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Editor's note: This posting is very long, maybe 40 pages or so. I have broken it up into parts for distribution on the net, but it is supposed to be considered as a whole. Because it is so long, it would perhaps be better to read it in sections with some time to digest the first part before you go on to the next part.

The last part contains some significant tech that you can use on yourself and others, to make case gain or to prove to yourself there is case gain to be made. It is NOT standard Scientology Technology so be forewarned. However all of the concepts discussed in this posting including the tech concepts can be found in the works of LRH or other Free Zoners.

I suggest you squirrel this posting away, print it out at your leisure, and study it carefully to see if anything useful might be gleaned.


>I was on lines at the San Diego Org from '73 to '84 and I saw a lot
>of changes take place from bad to worse to much improved.  Several SPs
>were cleaned out, ethics, admin and tech gotten in.        ^^^^^^^ ^^^
 ^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^
 >>  This terminology is interesting.  Could you go into detail?
>no.  he can't.  scientology, like any other cult, uses loaded terms to
>keep their members from thinking.

LOADED TERM is a loaded term and so is CULT for that matter, and both are used by anti cult types to fog the matter.

So is SWAYED and BRAINWASHED, often used by parents of members of any group. In my experience those who use the term brainwashing the most, are not only trying to do the most brainwashing themselves, but have also been the most brainwashed.

Those who think that belief in past lives is brainwashing, have been brainwashed and have brainwashed others in between lives to think so.

 > A destructive cult typically has its own "loaded language" of
 > words and expressions.

And non destructive cults don't? Every specialized area on earth has a language of its own, the military, every science, every religion, EVERYTHING.

Is the science of human anatomy a destructive cult because it has a complex language of its own?

Does being a cult imply you have a specialized language?

Does having a specialized language imply you are a cult?

Cult is itself a loaded term used by the anti cultists, forgetting that cult comes from the word CULTURE, something these bozos should get a piece of.

>i doubt there is a single scientologist reading this group that could
>explain even these simple loaded terms.  Hell, I couldn't even get a
>scientologist to explain 'pc' to me, and this was after i had read a
>number of scientology writings.
>hell, I dare any of you scientology weenies to try and explain either
>'pc' or the quoted loaded terms without using any scientology speak.
>bet you can't do it!

This is beneath contempt, I don't see how bragging about your own stupidity will help your cause any.

Anyhow just to see how low I can go, I undertake to win this bet.


1.) A PC is a Personal Computer upon which terminally dumb idiots write endless drivel because of their MIS UNDERSTOOD WORDS.

Sorry, I just couldn't resist that.

So we will take up each term in order, first defining it in its Scientology jargon, and then reducing it to normal language.

One of the reasons that so much new jargon had to be invented in Scientology is that the field of the human mind has been left to the Religion types and the Psychiatric types for so long that it is still in the dark ages relative to the other physical sciences.

Most people won't even admit to the existence of CONSCIOUSNESS as something real and different from their raw meat brains. They think that Spirits are something you drink. So of course there are no words to describe the various attributes of Spirit or Consciousness, or Spirits (THETANS).

This is not totally correct, because Eastern philosophy and even psychology have a rich language for studying the mind and the soul, its just not in good repute at the moment.

The problem is they never came up with a WORKABLE science of the mind or soul, so they never came up with a worthwhile language to describe it.

Workable means getting rid of all those psychosomatic disturbances in your body such as your eye glasses, your fat, your fear of death, your chronic injustices, your sinusitis, your colds, your headaches, your drug, nicotine, caffeine and aspirin addictions, your thumb sucking, your meat whacking, your nightmares, your daymares, your broken relationships, your cruelty, your lack of memory of your whole track, your guilt, your anger, your fear, your sorrow, your lack of goals, your lack of accomplishments, your despair etc.

Workable means after all the pig shit has been removed, you should be happy to be alive, happy to live forever (which you were going to do anyhow) and well aware of who you are, what you have done, how you got into this mess (of being a body) and how to not have it happen again until you should so wish.

Workable also means revitalizing your long lost original goals and basic purposes, the ones you had when you last felt good about life. Goals are things like 'To speak the Truth', 'To build a new Civilization', 'To do something worthwhile' etc.

Workable also means rehabilitating your art and ability to produce beauty for yourself and your friends. Along with this comes the realization that your life is itself and always has been, a master piece, a work of art, even though it does have its dark moments, like the ones you are living in now.


But Scientology does have other words that are not normal language,

     ARC Breaks, a sudden sundering of A, R, C or U.
     KRC Breaks, a sudden sundering of K, R, C, or L.
     BDH Breaks, a sudden sundering of B, D, H, or E.

There are also terms like PRESENT TIME PROBLEM or PTP for short. A problem is defined as a situation where your goals or INTENTIONS are OPPOSED by someone else's goals or intentions. This is called an intention counter-intention situation. A counter intention is someone else's intention, but it is often used to mean someone else's intention that is opposed to your own. Others of course can have aligned intentions with your own - they agree with you and are fighting with you against those things that oppose you and your goals.

You can also have counter intentions to yourself. You can oppose yourself, and here in lies the magic of Scientology, because once all of the decisions of the being to oppose himself have been alleviated along the whole track, he expands out to a state of full OT. There is nothing holding him down but himself.

Thus helping a person comes down to mainly showing him how to untie his own knots, Gordian Knots though they may be.

The knots consist entirely of his goals and goals in opposition to his goals and the actions he took to deal with the problems these oppositions presented him.

Long term fights between opposing forces that never win and never lose form something in the mind called a GOALS PROBLEMS MASS, its a hunk of mental rock that sticks in your face and you make yourself sick with it, usually to get sympathy from those giving you no sympathy.

They also make you human and prevent you from being a full OT.

Your average Goals Problems Mass (GPM) has a subjective size of about a 10 story building and you are sitting square in the center of it with your body. You have many such GPM's of varying sizes, age and intensity. You have an earliest and most important one too. THAT's the one that Scientology is trying to clear up.

Scientology also has a lot to do with WITHHOLDS, those things that 1.) you have done which you regretted and are trying like hell to never do again, and 2.) those things that you have done or are doing that you don't want others to know about, including yourself.

A MISSED WITHHOLD is when someone ELSE does something that makes you wonder if they know about what you are trying to hide from them. Do they know, do they not know, I don't know! Its your wondering if they know or not, or even if they are just wondering.

An M/U is a misunderstood or not understood word, phrase or idea. For example until I defined M/U, it may have been a misunderstood for you. Worse is when people think they know the meaning of a word but they have it wrong, and the context in which it is used begins to not make sense, so they get foggy and cranky and yawny and they quit.

Ok, a PC is a PRE CLEAR, one who is not yet CLEAR.

A CLEAR is a thetan who can be at cause knowingly and at will over mental matter, energy, space and time as regards survival for self on the first dynamic.

You are a THETAN.

A thetan is you and me, we are NOT BODIES, we are IN bodies. A thetan is an awareness of awareness unit, a pride source, a being that is aware of being aware. An exterior thetan is a being who is out of his body. An Operating Thetan is one who has regained his full power over all matter energy space and time as regards survival on all 8 dynamics. They can materialize matter for others, they can move things without the use of a body, they can kill at a distance, they can read minds and they are a real danger to have around if you have anything less than honorable intentions about you.

There is a gradient scale that one progresses through from the human made of meat level, through the Scientology Grades, through the state of Clear, through the lower baby OT levels, up to the real OT levels above OT 8.

Each level or grade is an accomplishment of significance and has an exact End Phenomenon which means that once you attain that you get to go on to the next level.

The Scientology Bridge has been rearranged in recent years, but in general the levels of achievement and their End Phenomenon are as listed below. The term 'release' means that that section of the bank has been keyed out but not yet entirely erased which happens at Grade VII or Clear, but sometimes this can happen earlier.

The Scientology Bridge.

     1.) Group Auditing Completion
         Knows that Scientology works and should be continued.
     2.) Life Repair
         Awareness of Truth and the way to Personal Integrity and
         Freedom.  Check out 110.0 AWARENESS and 100.0 TRUTH on the
         Expanded Emotional Tone Scale.  ((EXM-3))
     3.) Drug Rundown
         Free from the harmful effects of drugs, alcohol and medicine
         and free from the need to use them.  This includes cigarettes.
     4.) ARC Straightwire, Recall Release
         Knows he or she won't get any worse.  Straightwire refers to
         drawing a straight wire directly from the pc to his memory.
     5.) Dianetics Case Completion
         A well and happy human being.
     6.) Grade 0 Communication, Communications Release
         Flow 1: Ability to communicate freely with anyone on any
         Flow 2: Willing for others to communicate to him freely
         on any subject.
         Flow 3: Will permit others to communicate about anything to
         others, no jealousy.
         Flow 4: Willing to let himself in on anything, willing to
         communicate to himself about anything.

The Church has never attained this state and never will.

