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ca. 1992

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It is appalling that Scientology is the hottest subject on the planet, and yet we have here a list totally devoted to discussing it and so little communication of any worth goes down on it.

You know why don't you? Because in the presence of SUPPRESSION communication does not take place. The basic thing that CAN be suppressed, the basic thing the suppressive WANTS to suppress is COMMUNICATION and BEING THERE. YOU BEING THERE and COMMUNICATING.

The suppressive wants you to NOT BE so that you will NOT COMMUNICATE.

Communication takes place on all 4 planes of existence, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. These correspond to Body, Heart, Mind and Soul of early Christianity and Effort, Emotion, Thought and Cause of early Scientology.

Communication defined as widely as possible is anything moving from a cause point to an effect point. It can be ideas, words, feelings, or even direct cause itself. It can also be bullets which are a very low level physical communication sent in anger.

LRH has said that communication is the most dangerous thing there is. You can kill with communications (lies), you can ruin people's lives, you can enslave them, imprison them, you can incite entire populations to riot and revenge with communication. In the presence of communication NOTHING is safe, neither good guys nor bad guys.

Only in the presence of TRUTH is anyone safe, and even then its only the good guys, so communication is always dangerous to SOMEONE.

A long time ago Thetans could communicate directly via the transference of cause directly to effect. If they had an idea and they wanted you to peruse it, they would just have the idea that you had the idea too, and you would.

You can still do this, if you dare.

As things came down from the stratospheric heights of the tone scale, communications were sent with more and more vias on them, until finally people could only talk using physical means of symbolization such as bodies and mouths and air waves or light waves and any other form of matter, energy, space and time ((MEST)).

Long since have thetans forgotten that they are Spirit, which is another word for CAUSE, and that the easiest thing in the world is for two causes to communicate to each other without having to go through all these lower level effects like MEST.

At the very lowest level, you know a PhD academic know-it-all with children, it seems that MEST is cause itself, that MEST MADE US and not that we made MEST, and so it is only natural that people use MEST to communicate with because they know it is cause.

They know instinctively, that which is not cause can not communicate, and that which is cause can communicate very well. The problem then is what they have come to consider cause, MEST and not themselves.

This inversion that thetans are sitting in has resulted in the rather humorous situation of something that is ALIVE, himself, desperately trying to communicate to others like himself through something that is DEAD, MEST. And then he wonders why there is death, separation and loneliness.

You can only communicate as far as your transceiver can broadcast or receive. A thetan high up on the tone scale, in his native state, can communicate across forever. A body is stopped by the nearest wall of matter, energy, space and time.

This is the source of sorrow and last good byes.

It is basically all an inability to communicate because MEST is limited and you aren't. MEST just can't keep up with your desire to know everyone forever.

Thank God its all a dream, right?

As usual our fall from Grace to the present pillory and stockade of our lives did not happen over night. It was a long and arduous route filled with many miscalculated decisions, turning points, and forks in the road. At each step thetans could have made the right decision but instead chose to make the wrong decision. At first it was intentional, and then, also intentional, it became unintentional.

At the top thetans were able to keep straight the fact that MEST has space and time (dream though it may be) and that thetans themselves were looker-on-ers. Thetans have a position in such a universe only to the degree that they are presently looking at the universe from that apparent position.

Thetans could change their viewpoint instantly and easily and they could thus be anywhere they wanted to be just by wanting to be there, and they could project their cause from that point of view as if they were 'really there'. They could also project their cause from ANYWHERE ELSE they wanted because looking FROM a viewpoint did not mean they WERE AT that viewpoint. So they could look from one viewpoint and originate causes from another.

Such actions were hard on the local inhabitants who had already degraded down to being bodies and using MEST to send all their communications. An all powerful 'nothing' that could move around and do things from anywhere at will was not part of their national security agenda, especially if it wasn't on their payroll.

Because a thetan could originate a causation from anywhere regardless of 'where he really was', he was able to originate a communication from anywhere too. Thus even after thetans started taking on localized forms to better interact with the local population, they were still able to originate a communication to anyone from someplace very far removed from where 'they were'.

In other words thetan A could send a message to person B originating at point C. If point C happened to be where thetan D was sitting, person B would think the thing came from thetan D. This eventually caused no end of mischief and alarm and great efforts were taken to suppress such behavior.

People became absolutely paranoid about communication because no one could be sure where anything was coming from, and even when they knew WHERE it was coming from, they could not be sure WHO was originating it. "Yes I know that communication there came from where I am sitting officer sir, but really it was originated by that scoundrel over there, really. (Sweet smile.)"

