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Standard Scientology admits to 4 or 5 flows of action when it comes to analyzing what is in the Reactive Mind or Bank as they call it.

Your basic engram is a moment of someone or something doing something violent to you, sufficiently so as to cause pain and some measure of momentary or long term unconsciousness.

A secondary is a severe moment of loss such as the death of a parent or loss of a friend. These depend for their force on the underlying engrams that get restimulated during such incidents. Thus when people finally get around to crying out their secondaries during session, they are almost always followed by strong and bizarre pains that come from the underlying engrams also erasing.

Thus underlying the sorrows occasioned by the death of loved ones or even your own death, lie actual death engrams of times you died in the past. Thus the saddest being around, the true live once die once 'mortal', is suffering the pain of untold numbers of past deaths, not only that were caused to him, but also that he caused to others and to himself.

As stated in DMSMH, secondaries or severe sorrows, are caused by death, departures and reversals. A reversal is when someone who used to be your friend turns against you. Secondaries are also caused by reversals of fortune, failures in the pursuit of Basic Purposes. Departures are any form of separation that takes place between two people that want to be together. What is left out is when you are NOT separated from someone you WANT to be separated from. This too is a secondary. Departures can also be from places, things and times.

It should also be noted that much of the charge that builds up on a person on the subject of death does so long before the death actually takes place. Just being aware of death, knowing that death will happen someday, is enough to charge people up to the hilt. Thus when you are running this stuff out of a person in auditing, don't just look for the losses that the pc HAS suffered, look also for the losses that the pc WILL suffer and is not crying about. The saddest day for the pc is not the day his father died, but the day he realized his father WOULD die.

Life becomes one long secondary from that moment on.

Primarily secondaries are caused by INJUSTICE, be it from your parents, the people around you or the physical universe and the nature of things. You are all aware of the feeling called 'the flash of injustice'. It's that moment when you know you have been had or ripped off, and that it is extremely unfair but you can't do anything about it. THIS is what brings the being to restimulate his underlying engrams. Thus the child quickly develops a whole litany of symptoms that are passed off as physical or biological causes.

Sore throats, nausea, stuffed noses, watery noses, fevers, chronic infections, sneezing, hayfever, itchy eyes, pimples, being 'all choked up', asthma, suffocation, anoxia, 'can't breath', hiccoughs, coughs, headaches, stomach aches, ear aches, cavities, tonsillitis, appendicitis, arthritis, sore joints, warts, crooked teeth and eye glasses. These are all the result of long gone whole track engrams being put into play by the child due to the rage and frustration that the child feels over his mortal existence and the fact that his parents won't let him audit them.

Each of these things can be caused by natural injuries or sicknesses, but when they are, they form an engram that can then be brought into full restimulation by the child in a later life for the purpose of dealing with his parents or environment. Most of what passes for childhood illness is psychosomatic, intentional restimulation of bygone death engrams, and indeed people continue to get sick for the rest of their lives, rather on schedule every year with the flu and colds etc, because no one ever audited them out of the REASON they got sick as a child in the first place in this life. They were PISSED man!

There can also be a small complication here. If you are walking down the street and you fall and cut your face open on some glass, that's an engram. When the doctors shoot you full of novocain or uses some other global anesthetic, that is more engram. When they sew you up with needle and thread, that is more engram. When you wake up you 'don't remember it', but it is still there.

This is a nice clean engram. In Dianetic reverie, if the person has the confront, they can run out the unconsciousness of this engram, then the pain, then all the perceptics and finally have a clean analytical memory left where before there was unapproachable, unrememberable danger. That's why they could not remember it before it was run out, the memory was too dangerous containing pain and unconsciousness in it.

After they run it out, they can remember every word said, every action taken even while they were out cold, and they won't be influenced by the hypnotic suggestion power of the words and phrases said to them during their out cold period.

But take a more insidious example. A Child goes to the dentist and has 3 cavities. Now the Child has these cavities because he wants to kill someone by biting their face off. His whole teeth system will be rotting out from suppressed rage and regret. He is already in a massively restimulated state, THAT'S WHY HE HAS CAVITIES. His body is rotting from the inside out.

