EXM - 36 ca. 1992

Copyright (C) 1992 A Voice of the Free Zone (Electra)
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You know Scientology was not built by the work of one man alone. It was a team effort, between L. Ron Hubbard and all of his fellow researchers and OT's. The RELIGION idolized the one man, the work was done by many. Thus it might be said that Scientology has many founding fathers, people who gave their lives and time so that Earth might be free.

Do you really think that all the founding fathers of Scientology are SP's except one?

The Church is monomaniacal on the subject of Squirrels, people practicing Scientology outside of the financial purview of the Church.

The idea that someone might make a buck selling relief and freedom, or that someone might be able to do it better than them, makes the Church squirm in its grave. It just can't sleep at night knowing that someone might pocket a single penny with out giving them their cut.

It's fine that the work is the work of L. Ron Hubbard, but unfortunately that work happens to pertain to my own personal Eternal Freedom. Thus there is a copyright conflict here, one that I must resolve by taking command of my own personal Eternity even if I must use the work of another.

((Electra is confusing the content of the work and the specific written manifestation of the work. The second belongs to LRH, the first belongs to everyone.))

Besides as Ron has said a million times in tapes the Church has never listened to and wouldn't sell if it had, he never taught us anything we did not already know, because everything he was teaching us was AGREED to by us at the beginning of time to be the way the game was going to proceed and eventually end.

He said very clearly, that if it were something new he was teaching us, then he would have no right to teach it to us and it would not work anyhow. LRH had some concept of Total Responsibility even if the Church doesn't know how to spell the words.

Ron was probably the greatest man ever to live just because he saw that we were all totally responsible not only for our own conditions but also for HIS! Thus his greatness was our personal gift to him and to ourselves.

To then turn this greatness into a money grubbing, copyrightable legal ownership of wisdom that actually was created by and thus belongs to everyone is as far below evil as you can get and still be walking around.


Not to mention more important than acceptance by the Churchies and L. Ron Hubbard who taught this to me.

The only thing important to the Church is money.

Is it suppressive to want to go clear with out somebody else's permission? Is it suppressive to leave a group that prohibits you from going clear by using the Tech incorrectly or by refusing or being unable to learn how to use it correctly? Is it suppressive to want to go clear FOR FREE as long as you do all the work?

Is it suppressive to want to go clear even if everyone else is going to Hell? Is it sensible to go to Hell so that everyone else can go Clear?

Is it sensible that there should be this huge conflict between the first and third dynamics?

Is it suppressive to audit for free?

Is it suppressive to share your findings and cognitions for free?

Is it suppressive to let others win with the Tech?

Is it suppressive to charge for your services and not pay the Church its tithe? Is it suppressive to undercut the prices charged by the Church?

How would you like someone to tell you 'you can't go in session today no matter how much you need to because you haven't paid us enough money!'

Is it suppressive to speak your mind?

By putting their attention on Free Zoners as SP's the Church is taking their member's attention off the true planetary SP's that are destroying our future and in so doing, are committing a High Crime of Excellence.

They are also falling directly into the hands of the true planetary SP's and helping them towards their goal of world conquest through annihilation.

Did you know there are people on this Earth who actually think that the way to make money and take control is to START a nuclear war and pick up the pieces afterwards? THESE are the true SP's. Are they now practicing Scientology, helping people go Clear in the Free Zone?

Have you ever read Ron's bulletins on the THIRD PARTY LAW? It says that it always takes a third undisclosed party to start a conflict between two other parties.

Who the hell is making you hate Free Zoners? Has your Church become a mouthpiece for the Merchants of Chaos and Fear?

Do you honestly think you are going to go Clear if the Free Zone folds? Do you think that you will survive another 10 years without the Free Zone holding world wide peace in place while the Church parades its Arrogance, Vanity and Conceit?

Do you want to be the mouthpiece of the Planetary SPs?

Was every OT that left the Church an SP? Was every Techie who struck out to build a better Bridge on his own an SP? Do you think these people would be suppressive to the Church if the Church were not suppressive to them? Do you think these people would not share their data and discoveries freely with the Church if the Church would admit to their existence and value?

Do you think the Church would be better off if all the OT's that have left the Church were suddenly to vanish off the face of the Earth to some Hell that served them right?

How would you feel if you found out that the Church thought that the way to make the most money was to weaken the tech, so as to extend your stay in auditing and make sure you never got what you really wanted out of auditing lest you just end cycle on it?

How would you feel if you found out that the Church considered the survival of their group more important than your own personal advancement, and even that ANY preclear's advancement was in the end detrimental to the survival of the group?

Do Clear OT's hang out in groups?

Do they charge a buck?

Would the Church die if it admitted it was wrong?

Would you?

Do you think the Church has any other reason to suppress the Free Zone than a desire for FINANCIAL MONOPOLY?

What the hell ever happened to free market competition and the American Way?

Did it go Clear?

Would Churchies be out of a job if someone competent were allowed to audit?

Is a Full OT a threat to the Church? Would it be a danger to pull someone's last withhold lest they turn around and pull yours?