     7.) Grade I Problems, Problems Release
         Flow 1: Ability to recognize the source of problems and make
         them vanish.
         Flow 2: Feels free about any problems others have with him and
         recognize the source of them.
         Flow 3: Feels free about other's problems with or about others
         and can recognize the source of them.
         Flow 4:  No longer a problem to himself unless he wants to be.

'What distinguishes civilized Man as MAN is that he is mired into PROBLEMS which just get worse the more he "solves" them. The being who can recognize the actual source of problems and so see them vanish is too rare to be easily comprehended. Man solves his problems. A being in a higher state looks at them and they vanish. These are fantastic phenomena here...' -LRH

     8.) Grade II Withholds, Relief Release
         Freedom from the hostilities and sufferings of life.
         Flow 1: Ability to be cause without fear of hurting others.
         Flow 2: Is willing for others to be cause over him.
         Flow 3: Is willing for others to be cause over others without
         feeling the need to intervene.
         Flow 4: Is willing to be cause over himself.
     9.) Grade III ARC Breaks, Freedom Release
         Freedom from the upsets of the past and ability to face
         the future.
         Flow 1: Ability to face the future.  Ability to experience
         sudden changes without getting upset.
         Flow 2: Allows others the beingness to be the way they are
         and to chose their own future; can also cause changes in
         another's life with out ill effect.
         Flow 3: Is willing for change and interplay to occur between
         Flow 4: No longer upset with self.
    10.) Grade IV Service Facsimiles, Ability Release
         Moving out of fixed conditions and gaining abilities to
         do new things.
         Flow 1:  Ability to do new things.  Ability to face life
         without need to justify own actions, defend self from others.
         Can be right or wrong.
         Flow 2: Can tolerate the fixed ideas and habits of others
         towards self and does not feel the need to respond in a like
         manner.  No longer in need to make others guilty.
         Flow 3: Can tolerate fixed conditions amongst others and
         does not get involved by others efforts to justify, dominate
         or be defensive about their actions against others.
         Flow 4: No longer trying to win by losing.
    11.) Expanded Dianetics, Evil Intentions
         Freedom from cruel impulses and chronic unwanted conditions.
         Able to act without restraint.
    12.) Grade V, Power, Power Release
         Ability to handle Power.  Freedom from detested parts of the
         track.  No longer subject to Corruption, Temptation and

The Church has never attained this state and never will.

    13.) Grade VA, Power, Power Plus Release
         Recovery of Knowledge.
    14.) Grade VI, Whole Track, Whole Track Release
         Return of powers to act on own determinism.  Freedom
         from dramatization.
    15.) Grade VII, Clear
         Ability to be at cause over mental matter, energy, space
         and time as regards survival for self on the first dynamic.

The End Phenomenon of the OT levels were at one time declassified, but are now considered confidential.

    16.) OT I
         Freedom from the inability to identify self in relation to
         others, and the physical universe.  They have regained the
         ability to be extroverted, and attained the awareness of
         one self as a thetan in relation to others and the physical
    17.) OT II
         Ability to confront and perceive the whole track with
         immaculate perception and recall.  Ability to see other beings
    18.) OT III, Wall of Fire
         No more Body Thetans.  Freedom from overwhelm and a return
         of full self determinism.
    19.) OT IV
         Awareness of Self as an Immortal Being.  Stable
    20.) OT V
         Freedom from fixated introversion into the MEST universe and
         refamiliarizes a thetan exterior with the physical universe.
   21.)  OT VI
         Freedom to operate exterior, gains the ability to operate
         fully as a thetan exterior in a pan-determined fashion,
         and it also extends the influence of the thetan to the
         universe of others.  Pan-determined means able to control
         and play both sides of a game.
    22.) OT VII
         Ability to project intention.
    24.) OT VIII, Truth Revealed.
         The ability to be at cause knowingly and at will over thought,
         life, form, matter, energy, space and time, subjective and
         objective.  It is rare but it has been achieved.
    25.) OT IX, Orders of Magnitude
    26.) OT X, Character
    27.) OT XI, Operating
    28.) OT XII, Future

So that is the Scientology Bridge, something you should not dismiss out of hand, and you should watch out for people who do.

Let's get back to the definition of CLEAR.

A DYNAMIC is a personal urge towards survival. Its like when you get up in the morning, what do you want to do? Those dynamic urges are your thrusters for the day, for that lifetime, or for your whole track, including your future.

Actually a dynamic is an urge to indulge in the complete cycle of action, CREATE SURVIVE DESTROY. START CHANGE STOP. Everything has a beginning, a middle and an end. Every work of art, every project, every life, every everything except for the thetan himself, which lasts forever and is above time.

Anything created has a start and then a growth period, then a surviving period, then a slow decline and a conservatory period, and then a final demise. This is followed by another such cycle with something new. Each day in your life follows it, each life follows it, each universe follows it.

Its called a CYCLE of ACTION, a term stolen from the Bhagavad Gita. A being becomes psychotic on any subject once he becomes totally devoted to STOPPING it with out any consideration of STARTING IT. He is parked at the end of the START-CONTINUE-STOP cycle with out reaching over even a little bit to the START part of the cycle. In doing this, he is denying any responsibility for having started the situation in the first place. By saying 'I did not start it I am only going to STOP it', he denies total responsibility for his condition and sets himself up as total effect to something else's cause, whatever he considers did start it.

The present Church of Scientology is totally devoted to stopping squirrels, their name for Free Zoners and the Independent Scientology movement. They have no responsibility, or so they claim, for having created squirrels in the first place, thus they can only fight the good fight and try to STOP squirreling activities from happening. Thus the Squirrels and the Free Zone is growing without bounds and the Church of Scientology is headed down the tubes.

If they really wanted to end the Free Zone, they would have to admit what they did to alienate people in the first place, but that would involve a complete confession and most Churchies wouldn't know how to get a confession if their life depended on it, especially from themselves. They have yet to figure out what to do with an E-meter except make them more expensive.

Thus as Ron says, do not send for whom the bell tolls, because it tolls for you bozo. If you are going to go out and fight evil, you gotta put the evil THERE first, before you can go out and try to get rid of it. This is total responsibility. This is exercising START before you exercise STOP.

The cycle of action is a circle, after STOP comes a new START. So anyone who is totally devoted to starting something without any consideration of having stopped it, is just as nuts.

So although Ron and the following discussion use the word SURVIVAL a lot, we both really mean CREATE-SURVIVE-DESTROY, we mean indulgence in the entire cycle of action from beginning to end and then all over again at your leisure.

There are 8 commonly discussed dynamics in the Church, and 16 in the Free Zone.

The first dynamic is the urge towards survival as yourself. A Clear is a master of survival for himself.

You are not your body, you and your body form a 3rd dynamic GROUP. Thus being a master of survival for yourself does not necessarily mean that you are a master of survival for you and your body. For that you would have to be a 3rd dynamic clear (OT III).

The second dynamic is the urge towards survival as a family. It includes you, your parents, your grand parents, all of your ancestors, your mate, your children, their children and all of their future progeny and their mates.

The second dynamic includes sex, boy-girl stuff, tits and penises, getting pregnant, having children, birth, and caring for and raising kids. It also includes being cared for and being raised by your parents. In short the second dynamic consists of your parents and parents in law, you, your mate, and your children. And don't forget siblings. The second dynamic is FAMILY stretching out into the past and into the future and all that that entails and all the activities and goals that revolve around being, doing and having Parents, Mates and Children or in other words Families.

The second dynamic has to do with creating beings who can create beings.

The third dynamic is the urge towards survival as a group. The three Musketeers. One for all and all for one. Being a Scientologist. Being a Churchie. Being a Christian. Being a Jew. Being a nuclear physicist. You belong to many many groups, at work, at play, at religion, at school. Your primary group in life has to do with your career, your chosen course of action that you use to produce income to make a living. That group consists of everyone else in that same career that you could communicate with and share experiences with. If you are a programmer you work with other programmers. That's your primary third dynamic group. But ANY group that you belong to is another third dynamic group, and the collection of all these groups that you belong to comprise your total third dynamic impulses.

One of the most important aspects of your third dynamic, especially the group of people in the same career as yours, is that this is a group of FAMILIES. You have a farm and your whole family is on the farm. Your career is a farmer. Your primary third dynamic is other farmers. They also have families on their farms. Thus the the primary third dynamic is ultimately a group of families inter relating towards the goals of survival.

The fourth dynamic is your urge towards survival as all Mankind. Actually its the super group of all people in all possible careers. That just happens to include everyone on Earth. The fourth dynamic is pretty sick at the moment. The Christians hate the Jews, the Jews hate the Arabs, and the Arabs hate the Christians. Each group wishes that the other groups did not exist. From the fourth dynamic point of view that's like the heart wishing the lungs didn't exist. Because the planet spends so much time with in-fighting, there is no outward awareness of external danger, nor is there a planet wide effort to protect the HIGH US from external threats. Like Asteroids.