Then some doctor who ought to know better, shoots his mouth full of novocain, his gums full of cotton, drills away at the teeth and then fills them with poisonous amalgam. Not to mention the X-rays taken before the surgery. And not to mention the cleaning that takes place usually after the surgery.

And then of course there is the Oh so delicious squirt of Lavoris at the end of the whole thing, giving the child a pleasure moment at the very end of the engram where he is sure to sit for the rest of time, wondering what the hell THAT stuff was! This guarantees of course that the engram will never run out on its own as you need to contact the BEGINNING of the engram to start its erasure.

Now this poor kid is in total rage and fear and overwhelm. But he already was before he entered the dentist's office. Thus the dental engram is laid in on top of an underlying whole track restimulation that makes the dental engram look pale by comparison. Thus when the being goes to run out the dental engram he gets nowhere. That's because engrams don't erase unless you take them earlier similar back to basic. But in this case the underlying whole track overwhelm goes earlier similar back to the beginning of time, probably longer ago than the child has numbers to count. Further the incidents are of such fury, such overwhelm that the child can not possibly handle it unless his parents have handled it too. It is his parents that are causing him to put it into restimulation in the first place.

If the parents were to stop their mortal foolishness, the child would come back uptone to liking life again, the seething hate and desire to murder would cool off, and the whole track stuff would key out. The child would no longer get cavities, and those he had would be accessible to easy Dianetic Reverie.

((I think she means the dental incidents of drilling and filling them.))

LRH was able to run these things out of people because HE had whole track confront. Most present day auditors pansy around with this material, thus you find OT's going to the dentist for a root canal. Good job and well done.

Dentists of course would be put out of business if anyone ever really started giving this material any real thought. I mean if children actually LIKED their parents and life as a whole, what would the dentist do? No more crooked teeth, no more rotting teeth, no more endless plaque to scrape off. No more biological work arounds like flouride and toothpaste.

So if you don't like dentists and want to put them out of business by all means take up Dianetics, but just remember lest you get frustrated, that dental engrams lie on top of earlier much more intense whole track material which is already in full blown restimulation long before the dental engram comes into being. Thus they are hard as hell to run out as long as the being is ducking into the safety of his 'one and only mortal life'.

Anyway, these things that happen to you, getting hurt, having loved ones taken away from you etc. form the first flow in the Bank. This flow 1 as it is called is the main point of interest in Book One, and total concentration on it to the exclusion of others is probably the main reason for the failure of Book One to produce the claimed results.

What is wrong with you is not what has been done to you.

Clearly you can also cause engrams and secondaries to others, and even to yourself, and from the Child's point of view his Parents are wreaking havoc on EACH OTHER all the time.

So these different flows are all in the Bank and they all need to be run out as there is as much charge on what you did to others as what they did to you. And the day daddy killed mommy and hung her head up in your closet to dry is probably still pretty much on your mind.

So the 5 flows are as follows:

     Flow 1:  What others did to you.
     Flow 2:  What you did to others.
     Flow 3:  What others did to others.
     Flow 4:  What you did to yourself.
     Flow 5:  What others did to themselves.

Standard Scientology tends to leave out that last flow, but what my mommy did to herself was a sight to behold and I never would have gotten over it without learning something about erasing charge in the mind and taking full responsibility for all flows as my own. Thus all flows are important to run.

Running out what you did to others, erases the DEDs and OVERTS. Running out what others did to you, erases the DEDEXs and MOTIVATORS. Running out what others did to others and what others did to themselves, erases your sympathy for them based on your own misdeeds. Running out what you did to yourself restores your willingness to indulge in all 5 flows again.

Willingness to indulge in life is a matter of Aesthetics after all, even if it is in part the Aesthetics of Horror.

Regaining this sense of Aesthetics about Life as a Whole is what Dianetic auditing is all about.