Does the Church really want to Clear the Planet, or do they want CONTROL? Can one justify Controlling in order to Clear the Planet? Can one justify Clearing the Planet in order to Control?

Can one justify abandoning Clearing the Planet to get and maintain Control?

How would you feel if you found out the Church did not want to Clear the Planet because it didn't want people strong enough to revolt against its money grubbing ways?

How would you feel if you found out the Church actually planned to NOT Clear the Planet so that it could grab and maintain control as a governing Elite?

Why does someone who has devoted their entire life to Scientology and the Church, one day decide to up and leave? How can someone do their entire Grades and OT levels and then after being fully certified on both sides of the Bridge decide it is time to go?

Overts? And the Church could not pull them?

If the top tech terminals have overts and leave, what lilly-white- do-nothings are left in the Church when the top techies go or are kicked out?

How many old time Scientologists are still in the Church?

How many people who were in their 20's in 1950 and who picked up Book One on Day One, are still in the Church? Look around you, what is the average age of the people you see? Has Scientology become a Young Turk's religion?

Where are the Old Ones? Are they all gone? Are all of these Old Timers SP's? Every last one of them?

Where is Volney Mathieson who was so admired in 1950 only to be denounced in 1961? Who is sourcing these things?

Do you know who John McMaster is? He was the world's first Clear. Did you know he left the Church in disgust in the early 70's? Did you know he was responsible for discovering the Power Processes and the R6 Bank and gave it to Ron to put his name on it?

How long can you continue to deny that the way up the Scientology Bridge is the way out of the Church for so many OT's?

How long can you continue to fabricate the data to make yourself feel comfortable?

Is everyone who points out that your toilet is overflowing with managerial and technical sewage an SP?

There is a wealth of data in the Free Zone. Wouldn't you like to know what other OT's are saying about how to go up the Bridge? OT's who went up the Standard Bridge FIRST and went on to build a better Bridge?

Aren't you tired of hearing just one voice?

Did it ever occur to you that LRH and the Free Zone OTs are in cahoots to bring Scientology to the planet and the Church with its arrogance, vanity and conceit, is just one of their many pan determined games?

Don't you think it is strange that the Church is promoting strife between brothers, between members of the Church and other Free Zoners? You know all we want to do is practice Scientology, to raise ARC and awareness on this planet so that it provides us all a fun game to play. Do you really think that by attacking and harassing those who wish to practice Scientology alone, the Church is doing anything more than protecting its own FINANCIAL MONOPOLY on the Tech, a Tech that stopped growing the day LRH died?

You know, LRH himself said that nothing can stay stagnant and survive. It either must expand or die. How can the Church expand if the Tech stays the same forever more?

Who has the Tech Hat for the planet while Ron is away dealing with his new body?

Do you really believe that Ron can come back and take over the Church again. What proof will he bear that he is LRH? You think Churchies have the confront to withstand PROOF of anything OT? You think the new LRH will be accepted by everyone? You think maybe the Church would split in half, with the high ones able to know the new Ron, and the low ones leaving in disgust to continue the one true religion without him? You think the Church would survive Ron coming back in a new body and trying to take control?

How many pretenders to the throne will there be, before, during and after? Whose word will you take that someone really is Ron in a new body. Miscavige?

Do you ever call David Miscavige, David Miscarriage behind his back?

Do you know what Miscarriage of Justice means?

Do you really believe that the last word about your own case has been said?

Do you really feel that the Tech is complete enough for YOU? Do you really feel that the Tech is complete enough to handle the entire planet? Do you KNOW this for a fact or are you merely TOLD this until you can't stand sound any more?

Are you REALLY REALLY REALLY making all the case gain you ever wanted, or are you just caught on a wave of enthusiasm and dreams about how it ought to be?

Have you attained Awareness of Truth and The Way to Personal Freedom? Do you feel some discomfort at having declared this state?

((Did you declare attaining Awareness of Truth and The Way to Personal Freedom a long long time ago, and now feel the whole thing was kind of silly?))

Do you know The Way, but feel you can not walk it because you do not have 100 billion dollars and 5 OT's with a crane to carry you across the Bridge?

How much should Life Repair cost?

Did they find your Life Ruin?

Did they repair it?

Did it ruin you financially?

What would it take to repair your Ruin?

Getting your money back?

Has your net worth gone down in Scientology?

What is the expected return on your investment?

Have you ever attested to a state of release that was less than you had dreamed for? Has your entire trip across the Bridge been less than you dreamed it would be?

What would happen if everyone were making gains beyond their wildest dreams?

What would happen if your C/S didn't wear eyeglasses, smoke cigarettes and drink coffee?

What would happen if your Grade IV C/S actually admitted he was wrong and didn't know what he was doing?

How would you feel if you were kicked out of the HGC for getting off other people's withholds, namely what your C/S was up to during World War II?

Was your C/S hell bent on missing a withhold on you? Why?

What withhold were you hell bent on missing on him? Why?

How long can you continue to be gung ho about going Clear if you never go Clear? Are you going Clear fast enough? How fast is fast enough? Is there enough money in the world to ensure you will go Clear? How fast COULD you go Clear if you had all the Tech on the planet on your side, and not just the Church's financial offerings?