That's called the fourth dynamic engram which isn't being audited at present time. Everyone is in the loony bin throwing rockets at each other.

This includes the Churchies and the Free Zoners.

All our funds go towards building walls against each other, and the men to arm the parapets and the missles to shoot them down. When the heart is at war with the lungs, the body dies.

The fifth dynamic is your urge towards survival as all living biological organisms, both animal and plant. Those who take care of animals or plants, or those who tend to their bodies with nurturance and care are indulging in their fifth dynamic impulses. The fifth dynamic is also badly abused at this time what with pollution and all, and pretty soon the fourth dynamic, mankind, will find out that he can't live alone without a few other plants and animals flourishing and prospering around him.

The sixth dynamic is your urge towards survival as the entire physical universe, which is a co-dream by the way. The physical universe is sort of a huge projection in consciousness, a virtual reality made of the apparency of 'out-there-ness', when really the source of the projection is inside YOU. What is real is inside you, what is outside are color form projections that only behave as if they are solid and existed before you did. This is why you can get out of your body, and live across life time boundaries. You are not a body, you are a projector of bodies. You are occupying your own arcade game critters for the moment. Time itself is part of the projection, although the source of the projection is Eternal.

Divinity is the source of space, time and mountains. You and your consciousness are the lens through which the projection takes place. The projection can only take place if you ask it to do so. You can however cause yourself to get stuck with it for a while.

The source of the projection is called Source by the way, and it is not a thetan, its what grounds and connects thetans so they can share and co-project spaces and times.

The 6th dynamic includes all projections of matter, energy, space and time. Anyone working in the field of architecture, or city planning or parklands or even mountain rangers, are tending to and taking care of the physical universe, which is after all the playing field upon which all other games of this life take place.

Taking care of the planet as a whole, keeping its air clean, its water pure, its land arable and its space non radioactive are all part of the sixth dynamic urge to survive as a physical universe entity.

People think that the physical universe created them. This is an inversion. You are creating the physical universe and are quite senior to it. You indulge in 'I am the Creature and not the Creator' in order to have a game. It's called APPARENCIES ARE REALITY at 26.0 on the Expanded Tone Scale.

The seventh dynamic is your urge towards survival as a Spirit. This includes all thetans, demons and devils, gods and goddesses, angels, and souls everywhere, and even includes God or the Supreme Commander of this universe.

THETAN is an all encompassing term that means anyone of the above. Anything living and conscious is a thetan, an Immortal Conscious Dream Unit connected to Source with Will and Responsibility, although some exception might have to be made for the Churchies.

The seventh dynamic is a huge sprawling hierarchy of life, of living souls, doing one thing or another, from supremely powerful creative spirits at the top, to endless numbers of small and playful elementals that make up the atomic structure and molecular levels of the physical universe. Everything has a body, and every body has a soul. Some are very advanced, some are very young. Some are self aware, some are only aware much as a dog or a new born infant is.

Each atom has a being, each molecule has another being with it, each cell has a being with it, each organ has a being. And each whole body has a being. The human body is made of millions of smaller organizations of physical entities, each of which has a spirit associated with it. These elemental beings, or GENETIC ENTITIES as the Scientologists like to call them, have their own personality, their own memory and their own abilities. But they are very simple and underdeveloped. They are playful, adorable and enjoy being bodies no end.

The entire physical universe is itself the body of a very big Being.

Then inside this hierarchy is you and me, wandering spirits who have become attached to our bodies much as a cowboy becomes attached to his horse. We are very advanced beings, who are well on our way out of this universe to even higher states. Our present dwelling on Earth in such gloom is a detour mandated by our actions a few eons back. As LRH has said, Earth is an egress terminal for this universe at this time.

That is if you are smart enough to take advantage of what wisdom blows your way.

The Eighth dynamic is the urge towards survival as INFINITY. This is your impulse towards Immortality which you can't lose. It is also your impulse to indulge in Apparent Mortality and the lower 7 dynamics. The ability gained on the 8th dynamic is a willingness to indulge in the lower 7. The eighth dynamic is assigned by the Scientologists to God, but as I said God is a spirit, a very big advanced THETAN just like you and me, and as a part of a large game, God is really a part of the seventh dynamic, although possibly at the top of it.

People are a bit taken aback by the thought of a personal God. They figure that anyone powerful enough to DO something about this place called life on Earth, who yet sits back and lets it all go on or even worse designs it and makes it happen, must be a real monster. Thus when people die, it is not death they fear, it is meeting their Maker.

Well you ARE your Maker, and what ever personal God there is, He is under YOUR hire doing what ever you assigned Him to do. YOU entered into existence with the desire to experience it in all its glory. I can just hear it now, 'Oh NO, not me!' Yeah well, what can I say.

Responsibility is a rare thing in this joint. Responsibility does not mean taking care of something you have been assigned responsibility for, that's ACCOUNTABILITY. Responsibility does not even mean exercising your control to bring order to an area of chaos not of your doing, although that is close.

Responsibility means YOU CHOSE IT TO BE AND THERE IT IS.

The eighth dynamic is your own personal God Hood, your own total responsibility for being here, your own Sovereignty. Sovereignty means you did it, and what happened is exactly and only what you did. This transcends any God that you think 'made' you or consider yourself to be the effect of, and certainly transcends any universe or game created by anyone that you might have chosen to enter.

This is because any universe or God system which you entered, you did so FROM the 8th dynamic which is where you were before you chose to get so involved.

In other words once you have attained a full 8th dynamic Clear, you are above 'having been made by God' or 'being a Creature of the Universe'. You CHOOSE to don these apparencies in order to indulge in the game called the lower 7 dynamics.

The lower 7 dynamics are sort of a dream state, a non lucid dream state wherein you really believe that what you see and feel is really going on around you. That is called 'Apparencies are Reality' at 26.0 on the Expanded Tone Scale.

Becoming aware of the existence of the 8th dynamic is like entering a lucid state during a dream where you suddenly know that you are dreaming and that you chose to dream, although you may not yet be able to remember where you were before you entered the dream state nor how to wake up from it completely.

THAT is the purpose of Scientology Technology.

That we are all dreaming together in this hell hole does not in any way lessen the fact that it is a dream. The 'dreams' we have at night where we are alone, are the exception to the rule. ((That most dreams are co shared. From my own recent experience I would say that even dreams at night are co shared, we are not alone in them.))

The 8th dynamic is a lower harmonic of the 16th dynamic which is true Sovereignty. On the 8th dynamic you are sovereign with respect to what ever universe (dream) you are entering. On the 16th dynamic you are Sovereign, period.

Universes are a relatively low level kind of activity somewhere below 'Apparencies are Reality', around 24.0 on the Expanded Tone Scale.

True 16th dynamic Sovereignty is so far up the Tone Scale that it is conceivable no one has ever been up there to report back what it is like.

The 9th dynamic is your impulse towards Aesthetics. This includes Art which is a harmonious rendering of Beauty and Ugly in a way that moves you and makes it all worthwhile. One creates universes out of Majesty and Foresight, out of Beauty and Ugly. Each universe is either another's or your own artistic creation. The universe is an art gallery of magnitude, a grand picture hall of spectators and game players.

All the horror and ugliness that seems to be the order of the day is part of the sense of aesthetics operating in the being that created the place. He however did not PUT you here. You saw the marquis outside, it said something like 'Killer Pit', and you went inside and paid for your tickets.

When looked at from a broad enough perspective, which includes full awareness of total responsibility for entering the game in the first place, all the Ugliness is properly balanced and resolved by the Beauty during the game and at the end. In other words you get what you deserve because you BOUGHT THE SHOW!

The 10th dynamic is your impulse towards ETHICS. LRH defines ethics as REASON in contrast to other religions which define ethics as obedience. At this level of consciousness, action is governed by desires and reason. As LRH says, one meets force with reason and continues to apply reason until truth wins out.

The Churchies would do well to heed his words.

However ETHICS is not on the Churchie's tone scale, so they have little guiding light.

The 11th dynamic is your urge towards survival as DECENCY. Its hard to explain what decency has to do with the creation of this universe, but there it is. A warning sign that the way out is the way up, not down.

The 12th dynamic is TRUTH.

Come Judgement Day, TRUTH will be the Judge.

It is telling that the first thing TRUTH chose to create below it was DECENCY.

The 13th dynamic is your urge towards survival as AWARENESS. This includes increasing your awareness levels in your daily life, and increasing it all along your Eternity. People have for the longest time been trying to solve their problems with unawareness. Look what it has gotten them.

LRH says in one tape, that the subconscious is really the superconscious, its all those things that were too painful to confront (or so you pretended) and so YOU fell below them. There is no awareness left below you. There is only awareness you have left above you, above your present rate of vibration.

It is the purpose of Scientology and in fact any religion or true mental technology, to help you raise your awareness so that you can again gain control and command over what you left behind and buried yourself under.