The problem with this standard Scientology set up is that it leaves out the fact that there is an added complexity in the first two flows, what others did to you, and what you did to others.

You can run

     Flow 1: 'What your mother did to you as a child' and
     Flow 2: 'What you did to your mother as a child'

FOREVER and not reduce one erg of charge in your Bank. This probably accounts for the failure of the rest of Scientology to produce the promised gains in a constant and spectacular fashion.

This is because what your mother did to you is not balanced by what you did to your mother, and in fact each of these flows is only one half of a pair of flows, both sides of which need to be run thoroughly in order to erase.

Thus by running only flow 1 and flow 2 of standard Scientology you are leaving BOTH FLOWS ONLY HALF RUN and they will both jam and refuse to run any further. At which point the PC has a dial wide ARC Break F/N which is passed as a well done session. When asked for a success story the PC will usually say, 'Thank GOD that's over, I think I will attest to how good I feel that I no longer have to run these stupid processes!'

So let's get this right and you will have those wins everyone has been promising you and you will see that Scientology works and why the Church is so crazy.

     Flow 1: What your Mother did to you as a Child in this life,
                        is balanced by a
     Flow 2: What you did to your Child as a Mother in a past life.
     Flow 2: What you did to a Mother as a Child in this life,
                        is balanced by a
     Flow 1: What a Child did to you as a Mother in a past life.

Burn this in Stone.

You see by running only what was done to you as a Child and what you did as a Child, you are only running YOU AS A CHILD even if you take it earlier similar into past lives. You are not touching YOU AS A MOTHER which is after all what got you into such hot water as a Child in this life in the first place.

You can't run only one half of two balanced flows and expect to win. You will die of boredom. If you want to see real electricity run off your case, if you want to find out what your mother really did to you in this life, you will have to go back to the beginning of time and find what you did to a Child as a Mother the first time you ever did it.

You can't remember what your mother did to you in this life, because you KNOW DAMN INTIMATELY WELL EXACTLY WHAT SHE DID because you did it yourself long ago and that's why you can't remember either of the two events.

If you can't remember some part of this life, there is some part of a past life that you also can't remember, because they are forgotten together.

If you can't remember any part of a past life, there is some part of this life that you can't remember too for exactly the same reason, because they are forgotten together.

Now there is another small matter here, which is the male female aspect of thetans in bodies. Thetans get stuck INTO things because they are unwilling to be OTHER things. They are being REPELLED INTO their body because of their unwillingness to be anything else in the universe. Thus the screaming need to find a new body once the present body dies and the thetan is evicted.

The primary thing thetans in male bodies are unwilling to be is female bodies. The primary thing thetans in female bodies are unwilling to be is male bodies. These unwillingnesses change over time, thus beings can and do take on bodies of each different sex over the span of many lives. But they may have RUNS of being male, and runs of being female. When they get sick of one, they take on the other.

If they want to HAVE a female, they will take on BEING male because that way they get to have a female mate. Once they get sick of HAVING female mates, they take on BEING a female body so they can take up HAVING a male mate.

The proper way to HAVE something is to BE it, that's how you made it in the first place. LATER you separate from it to look at it, and so you eventually come down to merely owning, protecting, controlling, and hiding it which is what most people consider HAVING.

But in this screwy universe, it is considered that the way to have something is to NOT be it, and then to own and control it.

This is why men are such bastards at owning and controlling women, its because they can't imagine BEING a woman. What a joke, eh?

The problem is once in a body there is little cognizance of ever having been in the opposite sex, thus one half of their whole track is lost to them.

This is all the more dangerous given the fact that they have come down to being a male because they are unwilling to be a female and visa versa. Thus being a male has come to be a safe solution to not having to admit you were ever a female. Thus they do not WANT to remember that other half of their whole track.

For example, let's say someone is a male and has a female child. He abuses this female child terribly for one reason or another, or maybe he just doesn't do too good a job of taking care of her and she dies a horrible lonely death, or maybe she was an accident and he resented her existence all along.

