

Any OT can be overcome if enough people attack him or his non OT friends. Only a few would give him notice if he merely came out and claimed he had powers. A whole world could come out in violent force if he actually demonstrated it.

Thus you will NEVER find ANYONE demonstrating OT power except perhaps privately to you as your last breath. They would make sure you had no memory of it in your next life too, by crushing it out with more force than you could easily duplicate. Just as people convulsively forget traumatic incidents in this life that are too painful to remember, just so could an OT make sure that your memory of his demonstration would be too painful to remember for many lifetimes.

And lastly, if you ever did manage to corner an OT and somehow make him demonstrate his powers against his will, you would have made an enemy for life of magnitude and now that you KNOW he had powers, you would have opened a small Pandora's Box for yourself, no?

 >Sure. So is the Amazing Randi... and what's more, he'll
 >pay $10000 to anyone who DOES convince him that psychic powers

OT's that demonstrate power to make money are despicable. You know its fine for you to say 'well they are just saying that because they can't really do it, nyah, nyah, ny, nyah, nyah'.

 >You can't be sure of anything.

Precisely, which is why no OT will ever demonstrate power to you for any reason period. And if you continue to make threats about straight jackets and things, he won't even mention he has the power to you, and everyone else on earth will find out about it, get the power, and you will be last to know.

 >Not exactly. You will have to accept that I consider you
 >to be a threat to society due to your self-delusion, and should
 >thus be institutionalized. Your proof is requested to give me
 >reason to try to do otherwise.

Frankly I think YOU are a threat to society because of your delusion that I am a threat to society. You have not demonstrated how I would be a threat just because I believed that OT powers were possible to attain.

 >To summarize: you seem to believe something, which, if it was
 >not true, would qualify you as a potentially dangerous lunatic.

This is an assertion of magnitude. Half the civilized world believes in reincarnation and the spiritual journey, astral travel, telepathy and spiritual powers, not to mention devils and gods and goddesses. That they are all over 'there' in the Orient and Middle East does not lessen the fact that you are going to run out of straight jackets very soon.

 >it cannot be CERTAIN that a demonstration of some sort would convince
 >me of the validity of your belief, it is likely that it would be good
 >enough if I set the nature of the demonstration.

I am sorry, if I had such powers, which I do not claim, your 'likely' would not be sufficient for me to feel safe demonstrating them to you. Not to mention your tiny little attitude problem concerning freedom of religion, congregation, practice and belief.

 >I feel that the hour
 >and 1.5 meter 2 kg chunk of concrete demonstration would be fully
 >enough to convince me if it were done as above; I don't think that I
 >could be deceived into believing such a thing barring pentathol
 >assisted hypnosis (I make a VERY bad hypnotic subject).

I am sure that you could be easily convinced. The question is how long would it last until you finally decided that it was all a hallucination that it ever occurred on your part and YOU went and got a straight jacket for yourself?

Now THERE's a pleasant thought. Perhaps I can entice an OT someone on the net somewhere to do a demo for you.

YEOOOOOW! Ouch! Sorry I brought it up.

 >3) I submit that such a person is a threat to society and should
 >be locked up.

I submit that anyone who thinks that his guilt is alleviated by the death of Christ on the Cross is a threat to society and should be locked up.

I submit that anyone who does not accept that his guilt is alleviated by the death of Christ on the Cross is a threat to society and should be locked up.

I submit that anyone who is a homosexual or a lesbian is a threat to society and should be locked up.

I submit that anyone who is opposed to abortion is a threat to society and should be locked up.

I submit that anyone who is for abortion is a threat to society and should be locked up.

I submit that anyone who is for gun control is a threat to society and should be locked up.

I submit that anyone who is against gun control is a threat to society and should be locked up.

I submit that anyone who is for segregation is a threat to society and should be locked up.

I submit that anyone who is against segregation is a threat to society and should be locked up.

I submit that anyone who thinks that we are all Spiritual Beings with Divine Source as our heritage should be locked up.

 >7) No demonstration could be ABSOLUTELY certain of permanently
 >convincing me, as far as you know. (There is no surety this side
 >of the grave.


Date/Locate the implant that contains that phrase.

Not true. You can be gotten out of a body while it is still alive, that's all that happens when you die, you get out. If you are out now, and you can wander around and you can move objects, then you have all the evidence you would need. You need to get to OT VI to have all those abilities, but you would regain much of your memory for those abilities and WHY YOU LOST them way down near the bottom of the bridge. So really just get some auditing, and specify that you want your memory back, and not just some false memory either, but verifiable memory, and see what happens.

If I were a loon as you allege then perhaps I could not confront being wrong. But actually a demo might fail for many reasons, not unlike being unable to get a hard-on around some girl who turns you off. I would have to go nurse my wounds for sure. But I might come back and try again. Or I might realize that I can only do it sometimes, and you would just have to be there when the power flowed. Maybe some OT's can only do it when it is RIGHT to do and if you ain't there you miss it, sort of like a shooting star.

 >10) If such a demonstration failed, I would feel no reason not
 >to go ahead with commitment proceedings.


Sorry, you make a bad risk when it comes to demos.

 >Doesn't claiming you have powers
 >count as "letting someone know"? It doesn't PROVE it or anything...

Well an OT telling you he had power would not really be letting you know because you would write it off as a joke. So I mean I would not let someone KNOW I had power unless we both had it, and OT's who have that kind of power can read each others minds and tell they do anyhow so its really no problem knowing who to go romping around the universe with.

But actually I would not even STATE that I had power if I did, because of all the fucking assholes that would come after me with straightjackets screaming PROVE IT OR DIE!

Its like, why walk into a hornets nest waving a stick?

 >I'm an engineer: if I can measure it, I might believe it.

In other words your own memory is not a source of certainty to you, just as your own consciousness is not a source of certainty that you are a soul?

If your memory of your own power times is invalid to you as possibly deluded, then how much more shaky would your memory of someone else's demonstration of power be?


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