The Way to Personal Integrity.

The lowest rung in the Scientology Bridge is called Life Repair, and its End Phenomenon is AWARENESS OF TRUTH AND THE WAY TO PERSONAL INTEGRITY AND FREEDOM.

Since no one in the Church has ever attained Awareness of Truth including LRH himself, they have long since lost their way to both personal integrity and freedom.

One wonders what the Hell they are doing on the rest of their Bridge. Probably fishing off the sides.

Integrity is a big subject. It has to do with CERTAINTY. It means wholeness or completeness. It also means no security leaks or false data implanted in your computer banks. Integrity of data means no unknown sources of false information coming into your world.

Data integrity is probably the most important form of integrity there is, for we are dealing with TRUTH here, and what good is truth if it is wrong?

Now everyone is walking around thinking they know something, and mostly they think they know the truth. Or else they think that no one can know the truth and THAT is the truth they know.

Its OK to believe something and know that you believe it. There is no pretense to certainty here. Some guy has to make a decision about what is probably true, so he looks at the data, makes his judgement and chooses to act on what ever it is that he decides is most likely. He gets by.

The problem comes when people start to think that they are CERTAIN of these things that they only believe. They try to force more truth into the matter than it warrants. Or worse they will suspend all the rigors and discipline of certainty and sell their soul to the devil called FAITH.

FAITH in God is somewhere down around the absolute bottom of the awareness characteristic chart at -48 Awareness of Religion. The guy can't go any lower than that and still be walking around. In his next life he's gonna come back as a stone, probably a tombstone.

There are three things to know about truth and certainty.


For example, is there any thing that you DOUBT? How about Immortality or Scientology? Well, are you CERTAIN you DOUBT IT? No? You mean you DOUBT that you DOUBT? Well then I suggest you go have a cup of coffee and come back and try again.

So you see certainty of doubt is possible. You KNOW that you doubt. And you KNOW that you KNOW that you doubt. Thus certainty of doubt is possible and certainty of certainty is possible. And THAT is the beginning of personal integrity.

That's because personal integrity is knowing what you know, and knowing what you don't know. You can ALWAYS know when you don't know or are unsure of something. Of course that takes being willing to admit all your beliefs and faiths are a waste of time.

Sometimes you have to make decisions in the absence of certainty, but why turn your probabilities into beliefs or faiths?

You see people are trying to keep a balance sheet in their lives. They will say, there are this many things that I KNOW, and this many things that I BELIEVE, and this many things I HAVE FAITH IN, and this many things I DON'T KNOW.

The idea is they want to minimize how many things are in the last bin of 'I don't know'. By sticking as many as they can into the two previous bins of 'I believe' and 'I have faith in', they think they make their balance sheets look all the better.

It's a sham and a dangerous one.

There are only two bins, "I know" and "I don't know".

Anything else is actually a data integrity sin.

So what is there to know?


And this is the second thing to know about truth and certainty.


You were not made by a bigger knowingness than yourself, be it a God you can not fathom or a physical universe you will never live long enough to find out about.

Both of these ideas are just totally false.

If it is true, you can know about it, AND ONE DAY YOU WILL.

If something is true you can know about it with certainty. That's a big statement, let it sink in. People use belief and faith to slack off on completing the job of finding out if something is really true. They get close and they say, that's good enough, I believe. They don't really want to know, and since TRUTH is a jealous god, they usually fall into being very wrong.

The accumulated errors of a life born of their lack of personal integrity usually end them up in the grave.

The third thing to know about truth and certainty is YOU CAN NEVER BE CERTAIN OF SOMETHING THAT IS FALSE.

That's a hard one because people CLAIM to be certain of things all the time that are clearly false, and even they will admit to being wrong when the evidence comes marching home. They will say, 'Gee! I was just SURE I was right, whaddya know, I was wrong!'

Well if they were wrong, they were neither right nor were they SURE. If they looked hard enough with honesty and a keen eye, they could have seen long before it caught them by surprise that there was always some doubt about what they held to be true.

If it is false, you can never be wrongly certain it is true, and you can always tell that you don't really know for sure.

Its fine to misjudge a probability, its a high crime to misjudge a certainty, because there is no need for it.

If you could be certain of something that is false, how could you possibly know you were right when you were certain of something that is true? You could never trust your certainty. Since you CAN be certain of things that are true, and you can KNOW THAT YOUR CERTAINTY IS RIGHT, it is therefore impossible for you to be certain of something that is false.


In other words if you are certain of it, its gotta be true. If something turns out to be false, you could never have really been certain of it in the first place and could have told this by looking more closely.

That's a hard one, let it sink in. Your Eternity depends upon it.

This is the beginning of data and personal integrity. Knowing what you know, and knowing what you don't know.

People are walking around going 'Maybe I know, maybe I don't know, I don't know!'

That's ridiculous.

If you know, then you KNOW you know. If you don't know, then you KNOW you don't know.


There is no such thing as 'I don't know if I know or don't know.'

Therefore anybody can put their integrity intact by simply going over everything they know and asking themselves if they are really certain of it.

If they are actually certain of it then THEY HAVE TO BE RIGHT, it is as simple as that, because you can't be certain of something that is wrong.

If they aren't certain of it, then they simply put it in the bin of 'I don't know'.

Of course one hell of a lot of things will have to be moved from the 'I believe' and 'I have faith in' bins over to the 'I don't know' bin, but once you've got just two bins left, 'I know' and 'I don't know', then you will have your personal integrity IN, and you will never be surprised by a 'false certainty' again.

It is always better to not know, than to be wrong.

Come Judgement Day, TRUTH will be the judge. Those who freely admitted to not knowing, will be forgiven. Those who were wrong or who had other bins, will have to face the consequences. Coming back again until they can do it right.

LRH made a big deal about gradient scales, especially about how there was no such thing as absolute right or absolute wrong, and how there was no such thing as absolute truth or perfect certainty.

Of this he was perfectly certain.

Because he lived with this gaping hole in his personal integrity for so long, his fate is destined to be a dark hole somewhere wondering where he possibly could have made a wrong turn.

He doubted a doubt.

It was all a great big gradient scale MAYBE to him.

His tombstone will read,

     'I didn't KNOW I didn't know!'
     'I wasn't SURE I wasn't sure!'

May his doubt rest in peace.

The way to personal integrity is CERTAINTY.


All errors of the Master to the contrary.

KNOW when you KNOW, and KNOW when you DON'T KNOW, and to hell with gradient scales of right and wrong and endless maybes, and you will be alright in the long run.

This IS personal integrity.

And personal integrity is the way to personal freedom.

The 14th dynamic is your urge to survive as INDIVIDUALITY. This means that we are not all robots of the same mold, and that we do not all follow one THETAN as SOURCE. People get this idea of One Source because we are all connected at Source, but Source is not a Thetan, it is an IT, a ground of existence. Any thetan that sets himself up as Source for all other thetans is playing a game he is bound to lose. Unless of course that game is to get others to be Source too. Anyone can operate Source for themselves and for others. It takes willingness, courage, daring and not a little know how. But mainly it involves ceasing to fill in your own grave with a shovel.

What INDIVIDUALITY means is that we all have our own potentials and propensities, and that what ever we are is a direct expression of what we wanted to be and our individuality. This is a very high level and I can hardly do it justice being a peon on Earth at the moment myself. Beings who have fully attained this level of consciousness are enormous Operating Thetans who can change the course of history with a mere thought. Witness the fall of Communism.

The 15th dynamic is your urge to survive as VOLITION AND COEXISTENCE. This is an early state on the whole track where beings who were previously alone and not yet joined with anyone else, decided to CO EXIST with others for the purpose of having a game.

Before anyone can enter your dream you have to extend a link to them and they have to extend a link back.

Before this you can not be affected by anyone. Imagine, no one to wake you up in the morning to tell you to go to school. Once a link has been established by both parties, then a game can take place and the sharing of experiences and co-control of objects is possible. Along with theft, torture, enslavement and imprisonment. So it behoves us to treat others as we would have them treat us. A little goodness goes a long way.

Another lesson the Church should learn. But then these higher dynamics are not part of Churchie Tech, their tone scale only goes to 40. They tremble at the thought of anyone actually aspiring to or attaining INDIVIDUALITY, let alone VOLITION, FREEDOM or SOVEREIGNTY.

The Church considers suppressive anyone with a will or a mind of their own. In this way they ruin their relationships with people around them and alienate the very society that nurtured and fed them in infancy. Such Churchies are not Scientologists, they are pretenders to the throne. Don't let them get in the way of your Bridge.

The 16th dynamic is your urge towards survival as LIFE THAT IS NOT BEING. This is a hard one, but it means simply that before you chose to BE anything in particular, you still existed and were alive. In other words once you wake up out of the Big Snooze, you haven't made your mind up to be anything yet, but all your potentials lie before you. You have to CHOOSE to be this game player or that, you have to CHOOSE which universe you are going to be in, and before you have done that, you are life that is not being anything. You have the FREEDOM to be anything you can imagine if you can imagine it. Including a Churchie or a bucket of slime.