When he dies, he will regret how he treated the little girl. He will be unwilling to be a father or even a male again lest he harm another little girl, but he WILL want to be a little girl to HELP AND PROTECT AND MAKE UP FOR what he did as a father. He figures he can help HIS little girl by BEING a little girl and helping her against all the bad fathers out there.

So he becomes a female. But he is being a female because of all of his overts AGAINST FEMALES AS A MALE. Thus to exteriorize him from his female body it is imperative to run what he did as a male. Specifically what he did as a father to a little girl.

He won't dare let go of being a female body as long as he is still trying to make up for his unconfessed regret of having hurt a female body as a father. Deadly obvious.

It's one thing to have a body, it's quite another to not be able to get out of it and to have no memory of ever having been anything else.

So if he walks into session one day with his female body, and you audit 'what did your father do to you' and 'what did you do to your father', you will mess this little girl up but good, because you will be missing every withhold in her book and NEVER EVER get her out of her body and self determined again. What's WRONG with her is not what her father did to her, its not what she did to her father, its what she did AS A FATHER to a little girl just like her in a past life.

You run that out and she will pop out of her body pretty as you please and go back to being able to be either male or female or BOTH at the same time!

You see if you run out WHY THEY ENTERED A BODY IN THE FIRST PLACE AND ARE HOLDING ON SO HARD YOU WILL GET THEM OUT. If you only audit what went on DURING their sojourn in a body, you will miss the boat.

We are not really trying to put down Standard Scientology here. If you ask some guy for 5000 hours 'What have you done?' he will waste the first 4999 hours telling you about him and his parents, or about him as his girl friends, or ANYTHING but him and his child when he was first a parent.

In that last hour, he will tell you the truth and some auditing will take place, but the guy will be broke and out after your blood. Why not just audit him where he needs it when he first walks in?

He's pissed at his mother? He WAS a mother!

She's pissed at her father? She WAS a father!

He can't remember what he did as a mother in a past life? He can't remember what his mother did to him in this life either!

((He will CLAIM he remembers all the horrible things his mother did to him, but he will never touch upon the real withheld motivator.))

She can't remember what she did as a father in a past life? She can't remember what her father did to her in this life either!

The hard part now is forming exactly the right question. If you ask some people 'What have you done' they will tell you about robbing banks, hitting their children, punching out their girl friends, murdering their step mothers etc. But this is all very low level physical plane overt action. The real pain comes in when people hurt each other on the emotional, mental and spiritual planes.

It can be a little hard to conceive how someone could hurt another on the mental or spiritual planes, and your PC will often draw a blank to such questions. But with a little prodding and direction your PC will soon see what was done to him on those planes and will quickly see what he did to others in past lives.

For example mental deprivation is a common overt parents commit against their kids, and refusing to allow a child to exercise any responsibility is a common spiritual overt in the same families. It is up here that the real pain happens.

Get the physical murders and attempted murders and wanted murders off the person first, but then get the emotional, mental and spiritual murders too. Torture, Murder, Enslavement and Imprisonment are the basic overt acts on all four planes along with Criminal Theft, Deprivation, Isolation and Desolation.

Torture is enforced being.

Murder is inhibited being.

Enslavement is enforced work.

Imprisonment is inhibited work.

And of course don't forget the ATTEMPTED DONES and the WISHING OFFS because they count as the real thing.

The following are some sample questions that could be formed using the expanded 8 flow system we have been discussing above.

You should use your experience and cognition during auditing itself to come up with other items and terminals to run.

(1) How have you ruined the ability of a Child as a Parent in a past life?
(2) How has a Parent ruined an ability of yours as a Child in this life?

(3) How has a Child ruined an ability of yours as a Parent in a past life?
(4) How have you ruined the ability of a Parent as a Child in this life?

(5) How has another Parent ruined the ability of another Child in any life?
(6) How has another Child ruined the ability of another Parent in any life?

(7) How have you ruined an ability of your own as a Parent in a past life?
(8) How have you ruined an ability of your own as a Child in this life?

