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There are three kinds of minds corresponding to three different case states.

     2.) OPEN   MINDS
     3.) FREE   MINDS

The purpose of a mind is to observe data, draw conclusions, make decisions and act.

The CLOSED mind has already made its mind up regardless of the evidence or data presented to it. Its opinion does not change with the flow of incoming data. It is stuck in an ARBITRARY CONCLUSION which results in a FIXED DECISION which produces CHRONIC WRONG ACTION.

The OPEN mind refuses to make up its mind regardless of what data or evidence comes its way. It HAS no opinion and stays that way no matter what it learns. It is stuck in an ARBITRARY NO CONCLUSION which results in a FIXED NO DECISION which produces CHRONIC NO ACTION.

A FREE mind is able to draw conclusions accurately from the data at hand, make decisions swiftly and then act effectively.

Most people would claim that having a closed mind is a bad thing. But the Church considers a closed mind a good thing because they don't want anyone to consider anything right other than the Church.

Most people would claim that having an open mind is a good thing, but what they mean by an open mind is what we are calling here a free mind. An open mind is someone who can never draw a conclusion or make a decision or adjudicate relative rightness or wrongness. The Church doesn't like open minds because such people never make their minds up that the Church is a good thing and ought to be continued.

But what the Church fears most is a FREE mind.

Scientology bashers have closed minds in that they have a fixed decision against Scientology regardless of the facts.

Scientology Churchies have closed minds in that they have a fixed decision for the Church regardless of the facts.

Free Zoners have free minds and can keep the Church and Scientology separate.

The unfortunate aspect is that the Church is RIFE from top to bottom with people who are not Scientologists. They have never made any case gain, they either have a closed mind against Scientology or a closed mind for Scientology, or an open mind that can never learn what's true. Such people are in the Church because it is a JOB. It pays well, it allows them the freedom and license to dramatize for a powerful organization, and it allows them to remain the closed or open mind that they are.

No FREE mind would attack the Free Zone.

No FREE mind would mindlessly attack Scientology.

The Church is a citadel of Corruption, Temptation and Seduction and will soon go the way of all flesh if it does not clean up its act.

Scientology is a spark of fire in the cold dark night of the Soul, fan the flames of Truth well.


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