Above the 16th dynamic is SOVEREIGNTY where there are no urges to survive or indulge in a cycle of action at all because you are Immortal and have not created anything yet. This is often referred to as the Big Snooze, or the Peace that Passeth All Understanding.

Sovereignty is the one word that LRH feared most to put on his Tone Scale, lest anyone take him at his word and go off and be himself.

So let's get back to the definition of Clear.

Mental matter, energy, space and time (MEST) is the stuff of which your imagination and memory is made of. It is no different than the nature of the projection of the physical universe around you. The physical universe is just a great big solidified mental image picture co shared by everyone in the game.

Mental MEST is of a finer and more personal quality. In it is recorded your facsimile memory bank of your past and all the pain and suffering you have gone through. Also all the pain and suffering you have caused others which is more to the point.

When someone regrets doing something they try to turn back time, which in this universe is impossible. This results instead in them backing down their own memory lane into times before they committed the bad deed. This sticks them permanently in their own mental image pictures of their past and they are less able to see present time as it is.

The solution to this is to get a complete confession of their regrets, their OVERT and COVERT BAD ACTS, at which moment they feel free to forgive themselves and others and they come back to present time.

They also begin to remember their past lives and deaths and what they did. They also give up their false goals and substitute goals, and they unravel their balled up GOALS PROBLEMS MASSES for the goals they still really want to pursue, and once this is done very thoroughly they can be called a CLEAR.

A lot of pain gets erased during this procedure, pain that was kept inside and never expressed or let out. An ability to love deeply and find happiness in life no matter what happens also returns to them. An ability to face the future and move out of fixed conditions and do new things. Your mama won't even recognize you. You might even change your hair style.


The R6 Bank.

There is the small matter of something Scientologists call the R6 Bank. R6 stands for Routine 6 which was the one finally used to run it out. A Bank is a collection of mental image pictures with great force and pain in them, which if you are backed into them because of regret, will cause all sorts of pain and discomfiture, not to mention crazy and compulsive behavior. Can't leave your meat alone?

The R6 bank was implanted on people long before they came to this universe, and it was essentially a long list of goals with a lot of pain in them to make sure that the being followed them closely.

The goals alternated between constructive and destructive goals like 'To Create Present Affinity' and 'To Destroy Present Affinity', and these goals are being dramatized by most of Earth today.

Dramatization means to do what was done to you, often to carry out commands in the painful experience. Hit someone over the head, shoot him full of drugs, and tell him he MUST BEAT HIS WIFE WHEN EVER SHE SNEEZES, and he will if its bad enough. He will also be prone to doing the same procedure to others and calling it a miracle cure.

In the goal 'To Create Present Affinity', the word 'Affinity' is called an END WORD. There are 50 such end words in the R6 bank starting with Affinity, Communication and Reality.

The word 'Present' is called a MODIFIER and there are 9 different modifiers in the R6 bank.

The words 'To Create' is the verb of the goal and is called the ROOT WORD.

Thus you have the goal and its opposition goal:

To Create Present Affinity To Destroy Present Affinity

There are 9 modifiers that are the same for both sides, creating 18 goals for the end word affinity. This is repeated in full for the remaining 49 end words. That makes 18 x 50 or 900 goals, 450 of which are 'To Create' something and 450 are 'To Destroy' that same thing.

As the being fails on one side of the GPM, such as 'To Create Present Affinity', he will begin to shift over to the other side and start to dramatize 'To Destroy Present Affinity'.

In other words he becomes a Churchie.

Then when he fails that he will shift back over to the left hand side again one level down and dramatize the next modifier with 'To Create Perfect Affinity', etc. In this way he continues to decay down the bank trying out its every nook and cranny.

These shifts from the left hand goals to the right hand goals are accompanied by crazy computations on the order of 'the way to win is to lose', or the 'way to be safe is to kill myself.' One of mine was 'the way to get rich is to be a freeloader and a bum'. You get the idea. These computations may or may not be different and unique for each person. Thus when you try to clear these things up for the being you should find out why he thought it was sensible to go sashaying down the GPM into its more idiotic forms.

Something should be noted here, and that is that the 25th and 26th END WORDS are 'CLEAR ANALYTICAL MINDS' and 'REACTIVE MINDS' Thus you can imagine the chaos caused when people finally get down to trying 'To Create Present Clear Analytical Minds' and 'To Destroy Present Clear Analytical Minds'.

Also 'To Create Present Reactive Minds' and 'To Destroy Present Reactive Minds'.

90 percent of the Church's activities in clearing people is actually a dramatization of these two GPM's in the very heart of the bank they are trying to erase. Since they are using it to erase it, it is much too solid to AS-IS and they become a fortress of barbaric rightness rather than a source of workable technology.

I am not sure why they keep the R6 bank a secret from everyone, except that their jig would be up when everyone saw what they were dramatizing. Anyhow it is part of their secret theology and it is unclear if this helps anyone but themselves and their coffers. In the Free Zone it is freely distributed information.

OT III I can understand being low key about, the world is just not ready for demons from hell. You can DIE from this one, and only fools doubt its power.

Presumably the same fools that rush in where angels dare not tread.

HOWEVER to refuse to audit such material on someone who is clearly screaming for it, in the name of 'well you are just a wog off the street' is a high crime of magnitude, one that I will never forgive.

I was in Ethics once talking to an Ethics Officer, an OT III who should have known better, and he said to me 'Monsters? What Monsters?'

Anyhow when the R6 bank is fully erased, the being is usually considered clear.

Except if they're a Churchie, in which case they become a turkey.

That's what clearing is, it runs out all this hypnotic suggestion laid in by great force and pain, and it also runs out your regret for having done it to others, because you you DID do it to others, AND THAT IS WHAT IS SCREWING YOU UP!

Beyond the R6 bank there are your own personal GPM's that hold your true basic purposes in this and earlier universes. Implanted GPM's such as the R6 bank were designed to mimic your true GPM's, to confuse you and lead you astray from what you wanted to be doing. They were a major detour which you followed with zeal and it ended you up at the bottom of the ladder.

No doubt however, you had a personal GPM to get screwed in such a manner.

Your own personal GPM's have the same general kind of structure as the implanted ones. They consist of goals and opposition goals with crazy computations on how 'the way to live forever is to entomb yourself', or whatever, and lower goals under the top ones that you can sashay down into when the going gets rough.

Personal GPM's are simpler and shorter than the implanted ones.

There is nothing holy about goals and opposition goals, they are something you create in order to have a game you can never win. They are fun, they are what existence is all about and if you erased all of them you would just go create some more, only this time you might get serious about it.

The universe is a little like playing solitaire with yourself. When you win you lose. There is no joy in winning. There is joy in PLAYING, Spirit of Play. You CAN win at these goals, just don't oppose yourself. But you probably will anyhow because it is just so much more fun getting stuck in tar.

The idea really is not to win or to lose, but to EXTEND the game. That way you can keep your friends around for a really long time.

There does come a time however to close up shop on any particular game. It's always nice though to have another game to play before you do.


Gradient Scales.

You can remember your past lives and whole track once you are willing to. But it has GOT to be done on a gradient scale. If you dive into it too fast, your life can become a freak a minute. Not only emotionally , but also physically.

If you get your basic Goals Problems Mass wrong, or miss the goal, or invalidate it or deny it, you can die of the physical turmoil. The Churchies do this to people all the time, it is their greatest nightmare that anyone should remember what they really wanted to do in this universe before they ran into their parents. Who would hang around being a Churchie if they knew what they really wanted to be doing!

There is no single faster way to lose a preclear, to lose all your income from that preclear, than to locate a preclear's basic goals for him on the E-meter. Your only consolation is that the preclear immediately gets better, decent, and will go out and make the world a better place. He might even send you some money in gratitude, but don't count on it. Better to keep a lot of sick preclears coming back to you if you want to make a living out of 'helping' people.

Another thing Churchies do is gradient scale you into the ground because no one there has the confront to let you confront anything at all, so they stall you in endless gradient scales that lead no where.

Thus there is an optimum path. In the Free Zone there is a saying that goes if you don't face the Maw of Death and Monster Hood at least once a week, you are probably running your case too lightly and taking your auditor for a walk.

If your auditor is LETTING you run this lightly and you are paying him for his time, then HE is taking YOU for a walk.

So a clear is one who is no longer traumatized by his past, and that includes at least a quadrillion years of adventure. A clear is no longer in fear, sorrow or anger at life or those who abused him, no longer in regret about what he has done, and one who has confessed fully everything that ever bothered him at least to himself and probably one other.

It's really no fun being alone in this world, and that is what confession is all about, not being an ONLY ONE anymore.