If you found out that the Church was spending millions to 'protect the Tech' when its true motivations was protecting its own pocketbooks, how would you feel? Would you be outraged? Would you have the balls to do anything about it?

If you found out that the Church was diluting the Tech so that more people would have to pay more money to attain the same state how would you feel?

If you knew that the Church was refusing to research and look into new and better rundowns available in the field, how would you feel?

Was Ron Hubbard the best man in the world?

If you found out that the Church had purposefully mistuned the Mark VI and VII E-meters to extend NOTS auditing beyond its usual duration to bring more money into the Church, and to make SURE no one ever got powerful enough to ever DO anything about the Corruption, Temptation and Seduction in the Church, how would you feel?

Would you like to know exactly how an E-meter worked, and how to fix them and especially how to TUNE them for maximum performance? Do think this is all really hard, complex and mysterious? Do think it would be immoral to know how an E-meter worked or what was inside? Who benefits from your feeling this way?

Have you ever wanted to be a Techie, but are stuck in the quagmire of administrative posts that the Church is choking on?

Did it take you 3 days to get a sec check? When you got the sec check, did they miss the Withhold?

Have you ever wanted to leave the Church to practice the Tech on your own, but you were afraid you would be kicked out of Scientology forever with no friends, no Tech, no upper levels, no group, and no Eternity?

((Did you ever figure you would do your lower levels alone because no one else could help you with them, and then once clear you would apply for readmittance into the Church and do your amends so you could do your upper levels with them and still be part of the OT group you had always dreamed about?))

Have you ever worried about your upper levels? Has anyone ever threatened to withhold them from you? Do you know what a BT/C (Body Thetan/Cluster) is?

Are you withholding another being or cluster of beings?

Have you ever entertained the thought that by leaving the Church you were ENTERING Scientology?

Who blew who? Did you blow the Church, or did the Church blow you? When you didn't come into work one morning was it because your 'office' and 'post' had moved to another location, like your house?

Have you ever entertained the thought that coming into work to the Church in the morning was blowing your true post.

Did the Church make a self determined change for the worse in the 1960's? 1970's? 1980's? 1990's?

Do you work for the Church merely because it gives you license to dramatize or act out harmful acts on others? Do you work for the Church solely because you like to kill, betray, terrorize, steal, punish, hurt, wreck or harm? Do you enjoy your "007 license to kill"?

Are you in the Church even though you do not believe that Scientology works? Is it just a job to you? Is the Tech all a Crock? Has no one ever Cleared HELP on you?

Have you never cleared help on another?


Do you not know what it means to clear help?

Have you never audited anyone to a win?

Have you never made case gain, or produced case gain on another?

Do you not know what TA action is? Do you not believe in it?

Has the Church given you fair exchange for your love and devotion and honesty? Have you been treated in good faith? Does the Church consider you expendable on the altar of the greater good?

If everyone won, would the Church lose? Is the Church winning by making sure no one wins?

Is it one for all and all for one?

Or is it one for all and all for none?

Would your group sacrifice itself to save you?

Should a group sacrifice itself for you? In an Eternal Game can the group afford to lose one individual forever?

Is the survival of the group more important than the survival of the individual? Will the group continue after all the individuals are gone? Does the group source the individual, or does the individual source the group? Are these questions too stupid to ask? Does anyone need to have them asked?

What is the source of your loyalty? Need?

Are others devoted to you as you are to them? For how long? Until your pocketbook runs dry?

What would happen if people started throwing away their eye glasses in session?

What would happen if they all stopped smoking tomorrow?

Has anyone ever attained a flat Drug Rundown in the Church?

Does anyone in the Church WANT anyone to attain a flat Drug Rundown? Why not?

Do you consider that doing a comprehensive Drug Rundown means running down all your drugs and doing them comprehensively?

Does it ever cross your mind the reason why Scientologists smoke is because they are all debased self justifying drug addicts with the personal integrity of a cow pie?

Are you able to get through the day without coffee in the morning, nicotine and caffeine during the day, alcohol in the night and aspirin to smooth over the pain?

Do you smoke because you WANT to?

Do you have a body because you WANT to?

Does the Church invest in the stocks of Drug Companies? Chock Full O' Nuts, Maxwell, R. J. Reynolds, Budweiser, Bayer?

Why is the Church ALWAYS under suppression from the world at large?

Why is the 'why' always something other than themselves?

Something other than their own intentions.

Do birds fly?

Does garbage stink?

Would having a first and second dynamic of quality be considered an act of defiance by the Church?

The Church is a Cathedral of Pain.

A marriage of

Corruption, Temptation and Seduction and Arrogance, Vanity and Conceit.

This marriage can not last forever.

The Church can be salvaged, but not as long as it attacks its friends like a rabid dog and guards its financial interests over the Eternal well being of those who loved it and served it so.

We WILL be free. If the Church wishes to join that freedom it can mend its ways. The door is always open, if only a crack. The Church should listen well to the voices of the Free Zone.

As for the Churchies, we care more for them than their own damn Church does.

Ron will not be pleased when he comes back and I assure you there will be hell to pay.

I personally intend to be there on that day.


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