Since communications could kill or ruin entire civilizations it became a great worry to everyone that all communications should be traceable to their true originators.

Thus came to be one of the greatest turning points in the history of this universe, and decisions were made that led to the eventual graveyard society you see around you where people don't even know anymore that there is something they aren't talking about.

The solution of course was that all communications should be tagged with the true originator of that communication. If someone was caught trying to send a free communication with out proper identification on it they were punished terribly, or their friends were.

After a while no one was allowed to BE anywhere or LOOK from anywhere but where his own body was because his body acted as an ID tag for who he was, and it also delineated what he was allowed to see and know, and most especially no one was allowed to originate a communication from anywhere other than from his body. Thus thetans became fixed to one location that could move only as well as the body could move, and they were limited to a one source point communication line.

Where thetans were once talking to each other using the stars as telephones, they were now paying taxes and going to war. At least everyone knew who their friends were and who had said what.

You see the idea behind this was very simple. Although communication could help, communication could also HARM. People were very afraid of CRIMINAL communications, those that were used to HARM others who were otherwise being good citizens and playing by the rules.

With free communication lines that were not tagged, anyone could say anything to anyone and no one could know who said it. The criminals had a heyday with this. They were very hard to catch, and they often got others into trouble for their own actions. And no one could trace them.

It was a forger's heaven. Or nightmare depending on how you look at it. Because what came of this was a graveyard for free speech.

It was soon considered too dangerous to let free communication lines exist and what ever advantage such free lines might have had, they were way out weighed by the dangers of not being able to hunt down and punish the criminals who would abuse the right of free speech.

The criminals were responsible for our condition, right? They HAD to be tagged.

So ALL communication lines had to have an ID tag on them. This became one of the most complex subjects known to man, this making sure that every communication could be traced back to its sender. Your present sojourn in impending carrion is just part of the 'final solution'. I mean imagine the job of taking a universe full of thetans who could communicate from anywhere to anywhere and get them all to agree to be only one place at a time and never communicate from anywhere but there and make sure their signature was on all such communications.

The POLICE FORCE that this spawned was incredible. Of course these policemen didn't actually PRODUCE anything marketable, so they had to be paid out of the citizen's pockets. And so was born taxes.

Now as I said there was a great turning point when the people of the universe or a local area made these decisions about tagging every communication line with its sender's ID. What got overlooked in the ensuing demise was the mistake that had been made, and the short sightedness of their 'safe solution' to the problem of free untagged criminal communications.

It is true that tagging all communications made it much harder for criminals to originate criminal communications.

So they joined the police force.

Who would police the police?

Who would govern the governors?

So where before you had a wild frontier free-for-all, now you had a highly concentrated organization of Corruption, Temptation and Seduction owning and controlling the masses of basically good people, with laws in place to tax the good people at the point of a gun, to feed and take care of the criminals in the police force and the government it served.

Criminals no longer needed to break the laws. They MADE the laws.

It is true that when everyone has a free and untagged communication line some people will use those lines for criminal purposes. But just so, good citizens can use those same free and untagged lines to EXPOSE the criminals without fear of retribution. On the surface it looks like the criminals might be harder to catch, but once they are caught, they can't trace back and take retribution on those that blew the whistle on them.

On the other hand if every communication line is tagged, the criminals will still use them to do their dirty work, but good citizens will never dare to expose them because the criminal will always know who turned them in and will take his revenge in good time.

The good citizen is much more afraid of the criminal than the criminal is of the good citizen, which is why people made this stupid mistake in the first place. Putting ID tags on all communication lines would have worked, if all the criminals hadn't just become communication line policemen! No one foresaw this one little stupidity.


Tagging communication lines with ID's was a CRIMINAL's IDEA! The good people let the criminals help them with their fear of criminals!

Now that the police force, which is armed to the teeth with guns and taxes, is in total command of the communication lines and EVERYONE is tagged, the criminals can NEVER be caught because they protect their own, and anyone who dares to tattle on them will get traced and eliminated immediately.

So this is the story of the society you see around you. Its a very simple story. People just didn't want you to say what you could say. The good people didn't want the criminals to communicate, and the criminals didn't want the good people to communicate.

Then the criminals had a bright idea, tag all communication lines and charge the good people for the service.

Now the end result is that only the criminals can talk and you get to pay them to do it.

And that is Sweet Justice.


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