A preclear is one who is not yet clear.



An SP is a Suppressive Person or Suppressive Parent. This is a person who is so backed down into his past memories from his own regrets, that he can no longer tell the past from the present.

Usually people back down into incidents of great fury and abuse of themselves, such as attempted abortions, murders, hangings, electrocutions, crucifixions, electronic implants etc.. They are using these incidents to JUSTIFY their own misdeeds which they regret. They are zooming down into their past to find something done to them LONG AGO bad enough to justify what they did just NOW.

Its not logical, and it causes some very zany behavior.

It didn't bother them when it first happened to them, but now that they have done wrong themselves, Oh that past incident becomes the king pin injustice of their lives.

In this way people keep themselves in full restimulation, with headaches, sickness, colds, flus, cancers, heart attacks, and any form of early, painful or lonely death.

This backing down the time track of mental image pictures sticks them in their own worst incident of being abused, and then they hallucinate it onto everybody else. YOU fit into the slot of who ever was driving the nails in 3000 years ago, or running the electronic guns 100,000 years ago.

Because other people in present time fit into slots in the memory, the 'valences' as they are called, of the people who hurt them long ago, they are SURE that everyone is out to get them and punish them and hurt them for no reason. Their solution to this then is to do it to others first before it can be done to them.

That's why these bad memories of being abused are called MOTIVATORS, because they motivate the person to do to others what was done to him. This is called DRAMATIZATION. But they are also JUSTIFIERS, because these motivators of long ago are being used to assuage the guilt of having done something bad later. But then once they are pulled in on one self, they hurt so bad, they motivate the person to go do it to others anyhow. And that's dramatization.

In other words, they hurt so bad from their memory of being crucified, that they go out and drive nails into other people as a way to escape their own pain. It's called going out of valence.

This creates a dwindling spiral of cruelty, guilt, justification, anger, cruelty, guilt, justification, anger, cruelty etc. Its a hell of magnitude that only Scientology technology can get a person out of, and really its all a matter of getting a good clean confession of the first crime the guy is feeling guilty for and could not confront.

Remember he REGRETTED BUT DID NOT CONFESS IT. That's a deadly double whammy.

You could care less about all the times he was crucified, you want the times he did someone else wrong, that's why he is packing it all in don't you see? The motivator long ago helps him feel like it was ok to do what he did now, because they did all these horrible things to him long ago.

The irony is that his first guilt might even be accidental! He shot his son by accident or something.

The confession ends the regret, that's part of the contract with TRUTH, and ending the regret ends the false justification which ends socking himself in the nose with past motivators, which ends acting them out again in present time. A being who is totally clear of any such involvement with guilt and anger is just totally clear and that's that.

An SP is someone who is so backed up into a past motivator that everyone in present time is equated with the bad guys in the incident. A SP's basic intention is to STOP and CONFUSE everyone around them from doing anything. EFFECTIVE MOTION is the SP's greatest fear because down deep they are just sure its coming after them. You can't help them because they KNOW you are going to betray them, and they won't help anyone else because they KNOW that once another gets better or stronger they will come after the SP with a vengeance. The SP's safe solution is to have everyone disabled. It was his WISH towards everyone in the incident while he was being crucified for real long ago.

There is no helping an SP because he won't trust you long enough to be helped, and he will betray you in a moment if you try to let him help you. He just knows he is an ONLY ONE, the only good guy in town. He is using evil to fight evil, its just that EVERYONE is evil to him!

He is also quite bitter about this, there is little nobility or class left in his conception of the world. He will stoop to the same level of evil he is fighting, he figures there is no sense in maintaining a level of nobility higher than that of the endless wasteland of slimes around him. There is no pay in it. He is particularly pissed at God or what ever he considers created the universe and is responsible for the mess he is in. Again these postulates go back to the same ones he had in the original crucifixion he is now stuck in.

The only way an SP can get out of his dilemma is to have a mega run in with the universe at large where he is losing like crazy and suddenly someone helps him. He has to recognize that he has been helped.

This will break his total dramatization that EVERYONE is out to get him. It establishes that there is at least ONE being who is not out to get him and is worthy of noble co interaction. He will then start acting civil again and will take actions towards his one friend that is NOT an effort to crucify him before he gets crucified himself.

He will have to go somewhere else on the track than the crucifixion incident to find such a kind effort. Thus he becomes unstuck from his one picture hell.

This ends the total restimulation of the incident he is in. All it takes is one true friend. He will still act crazy to towards others because he won't trust any one else. However, the mega run in with the universe will act as a bigger incident than the crucifixion he was stuck in, and the message that someone is good and willing to help him will come through clearer than the message of the crucifixion which is that everyone is bad and out to get him.

However that friend had better pull his damn withhold fast, because that crucifixion he is stuck in is being used as a justification for a near recent time guilt. Once that withhold is pulled and the grief gotten off it, then the person will realize he has been seeing the world through blood colored glasses, and will not be prone to such insanity again.

It would also do you well to find the times HE crucified someone, and also the times HE made someone so guilty of something that THEY had to go into the past and become crazy to justify their crime. You see you can DRIVE people crazy if you won't receive their confession. And THAT is the highest high crime there is.

Refusing to accept a confession is the highest high crime there is, it has resulted in the society you see around you. And once you have done it to others, watch out when someone does it to you!



ADMIN refers to administration, paper work, keeping track of things in the organization, getting preclears in, getting them services on time and effectively and making sure that they are happy when they leave.

Something the Church has zero concept about.

It involves distribution of org materials for dissemination purposes, it involves financial record keeping, taking in money, paying out money, and everything involved in an org that is not TECH.



TECH refers to technology. It is the know how with which you produce your product whether it is a personal computer or a preclear. This is the biggest bugaboo in Scientology because people can't conceive of a mental tech. Well surely there is a tech to brainwash people and hypnotize them into Zombie Zoners. Just so, there is also a tech for undoing all this.

The tech includes all the specialized words of the science, like CPU, DATA BUS, PORTS, ADDRESSES, DISK DRIVES, etc. In Scientology these words are E-meter, session, auditor, case supervisor, cramming, ARC, KRC, BE, DO, HAVE, know, look, emote, effort, think, symbols, death, sex, mystery, unknowable, unconscious (the know to mystery scale) the emotional tone scale (enthusiasm anger fear sorrow apathy), ARC Breaks, Misunderstood Words, Present Time Problems, Withholds, Missed Withholds, confession, floating needle, stuck needle, goals, problems, masses, psychosomatic pains, aberration and having and knowing how to use an E- meter.

But the tech also involves WHAT TO DO ABOUT ALL THIS. Tech usually involves asking a question of the PC until he answers it fully. These questions must be asked in a certain order and with certain rules or the pc will cave in and get sick. He is almost dead as it is.

Since most of the tech revolves around getting confessions of one sort or another to relieve the pc of his inner guilt and self enforced SECRETS, along with all his shame blame and regret, one might expect a lot of questions developed around overt acts and withholds.

For example here is one of the most powerful set of questions that I know of that you can run on each other and on yourselves.

They tend to run until they no longer produce change or until significant relief and humor is experienced. Then a few days later they start running again much deeper. This will continue for a long time. Or until you get it all.

While running these you will experience bizarre pains and somatic manifestations blowing off, very violent at times. Green slime may ooze out of your face and you may get really wicked mental image pictures of unthinkably horrible and ugly people. In the end there is some good laughs and peace to be found in all this. Try not to go jumping out a window and give me a bad name, ok?

Remember a DONE TO can be on the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual planes. Hitting, raping, murdering, attempting to murder someone are physical overts. But depriving someone of love, or lying to someone, or refusing to admit you are wrong or denying others the exercise of responsibility are overts on higher planes and are much worse. Murdering the body is nothing compared to murdering the Soul.

Also remember that WISHING or WANTING anything bad on someone counts as an ATTEMPTED DONE. Just thinking about it however doesn't. You can regret an attempted done just as much as you can regret an accomplished done if you suddenly decide you wish you hadn't done it or tried to.

Don't forget to run cannibalism, incest, torture, teaching false religions, making others wrong or guilty and being opposed to other's existence. Parents do THAT one to kids all the time, they regret the birth and start wishing the kid dead from day one. The kid never gets hit, but dies inside anyway.

Like the R6 bank these processes have an exact structure and once you understand that structure you can piece together endless numbers of processes to clean up almost any area of your life.

A primary area of address for these processes is the second dynamic, because the first area that people develop severe aberration on is in the relations to their parents as a fetus, baby or child. If you are one of those lucky enough to have had decent parents you may find that your 2nd dynamic is already clear and you should look to the higher dynamics for charge to run.

Everyone running these processes will eventually want to run them on the higher dynamics after they have worked well with the lower dynamics.

For the purpose of this discussion, these processes are demonstrated using the 2nd dynamic.

Aberration comes in terminal pairs, you and those who opposed you. There are also those who aligned with you and those who aligned with those who opposed you.