(1) What contract have you broken with a Child as a Parent in a past life?
(2) What contract has a Parent broken with you as a Child in this life?

(3) What contract has a Child broken with you as a Parent in a past life?
(4) What contract have you broken with a Parent as a Child in this life?

(5) What contract has another Parent broken with another Child in any life?
(6) What contract has another Child broken with another Parent in any life?

(7) What contract have you broken with yourself as a Parent in a past life?
(8) What contract have you broken with yourself as a Child in this life?

(1) How have you made a Child wrong as a Parent in a past life?
(2) How has a Parent made you wrong as a Child in this life?

(3) How has a Child made you wrong as a Parent in a past life?
(4) How have you made a Parent wrong as a Child in this life?

(5) How has another Parent made another Child wrong in any life?
(6) How has another Child made another Parent wrong in any life?

(7) How have you made yourself wrong as a Parent in a past life?
(8) How have you made yourself wrong as a Child in this life?

Instead of 'made wrong' you can use 'made guilty', 'made succumb', or 'dominated'.

When auditing guilt you can use

     1.) Who are you trying to make guilty?
     2.) What are you trying to make them guilty of?
     3.) How are you trying to make them guilty?
     4.) Why are you trying to make them guilty?

Of course you can expand these questions out to the 8 flows of Parent and Child or what ever terminal pair you are running.

You can also take things earlier similar. For example, once you have found what a Parent did to you as a Child in this life, you can ask if there was an earlier similar life when another Parent did the same thing to you as a Child in that earlier life. These go back in chains to the beginning of time.

Any time you find a major item on any one of the 8 flows, by all means take it back as far as you can.

Just remember that auditing what a Parent did to you as a Child will never resolve your case no matter how many zillions of light years you take it back, because it's what you did AS a Parent to a Child that's making all that horrible stuff they did to you stick to you forever.

It's what you did to a Child as a Parent that made you take over a Child's body in the first place.

One last point. The reason that we concentrate on you as a Child in this life and you as a Parent in a past life is because by the time you become a Parent in this life you have already gone through being a Child in this life. What you do as a Parent in this life to your children will set you up for what will stick to you as a Child in your next life should it happen to you.

Getting better, making case gain, is mainly a matter of confession and admitting you are wrong. Many people in this life who have already become Parents are often already knee deep in having had children out of season and for the wrong reason, and so it is very unlikely that they will be able to admit they are wrong about anything. Thus they are inaccessible to spiritual gain.

They have a vested interest in making themselves right lest they have to tell the kids their existence is an error of magnitude.

Some people feel that they would die if they ever had to admit they were wrong. They LOVE becoming parents. Then they can say, well if I died the kids would have no one to take care of them, so I mustn't die no matter what, so I don't have to admit I am wrong. They do it 'for the kids'. If the kids have done this same thing to THEIR kids in past lives, then they become solid with hate and regret. Hate for their parents in this life, and regret for their kids in a past life.

Auditing can be very damaging to some couples since many of them should never have been together in the first place. They are Bank Mates rather than Soul Mates. When you start auditing them, they realize their mistake and fly apart. If they have children they will be unable to admit their mistake for this lifetime, and they will make you wrong as an Auditor and continue on their path to destruction.

Thus taking on Parents as PCs or even talking to them about Scientology can be really asking for it.

And for Heaven's sakes, watch out if you are planning to audit their kids!

On the other hand if two people really SHOULD be together, then auditing is a real joy for them, and they can often CO-AUDIT quite successfully.

These 8 processes can also be used as a remedy for any specific condition. For example if you find someone worried about 'mind control', just put mind control in the process and run it.

(1) How have you tried to mind control a Child as a Parent in a past life?
(2) How has a Parent tried to mind control you as a Child in this life?

(3) How has a Child tried to mind control you as a Parent in a past life?
(4) How have you tried to mind control a Parent as a Child in this life?

(5) How has another Parent tried to mind control another Child in any life?
(6) How has another Child tried to mind control another Parent in any life?

(7) How have you tried to mind control yourself as a Parent in a past life?
(8) How have you tried to mind control yourself as a Child in this life?

You know, a person who screams at you, as a Scientologist, all day long 'Prove to me you're not brainwashed, prove to me you're not brainwashed!' is really asking you to prove to him that HE isn't brainwashed.

About the only thing you can do for him is to show him that he IS brainwashed and run it out 8 flows. It's no big deal, it has been done to all of us, and we have all done it to others. That's what this meatball universe of death and damnation is all about.

So if you are going to handle it, handle it for all Eternity.

The only reason someone is still worried about brainwashing, the only reason it is still sticking to him eons after it happened, is because he did it to others either before or after it was done to him. Clean up when he did it to others, and he will not only throw off the shackles of his own mental containment, he will become almost impervious to it ever being done to him again. Lesson learned in 8 flows.

If something is done to him and he has never done it to others, it will not stick to him. He will be able to run it out, or shake it off.

But if rather than run it out, or shake it off, he decides instead to go ahead and do it to others, then it will stick to him forever as a justification for why he decided to do it to others. The minute he says,'It was done to me, therefore I will do it to others' he is committing to the fact that it was DONE TO HIM. Therefore it sticks like glue.

The minute a thetan does something or changes his course of action BECAUSE of something done to him, he has assigned to that thing that it is CAUSE over his life. It made him DO something, right? It is that assigning of cause to something that makes it stick. If it weren't there impinging on him, how could he account for what he did?

A simple confession and repentance of his justification will free it up so that it no longer sticks to him.

He has got to see that HE DID IT, PERIOD, and not because someone else did it to him first. Or after! When he no longer assigns cause to what others did to him, it won't impinge on him anymore with unwanted persistence.

BECAUSE, BE CAUSE, is a command, not an excuse.

Justification is born of unconfronted regret. The thetan is saying that something he did was right because he knows it was wrong.

Justification is an on going thing. He is justifying NOW what he did BILLIONS of years ago, thus everything ever done to him before and since is still sticking to him. It NEVER goes away because the underlying regret is still there and always will be until confessed.

All these bad things done to him before and since make him feel better about all those bad things he did that he later regretted.

People continue accumulating justifications until they can't stand up anymore.

Just how old is that black mass in front of your face anyhow?

Don't forget that a thetan can also hold on to what was done to him in order to prevent himself from doing it again. Justification is born of regret. So holding on to things can have a two fold purpose, justification and self restraint.

Thus it can seem very RIGHT to be overwhelmed.

Being overwhelmed makes him right because it justifies why he did it to others.

Being overwhelmed makes him right because it restrains him from doing it again.

It was RIGHT to do, but he doesn't want to do it again, understand? That's what justifications do. They make things right that were wrong, and they make sure you can't do them again. So you get to have your cake and eat it too. You get to be right for having done it in the first place, and you get to be unable to ever do it again for safety's sake.

The way you spot justifications is to spot things that are right that he can never do again.

Thus it can be hard to get a thetan to give up his overwhelms and maladies. They form a safe solution to existence for him. It is better to suffer forever than to be surrounded in regret. His overwhelm gets rid of his regret in the past by justifying it, and gets rid of his regret in the future by making sure he is too limited to ever do that kind of thing again.

This is the fundamental core of hypocrisy on the thetan's case.

What he is using to prevent himself from doing wrong in the future, he is also using to justify how it was right to do in the past.

This leaves him compulsively DOING or TRYING TO DO, because it was 'right', something that he is compulsively RESTRAINING himself from doing because it is wrong.

Thus a being comes to be a bit bonkers on the subject of right and wrong and leading something of a two faced life, punishing himself and others for what he is doing or trying to do all the time.

As far as brainwashing is concerned, once you as an auditor help the thetan run out when he has done it to others, he is not likely to be brainwashed again and, boy, will he be able to do it to others!

Of course if he does, he will just sink back in again to 'Prove to me you're not brainwashed, prove to me you're not brainwashed!' If he is so stupid as to visit that place twice, let him sink. You have better people to audit.


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