Opposition has to do with goals, and with each goal and opposition goal there is an identity and opposition identity. These identities are the 'terminals' referred to in this discussion. Essentially a terminal is anything or anyone that can send or receive a communication. Terminals are cause points, or effect points. They terminate the flow of cause, and thus are either the source of that cause or the intended recipient of that cause.

A common terminal pair might be child and mother, and the goal and opposition goal might be 'To grow up' and 'To remain a cute little baby'. Either terminal, mother or child, might have either goal, but when they have opposite goals a Goals Problems Mass forms in the mind which is then used to create aberration, pain and unhappiness.

Another example is you might be a boy but your mother wanted a girl. Your goal would be 'to grow a healthy boy body' and her goal would be 'to have a female friend for life.' A lot of sparks are bound to fly when parent and child get into such opposition goals.

Because of these oppositions, beings tend to commit overt acts in an effort to solve, stop or punish the opposition to their survival that they are experiencing. Even though the other being might very well deserve what they get, the purveyor of pain and punishment will often regret his actions and later actually take on the goal of the other being. In this way he becomes opposed to his own original goals. He will be found to be very sick and in pain in this state. Also a bitch to get along with.

Thus the first thing you want to do is get off all the incipient confessions and refused confessions, apologies and refused apologies that he may have on his mind. He may hate his mother, but he loves her too, and there will be much mis emotion on the subject of striking back at her. Also much confusion and indecision, should I or shouldn't I?

These indecisions lead to inaction, numbness and forgetfulness of magnitude. This is what you are trying to resolve.

Thus you are trying to find out what he decided about his indecisions and get him to complete the decision process.

The basic terminal pairs on the second dynamic are

     Parent and Child.
     Husband and Wife.

The parent and child pair can and should be broken up further:

     Mother and Son
     Mother and Daughter
     Father and Son
     Father and Daughter.

Son and daughter can be further broken up into

     Fetus, Baby and Child and Son or Daughter.

A full battery of processes for one terminal pair would run as follows. If you are a boy you will want to start with mother and son. If you are a girl you will want to start with father and daughter. However everyone will have to run all terminal pairs to fully clear up their whole track as you have been all possible terminal pairs at least once during your past zillion years.

  1.) What have you done to a son as a mother?      (in a past life)
  2.) What has a mother done to you as a son?       (in this life)
  3.) What has a son done to you as a mother?       (in a past life)
  4.) What have you done to a mother as a son?      (in this life)
  5.) What have you done to yourself as a son?      (in this life)
  6.) What have you done to yourself as a mother?   (in a past life)

The structure of these questions contain three parts of interest.

1.) The first is the terminal pair that is used, in this case mother and son. These terminal pairs can and should be changed to mother and daughter, father and son, and father and daughter. Then run boy and girl, man and woman, husband and wife, Thetan and Body, Monster and Child, and Immortal and Mortal. These last two pairs will take you directly into your OT III and OT IV materials.

2.) The second aspect is the question itself. In this case 'What have you done to' is used. However you should also run the following questions (the first one is repeated). The (1) in front of the question refers to the fact that this question is flow 1 of the 4 flows and this notation will be used extensively throughout this discussion. It is expected that you will form the other 3 flows and run them for each question.

     (1) 'What have you done to a son as a mother?'
     (1) 'What have you withheld from a son as a mother?'
     (1) 'What (goal) have you opposed in a son as a mother?'
     (1) 'How have you ruined the life of a son as a mother?'


and any other questions that you might come up with that indicate for you.

3.) The third aspect is the four flows of each question. These processes are the 4 flows of forgetfulness. When it comes to forgetting things about your present life and your past lives, you NEVER forget just one thing, you forget 4 things at a time, actually 6 as there are 6 questions.

However the first 4 flows are critically important as they lock up with each other. But as you run them you will also want to run flows 5 and 6.

     Flow (1) locks up with flow (2).
     Flow (3) locks up with flow (4).

By lock up we mean collide and oppose each other forming a Goals Problems Mass in the mind, because the energy in them is balanced but in opposite directions.

One is always an outflow, and the other is always an inflow.

Here are the four flows,

     (1) What you did to a child as a mother in a past life, (out flow)
                       is balanced by
     (2) What a mother did to you as a child in a this life. (in  flow)
     (3) What a child did to you as a mother in a past life, (in  flow)
                       is balanced by
     (4) What you did to a mother as a child in this life.   (out flow)

By balanced I mean the effort to confess one is opposed by the effort to punish the other and neither takes place. Both get suspended in a Goals Problems Mass which eventually sinks into forgetfulness.

For example, your effort to confess (1) What you did to a child as a mother in a past life, is balanced and opposed by the effort to punish your mother for (2) What she did to you as a child in this life.

You can't punish her and confess in the same breath so you do neither. Its a suspended sentence for both of you. You won't blame your mother for being a bad mother in this life, if she won't blame you for being a bad mother yourself in a past life. As an unresolved conflict it sinks towards death on the emotional tone scale.

Likewise your efforts as a mother in a past life to punish (3) What a child did to you as a mother in a past life, is balanced and opposed by your efforts as a child in this life to confess (4) What you did to your mother as a child in this life.

You won't blame your child in a past life for being a bad child in a past life, if your mother won't blame you in this life for being a bad child in this life.

This ends up in failing to get a confession and refusing to give a confession, failing to get an apology and refusing to give an apology. Both Love and Hate get sunk and the being goes down with the ship. The result is no feeling.

Scientologists are the salvage crew.

The Scientologists have some technical terms for all this. They are MOTIVATOR, OVERT, DED and DEDEX. Questions 1,2,3 and 4 correspond as shown:

     (1) DED
     (2) DEDEX (Ded Exposed)
     (3) MOTIVATOR
     (4) OVERT (Motivated Overt)

A MOTIVATOR is something bad that someone does to you. It motivates you to do the same bad thing to someone else later. That's called a MOTIVATED OVERT.

An OVERT is something bad that you do to someone else. It becomes their MOTIVATOR which they will use to justify doing it back to you or someone else later.

(3) What your child did to you as a mother in a past life, is a MOTIVATOR. (4) What you did to your mother as a child in this life, is an OVERT.

The point is that the overt you do to your mother as a child in this life (4) is exactly the same thing that your child did to you as a mother in a past life (3).

This is called DRAMATIZATION, or doing to another exactly what was done to you.

Thus you are dramatizing as a child in this life the motivator you received as a mother in a past life. Dramatization is essentially going out of valence, becoming the other guy in the incident. It is easiest to do when later you yourself are like that other guy.

As a mother, a child feeling provoked, hits you over the head with a stone, you get hurt, the child WINS. In a future life, when you are feeling provoked AS A CHILD, you find this picture of being hit over the head as a mother by your child in a past life, and you go out of valence and you become that child and you hit YOUR mother in this life over the head with a stone.

The painful memory that your child gave you as a mother, you later use and act out against your own mother when you are next a child. When you were a mother your child WON by hitting you over the head with a stone. Thus when you are a child later you try to win by doing to your mother what your winning child did to you.

That of course sets HER up for doing the exact same thing to HER mother in her next life as a child.

This is called contagion of aberration in Scientology.

It is also called the MOTIVATOR-OVERT sequence because the MOTIVATOR you receive from your child as a mother (3), you then commit as an OVERT against your mother in your next life as a child (4).

Thus questions (3) and (4) cover all possible MOTIVATOR-OVERT sequences that you could have between any two terminal pairs.

This is the stuff of which grand regrets are made.

When the child in this life regrets hitting her own mother over the head with a stone, she will go zooming down her own track to before she did it trying to undo it. BUT THAT PLACES HER BACK WHERE IT WAS DONE TO HER! Thus she walks around in this life as a child with a chronic headache born of continuous restimulation of being hit over the head AS A MOTHER BY HER OWN CHILD in a past life.

It is not necessary that the child actually hit the mother over the head in this life to get stuck in the memory of being hit over the head herself. All that needs to happen is that the child gets provoked in this life to anger and she pulls that picture out of her past and THINKS about dramatizing it. She is now IN the picture but in the valence of her own child in that life about to strike with the rock. If she decides not to carry through, or regrets the thought she will flip back into valence in the picture and will immediately feel herself as the mother being hit in the head with a stone. That will show up as a headache in this life.

Thus if you find someone with a chronic headache and you suspect that it is caused by a MOTIVATOR-OVERT sequence, just ask them who they WANTED to cause a headache to, that will spot the suspended dramatization which is the moment of KEY IN. Then if you care to run it Dianetically get them to go back to the time someone DID hit them in the head and run it out.

A DED is a bad thing you do to another for which you have no earlier motivator. DED stands for DEserveD action, which refers to the feeling you get after you do it that now you deserve something in return, and also your frantic looking for reasons why the injured party 'really deserved' it (which they didn't).

Regretting a DED also leads to zooming down the track to find, fabricate or steal anything bad done to you at all to help you assuage your guilt. But usually what it does is it makes you withhold an apology waiting for something bad to be done to you later. Thus what they do to you LATER justifies and makes you feel better about what you did earlier. Not logical and zany as hell. But the whole world is caught up in this crack pot behavior and it is in fact the source of uncontrollable drug addiction to both crack and pot.

When this bad thing you are waiting for finally happens, or you manage to MAKE IT HAPPEN, you get hopping mad at the injustice you just received NOW and so you feel justified for having done THEN what you were feeling so guilty about.

Because such a person is picking up on every little bad thing that happens to them in order to fill the guilt of the bad thing they did earlier, they tend to blow things up all out of proportion. This is called a DEDEX, or the DED EXposed. They are pissed at you for something small because they stole your girl friend and got her pregnant without telling you.

Such people become an unfillable black hole for reasons why it serves you right. However since all their reasons come AFTER what they did, NOTHING that can happen to them can EVER justify what they did to you, so you can give them all the pain in the world and they will still need more. That's why it is called a black hole, because it will pull in and eat every possible motivator you can throw at it, and if you don't give it enough, the person will provoke you into throwing more pain and bad things his way.

In Scientology that's called electing another as your executioner.

Its hard to help or audit such people, but since that is everyone walking around, you don't have much choice.

     (1) What you did to a child as a mother in a past life, is a DED.
     (2) What a mother did to you as a child in this life, is the DEDEX.

How does what your mother did to you as a child in this life, justify what you did to your child as a mother in a past life?

People never get over what their parents did to them in this life, because they need to have it stick to them like crazy in order to justify and forget what they did to their own children in past lives.

When a being dies, he usually sees what he has done to those around him and boy does this set him up to be a black hole for pain in his next life. Thus children never manage to audit their parents to clear. They can't get a confession FROM them because they can't give a confession TO them.

Sometimes the child tries to give a confession but the parents receive it, but usually the child balks at the moment of opportunity and thereafter starts to go down hill.

So the 4 flows of forgetfulness fall neatly into these two categories.

     (1) What you did to your child as a mother in a past life.
     Dedex: (Justification of DED)
     (2) What your mother did to you as a child in this life.
     (3) What your child did to you as a mother in a past life.
     Overt:  (Dramatization of Motivator)
     (4) What you did to your mother as a child in this life.

These four flows are always available but forgotten on any major area of enturbulence or trouble you are having in life. These incidents happen in CHAINS. There are MANY lives where (1) you did your child wrong, (2) your mother did you wrong, (3) your child did you wrong, and (4) you did your mother wrong.

So in order to clear up this one lifetime (and any future ones on the same subject!) you need to run out and release all the anger and regret, all the punishments and apologies, all the withheld confessions and efforts to extract confessions on your entire track. THEN that headache will go away and you will feel good all day long.

Aberration comes in TERMINAL PAIRS, commonly known as TERMINAL and OPPOSITION TERMINAL. An OPP TERM is someone who OPPOSED or DIDN'T WANT your goals. A CO TERMINAL is someone who didn't oppose or who wanted your goals.

Since most aberration starts in childhood its a good bet that the being is very caught up in his PARENT-CHILD GPMs (Goals Problem Masses). He has a long track of being a Parent and doing bad things to Children, and a long track as a Child getting bad things done to him by Parents.

He has an equally long track of having his Children doing bad things to him as a Parent, and doing bad things to his Parents as a Child.

However there are other terminals besides Parent and Child, and if you force a wrong terminal pair down someone's throat, you will make him sick and kill him.

So run these terminals just long enough to get the obvious anger and regret, blame and guilt, off of them, and then find your correct terminal pairs.

What you are running are your Goals Problems Masses. Two people with two different goals in opposition to each other form a Problem in the physical universe, and this if it continues for a long time, forms a mental mass in the mind of each person. This mental mass is the Goals Problems Mass and is essentially what is keeping you from being Clear.

These GPMs result from taking on a Goal such as 'To Save the World' and running into someone who has an opposition Goal such as 'To Make a Buck'. Each Goal will have an IDENTITY that goes with the goal. For example the identity that goes with 'To Save the World', might be 'A Messiah'. The identity that might go with the goal 'To Make a Buck' might be 'A Churchie'.

In the warring between yourself and the other parties to these goals you end up in accidental overts, intentional overts, doing it to them before they do it to you, doing it to them because they did it to you, and the ensuing regret, justification, anger, cruelty, refused apology, punishment, indecision, decision about indecision, and the whole cycle we were just talking about.

Often a being will cross over to the other goal once he starts losing at his primary goal. Thus if you give up being 'A Messiah' and 'Saving The World', you may become 'A Churchie' and take up 'Making a Buck'.

The purpose of auditing is to get off all the regret and need to justify, realign the person on the correct side of his true Basic Goals, and get him going again, perhaps with a better Life Manual in hand this time.

Hubbard says that if you totally clean up a being in this lifetime, turn him into a totally free and powerful Operating Thetan, and let him loose with even one Basic Goal in this universe, in another 100 trillion years he will probably be in the same mess he is in now. That's how avidly the being plays the game, and how deadly serious he makes it become all in the name of 'To Have a Game' or 'To Have Goals', which are themselves goals you should look at with an eye to their opposition goals 'Not To Have A Game' and 'Not To Have Goals'.

The point here is NOT to erase all goals and become a contemplator of belly buttons on a mountain top, but to rehabilitate your ability to have and not have these very high level goals at will. Also to play them hard and fast and WIN if you should so chose to have them. And if you want to lose, you can do that too. That IS how you got here. 'This Game Is Too Damn Easy!' followed by the goal 'To screw myself up but good!'.

It's different from person to person, but the general idea is the same.

You can always be a spaced out OT on a mountain top too if you want. But its much more fun to indulge in Spirit of Play. And THAT takes Goals.

You are dealing with the fabric of space and time here when you deal with goals, you are dealing with why you are in this dream, why you are stuck here, why you can't remember, why there is no communication with God or higher beings, and why you suffer all day long. There IS at least one way to clear it all up and its called Scientology Technology, but it only works in the presence of living beings.

The point is that what your parents did to you in this life, if it continues to bother you as a blunt and crass injustice, you did to your own kids in a previous life and never confessed it.

This is true for every terminal pair in existence.

If you are a boy and you hate your mother, you have to run out what you did as a mother to a son.

If you are a girl and you hate your father, you have to run out what you did as a father to a daughter.

If you are a girl and you hate boys, you have to run out what you did as a boy to a girl.

To run out means to find, locate and complete cycle on any refused confession, apology or punishment that might be available.

There are no innocent victims, not if the grudge lasts. Sure you can be hurt, but it HEALS. If it don't heal, then you have a black hole in your heart that needs to confess.

It's either a

     1.) MOTIVATOR - OVERT - REGRET sequence or its a
     2.) DED - REGRET - DEDEX sequence.

As a child you KNOW what your parents are doing to you is wrong because you KNOW it was wrong when you did it to your kid. However you can't get your present parents to own up to what they are doing now and how wrong it is because you never owned up yourself as a parent in a past life.

It's part of the contract you signed with TRUTH.

When your parents do it to you in this life it reminds you of when you did it to your kid in a past life and the regret wells up in you. Between your anger at your parents now and your incipient apology for your own regret then, you are not sure what to do. You want to confess to them what you did wrong in the past life, but you also want to punish them for doing it to you now.

Thus both hang up and neither gets completed. After a while you can feel neither anger nor regret. Its all just numb. You felt like blasting your parents but in the same breath you felt like giving them a confession. Its hard to give a confession to someone you feel like killing. Thus both get submerged and forgotten.

For (2) every bad thing done to you in this life that you can not remember, there is (1) something just like it you did in a past life that you ALSO CAN NOT REMEMBER.

For (4) every bad thing you did to someone else in this life that you can not remember, there is (3) something just like it that someone else did to you in a past life that you can not remember.

Forgetfulness comes in pairs. Burn it in Stone.

Its takes TWO to forget. That's how you know.

If only you had done it, you would remember it.

If it had only been done to you, you would remember it.

Your headaches and being stuck in a body come from what you don't remember. But you can feel it out because its a moment of wanting to confess to someone you want to kill.

Little kids KNOW all this, they soon forget it. It's called Zombie Shock.

People feel that what they did in the past will adversely effect their future. They try to handle this by denying they did it and forgetting it. And THAT affects their future forever or as long as it continues. Your future can be perfect again if you are willing at all times to admit what you have done. If only to admit it to yourself.

Your past can not affect your future, that is the true definition of an OPERATING THETAN, but if you think it can, and you take false and dishonest steps to make sure it doesn't, then it will.

Instead of an Operating Thetan you become death on wheels.

Ok, I believe I have answered the challenge. Any of you still have no idea what a 'pc' is?


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